Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too many farces for one day

McCanns launch campaign in the Algarve

by Duarte Levy

With little over a month to go until the second anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and alleging that they didn’t care properly for the contacts with the locals, Kate and Gerry McCann now announce the launch of a new campaign that targets the inhabitants of Lagos and Burgau, the areas closest to the tourist resort in Praia da Luz where their daughter allegedly disappeared from.

According to information from the couple’s spokesman, Kate and Gerry now believe that their daughter is still alive and that they didn’t properly care for contacts with the locals, who will therefore receive 10 thousand leaflets in their post boxes asking for help, while several posters will be affixed throughout the region.

source: Duarte Levy @ Wordpress, 24.03.2009


Anonymous said...

I have read this article with interest but I do not really understand this part of it...... alleging that they didn’t care properly for the contacts with the locals,

What are they saying exactly, that the police did not speak to all these people, or the people didn't care, whatever it is why has it taken them 2 years to think to do this. Unbelievable!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Anon.
Well, since it's Duarte Levy writing the article I think it means they (the Mccanns) have paid more attention to international campaigns and in a way neglected (that's a common trait) contact with locals. Of course they must think that people in the Algarve have been living in a different planet for the last two years. There's no one in that part of Portugal that hasn't heard of the case. Almost two years after the tragedy, it would be laughable if it wasn't sad.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, I thought something had been lost in the translation. As you rightly say Portugal has had this story running in the media for so long I think everybody able to read know all about it and if they can't read then the leaflets are not going to be much use to them anyway. Surely they do not think 2 years on someone is suddenly going to say "oh yes, I remember seeing that child when I was out shopping but I forgot to mention it until now. As you say if not so tragic, laughable.

Cláudia said...

Well, they are either trying to divert attention from something (TB's booklet, Amaral's book or some documentary) or preparing for something. I have a theory, but I don't think it is time to talk about it yet.

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cláudia said...

Oh, I have no doubt there is a motive. And probably a good one.

Cláudia said...

Gina, I always put my name to my opinions, so you know what I think.

Cláudia said...

I am never scared of writing my thoughts under my own name. I am a huge supporter of the 'if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen' saying.

Zetta said...

Seems like a pretty pointless exercise to me.Everyone there knows of Madeleine anyway, as you say Cláudia, so having a leaflet through the door isn't going to make them remember a little bit more.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zetta. Sometimes it seems that certain things are done to offend people. I'm pretty certain that many people in the Algarve feel offended right now by the suggestion that they may have ignored that little detail that Madeleine McCann went missing there. For anyone who knows this country and the Algarve, this iniciative is ridiculous. These people have lived this tragedy closely for many months. They have lived with the world's press in their faces. Many of them have phycally searched for Madeleine a lot more than her own parents. They should really have the courage to go to the Algarve personally and hand out the leaflets and ask for information door to door. They would get the most genuine feedback possible.

Cláudia said...

Gina, you have to be a bit more specific about what posts I'm supposed to publish and what posts to read and delete. It's not an easy task, you know?

Gina said...

Claudia it is up to you I don't care anymore, you can publish the last one if you want but then don't go on to accuse me of going off topic. Or better still you could just stop popping at me at every given opportunity and draw a line under the past. At last something that we are both interested in is happening and we are both wondering why

Cláudia said...

I would, if I hadn't deleted it. Gina, it's you who can't let it go. Just speak your damn mind about the topic and drop this victim act.
Why do you think the Mccanns are doing this? Why now? Do you think it will work in any way? Do you think they would have the guts to go back to the Algarve? Hpw do you think the people in Algarve would react? Why do you think there is this need for publicity stunts almost two years after Madeleine went missing? All these questions are a bit more interesting than the rest, don't you think?

Gina said...

Claudia to set the record straight as you know the first two anon posts were me and they are my views I then said I was not happy about posting anon. That is not playing the victim it is just fact.

There is not enough information within this article to ascertain why the McCanns are doing this, but it may have something to do with their statement that they will never stop searching. Maybe this is their idea of searching, who knows.

Why now, it seems to me they have anniversary gestures.

No I do not think it will work, what is there about it that can work? They should have done this two years ago and maybe it would have been done if they had not hired those retardo idiots who were simply not suited to this kind of investigation.

I do not think they will go back to the Algarve and I do not know how the people of the Algarve would react. I guess the same way we do, some sympathic and others annoyed with them.

I never felt there was a need for publicity stunts from the outset, so obviously I see no need for them now.

I think I have answered all you asked but now have to go and incinerate dinner

Cláudia said...

Much better, Gina.
I agree with some of the things and disagree with others.
I don't see how that can be searching (especially two years down the line) and I believe they knew very well what they were doing when they hired M3.
I agree it won't work, if it ever takes place. And I agree they would never have the guts to do it personally.
I'm pretty sure most people in the Algarve would not welcome them, especially after they refused to go back for the reconstruction and 'forgot' to ask the authorities to keep the investigation open.. Call it an educated guess. ;-)

Gina said...

Claudia you know your own people better than I so maybe their reception would not be a warm one, although I am sure they do have support there from some of the ex pats.

It is my understanding that they now have a team of ex detectives working for them, and maybe, just maybe, they have come up with something that we do not know about, although I think the chances are slim.

As I have said before, I find it impossible to work out their motives because I have never been in tune with the way they have gone about this from the outset. We are all different, we all react differently to situations, but if it were me, & I knew I was innocent, my child had been abducted and I thought the PJ or whoever were not doing enough, I would have not left the Algarve until I was satisfied no more could be done. By that I mean they could have distributed leaflets then instead of balloons, visits to the pope and heaven knows what else.

I am off now, dinner is now incinerated

Cláudia said...

Gina, of course that among 10 million people, they have supporters. But you would be surprised about many of the ex pats in the Algarve. Or maybe not. :-)
I don't believe their team of ex detectives (assuming they do exist and are working for them) have come up with anything. If they had, they certainly wouldn't need to distribute 10 000 leaflets. What I'm interested in is what is beyond this. Because I do believe there is something.
I obviously agree. No normal parent would leave the Algarve the way they did.

Gina said...

Claudia, you may recall that my sister has a villa in PDL so I have over time had a lot of feedback on what people have been saying. In fact her pool man was Murats girlfriends husband and he was pulled in for questioning also.

BTW I know where you got this article from but do you know where the story broke, has Mitchell given a press statement, or is it on one of the McCanns websites.

Cláudia said...

Yes, I recall that.
I believe Mr Mitchell did the usual press release to the media (they are all quoting the same words) and there is also an update on Gerry and Kate's place (I don't visit. I read it on the 3 As). Funny thing, Duarte Levy was the first to come out with the story, as far as I know. He beat Sky and online newspapers.
Need a cappuccino.

Gina said...

Maybe the British press do not feel this is news anymore. Let's face it there are a lot of grieving parents who have lost their child one way or another over the past two years and their story only gets one days coverage and is forgotten.

Cláudia said...

I think you misunderstood me, Gina. It's all over the UK media now. Sky has it online has one of the opening stories. It's just that Duarte Levy broke the news. The UK media currently place a lot more importance to anything coming from TM than the Portuguese press.

Gina said...

I haven't looked at any news articles today. Oh well nothing changes does it, still others have to take a back seat to what is not really more than perhaps a couple of lines embedded within the paper type of news. With all the things going on in the world today it certainly does not warrant being an opening story. How on earth do they manage to do it. I see they waited till Jade died before breaking this, no point taking the risk of being pushed into the background.

Cláudia said...

Well, Gina, that's why they employ a spin doctor and the fund's accounts show a category called 'Media Monitoring'.

Gina said...

I just took a look at Sky

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the appeal was "very localised" with the aim of collecting the vital clue that could lead to Madeleine being found.

Good plan, pity they did not think that was the obvious thing to do 2 years ago, and then worked their way outwards. I am genuinely sorry that this child has not been found but I really find it sickening that everything they do has to hit the headlines. If they want to post leaflets in Portugal fine, but why don't they just do it, why the need to tell the world. Other people who have lost a child manage to do constructive things without the need to be in the limelight. I don't think I am going to read anymore news articles as they really annoy me infact I think I am going to bed with my book to take my mind off it

Cláudia said...

Gina, it isn't what they do that matters. It's what they say they do because it hits the headlines. Some time ago, there was also publicity about posters being istributed in Spain. The Spanish people and people who live in Spain I have contact with said there was no sign of any campaign of that kind. Of course they can't do the same in this case, because if the posters don't get to the Algarve one way or another, the world will know. People in the Algarve are fed up of being treated as fools. And I happen to know as a fact that this latest circus act has pissed many Algarvians off. The simple thought that there are people in the Algarve who happened to just forget the small detail that a British child went missing there almost two years ago is revolting and offensive.
Yes, I think reading good literature is a good alternative.

Gina said...

If I lived in PDL and read this I would find it offensive

"It has been recognised that the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give.

I can't what to see how you properly ask. Surely to god they either know something and have passed that info on, or they know something but will never pass it on because they are involved in some way, or they know nothing so have nothing to pass on. I wonder who is going to write the proper asking leaflet.

Claudia I seem to have scared your other posters away so off to bed now :-)

Cláudia said...

I don't live there and I find it offensive. Especially when many of those people physically searched more than they did.
Believe me, my posters aren't easily scared! :-)

Gina said...

Claudia maybe you can offer to translate the properly asking leaflet into proper portuguese so the properly asking questions are properly understood :-) goodnight

Cláudia said...

Somehow I don't think that they would like my translation. And I'm also not sure if I could be that professional translating, in that specific case. :-)
Boa noite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia, anon and Gina. Sorry to post at this late hour.


"If they want to post leaflets in Portugal fine, but why don't they just do it, why the need to tell the world. Other people who have lost a child manage to do constructive things without the need to be in the limelight."

You make a very good point and one which I would answer with, well; because the McCanns are still desperate for the World to think that Maddie was abducted.
The old adage of just too little too late fits well here. If Kate and Gerry really wanted to find Maddie, they would have attended a reconstruction, which they were invited to do, free of charge, and which they declined.

If they declined because they saw it would be of no use in finding Maddie, WHY do they think that a few leaflets would find her now?! Leaflets being, just leaflets. A reconstruction, as has been proven, jogs people's memories, sometimes years down the line. If M had been abducted, a reconstruction could have freed up a wealth of knowledge and memories. The leaflet thing is a bunch of cr@p. The McCanns know it, the UK knows it, LP knows it, Mitchell knows it, the RotW knows it, so; sure as hell the inhabitants of PdL know it. What an insult to these good people who had the worst luck in the world to be landed with these child-neglecting parents. This just makes me really angry and I sincerely hope that the leaflets are treated with the contempt that they deserve. Just ask father Pacheco if anybody wants to know how this couple have not only ruined their eldest daughter's life, but that of an innocent, friendly, EU people who have done nothing but try to help these two, despite being vilified by the talons of the UK press.

Off to bed now and will probably sleep once I've stopped being so angry ;-)

Night all. Dylan xxx

hope4truth said...


Of course parents want to do all they can to find a missing child as a Mother I would do anything if my child were missing to find her. If I had left my child alone and as a result she was missing I would expect people to condem me for it but nothing anyone could say would make me feel any worse than I would make myself feel I would never forgive myself for being so selfish.

Yet Kate and Gerry blame everyone else for what happend to Madeleine Gerry even insisiting no harm has come to her (even if she is with the kindest people in the world she would still be distressed at not seeing her parents)...

So once again the people of PDL are expected to give information they could not be bothered to share with the PJ to the McCann's own investigators well why should they care????

Kate had a chance to help her daughter but refused to answer nearly all of the questions and any mother who can say....

49. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter? - Kate replied: "Yes, if that's what the investigation thinks."

Well sorry but if that is her attitude towards Madeleine why should any strangers care?

Of course strangers in PDL do care and searched for her and racked thier brains for any information that may have helped find a missing child because any decent person would do this for any child who was missing.

But the parents who may be suffering (what do I know?) have done all they can to go against the advise from the police have not insisted their friends not be selfish and return for the reconstuction and above all answer every singel question put to them.

I cant get thier joyus smiles out of my head everytime I think of Madeleine and wonder how she would have felt if she had seen how happy they were when she was not with them on her 4th birthday...

The whole thing is too sad...

Gina said...

I forgot to say last night that IMO if they really think a leaflet is going to do any good maybe they should also include an artist's impression of how Madeleine might look now. A child grows quickly and facial features change, although having said that I still do not think it will make much difference.

The only person who knows anything is the one who took her away (dead or alive). IMO it would take a miracle to get that person to speak out. If Madeleine is dead, which sadly I believe to be the case, I think the best they can hope for is an anon tip off where she was buried.

I think all my posts just about sum up my views on this thread, I will just have to wait and see now if anything happens as a result of these leaflets

nancy said...

Good morning Claudia and thanks for the new link!

The breathtaking arrogance of the McCanns never ceases to amaze me.

Two years have almost passed since Maddie's purported abduction and they only now decide to include the people from PdeLuz in their list of places to leave no stone unturned.

You can bet your bottom dollar they won't return to Portugal of their own volition, at least to PdeL, and not without a lorry load of bodyguards and cameras!

It's a bit late in the day now to expect to find Maddie there - they should have spent the months they were running and playing tennis and hobnobbing with VIP's and the media, to knock on every door within the vicinity of PdeL and a few hundred kilometres either way.

But what did they do? They hired a car and visited Spain for a couple of days, went to the States, visited the Pope etc. ad infinitum!

They make my blood boil!

nancy said...

Hi Gina,

How are you, and how is Espana, and your dogs!

I have to hand it to you - you are nothing if not determined!

I hope it works out for all of us on here - at least Claudia is up front and you know where you are with her.

You are right about the McCanns choosing a time right after Jade's huge publicity before putting in their two pennyworth!

However, I don't think the McCanns have ever searched for their daughter personally themselves, but only through a huge media campaign.

Whenever you see the pair of them they look as though they have just stepped out of the beauty parlour -no bags under the eyes, or stress worry wrinkles - they look better now than when Maddie was with them if you ask me.

They are no longer arguidos but they are quieter now than they were when made arguidos and saying they weren't allowed to talk.

I think they are barking up the wrong tree if they expect the Portuguese, who they have so maligned, to welcome them or their utterly unnecessary spokesman, with open arms!

If they do decide to go back personally, which I very much doubt, I just hope the Portuguese give them a good kick up their dishonest butts!

J J said...

Hello Claudia

Does anyone know exactly what 'media monitoring' is.
And why does it cost so much?

I had never the heard the term before the fund accounts were published.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

I take one day off from the computer (sort of) and something happens.

I'm not sure what this campaign is suposed to do.

The good people of PDL searched, gave time up from work to look for Madeleine. Now the parents want to know if they are in posession of vital clues!! Grrr, I'm so p*ssed off I can't even write coherently. Think I will just go tear my hair out.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan! :-)
I agree. It is mainly a question of image. But it's certainlt too little too late, especially if you ask the people from the Algarve.
They will be welcomed with open arms if they come due to one (or both) of two reason:
1 - participate in a reconstruction.
2 - beg for the investigation to be re-opened.
Of course they had the chance of doing it before and refused to.
The people of the Algarve are not happy, I heard. And I can understand why. I think any reasonable person can.
Hope you slept well. :-)
Have a nice day.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Hope!
Exactly! I couldn't say it better. The people of the Algarve should be as helpful as Kate was when answering the questions. Especially number 49. But they weren't. They searched and missed work and cried and prayed while other where doing photo shoots and jogging. Sad, indeed, Hope.
Enjoy your day.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
It's just publicity. And maybe the preparation for something... Let's see...

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy.
It's incredible, isn't it?
They do not need to ask anything from the people of Algarve because they did it all when Madeleine went missing. Her parents might have been busy with more important things at the time (becoming stars, for instance), but the people from the Algarve did everything they could for Madeleine, when they should have done it. They did not wait almost two years. The only thing that still hasn't been done for Madeleine is Justice. But mayube one day it will. I certainly hope so.
Have a good day, Nancy.

Cláudia said...

Hi, JJ.
I'm sorry but I can't answer your question. However it seems something very important and it costs a lot too. I particularly like the 'monitoring' part! ;-)
Enjoy your day.

Gina said...

Hi Nancy,

Spain is still the same and my dogs are fine, thanks for asking.

It is not a case of me being determined there are just certain issues about this case that have always annoyed me. Regrettably I do not think it will work out on here for long because I am prone to say what I think and as I am still open minded about what happened I therefore cannot agree with she died in the apartment as a certainty, and have to go alone with innocent until proven guity. Either way I upset someone, J4 have be fair to me and allowed all my posts but I guess I now look like a traitor posting on here. I was going to post on here anon, (did two), but to me that is two faced so I came clean. We will have to see how long it lasts.

Having said that I have never changed my views either on the media circus stunts and the globe trotting and that is why I wanted to post on this particular thread.

Hi Dylan, I don't know if Madeleine was abducted or not so I cannot comment on the McCanns motives, but I do agree, too little too late. As I said in one of my previous posts a leaflet drop (if they think it helps) should have been done 2 years ago. The mockery to me is, these things are always done as a anniversary gesture, what about the other 364 days of the year!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
I bet they were waiting for you to take a day off! LOL
No one knows what this campaign is supposed to be all about. If you're that pissed off, can you imagina the Algarvians? :-)
Hope you enjoy your day. And chill. :-)

Gina said...

Hi JJ I don't know what media monitoring is either but I guess they pay people vast amounts of fund money to scan through the papers and the internet for libellous comments so they can sue.
Many celebrities get bad press and sometimes sue, but even they do not find the need to pay monitors.

If this missing child had not turned into the "business" that it has become I would not be doubting that Madeleine was abducted if you see what I mean. There is something no right about all of this IMO

J J said...

Hello Gina

I just think media monitoring sounds funny. I keep thinking of my time as a milk monitor. (unpaid)

I wonder if this business with the leaflets is to get the worlds attention away from something else.

A way to bury bad news, as our wonderful government would say.

Cláudia said...

Hi, JJ.
That's a possibility. Or maybe this latest campaign will lead to someone finding something. Who knows?

nancy said...

Hope -

Question 49 - the answer Kate McCann gave is an insult to her daughter and shows just what sort of uncaring mother she is. Any mother who had lost a child would bend over backwards to answer each and every question, irrespective of what she was advised by a lawyer, because she would be so distraught, but this poor excuse for a mother did the exact opposite.

Gerry McCann is even more devious though in my opinion and I think there is a lot he hasn't told his family or the public come to that!

They are no longer arguidos, so why don't they ask for an enquiry into what happened. Could it be they know something not to their liking might rear it's ugly head?

Gina -

I'm glad your dogs are alright - I remember one was quite ill at one time.

Of course, nobody knows for sure just what happened to Maddie, and we can't say her parents are guilty of her disappearance(yet), but they are sure as hell guilty of leaving their young children, along with their waste of space doctor friends, to go out and enjoy themselves and didn't even listen when Maddie asked where they'd been when she, or was it Sean, was crying the night before. Yet they still went out again the next night!

If that's not hard hearted, I don't know what is. Yet amazingly many people see them as the long suffering McCanns! What about Madeleine? She is the victim in all of this after all!

Off for lunch now - BBL!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy!
Most of the times I think these people aren't for real!
Enjoy your luch.
Work's waiting for me!

Gina said...

Nancy, I agree they are guilty of leaving the kids. IMO it was selfish, irresponsible and down right stupid to leave such small children in an apartment with all the things that could cause harm to them, and of course that goes for the whole lot of them. All on high salaries but would not pay for a babysitter or take the kids to the creche. However in the eyes of the law it was obviously not a criminal offence otherwise I guess they would have been charged for it.

Also they may be long suffering and I can accept IF madeleine was abducted they must feel guilt and pain for eating out without the kids and the consequences of that. However if they are suffering because of bad press, bad comments about their behaviour etc. then that is very much their own fault IMO. If anybody chooses to constantly put themselves in the spotlight they have to accept that not everybody likes what they see and hear.

nancy said...

Hi Claudia -

I have no idea how to do links, but just to say that there is an article in the Independent (I read it on the 3A's) and it's actually allowed many people, a few of whom I recognise, to put their two pennyworth in - all of them antis with the exception of 1.

Well worth a read!

Let's hope it hasn't been whoosh clunked already!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
Until they public take responsibility for leaving the children alone and campaign against it (nothing fancy needed - just an acknowledgement that leaving children home alone can have tragic consequencies - as they well know), people will have the right to criticise them for what they did.
As for the press, I agree. They created the monster, complained about it but still feed it everytime it suits their objectives.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy. Thanks. I read that article, I think. Will have to look again and check the comments.
I have to make a dessert now for a dinner I was invited to- Although the dinner is only tomorrow, the dessert needs to go to the freezer.

Cláudia said...

Message from Zodiac:

Hi Claudia and all,

I have not been able to post due to PC probs and also due to being away for a short break with my husband and daughter. With Claudia's help (many thanks C) I have been able to post on her Blog.

"According to information from the couple's spokesman, Kate and Gerry now believe that their daughter is still alive"

Well here was me under the impression that the couple always thought that! Especially given that it seemed at every Media opportunity the mantra, we believe she can be found alive and well was always mentioned. Yet the couple who believe the above as far as I know have never used these Media opportunities afforded to them to send messages to their child. The same child they believe is still alive! What are the chances of them going to Portugal and distributing the leaflets door to door themselves? Hmm well Imo probably the same as them actually going knocking on doors and asking people if they had seen their missing child on or around the time she actually disappeared. Also probably the same chances as them returning to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction when requested to do so by the official bodies who were investigating their child's disappearance. You know, the same officials whom the missing child's parents said they would do anything to help them with in the investigation. Also probably the same chances as the mother answering the 48 questions asked by the same officials who were investigating her child's disappearance. Imo I think there is a greater chance of World Peace than those two actually doing anything physically or otherwise to find their missing child. The cynic in me says just another Pink McMedia fart in a space suit!

Cláudia said...


a standing ovation from me.
Buy another computer or get your husband to fix the old one. Soon! :-)

Zetta said...

Hi Cláudia and the rest of you!

A question about the media monitoring - how much was spent on it? Might be worth applying for the job! LOL!

PS, Cláudia
Vee8 reckons you are covering up for Madeleine McCann's abductors!

Mum21 said,

I have forwarded the two comments made by Claudia and Luz to the Portuguese authorities, let's see what they think of these two so called Portuguese citizens.

Vee8 said...
Mum, I am afraid this is far more serious than a simple outbreak of racism. It shows, beyond any doubt, that the 3a's, or at least some of the posters, are shielding Madeleine's abductors.

How libellous is that?

Cláudia said...

Oh, Zetta, you always have the ability to make me PMSL! I'm already quite in a good mood due to my Easter break, but you make it even better!
You're giving me an idea there with the 'Media Monitoring' thing. If it pays well, it might not be as boring and depressing as translating some of the things I've been translating lately.
Loved that one about sending it to the authorities. I can even make them a favour and send it myself because I'm sure it will reach the proper authorities a lot faster! ;-) It will then be added to my non-existent criminal record and I can get my first fine ever (yes, It's true. Not even a traffic ticket) for upsetting Poops and Bum! ROTFLMAO!
Some days really make you feel life is wonderful! :-)

Anonymous said...


Essa sugestão de porta a porta mas por eles,os mcs ....bem,seria excelente eo desejável.

Até iria lá ,só para gozar o espectáculo.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Anónimo (mcr?)
Era uma coisa digna de se ver, não era? Se escolhessem uma data em que não tivesse de trabalhar, até era rapariga para fazer mais de 500 quilómetros e apreciar ao vivo! :-)

Gina said...

Claudia, your post 7.20. I agree kids should not be left home alone and something needs to be done about it but it happens often (as the terrible case of the baby left alone in the kitchen, while mother went out drinking) but this would have to be a general campaign (which is probably what you meant) not one aimed solely at the McCanns for what they did.

As I said before, what they did was obviously not considered severe enough to charge them. So maybe it is not a campaign that is needed but a change in the law. I think what angered a lot of people including myself was the fact the McCanns didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with leaving the kids as they were not far away. IMO if you cannot see or hear your kids of that age you are too far away.

Off to bed now, my wrist is giving me hell today and I cannot wait to have op on Friday

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
What I meant is that while the McCanns don't come public, take responsibility for their actions and alert to world to the dangers of leaving children alone, I think the neglect thing should always be mentioned when discussing this case. Remember what they did with the Amber Alert thing? Something similar but about child neglect would be great to watch.
As for the law, it is more than enough. Recently, a woman in Portugal left her 8 year old child in bed while she went to work (she was working a night shift at a gas station, I believe). The child woke up, got scared, walked to the balcony and started crying. A neighbour heard and called the authorities. Long story short, the woman is now awaiting trial. Her son was not 3, she didn't leave him alone to go and have a good time with her friends and, most importantly, her son is well and accounted for. So, the problem is not the law. The problem is what stopped the law from taking its normal course. And that problem, in my opinion, also explains many other things in this case.
Hope the operation goes well.
Boa noite.

Gina said...

Claudia please!! You really made me smile with that one. Do you honestly think the McCanns are the right people to make people aware of the dangers of leaving kids. They and all their group STILL do not accept what they did was dangerous. Admittedly one does not expect their child is going to be abducted but they never even considered a whole list of dangers for small home alone kids in those apartments. That is why they focused on the amber alert as all parents can relate to that, most cannot relate to what they did and would be insulted if they appeared on a programme giving advice on parenting. TBH I think hell will freeze over before you actually see any of them admit that they were selfish and irresponsible, so I would not hold your breath on that one.

Was just going to bed when son phoned from america, he never remembers the time difference. Really going now

Cláudia said...

Gina, that was the point I was making. Until they do it (and I know they never will) they should always be remembered that their parenting choices are the cause of whatever happened. Instead of saying what they did was well withinh the bounds of responsible parenting, they should say they made a huge mistake with tragic consequences and alert people to never leave young children home alone or a tragedy might happen. Yes, hell will certainly freeze over before they act in a decent way.
Boa noite.

Cláudia said...

Gina, ok.
Just two words: investigative journalism. :-)
Boa noite.

mandarinn said...

Olá Claudia!
I have no words to name the barefaced behaviour of that couple.Shameless is not enought strong...
I just read in J.M.blog what the people of PL did with the posters.
After all the time and everything the people from PL did to look for little Maddie, much more than her parents and friends did, is un- bilievable they are making this campaign.I think the message PL citizens are sent to MCCS is "Vão dar uma volta ao bilhar grande".They are polite people and can't tell the worse words this paire deserve ah aha..
However, as you told here, i think this campaign is not innocent, and it has something behind...

Anonymous said...

Good morning all :-)

Zetta, what the hell is Vee8 talking about?: Shows without a doubt that some people are shielding the abductor - WTF? PMSL!!

Olá Claudia! Nice to see you and Gina having a really good dicussion. Gina - this bit: "They and all their group STILL do not accept what they did was dangerous. Admittedly one does not expect their child is going to be abducted but they never even considered a whole list of dangers for small home alone kids in those apartments."

- this has always made me really angry because an abduction is the least likely outcome behind accidents. What's worse is that the McCanns being doctors, some people who are less intelligent, may think that they have the green light to leave their kids home alone. If this does happen and a child loses a life because of it, then I think the McCanns are partly to blame. They should get some guts and go on TV or the papers and talk of the dangers of leaving children. If they did this, I might have some respect for them as it really needs to be done.

The other comment that they made which, IMO, is a really dangerous thing to say, is that they left the door unlocked in case of fire. I've said this on Viv's blog and ICTOAN has backed me up; in the event of a fire, it's the smoke that kills. Young children are especially vulnerable because they wouldn't be able to see where they are going, they get confused, and not having had a fire drill, would not know to keep to the floor and find a route out. It's a bl00dy disgrace that they were ever allowed to get away with saying that and it's utter stupidity at its very least.

Have a good day all.

Dylan xxx

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot, hope your op goes well Gina. Good luck.

Dylan xxx

Gina said...

I just read on the "ticker" on the McCann files something about Kate going to Portugal, but I could not find the related article, does anyone know what this is all about?

nancy said...

Hi everyone -

Found this gem on a 3A's thread 30003 - NEW CAMPAIGN FROM MCCANNS IN THE ALGARVE - by Nonentity

A two million pound reward

A one million pound 'fighting fund'

2 countries' police forces

Interpol, Ex SAS officers

Private detectives

Top level government intervention

An unprecedented awareness campaign

The unstinting support of the British Media

The interest of the European Parliament

The recognition of White House Officials

A blessing from the Holy Father

The backing of a raft of millionaires and celebrities

The world's best sniffer dogs

The (previously) world renowned Forensic Science Service



I'm sure we could think of a few more to add, but you couldn't make it up could you - there must be a James Bond picture in it! I can just see Gerry as Bond and Kate as his Pussy Galore!

Cláudia said...

Olá, Mandarinn!
HAven't read anything yet. Just got up from ny first day off (Easter break), so slept late. Although I'm not from the Algarve and have no family there, I had a pretty good idea about the way people would react. It's more than natural after the things those idiots did and said.
I also think it's more than just another campaign...
Great to read you!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan!
Exactly. The fire thing was just absolutely unbelievable. They just have no shame. None at all.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina. Haven't read anything yet. Will do after lunch! :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, NAncy!
Great find!
It's crystal clera, isn't it?

Gina said...

Hi Dylan, I think I will have to stop mentioning my thoughts on them leaving the kids,as when I think about it it really makes my blood boil. Many have said in their defence that they themselves have left their kids in hotel rooms or holiday camp chalets while they went to the bar. I do not agree with that either but there are no so many dangers in places with just beds in as there are a fully equipped apartment. I don't think the McCanns would have thought it safe to leave their kids alone in their own house while they popped out for dinner nearby, so why did they think leaving them in an apartment was safe. Bloody ridiciously IMO and no one with convince me otherwise.

Yes it is good that Claudia and I are having a good discussion, that is because we actually share the same views more or less on this subject, but I only have to mention something that we do not agree on and that will be that I guess:-)

Thanks for your thoughts for me tomorrow. I am not thinking about it too much, I just hope they know what they are doing otherwise I will end up in a worse mess than I am in now :-(

Gina said...

Claudia I was wondering just what percentage of the properties in the area they intend to leaflet drop are actually rented out for holidays. In the area where I live in Spain the percentage is very high. I think the chances of anybody actually remembering anything are virtually zero, and the chances of someone who rented a villa last May being their again when the leaflets are dropped will be zero

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
I have no idea about the percentage. I'm too far away.
As for the rest, it's not worth trying to predict my actions. No one is able nto do that. Not even me! LOL

Gina said...

Fair enough Claudia, so far so good, let us see how it goes.

Test piece :-) I think the vital clue that everybody is looking for was in the apartment and had it been sealed off immediately and the McCanns made to move out immediately, with pains taking forensics and elimination of who they knew to have been there, that clue may have been found. eg. Kate was the last one to open the door and go into the kids bedroom, so presumably the abductor was the one prior to that. I cannot believe he left no traces whatsoever that could be forensically picked up, and JT never mentioned he was wearing gloves. So IMO there was no abductor and the McCanns were given too long to clean up, or there was an abductor as traces of his presence were missed.

That is my only criticism of the PJ I am sure they did everything else possible to search etc.

Blast away I can take it :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
Nothing to blast away about.
Just to say that there were 'results'. The only problem is that some people backtracked on the 'results'. But maybe one of these days they will be public. If and when that happens, oh boy.
Easter break is a wonderful thing! :-)

Gina said...

Phew!! well that got that one out of the way without an argument, things are looking up :-) The bottom line really is mistakes were made all round and nothing we can say or do now will change that.

While you are Easter breaking and probably making an early start on the chocs, I am rushing around here trying to do ironing, etc etc. things that I will not be able to do for a while. Boo Hoo poor old me again :-) going to get on with it properly now, I keep stopping for coffee and reading blogs. BBL

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
I think there will be interesting times ahead!
No, nothing we can do or say will alter the past. But it may alter the future.
I hate ironing. In short, I hate household chores. That's why I love my cleaning lady. She is like family and has got the best sense of humour I know! And since she called saying she would be coming early today, my shopping is cancelled. Oh well, there's time!

Gina said...

So you will not be needing any of my cleaning tips if you have your own cleaner. Actually my best cleaning tip is "get a cleaner". There I go off topic and messing about again, so I am going, whosh gone!!!

Cláudia said...

Gina, cleaning tips are always useful. I do have a cleaning lady now and she's great. But we all have to clean. I don't like it. It doesn't mean I don't have to do it. When I was away doing my teacher training year, I almost didn't have time to sleep and had to clean the apartment myself. Didn't like it one bit, but it was something that had to be done.

Gina said...

I am on another coffee break!!!

Dylan you said Gerry left the door open in case of fire. In order of likely hood I would say (there is a much bigger list than this)

1. Theft, 2. Children going out 3. Fire. 4. Abduction.

So IMO 1 & 2 were reason enough to lock the door. Or did he take all his valuables (except the kids) with him to dinner. Just a thought, off again now shopping, whoosh gone

Gina said...

Dylan sorry I meant to say 1, 2, & 4 were reason enough to lock the door. However I must give credit where it is due, he did manage to work out that there was a possibility of a fire starting in the apartment (along with many other things that he did not work out) and his solution was leave the door unlocked. A good plan, I am sure the kids would have found their way through the smoke and flames to the tapas bar to let their parent know the place was on fire. Perhaps he also left a paracute on the windowsill incase they needed to get out that way without harming themselves. Gone again now......

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
To be honest, I have no idea how they could leave the children in tha apartment. I don't care if the door was locked, unlocked, if they took their personal belongings with them (except the children) or not, if they checked every hour, every half hour and every 15 minutes. Children that age can't be left home alone. And to be honest, until this whole sorry case became famous, I had never heard of anyone doing such a thing.
Good shopping.

Cláudia said...

Exactly, Gina. Reading your latest post, it mkes it perfectly clear how ridiculous their arguments are. I would even say offensive!

Zetta said...

Hi all!

Dylan: I have no idea what Vee8 is blethering about. He know says Cláudia is a part of a child abduction ring. (Libel!) It is strange that they say they are against people falsely accusing the McCanns and then spend all day everyday falsely accusing all and sundry.

Its unbelievable. On J4 they are apparently boohooing to the authorities every two minutes with their "Boohoo, Miss, they weren't nice to me.Tell them".The authorities then spend so much time filing their junk in the nutters box (ie bin) that they cannot get on with the job of finding out what happened to Madeleine. Obstructive? I think so.

A little girl needs to be found, I would not want to be known as a person that prevented her recovery! That's exactly what you are doing Rosie.Id feel really really bad in your shoes.

This also applies to idiots over there who spout their jingoistic racist clap trap and stupid threats. And the "Portugal is an awful place" campaign you plan on starting...?

I can see it now.

"Dont go to Portugal!They are narcissitically narcissitic narcissists.I know that from my many conversations with myself on the blog that the Portuguese narcissists narcissitically don't care about children."

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zetta!
You always have the ability to make me PMSL!
So I take it the campaign to kick Portugal out of the EU has failed, uh? ROTFLMAO!
Zetta, is Vee the Nige one (I'm never sure). If he is and was worth the trouble (which he isn't) I could ring my next door neighbour who is a lawyer (as is my downstairs neighbour but the next door one is nicer and always offers me cookies and coffee) and have a chat with her.
But I'll probably call the authorities! ROTFLMAO!
Now I have to add all those narcissist derivatives to my mental dictionary! :-)
Getting ready to have dinner at my friends' place! :-)

Zetta said...

Yes,that particular campaign seems to have failed dismally! Now they have a huge project. The Portugal isn't a very nice country campaign. It's going to be great. There'll be balloons with "narcissists" printed on them, Rosie will hold speeches (take your pens and paper to jot down the words of wisdom) maybe even in Portuguese, or a form thereof, with the help of Google translation. ;-).

Vee is the Nige one (the bawling one). What a great memory for complete trivia you have!

Have a great time at your neighbour's. Don't be a narcissitic narcissist, will you.

maria said...

sim,sou eu,mcr

Anonymous said...


"I could ring my next door neighbour who is a lawyer (as is my downstairs neighbour but the next door one is nicer and always offers me cookies and coffee) and have a chat with her." ......

You've got your priorities right, girl ;-)))

Hope you've had a lovely night out.

Dylan xxx

PS. about to go back and read Zetta's comment - she makes me PMSL too.
Zetta, I think my favourite of yours on that blog was "puke" !! I very nearly did PMSL!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, have just read your post, Zetta, you don't disappoint do you?! ROTFLMAO :-D

I put a post up on the newest thread here regarding PH-H's nationalistic, back-scratching, brown-nosing, 'don't-libel-us-Brits-we-still-have-an-empire-you-know' rants, but I guess you horrible foreigners are just too narcissistic to appreciate that we are more perfect than yous that Rosie thinks dwell on a little peninsula somewhere in the Pacific Ocean ;-)

have a good eve all.

Dylan xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zetta!
Well, I heard that since the 'kick Portugal out of the EU' campaign failed, they are now going to launch the 'kick Portugal out of Planet Earth' campaign. As incredible as it may seem, they have already got some support. Vee and Tony called the authorities and they promised that as soon as they could identify all 10 000 000 of us, we will be kicked out. But not before all of us are sued, because Tony's lawsuit will take priority over the expulsion. Furthermore, all Portuguese citizens living abroad (around 5 million) will also have to leave planet Earth. If they won't do it voluntarily, authorities will hunt them down and ensure not even one is left. After that happens, the former Portuguese territory will be disinfected and populated with more civilised and especially not sardine muncher citizens. Parents will be able to go everywhere and leave their children wherever they wish. If anything happens (not likely at all because it is well withing the bounds of responsible parenting) a fund will be created to help pay people's mortgages and to monitor media in case any hate filled stupid heartless idiot has the audacity to question anything. Long story short, the world will finally be a good place to live and children will grow to learn that independence is the most important value, which Bum will emphasise in one of her 'pomes' which she will read while in the background Richard Clayderman plays the piano till everyone pukes.

Yes, thank you. I had a great time. We managed to eat, drink and have fun and in the end none of the 3 children under 7 went missing. We got lucky this time!

Cláudia said...

Olá, Maria! :-) Bem me parecia! :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan!
Thank you. I did have a lovely time.
Zetta should make use of her skills and write. She would make good money. :-)
Oh yes, I have no problems establishing my priorities. No matter what the job is, if anyone offers me cookies and coffee, than I'm a fan. Now seriously, my next door neighbours, who recently moved, is a very nice person. She works close by too. I think she specialises in family law, but I'm not sure. We usually don't talk about that. I always teaser her because she support my rival team! :-)

Cláudia said...

P.S: Dylan, there's nothing better than wake up, open my balcony door, take a deep breath and look at the Pacific. It makes you feel like you're the 'Queen of the World'! ROTFLMAO!
Sleep well, amiga!

Anonymous said...


I just noticed this:
Long story short, the world will finally be a good place to live and children will grow to learn that independence is the most important value, which Bum will emphasise in one of her 'pomes' which she will read while in the background Richard Clayderman plays the piano till everyone pukes."

PMSL!! I forgot about Richard Clayderman, but now I have Bum's poem to the dulcet tones of sickly, lift music, stuck in my head! It's ruined my appetite;-)

Have a good day folks.

Dylan xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan!
I'm really sorry about that! I'll try not to do it again!
Have a great day!