Monday, December 15, 2008

Urgent help needed!

"Ryan our only son who is 3 was always a child who loved to play, he was always on the go and very rambunctious. He also was a child who got sicker than most, if his sister got a cold, Ryan would get a fever and an infection, he sweat a lot and his eyes always seemed tired.

We started noticing that he was drinking more than usual and eating less than usual and started to ask to be carried all the time, we asked him why and he just said he was tired.

On November 14, I picked him up from daycare and he had a rash on his arm and a bruise on his tummy. It was then that I decided that I had to take him to his family doctor. I was told that he looked pale and his spleen and liver were enlarged.

So on Friday we went back to had blood test done and our doctor said he would call over the weekend to let us know if it showed anything. It was 2:15 on Saturday that he called to advise I should go down to sick kids as the test results were inconclusive, so off went. With in an hour of being there we were told that we were probably looking at Luekemia but they would let us know definitely after the blood test came back.

What seemed like forever was probably just an hour and we were told, your son has Luekemia, we are so sorry.

We here of stories like this all the time and never think it will happen to your. We asked ourselves why us and then we said why not us…if not us it would be another child and another family and that is the last thing anyone wishes for anyone else.

In the days following we were told they could not pin point the type of Luekemia Ryan had, at this point we knew it had to be rare as the most common type of Luekemia is identified with in 24 hours of diagnosis. The doctors wanted to be sure and we finally found out on November 20th that Ryan had JMML ( Juevenille Myelomonocytic Luekemia), Luekemia that affects 1 in 1,000,000 children.

We are learning to cope with the love and support of family and friends. My sister Nicole and friends Craig/Suzanne have worked hard to create a webpage for Ryan and creating awareness and finding a match is our number one goal.

Alexandria, Ryan’s 18 month old sister is his best family match with a 25% chance.
If not, then we rely on the bone marrow registry and pray that there is an angel that is his match.

As Ryan is also being transfused every three days and using blood from doners, we are running a drive on the 15th of January in Milton Ontario and on January 17th in Montreal, Quebec to give back in honour of Ryan.

Please take the time to register with as it could be you who save our son Ryan or someone else in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Ryan is our one in a million child with the one in a million disease and we are praying every day that he will also be the one in a million that beats it.

Dave and Suzanne Hyland


Anonymous said...

Muito obrigado Cláudia

and you Ryan get well soon



Cláudia said...

De nada, Paulinha.
Let's just hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Claudia for putting up Ryans details. You are a star! Always!

Muchos besos guapa xxxx


Cláudia said...

You're very welcome, Amber!

Anonymous said...

chegaram óptimas noticias do Canadá:

"Great news at last, we got the results back and Alex ( Alexandria, Ryan's little sister) is a perfect match. 25% chance and she's the one!! Next step, prepare Ryan for the transplant, don't know when though yet, only got the results tonight, everyone is thrilled! THe news is great because Ryan has a constant donor in his sister, if he needs more treatment, without having to go to the world donor list. Right now, it's the best news we could have hoped for, going to have a great Christmas."

Mais uma vez obrigado Cláudia



Cláudia said...

Great news, Paula!!! Thank you for sharing. This is indeed a great Christmas present!