Thursday, January 15, 2009

No stone unturned, eh?

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Fund pays for luxury hotel

by Sónia Trigueirão

Madeleine’s father and the English lawyer who accompanied him on the visit to Portugal, on Tuesday, were lodged at the D. Pedro Palace, a five-star hotel and one of the most luxurious ones in Lisbon. Everything, of course, financed by the ‘Find Madeleine’ Fund.

As far as CM was able to establish, one night at the D. Pedro, in a single room, may cost between 214 and 254 euros. This means that Gerry and the lawyer spent, at least, more than 400 euros for one night.

According to Clarence Mitchell, Madeleine’s parents’ spokesman, Gerry stayed in a single room and the hotel was chosen not for being five-star, but merely because it is located close to lawyer Rogério Alves’ office and because it is discrete. ‘We didn’t want to transform Gerry’s visit into a media show’.

Concerning the fact that the Fund payed for this, Clarence merely recalled the purpose for which it was created ‘This type of travel obviously fits into the search for Madeleine which is the Fund’s purpose. That was what it was created for and Madeleine’s parents will never use it for anything else apart from that’, he stated.

Beyond that, Mitchell guarantees that the fund to search for the child still has money: ‘We have 800 thousand pounds which are 880.170,36 euros. We don’t have money problems. People continue to help us’. The Fund, which was created in 2007, shortly after Madeleine disappeared from the resort at Praia da Luz, had two million euros at some point in time.


Attorney General – The Attorney General’s Office informed yesterday that the Madeleine process will only be reopened with ‘new, credible and relevant facts’. This is the reply to Gerry, who said that he’d come to Portugal to explore the best way to cooperate with the authorities to ‘explore steps that weren’t taken yet’.

Detectives in the Algarve – The McCanns desisted of hiring agencies, but as far as CM has established, they now have a restricted group of people with a past that is linked to the police, willing to continue the investigation. The possibility of that team going to the Algarve is being evaluated.

source: Correio da Manhã, 15.01.2009


helmylin2 said...

Olá Cláudia,

The fund has £800,000.00, well that won't last long at €400.00 a night. Surely there is a suitable hotel in Lisbon That costs a whole lot less. Taxi fares can't be that much. What a total waste of money. They are just a bunch of greedy money wasters. It has nothing to do with Madeleine, it is about how much money can we spend before this fund is shut down. Me, me, me they make me sick. Anyway they knew they couldn't re-open the case. I think the deadline was was September 20 2008. What a total bunch of wan**ers..Sorry rant over!!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
Loved your rant!
Oh, believe me, there are lots of places to stay in Lisbon. From very cheap places to very, very luxurious hotels. I think their priorities are very clear.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

You know I am really sick to the back teeth by the actions of this lot. They claim their child has been abducted and held by a professional paedophile ring. The child will now have been the possession of said ring for 20 months and they believe that she can be found alive and well! They also expect the public to believe it just because they say so. How can the parent who claims his child has been abducted by those sort of people, use money from a fund that the public have donated generously too have the audacity too check in to a 5* luxury hotel very different accommodations that the family spent their holiday in May 2007. £1500 for 1 week for two adults and 3 children for flights, meals and drinks incl. Plus the fact we have seen the pics so we know exactly the environment they lived in for a week. The same father who did not pay for childcare in the evenings for his 3children then all aged 3 and under! What environment was M sleeping in the night you were safely tucked up in your 5* room protected from your self induced Media Circus!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac!
You get a standing ovation from me.
When they paid for that week in the Algarve, they were not stars and there was no fund. Today all is different...
They are unbelievable.

mandarinn said...

Ola Claudia
I had a lazer surgery to an eye, and now that i can read and see the news i got astonished!!! my jaw fell to floor!!!!how come this man return to Portugal with this speech? It seems there wasn't a past when they was asked to come and help the investigation... and... having 2 top lawyers they didn't know there are a schedule to reopen the case... (é uma história muito mal contada...sorry i can't say it in english).IMO they feel some menace or.. they want to hide something more than they already did.
The luxury hotel they choose make me sick there are lots of very aceptable i dare to say good hotels 4 and even 3 stare very well located and as long as i know Rogerio Alves can move himself well.A very bad excuse to the taste of lusury he got with the provents from his little daughter.
bjs Claudia
PS i ROFL with NIZa post as usual mainly 6.

Anonymous said...

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Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn!
Hope you're ok and recovering as well as possible.
Têm muita lata, não têm? If I was to decide they would simply be forbidden to enter the country unless they were asked to by the authorities.
The choice of hotel is in agreement with theor priorities.

Cláudia said...

Olá, mcr.
Já tinha ouvido o caso. Como ainda é recente esperemos que acabe bem. Apesar de ter acontecido longe, mexe sempre connosco!
Estou a torcer para que se resolva e haja um final feliz.