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A Healthy, Happy and Just 2009

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Christmas presents

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Phone calls

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McCann Case: Analyses of the Phone Calls Reveal an Unexplored Clue

by Duarte Levy

Justine McGuiness and the Ribeira do Vascão

Justine McGuiness, the McCann’s spokeswoman who accompanied them in their get away for England soon after they had been constituted as arguidos, left in the apartment that served as headquarters to the couple several documents, including photographies, establishing a possible link between Madeleine's disappearance and the riverside of the Ribeira do Vascão, near the border with Spain. Today, after 19 months have passed since the day in which Madeleine disappeared, the clue left by Justine McGuiness gives again something to talk about.

It is on the day of Kate and Gerry’s escape for England, to the 9th of September of 2007, four months since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that the Judiciary Police (PJ) puts their hands in series of documents left in the Vila Vista Mar, up to that time occupied by the couple, which includes photos and even a sketch, indicating the detailed location of a place on the border between the Alentejo and the Algarve, to 20 km of Almodôvar, crossed by the Ribeira do Vascão. The inspectors of the PJ entered at the house soon after the departure of the McCanns for the airport, thus taking advantage of the fact that the journalists had accompanied the couple.

The documents left behind by the McCann’s spokeswoman, Justine McGuiness, were found underneath a sofa and they had, besides the identification of a quite precise geographical zone, countless inscriptions that the PJ never managed to interpret. According to sources close to the inquest, nothing was done in this sense and the men of the PJ, who would have looked at the documents as the work of an esoteric group, did not even bother to visit the place indicated considering the clue as being worthless for the case.

The spokeswoman of the McCann, who accompanied them during the days in which the couple was constituted arguidos before the Portuguese justice, would be fired upon arrival to England, this despite the fact that that she might reveal herself as one of the most worrying witnesses for the couple and for the British authorities themselves. What is certain is that Justine McGuiness was never questioned by the Judicial Police and therefore the exact meaning of the documents and photos was never explained.

In declarations recorded recently in London, sources close to the former candidate of the Liberal party, an expert in public relations, confirmed that Justine McGuiness has even been the target of various pressures, specifically in the legal field, indicating that she should maintain silence over everything that she saw or heard during the time she worked with Kate and Gerry McCann.

What is certain is that the former spokesman of the couple was already obviously at odds with the couple, particularly with Kate McCann, on the day in which she left Portugal with them and it was no surprise to anyone the "divorce" upon arrival in England. Justine always wove harsh criticisms, some of them in the presence of several journalists at Madeleine's mother and the bad relations between the two women surpassed the financial issues, where Justine constantly demanded the payment of her work and the numerous hours spent beside the couple as well as for the meetings and dinners with journalists and British authorities envoys.

Today, everything might be forgotten if it wasn’t for the results of an investigation to the telephone calls of the couple McCann and of all the persons who were in contact with them, carried out by journalists in collaboration with former operational elements from the Secret Intelligence Service.

Swansea again

While investigating the calls received and done by the McCann’s mobile phones during their stay in Portugal, the investigators found a report from inspector Paulo Dias of the PJ where it is confirmed that Kate received on the 2nd of May of 2007, at around 11h21, a call from Swansea (UK) which, later, she would justify to the PJ as being a mistake. A sufficiently important "mistake" so that Madeleine's mother guarded the register of this call in her mobile, in spite of having deleted all the details of other communications.

More interesting, the investigators - some Britons - used to dealing with sensitive cases, also found the register of a phone call made on the same day, after lunch, between a mobile phone in Praia da Luz and the same number of Swansea that had contacted Kate McCann. The mobile from which the call is made does not belong to any of the McCanns nor to the group of friends who were accompanying them and up to today the Judiciary Police, despite several requests to the English authorities, has never been able to identify the owner of that mobile nor has obtained from the English support or willingness so that they questioned whomever it was regarding these calls.

Now, while cross-referencing the results obtained next to the mobile telecommunication operators in Portugal and in Spain with the reports of the Judiciary Police in particular the excellent work of the inspector Paulo Dias, investigators and journalists found a new element worthy of interest: the mobile phone used in Praia da Luz to call the number from Swansea who had contacted Kate on May 2, was used to make and receive calls in the area indicated in the documents and in the photographs that the McCann’s spokeswoman left under the sofa on the day of the run off for England.

According to the records now known, the mobile phone was used near the Ribeira do Vascão on several occasions, namely between the days 12 and May 15th, 2007 but equally in June and July of the same year. Those phone calls were always made to England or to Praia da Luz, except for one, which was made to the British embassy in Lisbon.

Source: SOS Maddie Español e Português by Duarte Levy (Portuguse Version)

French Version At SOS Maddie.be

Important to read the full report by Paulo Reis & Associates: More on the deleted call records

At 11.21 Kate received a call from what appears to be a landline in Swansea ( xxxxx0023). The report by Inspector Dias researched this call in detail (Page 21 in his report of 9th November 2007) and discovered that it had not activated any of the Luz antennae. But digging deeper, he found that another UK mobile (xxxxx 1583) had triggered the Luz antenna when connecting to the same Swansea number at 14.01. He dug even deeper, tracked all of the calls made from Luz by xxxx1583 and established it had no connection whatsoever with any of the “Tapas 9”. The Swansea call to Kate McCann was simply a “wrong number”, misrouted and thus not logged by the Luz antennae.

by Joana Morais



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Urgent help needed!

"Ryan our only son who is 3 was always a child who loved to play, he was always on the go and very rambunctious. He also was a child who got sicker than most, if his sister got a cold, Ryan would get a fever and an infection, he sweat a lot and his eyes always seemed tired.

We started noticing that he was drinking more than usual and eating less than usual and started to ask to be carried all the time, we asked him why and he just said he was tired.

On November 14, I picked him up from daycare and he had a rash on his arm and a bruise on his tummy. It was then that I decided that I had to take him to his family doctor. I was told that he looked pale and his spleen and liver were enlarged.

So on Friday we went back to had blood test done and our doctor said he would call over the weekend to let us know if it showed anything. It was 2:15 on Saturday that he called to advise I should go down to sick kids as the test results were inconclusive, so off went. With in an hour of being there we were told that we were probably looking at Luekemia but they would let us know definitely after the blood test came back.

What seemed like forever was probably just an hour and we were told, your son has Luekemia, we are so sorry.

We here of stories like this all the time and never think it will happen to your. We asked ourselves why us and then we said why not us…if not us it would be another child and another family and that is the last thing anyone wishes for anyone else.

In the days following we were told they could not pin point the type of Luekemia Ryan had, at this point we knew it had to be rare as the most common type of Luekemia is identified with in 24 hours of diagnosis. The doctors wanted to be sure and we finally found out on November 20th that Ryan had JMML ( Juevenille Myelomonocytic Luekemia), Luekemia that affects 1 in 1,000,000 children.

We are learning to cope with the love and support of family and friends. My sister Nicole and friends Craig/Suzanne have worked hard to create a webpage for Ryan and creating awareness and finding a match is our number one goal.

Alexandria, Ryan’s 18 month old sister is his best family match with a 25% chance.
If not, then we rely on the bone marrow registry and pray that there is an angel that is his match.

As Ryan is also being transfused every three days and using blood from doners, we are running a drive on the 15th of January in Milton Ontario and on January 17th in Montreal, Quebec to give back in honour of Ryan.

Please take the time to register with onematch.ca as it could be you who save our son Ryan or someone else in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Ryan is our one in a million child with the one in a million disease and we are praying every day that he will also be the one in a million that beats it.

Dave and Suzanne Hyland


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Maddie and Joana: Esotericism, plot, psychotic disturbance or a mere case of fooling the public?

by Paulo Sargento*

The lawyer who collaborated with investigators at Maddie's parents' service to ‘O Crime’: ‘McCann Detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’

Today, the 4th of December, I read something that I never expected to read about the already intimately and publicly connected cases of Maddie and Joana. I fail to find the appropriate adjectives, beyond STUPEFIED, in order to qualify the state that I was left in after reading, in weekly newspaper “O Crime”, the interview that was given by Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, a most illustrious lawyer, who assists Leonor Cipriano in the media-exposed process that concerns alleged torture carried out by Polícia Judiciária agents.

I will try to be brief and to point out five reasons for said stupefaction.

Reason 1 – Dr Aragão Correia states, according to the aforementioned weekly: “the Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral”.

Allow me to underline the expression ARRANGE FOR. Apart from hardly being a juridical term, the expression contains a strange connotation that directs us towards a depreciative conception of what evidence actually is. Evidence is not ARRANGED FOR. Evidence is something that emerges within an investigation. If there are no ARRANGEMENTS here, then Dr Aragão Correia should, firstly, confirm whether or not he used this expression, and secondly, explain its meaning within the process that he is a patron of at the moment. We did, however, learn that the purpose of said ARRANGEMENT, so to speak, would be that of denigrating the image of Gonçalo Amaral, allegedly due to the fact that Método 3 considered him to be an inspector who “systematically incriminated the mothers of missing little girls without any evidence whatsoever”.

Reason 2 – Dr Aragão Correia assumes esoteric explanations in order to justify criminal investigation and juridical arguments.

In effect, it seems that esoteric dimensions have taken over a certain protagonism in both cases. While I hold absolutely nothing against any type of knowledge, I must however stress that scientific knowledge presents some advantages in relation to other forms and methodologies of knowledge. From my point of view, the most important of those advantages is the possibility of reducing potential biases or errors in our convictions, ideologies, impressions, sensations, illusions or even deliriums towards a given event. This happens because in science there are no illuminates. In science, there are men and women who submit their judgment concerning certain facts to empirical tests, sharing the used analysis paradigms and methodologies, thus rendering them accessible to everyone, and therefore acquiring the value of DEMONSTRATIONS.

Now, when any man or woman holds a piece of information through a route that nobody else can share or understand, three possibilities should be considered:

a) either the person obtained that information through a non conscious channel, and therefore is unable to understand how he or she reached that information;
b) or the person is delirious and therefore presents psychotic symptoms;
c) or the person is lying, and there is a purpose to it.

While respecting medium abilities as a particular form of knowledge, I must still assume my reservations concerning the effectiveness of Dr Aragão Correia’s capacities.

Why is that?

Because he stated that the Maddie case constituted his first “vision” and COINCIDENTALLY took place immediately after a spiritist session which he attended, as he was fully entitled to. Beginner’s luck, one might think. Although he considered that his “vision” was a relevant element for the investigation into the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann, the Polícia Judiciária apparently didn’t value that information. But Método 3, probably better fit to evaluate his abilities as a medium, submitted him “to a test in order to prove if (his) medium capacities and (his) stance were credible or not”. Despite not divulging what type of test was carried out, Dr Aragão Correia divulges the outcome: “positive”, obviously, we might add.

Reason 3 – Dr Marcos Aragão Correia assumes himself as a magnanimous individual who stripped himself of any material intentions.

The noble reasons that illuminate the action of so many people who practice esotericism are recognized in only very few cases, and in my view, they are only to be praised, like any other action of selfless solidarity.

Dr Aragão Correia wants to add to the short list of promethean philanthropists who live their lives to help others, due to no other motive than human solidarity and the contempt of material goods.

Now before anything else, Dr Aragão Correia, do allow me the following question: should we only help others if they are under the media spotlight, or should that quality be no motivation for such action? Why did you rush to help these parents in distress, and not any other equally “distressed” ones?

If, as you state yourself, you lead a financially sound life in Madeira and even started out by paying for the diving in the Arade Dam, why do you stress the fact that you received financial support from spiritist organizations?

To which organization do you intend to offer the profits from the sales of your book “The Little Girls that Came from the Stars”, which will be launched during the opportune and commercial Christmas season? You certainly don’t wish to add to the list of those that stand accused of making money from other people’s misery.

Reason 4 – Dr Marcos Aragão Correia believes, in association with other characters, that there is an intervention from the English secret services and from secret societies (not of a spiritist nature, I’m sure), namely “Skull and Bones”, which he says President George W. Bush belongs to, whose purpose it is to create a climate of insecurity in order to promote the implanting of chips in children.

Dr Marcos Aragão Correia,

What you state needs to be proved, or we may be confronting a phenomenon close to the Truman syndrome, a psychopathological condition that was masterly divulged by the film “The Truman Show”, with the notable interpretation by actor Jim Carrey.

The conspiracy theories that are based on secret societies constitute a very ancient argument and occur in two situations: in order to dissimulate important or compromising aspects in some situations, or in situations of mental disturbance (namely delirious and hallucinatory psychotic disturbances, and paranoid schizophrenia).

You should remember that you only identified one association that you belong to: the respectable Lawyers’ Order. Are the other associations that you belong to of a secret nature, and therefore you only mentioned the title “spiritist”?

Reason 5 – Dr Marcos Aragão Correia divides to conquer, publicly, in the Joana case.

Dr Aragão Correia,

You have absolutely no right whatsoever to induce people to the innocence of Leonor Cipriano by insinuating the culpability of her brother, João Cipriano, through the usage of judgments of value, by extrapolating forensic documents that are anterior to the case over which he was condemned, and even less, through esoteric justifications like the one that you refer to when you say you had a(nother) “vision” where “streams of blood” ran down the face of said individual.

You have responsibilities in the case, responsibilities that exceed those of the common citizen! There are boundaries that must not be overstepped!

These are the five reasons for my stupefaction.

Now I ask:

What does the Layers’ Order have to say about this?

What does the Public Ministry have to say about this?

What does the Silence of the McCanns mean?

Are we now closer to the day when the forensic tests that are mentioned under article 159 of the Penal Process Code will be applied to other actors within the administration of Justice?

This is all for today, but I promise to continue with this reflection, in memory of and as a token of respect towards two (unfortunate) stars that once were little girls.

source: Câmara de Comuns, 05.12.2008

* Dr Paulo Sargento is a forensic psychiatrist, university professor and author

Translation by astro (Thank you, Astro!)