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Maddie: “Truth of the Lie” on Her Majesty’s soil?

by Paulo Sargento*

I’ll start by reaffirming something that I have already repeated countless times concerning the “Maddie” case: there was no judicial secrecy in Portugal! In Portugal, there was only a little judicial secrecy! The book by former inspector Gonçalo Amaral and the news about an “informant” for the McCanns inside the Polícia Judiciária constitute unequivocal proof of what I have just stated. What do I mean by this?

Throughout the whole development of the “Maddie” case, the media reported news concerning issues that were covered by the judicial secrecy, in the name of “safe sources” in the Polícia Judiciária. Well, at a certain point during this long process, I publicly stated that the only “safe source” that I know is the traditional and beautiful “Fonte Luminosa” in Lisbon [‘source’ in Portuguese is ‘fonte’, which also means ‘fountain’]. And why? Because, in truth, the “safe sources”, as was to be expected under the journalistic ethics code, were never revealed, but the information that was published was always controversial. In other words, it was never fully believed that the information that was being reported was fact, and not theories that were being subject to journalistic treatment.

With the publication of the book “Truth of the Lie”, by former inspector Gonçalo Amaral, and the almost immediate publication of the archived process, it was possible to verify just that: most of the judicial secrecy had not been more than a little secret, after all. Writing in his own name, former inspector Gonçalo Amaral reports FACTS! I repeat, writing in his own name, former inspector Gonçalo Amaral reports FACTS!

But it was not the former inspector who disrespected the judicial secrecy. Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral had the notable role of ensuring that the facts that he reported, which were mostly public already, were actually FACTS! By reinstating his well-deserved good reputation, the author of “Truth of the Lie” inadvertently demonstrated that, after all, this was a little secret that someone allowed to escape, every once in a while. But who?

The news of these last few days point towards a former inspector, and the movements that, in a subtle and unexplained manner, followed within the Polícia Judiciária, answer, at least partly, this curious question. But as far as this is concerned, let’s wait a few more days for the dust to settle a bit and allow for us to glimpse a more consistent reply.

At a time when Mr Clarence Mitchell has been speaking very little, in an attitude that matches a strategy of an attentive observer of facts that apparently have no relation to the “Maddie” case, and while this case tries, through the same channel, the path of useful strategies of media satiation and extinction, suddenly the unexpected appears from Her Majesty’s land: an interview with Gonçalo Amaral, promoting his ideas and his book “Truth of the Lie” in the British newspaper “The Independent on Sunday”, edition of November 16.

In reality, the silence from Mr Clarence Mitchell and from the McCanns, which might allow to continue the attempted extinction of the “Maddie” case in Portugal, sharing a strange lift with the “Joana” case, in an association which was partly unveiled by Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, has been interrupted. The Spin Doctor’s threats are back!

According to the above mentioned British newspaper, Mr Clarence Mitchell reaffirmed that Kate and Gerry’s lawyers have been attentive to what Gonçalo Amaral has been saying about the case, which he considers to be grossly defamatory for the McCann couple. And he advanced that if the author decides to publish the book in England, the words will be minutely studied by the lawyers who will not hesitate to act if these are libelous.

This intervention by Mr Clarence Mitchell deserves a few questions and comments, in my opinion.

First: are the McCanns waiting for the book to be translated into the English language to certify themselves of its contents? Haven’t they read it already? Didn’t they have translators to do that?

Second: is Great Britain a democratic country within the European space where the initiative to publish a given book is subject to the normal procedures under the publishing laws of any free country in the civilized world, or not? Or are threats to the freedom of expression allowed like in some totalitarian countries? Do you remember the “satanic verses” by S. Rushdie and the consequent criticism of the Iranian country???

Third: if the Portuguese lawyers developed no action of any kind against said book, and they have certainly read it, why would the English lawyers undertake such actions? Will the English language transform FACTS into libelous calumny? Do the English lawyers have different competences from their Portuguese counterparts? Or is there no motive for any action? Or may certain actions have consequences upstream and downstream?

Mr Clarence Mitchell,

Dr Gonçalo Amaral also knows the law. He is a jurist!

Mr Clarence Mitchell,

Dr Gonçalo Amaral is also well advised!

Mr Clarence Mitchell,

Just like the author himself has always stated and the archived process demonstrates, the book “Truth of the Lie” does not contain any judgment! It contains the report of FACTS! The theory of “Maddie’s” accidental death, facing the described facts, is parsimonious and shared by a vast group of experts all over the world, including in England!

Mr Clarence Mitchell,

We all stop fearing the bogeyman when we grow up!

Therefore, let’s respect the memory of two little girls: Madeleine McCann and Joana Cipriano!

source: Câmara de Comuns, 17.11.2008

* Forensic psychologist, university professor and author

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mandarinn said...

Great thread by Paulo sargento.
Thank you Claudia for put it here, it is a pity UK press don't publish this kind of article instead of the c+++++ they publish almost everyday...

Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn!
Dr Paulo Sargento is a very intelligent man who writes in a wonderful way.
And he tells it like it is.
The UK press have no idea what journalism is.
Have a great weekend!