Saturday, January 9, 2010

Especially dedicated to the WHORES and BASTARDS who admire and defend child murderers

Supreme Court refuses to review Joana case sentence

João and Leonor Cipriano, co-accused of having murdered Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano

by José Manuel Oliveira

Lack of new evidence dictated decision. João Cipriano denies his niece’s death and accuses his sister of having sold her daughter.

The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) deliberated not to carry out the sentence review that had been requested by Leonor Cipriano, who serves a 16-year prison sentence, just like her brother, João Manuel, over the co-authorship of the death of her daughter Joana, who went missing on the night of 12/09/2004, in the village of Figueira, near Portimão, where she lived, and whose body has still not appeared.

The judicial decision is due to not existing “effectively new facts”, nor “truly relevant” evidence” hearing the two inmates within an extraordinary appeal for revision of sentence, in December 2009. The child’s mother’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, has lamented the judicial decision and stated to Diário de Notícias, yesterday, that he will gather “new evidence in order to request a new revision”.

The Supreme Court’s decision, that is dated 17/12/2009 and signed by judges Souto Moura, Soares Ramos and Carmona da Mota, which Diário de Notícias had access to, mentions that João Manuel Cipriano, Joana’s uncle, who was heard at the Sentence Execution Court, in Lisbon, “denies having written, denies having signed and does not remember having dictated, to anyone, the contents of a statement that was presented as being authored by him”. Nonetheless, he confirms the visit from his sister’s lawyer, Aragão Correia, to the Carregueira Prison, in Belas (Sintra), where he is held, who asked him to speak about his niece’s case, adding that if he did not say the truth, an inmate from another prison might come to murder him on behalf of the people who wanted to buy Joana.

After recognising, during said meeting with Aragão Correia, that he had murdered his niece after trying to sell her, a deal that failed “because there was no money”, João Cipriano ended up presenting a different version to the Supreme Court’s judges. According to the document, he asserted that he “never tried to sell his niece to anyone, but on the night that she disappeared, his sister told him to come to the door because there was a car near the church that was going to take her daughter, whom she had sold to a foreign couple”. In that statement, Joana’s uncle says that he “saw the car, saw his niece entering the vehicle in which she was driven away. He never saw his niece again.”

On the other hand, Leonor Cipriano confesses that it was her brother who talked her into handing her daughter over to a Spanish couple in exchange for money, but when facing a failed deal, João “killed” the child and buried her body “in the hills of Figueira”.

source: Diário de Notícias, 09.01.2010


remember said...

Me sumo a la dedicatoria.

Como diría Maria de los mil nombres, M9, el escorpiao se ha picado a sí mismo.


Cláudia said...

Olá, Reme! Obrigada!
Desculpa a linguagem, mas foi mesmo um desabafo sincero.
Concordo. Grande escorpião! ;-)

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia and all,

RIP Joana.

It is good to see some respect for this poor little child.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac.
May Joana have found the Peace she did not have as a living child.
Hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

A decisão momentus e uma que todos Portuguese people devem estar orgulhosos de apoio.

Infelizmente a criança está morta e por isso o medo é Madeleine McCann

Cláudia said...


nancy said...

Hi Claudia - I hope all is well with you and the family.

My heart breaks for that poor little Joana. If there is a heaven, may she be dancing with the angels. How any parents can be that cruel is beyond all comprehension.

As for the McCanns, they will be back in Portugal this week to hopefully watch Goncalo Amaral squirm. I think it will be those two who will squirm though, and if they don't then they should, because GA has accused them of nothing more than being involved in Madeleine's disappearance, which they most certainly were as it was them who left their children night after night despite the dangers, so why they feel the need to set Portugal ablaze with his books is beyond me.

They are also unhappy that he is attending a meeting here in the UK later this month which he agreed to attend months ago. It's ok for them to travel to Portugal whenever it suits them, except when they were needed for a reconstruction, but not for Goncalo Amaral apparently.

Good luck Goncalo with the case to be heard next week! Many, many of us will be saying a silent prayer for you.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy!
Thanks for your kind words. And I second them.
He appreciates it. :-)

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia and all,

The Supreme Court imo has shown rescpect to little Joana. I hope tomorrow is the start of Freedom of Speech being reinstated in Portugal and the two UK people who made the conscious decision to leave their 3 little children all aged 3 and under unsupervised in a flat whilst they chose to sup with their friends in a Bar are put in their place and told your MickFascism is not acceptable here!

When are the The McCanns going to Portugal to LOOK for their child? To look for their child they claim has been abducted by paedophiles and the PI's they employ say is languishing in a secret lair in a 10 mile radius of PdL!

How long are they going to leave their child languishing? How many trips have they made back to Portugal? How many times have they looked for their missing child when they returned? LOOKS like they only return to Portugal LOOKING to sue and gag!

Forca Goncalo Amaral!

I have my 12 red carnations sitting in a vase to honour GA and all who support him. On the 13th I will add another and on the 14th another. Imo truth can always be found where it has been left. I believe that the truth is in a file, that is left sitting on a shelf gathering dust in Portugal. I believe that the truth has been deliberately left there by those who only have to say re-open!

viv said...

Great news Claudia, since when did a couple of convicted child murderers be allowed to create their own new evidence years after confessing to killing little Joana.

Well of course they do not, even with their lying lawyer to help them.

Simply wonderful and may little Joana now rest in peace with the angels where she belongs.

As for the two other pieces of vermin, things are just not going their way. The Judge has admitted the whole investigation file in evidence against them and they must give evidence and be cross examined by Goncalo's lawyer although for some reason I cannot think of, they really did not want to.


and Justice for all abused little children


nancy said...

I hope I'm not jumping the gun here when I say that reading Sky reporter's minute on minute report on twitter, today has gone alright for Goncalo, although of course there are more days and anything could happen.

Good luck Goncalo!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac, Viv and Nancy.
It seems that they were waiting for me to work all day (as weel as the next few days) so they could have all the fun.
I think that tonight the McCanns could go for some Tapas, Let's call it a comfort besides a walk down memory lane, of course. ;-)

mandarinn said...

hi Claudia & all
I hope everything is going OK with all.
Just a little comment about Mccanns monkey keyboards and in special rosiepop.Is with that woman they used to make comparison lol.
About what is going in court, IMO they didn't think GA could go to court (arrogant they are)and now everything will come out, many things they would prefer the UK public ignore .They thought, including their stupid lawyer that suffocating him economically they could take millions from him.They got used to go and take money out the court.
By the way Claudia, how are you dealing with the cold in Viseu i read it snowed.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn.
I'm ok, thanks. Hope you are too.
Today was a good day for Justice and Truth. Let's hope it continues. As for the House of Filth Queen, this post was also dedicated to her, of course, as the title of the post can confirm. :-)
It's not really cold here now,. Around 9/10ºC. And there are no signs of snow anymore. But it was a good Sunday. :-)