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A secret is only a secret if only one person knows it

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Maddie: The private detectives received help from a PJ mole


By Duarte Levy
11 November 2008
Thanks to 'annaesse' for translation

A private Spanish detective reveals how the McCanns were able to have access to confidential police information in the Maddie case.

According to one of the Spanish detectives hired by Metodo 3, in the context of their contract with Kate and Gerry McCann, a PJ inspector allegedly gave confidential information to the Spanish agency concerning the movements of the Portuguese investigators and their British colleagues in the investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

The information thus obtained allowed the private detectives to inform the McCann couple and their entourage about work being planned by the Portuguese investigators: "Several of Amaral's men's initiatives failed thanks to information given by their colleague... but there was also information coming from informers linked to the British embassy," this detective states.

"This is the information that allowed us to know in advance what inspector Amaral and his colleagues wanted to do," the private detective continues during an interview recently recorded in Spain, stressing that, "the investigation would probably have ended differently without the intervention of the private detectives, but also of certain British professionals."

In his interview, a video recorded in unusual conditions, and which will be included in a documentary for television about Madeleine McCann's disappearance, the Spanish detective clearly identifies the PJ inspector and also puts forward, "that he benefited from a certain protection by the PJ at Faro."

The detective goes further and states, "that at times when the investigation was closed, thanks to information received from the Portuguese inspector, we created diversions in the media."

"That didn't always work, because I noticed that certain operations were set up without our knowing in advance. I imagine that Amaral must have had his suspicions and that he limited access to information to the men he trusted," the detective adds.

"The investigation was practically condemned in advance...we knew in advance what Amaral was preparing and the desired objective in his operations," states the detective who, after several months of working for Metodo 3, had even tried to make contact with the Portimao CID coordinator, before he was dismissed from the investigation: "I had personally met Gonçalo Amaral a few years ago, but he mustn't have remembered me and as soon as he heard that I was linked to Metodo 3 he refused to speak to me, arguing that if I had important information to bring to the case, this should be done in an official manner."

"He (Gonçalo Amaral) was known to us as a hard guy, in particular in cases of fighting drug trafficking... he is incorruptible," the detective concludes.

The revelation which risks creating controversy around the Algarve PJ, meanwhile confirms the suspicions raised by certain investigators. At least two PJ inspectors, contacted by SMM, directly put forward the name of the inspector who allegedly passed on the confidential information to the detectives of the Spanish agency. According to them, the man benefited from a certain protection from the Faro commission and his behaviour was not new, because he had allegedly previously committed the same offence in other investigations.

"We are no longer looking for Maddie.... me, in any case, I was never hired to do that."

According to the same detective, he was allegedly never hired to look for Madeleine MCann: "We are no longer looking for Maddie.. me, in any case, I was never hired to do that. All I was asked to do was gather the most details in order to direct the Portuguese investigation towards Morocco or Spain.

This former detective - who is no longer able to carry on his work - further states that the Spanish agency allegedly led British journalists to Morocco for them to meet previously selected and paid witnesses: "the aim was to spread the Moroccan lead in the media and thus confirm that it was indeed an abduction, which the Portuguese and British police did not want to believe," states the detective, stressing that he is unable to say whether the McCanns were behind this kind of operation.

"The couple never asked me to lie about anything whatsoever. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the agency or the couple's entourage," the detective concludes.




Anonymous said...

Bom dia Cáudia

Li e reli esta noticia e estas informações parecem-me "explosivas". Quem dentro da equipa transmitia as informações, porquê e/ou por quanto?????
Realmente fica claro que muitas das acções planeadas,não sendo segredo, acabavam por perder força pois já eram esperadas e se calhar tratadas previamente.
Já disse várias vezes mas preciso de repetir, porquê este caso foi e é tão complicado?

Sei que provavelmente não há respostas para mim, mas fica este desabafo!


J J said...

Hello Claudia
I've been away for six weeks and it looks like I've come back as things are starting to get interesting.
I hope the British of Portuguese police will looks into these allegations. Fingers crossed!

I haven't had time to read all the postings for the last six weeks, so can you let me know if there is any news about Goncalo Amaral's book being published in English in England.
Many thanks

Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha.
Explosivo é dizer pouco.
Cada vez tenho mais orgulho no GA. Visto como incorruptível pelos borra botas, por muito que isso lhes custe. Mais uma vez, tal com em relação às alegações do senhor Marcos Aragão, fico à espera do desmentido do Team.
Beijinhos, Paulinha.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia, Here is a link to a Google translation of the "Book"; http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/ It is on the left hand side of the page. I haven't tried to read it yet. Most likely will download it onto my tablet pc it will be much eaiser to read than on the plasma screen.

I am gutted. I never thought there would be a mole in the PJ. Surely this is an admission that they are guilty. If not guilty why try to derail the investigation? Surely this alone would be cause for arrest. Perverting the course of justice or something similar. I'm spechless! :-(

Cláudia said...

Hi, JJ.
You bet it is getting interesting.
As Pauyloa just said, explosive stuff which, if true, confirms what most of us suspected. I always said that I thought the work by the PJ was compromised even before the PJ got to the scene. I hope the name of the 'mole' is made public soon. This feels like those domino things. When one piece falls, it all comes tumbling down...
No news on dates yet, JJ. As soon as I know something, I'll tell you.

Cláudia said...

Helmy, hi. What book? Do you mean the google translation of Mr Amaral's book? If so, the Portuguese version was put online illegally, without permission from Mr Amaral or the publisher and I can't agree with that. There are copyright issues.
It is explosive. But I can't say I'm really surprised. There were suspicions around. As I told JJ, to me this makes me think of those domino things or of those house of cards. Once one piece falls, there's no coming back. I'm sure that if this ex member of M3 is telling lies, soon we will have a spokesperson denying everything. But then again, I'm still waiting for someone to deny Mr Aragão's allegations.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Yes, Mr Amaral's book, remove the link if you want. I don't want to do anything illegal. Silly me I never gave it a moments thought that it could be an illegal copy.

I hope our house of cards is on very shakey ground! Surely now there will be a denial or something.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy.
I won't remove the link. It's out there. Poeple just have to know that (a) it is not a legal translation and (b) being a google translation, it is not reliable as googlese is most of the times crapy translation.
As dor the house of cards, I also hope so. We are all expecting a denial, of course. Very serious allegations which should be dealt with. For people who threat to sue all and saundry, if this is a lie, it is well worth a lawsuit. But maybe if this man ever went to court he would have other things to say. Who knows?

Pericles Pinto said...

Está provado que Maddie morreu no quarto, vamos assumir que acidentalmente.

Maddie foi depois escondida num frigorífico, segundo o Gonçalo Amaral diz.

Mais tarde foi levada para parte incerta dentro da Renault, como provaram os cães.

Não houve depois meios financeiros para fazer a busca na Barragem da Bravura. Também pode ter pesado o medo de gastar dinheiro e fazer má figura.

Alguém dentro da PJ deu a dica ao Marcos Aragão sobre isto. Este, pretendendo notoriedade, deu início às buscas.

Marcos Aragão pode ser um palhaço, mas talvez estivesse a procurar no local certo...

Local onde a PJ não fez buscas.

Se tem dúvidas do que digo, pergunte ao Gonçalo Amaral.

Last but not least. O corpo pode entretanto ter sido resgatado por mergulhadores ao serviço dos McCann.

Basta pensar nos 'connections' que os McCann têm para imaginar a facilidade com que uma equipa de dois ou três mergulhadores dos Serviços Secretos Britânicos poderá ter sido destacada para fazer esse serviço.

Dito isto, nunca saberemos o que aconteceu ao corpo de Maddie e nunca se provará "beyond reasonable doubt" que a miúda morreu naquele quarto.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Péricles. Boa noite.
Antes de mais, infelizmente não está provada coisa nenhuma. Se estivesse, não estávamos aqui a ter esta conversa. Eu não teria este blog porque o caso teria ido a tribunal, independentemente do resultado final.
Mas, sim, acredito que a Madeleine tenha moriido naquela apartamento no dia 3 de Maio de 2007. Os humanos até podem estar todos a mentir (que não estão. Só alguns). Mas o Eddie e a Keela certamente não foram 'comprados' com pacotes the Royal Canin.
Quanto à sua teoria, é uma entre muitas. Para ser muito honesta, nunca fui grande teorizadora. Nunca foi esse o lado do caso que mais me intrigou. Mas a título pessoal, recuso qualquer teria que envolva PJ e Marcos Aragão na mesma frase, a trabalharem para o mesmo lado, independentemente das intenções. Até pode ser verdade. Mas eu não acredito. É um bocado como os extraterrestres. Podem existir, mas eu não acredito que existam.
Se eu tiver alguma dúvida e quiser esclarecê-la junto do Dr Amaral, não preciso que me o diga. Faá-lo-ei.
Concordamos pelo menos numa coisa. Também eu tenho dúvidas de que o corpo seja encontrado ou que o seu destino seja descoberto. Isto, claro, se houver corpo para encontrar. Também acho que só muito dificilmente se provará o que aconteceu (o que quer que tenha sido). Cheira-me a demasiado peixe graúdo. Apesar de não descartar a hipóteses de alguns 'apertos' no futuro. Quando muita gente sabe de muita coisa, as hipóteses de se dar com a língua nos dentes aumentam consideravelmente.
Por falar nisso, ainda aguardo um desmentido por parte do Team M em relação às alegações do senhor (à falta de melhor termo) Aragão e agora a estas declarações por parte de um alegado ex colaborador da M3. Quem espera...

Anonymous said...


Vendidos e invertebrados há aos montes;"pallettes deles"!

Ah,sim .Houve todas as manobras de diversão para que o público olhasse para outro lado.

Acredito mais em cinzas;em idas a Huelva em dia feriado e à vontade.Sem séquito de jornalistas e/ou investigadores.Provavelmente,para se descartarem....as cinzas nem foram guardadas.

Mas a teoria da Barragem tem muito que se lhe diga.Aproveitaram esses,APENAS,3 dias,para alcançarem algum objectivo.

Tudo de bom(que ,por aqui,para o lado de 1 dos domésticos,nada corre bem.O que começa,acaba).Vejamos o desenrolar deste meu drama doméstico).

Cláudia said...

Olá, Outono.
Ou muito me engano, ou isto ainda vai dar muito que falar. Se o noeme se tornar público, ui, ui!
Espero que o drama doméstica acabe da melhor maneira possível.
Tudo de bom!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the mccann files website. Is it just me or have the F'ers got it off the net?

Cláudia said...

Anon, I just checked and could access it. No problems at all.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, at www.mccannfiles.com ? I have been trying on two different computers and can't access it except via cache.

Cláudia said...

Yes. Just clicked the link you provided and got there. No problems. But don't forget I live in a 'thrid world' country whith 'archaic laws'. Even IT problems take time to get here! ;-)

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia, I have been trying to get into www.mccannfiles.com also. No luck. I just tried to get in using Google France,Google USA and MSN USA. I can't get in. I wonder if they are blocking UK users. I wonder if it would work with a proxy server. I don't know how to do that.

Is there any more news about the PJ mole?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy. Just clicked the link again and it still works for me.

Try this proxy. You just have to click on the link I will provide and then copy paste the address you want to visit. Maybe it will work.

No more news as far as I'm aware!

Anonymous said...

Obrigada,Cláudia.Embora velhote e com todas as mazelas da idade e de doenças maradas,estou com esperança.....

Quanto ao nome do invertebrado? Então,não consegue saber? Muitos sabem,mas a público nada veio....por enquanto.

E dar que falar? Duvido,pois há mais invertebrados do que PESSOAS VERTICAIS!

Acho que não está em funções ou irá deixar.Pelo menos NÃO TEM CONDIÇÕES PARA CONTINUAR.

Mas se sair......cá para mim é mais um bandido à solta e a saber de mais;os truques;as tácticas;os recursos....

Cláudia said...

Olá, Outono.
Mesmo que soubesse não poderia nunca ser eu a divulgá-lo. Espero que se torne público e rapidamente. Se corresponder à verdade, terá de pagar por isso. Caro, espero.
A maior sorte do mundo com o bichano.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Thank you, but I don't see the link.:-(

Cláudia said...

Sorry, Helmy. I totally forgot the link.

Here it is.


I must be getting old! :-)

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Thank you for the link. Still no joy. I shall try to download FireFox and see what happens. I don't give up easily.

:-) xxx

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Mystery solved, redsquare ran out of money to pay for the site. Host closed the site down. Only one available was Uk site. 3 A's rallied around and have donated the money. Not the 3 A's site but the posters.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy!
Yeah, I read it last night. I'm sure it will be soon up again because people know how important it is.