Saturday, June 27, 2009

To all the Little Susies out there

Little Susie

Artist : Michael Jackson
Song : Little Susie

Somebody killed little Susie
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
She was there screaming
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon...

A fall down the stairs
Her dress torn
Oh the blood in her hair...
A mystery so sullen in air
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care,
Oh the blood in her hair...

Everyone came to see
The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head...
And suddenly a voice from the crowd said
This girl lived in vain
Her face bear such agony, such strain...

But only the man from next door
Knew Little Susie and how he cried
As he reached down
To close Susie's eyes...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
Oh the blood in her hair...

It was all for God's sake
For her singing the tune
For someone to feel her despair
To be damned to know hoping is dead and you're
Then to scream out
And nobody's there...

She knew no one cared...

Father left home, poor mother died
Leaving Susie alone
Grandfather's soul too had flown...
No one to care
Just to love her
How much can one bear
Rejecting the needs in her prayers...

Neglection can kill
Like a knife in your soul
Oh it will
Little Susie fought so hard to live...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
So young and so fair


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this here. Words fail me to express how deep this song is. I didn't konw it. It raises awareness to neglection and to the fate of many children who suffer at the hands of the ones who were supposed to give them love and protection.



Cláudia said...

Hi, Marga.
It's been one of the songs which always moved me. I first heard it when I was 15, I think. It was written by MJ in memory of a little girl who was murdered in 1972.

Anonymous said...

Quite ironic that such a talented genius would write such beautiful lyrics about the awareness of child abuse,only to be later accused and vilified himself.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Anon.
I have to confess that I'm one of those people who prefer to separate the man from the artist, even though I was never one of those great fans of MJ. Love some of his music, like some of it and dislike parts of it too. However, the truth is that in spite of all the accusations, he faced a court of law and was considered innocent. No appeals, as far as I know, so justice spoke. Rightly or wrongly but it spoke and nothing will change that. At least it went to court. If it hadn't, it would have been worse, in my opinion.
His music will certainly be part of history.
I think this particular song is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,
Personally i never had any doubts he would be found Not Guilty to any of the accused a huge fan of some of his earlier motown music.

Imo, one of his best tracks:

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

"Quite ironic that such a talented genius would write such beautiful lyrics about the awareness of child abuse,only to be later accused and vilified himself."

How true anon.

Cláudia, I always separated the man from the music too, not just because of the suspicions about him, but because his music was so powerful and heartfelt for someone so fragile. I don't think he had a grip on reality at all this last decade (his own reality at least), but he was very astute about injustice and world affairs.

Hope all is well,

Dylan xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Anon.
I had many doubts, to be honest. And in a way I still do have questions. But in that case people's doubts and questions are just that because justice has spoken. And when that happens, it's final.
His 80's phase was brilliant. I was born in 79 so I don't know his ear4lier music in depth before that.
Thanks for the link but was unable to watch it because don't have permission to do so in Portuguese territory.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan.
Great to read you. It's always wiser to separate the man/woman from the artist. Many of the people who are in History in the most different fields were real nutters, addicts, extremely unbalanced characters, etc. If we put that aside, it's the legacy that stays.
Couldn't agree more regarding the reality issue. Personally, I'm not sure if he ever lived in the same world most of us live. I think he was a very sad and lonely person and beyond his own tendency to self destruction he had the misfortune to be surrounded by vultures who are also to blame for such a tragic existence. Could be better, Dylan. But that's life.

Anonymous said...


Sorry about the link i didnt was a song he released in 1972 titled was his first solo no1 hit in the usa.
i never really showed much interest in his music after the Quincy Jones era.

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for the reply,i will setup an account this week and register. a being Mr anonymous is giving me the feeling of having leprosy.

docmac said...

Hi Claudia

Michael was given the voice of an angel. I have to disagree with you and some of your posters. He used that voice to beguile the children too :-(


Cláudia said...

Hi, anon.
I know more about hos 80's and 90's work for age reasons.
Looking forward you register. :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc.
Thanks for the e-mails. :-)
As I said, I also had doubts. Still do. But when justice speaks its final word (rightly or wrongly) there's nothing else to be done. Anyway, I'm glad at leats it went to court.
Muitos beijinhos.

Anonymous said...

hi Doc,
i felt the prosecution evidence against MJ was rather weak,
therefore it came as no big suprise when the jury finally acquitted him of all charges.
im sure there are very many people who still have serious doubts after the final verdict was delivered.
especially as it was common knowledge he had an unhealthy interest regarding juveniles.
lets just hope that if the mcCaans and thier accompolices ever set foot inside a courtroom trial,they recieve a less fortunate conclusion.

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon.
Thank you. Couldn't agree more. There's nothing more important than family and I would also add friends which are the family we are able to choose. They are worth all the sacrifices and everything else becomes secondary.
Thank you for your kind wishes. I'm sure you'll understand why I can't publish your post. I have no idea if those 'details' are true or not but I can't publish them anyway. I can forward them if you wish so. If you do, feel free to e-mail me.

nancy said...

Hi Claudia and everyone - I'm back from a lovely time in sunny Spain. We spent most of the time in the sea or the pool as it was much hotter than normally in June.

What a beautifully poignant song by Michael Jackson (thank you for allowing us to hear that Claudia) which I hadn't heard before and what a waste of his talents considering the lifestyle he led.

Poor Susie, and poor all young children who suffer brutality and neglect in this sometimes wonderful but often hideous world.

It seems we ar nowhere nearer to the truth of what happened to poor Madeleine, but that's not surprising considering the 100%cladding the McCanns and their tapas pals seem to have securely around them.

Goncalo is being thrown to the wolves at the moment with all and sundry after his head. I hope he survives and calls their bluff very soon.

Off for a walk - beautiful weather here in Suffolk and I will make the most of it because storms are due at the weekend - surprise, surprise.

See you later!


Anonymous said...

Disturbing song, I had not heard it before.

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Sorry for the delay. Crazy times here.

Hi, Nancy.
Good to read you.
Glad you had a good time. I can't wait to go on holiday. Really need it. Especially this year.
I think the first time I heard that song was in 96. Immediately found it moving.
Don't worry! ;-)
Here it was grey but now the sun is coming out. Warm weather tough.
Have a great day!

Cláudia said...

Hi, anon.
Yes, child abuse and neglect are always disturbing.

Niza said...

Claudia, good afternoon. Do you know if Mr Amaral has receive any papers officially from Court about McCann law suit or so far just talk?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Niza.
Good to hear from you.
The last time I asked, Mr Amaral or his lawyer hadn't received anything. But I haven't asked for a bit because I have been dealing with family issues and other things have become less important.
If I hear about it, I'll tell you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Omg ! This song touches me !

I'm speechless.... with the lyrics.

Cláudia said...

Hi, anon.
yes, it is a powerful song, without a doubt.