Monday, November 3, 2008

At war

Case Cipriano/McCann Versus PJ - Opinion Article By Moita Flores


The Case Joana

The trial of the possible torture on the mother of Joana is revealing episodes of a perversion that do not cease to amaze us. Each statement drops like a bomb. Then, the boot doesn't match with the splutter [sic -Portuguese Proverb].

I know that the police are not angels, nor were they sent by Christ to Earth. The profession hardens them, makes them stubborn, suspicious, determined and in the world, spreaded, are examples of huge atrocities committed by those who have the duty to comply with, and enforce compliance with the law and protecting the rights of citizenship. That said, I admit that when I read the first news about the beatings, in a glance, and when I saw the pictures appear, it was not so hard for me to believe that that was how it was denounced. A crime so heinous as the one who was committed can lead a man to lose his head and to commit an unforgivable foolishness.

But now that the trial has arrived and the evidence is unfolding, the issue is changing its aspect. The lady has confessed that she helped to kill her daughter on a given day and that the beating was in the following day. It is an absurdity. I heard the confession of many homicides and other violent crimes. I know too well how the environment of tension surrounding the interrogations could come to almost unbearable limits. And it is then, that for various reasons, an act of brutality can happen. When it ends, the decompression is fast. Whether for the criminal or for the investigators. Everything goes back to normal. It makes no sense, after all is finished, on the next day to retrieve the prisoner and give him a thrashing. For more macabre that it has been that testimony. For the Police that does not have an interest anymore. It's Finished.

But the astonishment increases when we know that the report on the abuse of that lady was amended by an higher order in order to incriminate the police, and that the woman can not recognize among those policeman those who have attacked her. I had to admit to it. Even if I did not know the names, an investigation brings together investigators, arguidos, witnesses and it is not difficult to recognize [to make a recognition ]. There are even moments that persist for many years because of the strong emotional investment that emerges in such situations. And more perverse it becomes when it is known that one of the lawyers was put on the case in order to pursue one of the defendants. Gonçalo Amaral was persecuted, not because of this case, but by the agents of the detective agency hired by Maddie's parents. Confirming all this, we are not before a case of justice. It is a heinous farce that abuses the court. For the ugliest reasons that are also part of our human condition.

by Dr. Francisco Moita Flores, University Professor

Source: Correio da Manhã

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Pericles Pinto said...

Por favor leiam o post que fiz hoje no Muito Suave sobre as buscas de Aragão Correia e dêm-me os vossos comentários.

Obrigado desde já.

Cláudia said...

Obrigada eu!

Pericles Pinto said...

Cláudia, agradeço de novo o seu comentário. Peço-lhe que leia a resposta (aliá respostas) que dei ao mesmo no Muito Suave.

PS: Lamento mas, embora tenha alguma admiração pela PJ, não consigo ser tão orgulhoso da PJ como a Cláudia.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Péricles.
Eu terei sempre orgulho daqueles, que dentro de uma instituição, não desistem e prescindem da comodidade e segurança dos seus lugares adquiridos em prol da justiça. Enquanto assim for, terão sempre o meu orgulho. Uns mais do que outros, claro está.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia Cláudia

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