Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh my, my, my

Cipriano case: Forensics launch doubt on photographs - RTP1

Transcript and translation:

The photographs that show bruises on Leonor Cipriano may not be reliable. RTP had access to the report of the digital forensics analysis which was requested by the defense lawyer of the PJ inspectors who stand accused of torture.

The tests reveal that it is not possible to evaluate whether or not changes were made to the photographs’ original features. The report further adds that the photographs were harmed in their authenticity by the absence of some data like the date and time, and also because they are low resolution images.

The trial continues on the 18th of November.

source: RTP1, 07.11.2008

by astro


Pericles Pinto said...

Barack Obama, Marcos Aragão, Gonçalo Amaral e Leonor Cipriano.

Qual a relação?

Tudo, em exclusivo, no 'Muito suave'

Pericles Pinto said...
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Cláudia said...

Se tivesse prestado mais atenção, veria que foi logo publicado. Sou uma rapariga cheia de sentido de humour, apesar de nem o caso McCann nem o julgamento dos 5 elementos da PJ serem das coisas que me fazem ter vontade de rir. Claro que cada vez que olho para a cara do Aragão, não posso deixar de exibir um sorriso rasgado.
Já agora, espero que tenha visto as várias referências de Obama a Guantanamo que, ao contrário do que pareceu dizer, foi bastante claro na sua opinião em relação a essa vergonha mundial.

Pericles Pinto said...

A Cláudia foi demasiado rápida... :)
e infelizmente há por aí muita gente com pouco sentido de humor!

Tenho de ser sincero. Já me arrependi de ter dito que o Obama não tinha feito referências a Guantanamo. Não li nada mas já houve quem me garantisse que sim, o homem vai tentar acabar com os abusos. Vamos ver...

Cláudia said...

Tenho de baixar o ritmo. :-)
Regra geral, levo a vida sempre com sentido de humor. Mas também fervo em pouca água.
Fez várias. Na thread em que colocou a questão, fiz copy paste de algumas ocasiões em que Obama se referiu ao assunto e foi bastante claro na sua opinião. Se é para cumprir ou não, com políticos nunca se sabe. Que falou disso como um objectivo, não há dúvidas.
Deixo-o com a resposta que dei na outra thread.
Boa noite.

Péricles Pinto, of course I did. My choices and my opinions are based on the information I gather. Not on marketing. You should know that I'm a very well informed girl. :-)

“We need to bring to a close this sad chapter in American history, and begin a chapter that passes the might of our military to the freedom of our diplomacy and the power of our alliances. And while we are at it, we can close down Guantanamo and we can restore habeas corpus and we can lead with our ideas and our values.”
-Barack Obama, Richmond, VA, May 8th

"I also will reject a legal framework that does not work. There has been only one conviction at Guantanamo. It was for a guilty plea on material support for terrorism. The sentence was 9 months. There has not been one conviction of a terrorist act. I have faith in America's courts, and I have faith in our JAGs. As President, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, and adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice provide a framework for dealing with the terrorists."
- Remarks of Senator Obama: The War We Need to Win
August 01, 2007

"Senator Obama's site includes a commitment to restore habeas corpus to the Guantanamo detainees, and a speech he made in Washington D.C. last August, in which he declared, "in the dark halls of Abu Ghraib and the detention cells of Guantanamo, we have compromised our most precious values. What could have been a call to a generation has become an excuse for unchecked presidential power. A tragedy that united us was turned into a political wedge issue used to divide us."

"SAN ANTONIO — Barack Obama told a Texas crowd on Sunday that he wants the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainee facility closed — a step the Bush administration is considering.
The Democratic presidential hopeful pledged to work side-by-side with the rest of the world on issues like nuclear proliferation, poverty, economic development in Latin America and the violence in Darfur.
"While we're at it," he said, "we're going to close Guantanamo. And we're going to restore habeas corpus. ... We're going to lead by example — by not just word but by deed. That's our vision for the future."
Habeas corpus is a tenet of the Constitution that protects people from unlawful imprisonment"

5 de Novembro de 2008 20:50

helmylin2 said...

Hi cláudia,

Not about the opening post. Has anybody besides me had trouble with the 3 A's today? I can get to the home page and play the games,when I try to access the forum I get cannot find page. :-(

Thanks. xxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmylin2.
I don't post there anymore but as soon as I read your post I tried to access it and wasn't able too. It is probably a server thing. Or a maintenance problem.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Thank you, I hope you are right. Yesterday I thought some of the comments I read were close to the bone. A bit scary that!


Cláudia said...

You're welcome, Helmy.
What comments? I am that not up to date regarding the 3 As.

helmylin2 said...

Cláudia, It's Back!! I panicked for nothing.

Cláudia said...

Ok, Helmy!
I'm glad for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gerry's latest blogue entry:

"Gerry's blog - Day 556, 09 November 2008

A difficult week for Kate and me ended on a positive note last night. Monday was the 3rd of November- 18 months since Madeleine was so cruelly taken from us. We do not usually put a lot of store in specific milestones - these being just another day without Madeleine. This week was unusual in that both Kate and I were feeling low at the same time, which is an uncommon occurrence, and we can usually rely on one of us lifting the other.

We continue to work very hard behind the scenes. Our support team has been expanded as we try to identify what has been done, what has not been done and what can still be done to help find Madeleine. We are not yet halfway through the Portuguese files but there is less information within the files than we were expecting. As I have stated many times, someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation.

Yesterday we went through to Liverpool for a Race Night organised by the Greenhills Taverners Society- a group who organise fundraising events for local good causes- along with family and friends. On this occasion all proceeds were going towards Madeleines Fund. Around 200 people turned up and everyone enjoyed a good night. Liverpool and Everton donated signed shirts which were auctioned and with tickets and a raffle around £2000 has been raised. A taxi driver, taking home some of our friends, even got in to the spirit of things by donating his fare to the fund. Well done everyone and thanks for all the messages of support prayers- we left Liverpool in much better spirits than when we arrived!"

Of course...and I'm sure that the heavier pockets had absolutely nothing to do with it... (bahhh)

Cláudia said...

Anon, money, money, money. It makes the world go round. And it also makes greedy people less depressed.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

As you say it is all down to money. Things must be geting desperate if they are commenting on £2000.

Just imagine they are not low at the same time. I can't imagine ever being up until Madeleine was found. I would need clousure and then I could start to heal.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy.
I have no problem whatsoever believing they were never 'low' at the same time. I just have to look at the photos taken on what would have been Madeleine's 5th birthday, 9 days after she went missing. Crystal clear.

Jojam said...

"Oh my, my, my"
Still proud of the PJ......passing confidentual information to Metodo 3 detective during the investigation. So very professional!

Cláudia said...

Oh my, my, my, Jojam. Still on the cough syrup I see...
Been donating lately to help with the mortgage?
Psssttt, secrecy lifted more than 3 months ago. Parents of the century still silent, hey? Doesn't surprise me, though. The more they open their gobs...
Missed me, Jojam? Because I had completely forgotten you existed. Glad to know you're alive and well, though. :-)