Friday, March 6, 2009

A bit of reporting - before it vanishes...

Update: Bem-vinda ao mundo, Gabriela!
Welcome into this world, Gabriela!

McCann spokesman faces Oxford Union protest

7:00am Friday 6th March 2009

CAMPAIGNERS hoping to discover what happened to missing Madeleine McCann will stage a protest in Oxford tonight.

Members of the Madeleine Foundation — a group unconnected to the official Find Madeleine group — plan to hand out flyers while the McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell speaks at The Oxford Union.

The 32-strong group disputes the claim that Madeleine was abducted from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

Mr Mitchell is speaking at the union about his career as a journalist, media industry issues, and possibly Madeleine.

Five members of the Madeleine Foundation will be handing out leaflets and a 64-page booklet called What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?

They have been handing out leaflets in the city over the past few days in the run-up to Mr Mitchell’s appearance and it is the group’s first public protest.

Founder Tony Bennett, a 61-year-old retired Essex solicitor and social worker, said: “We are a foundation to campaign for the truth about what happened to Madeleine and to ensure that she is remembered for the right reasons.

“If by the end of the evening we have informed people that there is another side of the story then our job will be done. We are not seeking to stop Clarence Mitchell speaking or cause any trouble.”

The leaflet details what the group claims are contradictions in reports of what happened on the night Madeleine, then three, disappeared.

Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann have led a worldwide campaign to find their daughter. They deny being involved in her disappearance.

The couple faced criticism for leaving Madeleine and her brother and sister alone in the apartment while they dined in a nearby tapas restaurant with friends, with people checking on the children periodically.

No-one from the Find Madeleine group was available to comment.

An Oxford Union spokesman said: “It is people’s human right to protest in a non-dangerous and non-illegal way.”


Zodiac said...

"An Oxford Union spokesman said: “It is people’s human right to protest in a non-dangerous and non-illegal way.”


dylan said...

Hi Claudia - excellent :-))) Well done for finding this news snippet!

This is indeed going to be fun. Knowing students as I do, I think Pinkie will be in for some non-agressive heckling, given that the Ox Union have said that their members support protest in a peaceful manner, Pinkie is not likely to get away with non-answers. Bring it on Oxford!

Zodiac, liked you you-tube video, lol!

Have a good day all. xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac. It is somehow sad that we feel happy about someone saying such a thing. That should be a right for everyone. But given what has been happening in the last almost two years, it is a breath a fresh air to see that someone says it publicly and without hesitation.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan (again!). :-)
Well, I have to confess I can't take the credit. A friend of mine sent it to me by e-mail. I haven't had the time yet to search for news today. I was lucky that Paula sent it to me (Thank you, Paula!).
I don't expect it to be an ugly thing. I just think it is a wonderful, fantastic thing to see democracy in action. People have the right to express themselves and to protest. And everyone has the right to have access to both sides of every story and than make up their minds. There is no way someone can make up their minds if they are stopped from hearing one side of the story.
The video was hilarious. And Zodiac just sent me another one. Posting it in a minute! :-)

Cláudia said...

Poopsy, the day I do anything you tell/demand is the day I close this blog. I've been doing exactly the opposite of what you say for more than a year. Patience is a virtue. ;-) Chill out. Have you considered yoga? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Boa noite Claudia
Não tens nada que me agradecer. A isto chama-se trabalho de equipa. São tantas as noticias que eu leio e tiro do teu blog, que vou ter que te "dar" mais de 100 para te compensar. LOL
Mal leia novidades sobre a noite de hoje envio-te.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha. Boa noite!
Tenho a agradecer, pois. Sempre| :-)
Não preciso que me dês 100 notícias, mas gostava muito que um dia destes me mandasses apenas uma, dizendo que a Justiça tinha chegado! :-)
Obrigada, mais uma vez, Paulinha!
Fico à espera, cheia de curiosidade. :-)
Um beijinho grande!

Anonymous said...

Quem me dera Cláudia, dar-te um dia essa noticia! Mas não está nas minhas mãos, porque se estivesse já teria acontecido.

nancy said...

Hi Claudia, Zodiac and Dylan,

Not that I should encourage that sort of behaviour but I must admit I would have to stifle a chuckle if Clarence suffered the same fate as that other ubiquitous politician today, a bowl of green custard right on his self righteous, smug, face!

I hope those TB's leaflets will change the minds of some of the dyed in the wool McCann supporters and make them see the light!


Cláudia said...

Eu sei, Paulinha. Se dependesse de mim, também já teria acontecido. :-(

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy!
I have to say I disagree with you. I don't find that nice at all. It would have to be something PINK! LOL
I think the most important thing is that people have access to BOTH sides. If after that they want to believe the pink version, I have no problem with that. People are free to believe what they want. What I find unbelievable is how biased the UK press has been allowing only one version of the facts. When the press doesn't do the job, then blogs, fora and even common citizens have to step in. Sad but true.

nancy said...

Claudia -

Something pink of course!!! We call it blancmange!! A sweet opaque gelatinous dessert made with flavoured cornflour and milk and normally pink!! Too nice to waste on CM really!

I think the media will be eating lots of humble pie if and when the Mccanns and their pals are finally brought to justice.

Let's hope the karma that seems to have surrounded them since Maddie disappeared is waning rapidly.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy!
That sounds too nice to be wasted! :-) Maybe one gone bad! :-)
I hope so, Nancy, I really hope so!
Sunday? Don't make me cry. Tomorrow's is Saturday and I have to work all morning! :-)
Have a great weekend, Nancy.