Saturday, July 4, 2009

A good example some should follow

Justice and Delinquency' - Author Rights revert to Child Instituiton

'Justice and Delinquency'

The author rights of the book 'Justice and Delinquency', in the original titled 'Justiça e Delinquência', coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral will revert to an institution to support children at risk. The decision was taken unanimously by all the authors, whom, in a gesture of great dignity and social responsibility have agreed to assign all the author rights for a common good.

In addition to the excellent set of reflections that the book contains and that can help to think about the state of justice in Portugal, the book is also contributing to a better future, fairer and more decent.

The institution to be awarded the author rights of the book is 'Florinhas da Neve', that belongs to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, in Vila Real, North of Portugal.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My wishes

On a personal level I wish love, peace and especially good health to all those I love and to all those whose health is failing right now.

On a more general level I wish justice for all the murdered, abused and neglected children in the world. May they see justice happen one day, wherever they are.