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Phone calls

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McCann Case: Analyses of the Phone Calls Reveal an Unexplored Clue

by Duarte Levy

Justine McGuiness and the Ribeira do Vascão

Justine McGuiness, the McCann’s spokeswoman who accompanied them in their get away for England soon after they had been constituted as arguidos, left in the apartment that served as headquarters to the couple several documents, including photographies, establishing a possible link between Madeleine's disappearance and the riverside of the Ribeira do Vascão, near the border with Spain. Today, after 19 months have passed since the day in which Madeleine disappeared, the clue left by Justine McGuiness gives again something to talk about.

It is on the day of Kate and Gerry’s escape for England, to the 9th of September of 2007, four months since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that the Judiciary Police (PJ) puts their hands in series of documents left in the Vila Vista Mar, up to that time occupied by the couple, which includes photos and even a sketch, indicating the detailed location of a place on the border between the Alentejo and the Algarve, to 20 km of Almodôvar, crossed by the Ribeira do Vascão. The inspectors of the PJ entered at the house soon after the departure of the McCanns for the airport, thus taking advantage of the fact that the journalists had accompanied the couple.

The documents left behind by the McCann’s spokeswoman, Justine McGuiness, were found underneath a sofa and they had, besides the identification of a quite precise geographical zone, countless inscriptions that the PJ never managed to interpret. According to sources close to the inquest, nothing was done in this sense and the men of the PJ, who would have looked at the documents as the work of an esoteric group, did not even bother to visit the place indicated considering the clue as being worthless for the case.

The spokeswoman of the McCann, who accompanied them during the days in which the couple was constituted arguidos before the Portuguese justice, would be fired upon arrival to England, this despite the fact that that she might reveal herself as one of the most worrying witnesses for the couple and for the British authorities themselves. What is certain is that Justine McGuiness was never questioned by the Judicial Police and therefore the exact meaning of the documents and photos was never explained.

In declarations recorded recently in London, sources close to the former candidate of the Liberal party, an expert in public relations, confirmed that Justine McGuiness has even been the target of various pressures, specifically in the legal field, indicating that she should maintain silence over everything that she saw or heard during the time she worked with Kate and Gerry McCann.

What is certain is that the former spokesman of the couple was already obviously at odds with the couple, particularly with Kate McCann, on the day in which she left Portugal with them and it was no surprise to anyone the "divorce" upon arrival in England. Justine always wove harsh criticisms, some of them in the presence of several journalists at Madeleine's mother and the bad relations between the two women surpassed the financial issues, where Justine constantly demanded the payment of her work and the numerous hours spent beside the couple as well as for the meetings and dinners with journalists and British authorities envoys.

Today, everything might be forgotten if it wasn’t for the results of an investigation to the telephone calls of the couple McCann and of all the persons who were in contact with them, carried out by journalists in collaboration with former operational elements from the Secret Intelligence Service.

Swansea again

While investigating the calls received and done by the McCann’s mobile phones during their stay in Portugal, the investigators found a report from inspector Paulo Dias of the PJ where it is confirmed that Kate received on the 2nd of May of 2007, at around 11h21, a call from Swansea (UK) which, later, she would justify to the PJ as being a mistake. A sufficiently important "mistake" so that Madeleine's mother guarded the register of this call in her mobile, in spite of having deleted all the details of other communications.

More interesting, the investigators - some Britons - used to dealing with sensitive cases, also found the register of a phone call made on the same day, after lunch, between a mobile phone in Praia da Luz and the same number of Swansea that had contacted Kate McCann. The mobile from which the call is made does not belong to any of the McCanns nor to the group of friends who were accompanying them and up to today the Judiciary Police, despite several requests to the English authorities, has never been able to identify the owner of that mobile nor has obtained from the English support or willingness so that they questioned whomever it was regarding these calls.

Now, while cross-referencing the results obtained next to the mobile telecommunication operators in Portugal and in Spain with the reports of the Judiciary Police in particular the excellent work of the inspector Paulo Dias, investigators and journalists found a new element worthy of interest: the mobile phone used in Praia da Luz to call the number from Swansea who had contacted Kate on May 2, was used to make and receive calls in the area indicated in the documents and in the photographs that the McCann’s spokeswoman left under the sofa on the day of the run off for England.

According to the records now known, the mobile phone was used near the Ribeira do Vascão on several occasions, namely between the days 12 and May 15th, 2007 but equally in June and July of the same year. Those phone calls were always made to England or to Praia da Luz, except for one, which was made to the British embassy in Lisbon.

Source: SOS Maddie Español e Português by Duarte Levy (Portuguse Version)

French Version At SOS

Important to read the full report by Paulo Reis & Associates: More on the deleted call records

At 11.21 Kate received a call from what appears to be a landline in Swansea ( xxxxx0023). The report by Inspector Dias researched this call in detail (Page 21 in his report of 9th November 2007) and discovered that it had not activated any of the Luz antennae. But digging deeper, he found that another UK mobile (xxxxx 1583) had triggered the Luz antenna when connecting to the same Swansea number at 14.01. He dug even deeper, tracked all of the calls made from Luz by xxxx1583 and established it had no connection whatsoever with any of the “Tapas 9”. The Swansea call to Kate McCann was simply a “wrong number”, misrouted and thus not logged by the Luz antennae.

by Joana Morais


Anonymous said...

Bom dia Cláudia

Será que a Srª. Justine não deixou "por acaso" os documentos debaixo do sofá, com outras intenções?
Ajudar a descobrir a verdade por exemplo!


Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha! Bom dia!
Pois, não me admirava nada. É que pelo que parece a coisa entre a D. Justine e a Sra. Dra. Kate e o Sr. Dr. Gerry não acabou lá muito bem...


helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

This is most strange. I also think the documents were left "accidently on purpose"!

I do wonder why they were never investigated. Maybe I got it wrong but I thought that is what it said.

It beggars belief that the UK authorties wouldn't give them the name of the phone number owner. Makes you wonder who it is. Very strange that.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
Yes, accidentally on purpose comes to mind...
A source close to the investigation told 24 Horas that the location was checked by the PJ but that nothing was found. I don't know if it's true or not. I would also like to know why the owner of that number was never identified.

viv said...

Hi Claudia

I mentioned on my blog earlier, Gerry wanted to the investigation to be confused and going off in completely the wrong direction, away from him and Kate. Clearly they had much to do.

There is nothing in that article that explains how it is known Justine left those docs, Gerry would have thought that was amusing IMO and was clearly in no doubt from day one the Police from Portugal and UK had them firmly in their sights!

He has a sick sense of humour and thinks he is clever! That much we clearly noticed! How angry he became though when the PJ would not run off on his pre-arranged wild goose chases. For a control freak to not actually be control is hard to bear. He even slipped out once didn't he "we just want to control the investigation". Not very clever at all!

Luv Viv xxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv! :-)
Well, that's a good point. Very likely, to be honest. But I also don't think Justine and the wonder couple aprted on very good terms. MAybe she has things to say. If only she was allowed! :-)

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

I had an experience the other day that brought the strangness of this case home to me. I never have had much to do with children so am not to clued up on young children. Anyway a group of us were walking our dogs down the park the other day. One of the dog walkers, a 16 year old girl, had her young cousin with her. the young lass is just a week short of her 4th birthday. It was all the four of us could do to keep an eye on her. Talk about fast! It was really amazing how fast those little legs could go.

Now after seeing a child of Madeleine's in action I just can't imagine anyone leaving a child of that age think it would be ok!

This young girl wasn't being naughty she just was everywhere. If a "normal" child as opposed to a difficult child is that active how active is a difficult child?

Sorry I'm rambling just totally bemused.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
You're not ranting. You're absolutely right. One of my close friends has three little girls. A seven year old, a four year old and a 7 months baby. And believe me, 30 seconds of distraction can be faltal. The seven and the four year old are also not especially active children. They are just normal little girls. But boy, can they run.
How those selfish morons were able to leave a 3 year old and two two year old twins alone, I have no idea.