Sunday, January 4, 2009


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The Interpretation of Murder

Nigel Moore
03 January 2009
Thanks to Dr Martin Roberts for quotes

It may be remembered that Gerry McCanns' choice of bedtime reading, whilst staying at the Vista Mar villa, was 'The Interpretation of Murder' by Jed Rubenfeld.
A seemingly inappropriate choice of book for a man who whose daughter was allegedly in the hands of a predatory paedophile. Although, perhaps not so peculiar when one considers some quotes from the book:
"The announcement was pure invention, but it was believed, and therefore within three weeks it was so. Mr Banwell had mastered the great truth that truth itself, like buildings, can be manufactured." (p.9).

"I cannot be expected to solve a murder if the evidence is trampled and tampered with before I arrive." (p.22).

"In this heat, he explained, decomposition would rapidly set in if the corpse was not refrigerated at once." (p.28).

"Littlemore studied the bedroom. 'Miss Acton', he said, 'how do you think the man got in here last night?'
'Well, he must have – why, I don't know.'


helmylin2 said...


Coincidence, I think not. It seems more like an outline for their behaviour. Odd to say the least.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
Odd, indeed. I have to confess I had anothe WTF moment.

helmylin2 said...

Good morning Cláudia,

We woke up to one centimeter of snow, starry sky and the moon! Just about a perfect day. It was still dark when I took Charlie out. Went down the park let him off the lead and promptly lost him. Couldn't see him in the snow. It was great he dosen't wander far.

My thought on the new picture of Madeleine is that she was aged too much. She looked like a young teenager to me. Can't see where that picture will be to helpful.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy! Sorry for the delay. Back to work!
Oh snow. I wish it would fall here too.
That picture scared the hell out of me. She's too old and looks weird. But what would you expect for 0.99? The smile and the sentence explaining it just made me want to throw up.