Sunday, October 12, 2008

UPDATED: The way the British Press works

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The Sun Publishes a Fake Interview

Mail of Today

The English Newspaper SUN published an interview yesterday with declarations attributed to José Manual Anes, regarding the Maddie Case, where he criticizes harshly the investigation. Contacted by the CM Anes said that it is al lie, guarantying that he has not spoken to the press for ”more than one year" and he says he is going to sue the English Paper.

Source: Correio da Manhã 11.10.08 [paper edition, page 2]

The Sun Article: Maddie probe is blasted


Published: 10 Oct 2008

THE top criminologist in Portugal has slammed the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Jose Manuel Anes said the methods used by police were flawed and out-dated.

He added: “Errors were made, not just by the Judicial Police, but by a whole group of people who took part in the investigations.”

Mr Anes, former head of criminology at Portuguese police’s science lab, attacked the decision to make Maddie’s parents Gerry and Kate “arguidos”, or suspects.

He said it was based on flawed evidence.

Mr Anes, 64, added: “There’s no knowing in what condition samples arrived at the laboratory.

“You find or you don’t find. You can’t invent! Also there’s a fundamental principle that it’s better to have a criminal free than an innocent in chains. That’s the slogan of our profession.”

Mr Anes also defended British police, arguing their offer of help was no impediment to Portuguese cops.

He said: “The English police even offered dogs. If they didn’t want to find anything, they wouldn’t have lent dogs.”

Mr Anes admitted the case has been an embarrassment to his country and that police did not handle the pressure.

Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz days before her fourth birthday in May 2007.

Her parents, of Rothley, Leics, were accused over the disappearance, but the case was dropped.

by Joana Morais


So, who 'ordered' this article? Why was it written when the interviewee denies speaking to the press for more than one year? We know this man's words were twisted and distorted once, many months ago, and he also publicly complained about it. But why now? And why again? Is it because there is a certain documentary to spin?

I got an e-mail reply from Mr Anes. He confirms he did not give any interviews in the past year (his only comments on the case are included in a interview published in a book called "A Culpa dos McCann" by Manuel Catarino) and that he is going to take legal action.


helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,
Oh, please let him sue. Please let him find barristers that will handle his case. This is beyond a joke now. If they can't find anything bad to say hey, let's just make it up.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmylin2.
I hope he does. But the most important question here now is why was this done? And why was this done now? Is something negative going to happen for some people? We all know that these kinds of things are usually done to spin something.
When I was confronted with the article, I told a good friend of mine I would only comment on it when I saw the Portuguese version of it. I knew it either didn't exist or it had been completely twisted because I remember this happening months ago and seeing this gentlemen deny everything. Let's wait and see...

Anonymous said...

Boa tarde Cláudia

Tens toda a razão, estes artigos inventados ou então avistamentos da menina aparecem sempre em alturas em que outros assuntos sérios e verdadeiros chegam aos media. O que será desta vez? Vamos ter paciência e esperar para ver.


Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha. Boa tarde.
Cheira-me a esturro. Temos é de esperar para ver de que cozinhado vem o esturro! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Só espero que o Dr. Arnes processe realmente o jornal Inglês. De uma vez por todas eles (UK media) têm que perceber que não podem escrever o que lhes apetece, sem consequências!

Cláudia said...

Paula, também eu assim espero. Também eu...


Jill Havern said...

I continue to feel sickened about the whole McCann fiasco and can only hope the Portuguese people will crack this case wide open and regain their reputations and dignity which is being systematically damaged by the UK.

I feel so sad for the PJ, Goncalo and Sofia, and the Portuguese people, including Mr Anes, who are being targetted by the UK as being the ones to blame in this despicable case. I am sickened to be British, I really am.

This cannot be allowed to go on any longer, but what the hell can we do about it other than keep chipping away?

Come on Goncalo and Mr Anes, get these people into court!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Jill.
First of all, you have no reason whatsoever to fell ashamed of your nationality. You are not responsible for the actions of a few. And every country has its scum. And let's face it, there are many of your countrymen and contrywomen who keep fighting for Justice for Madeleine.
I still believe the truth will out, Jill. One day. Sooner or later. But it will.

mcr said...

o rosadinho já SÓ DEDICARÁ 1 TEMPITO AOS MAC patéticos.

o dinheirito,DIZEM, está cada vez mais a ir rio abaixo;

será que o esturro visa ganhar mais umas "pounds"?

Mas o que mais me parece é que continuam cheiissimos de medo.
Conseguiram ,através dos governos impedir,parar,demitir,gozar.

Mas há imensos bloguers,pela busca da verdade e pelo castigo dos verdadeiros culpados(grande crime perfeito)e a estes bloguers está a ser difícil calá-los.Somos muitos!
Estão a suar as estopinhas.

O medo que eles têm é ENORME!


Mtos. bloguers têm recebido ameaças de ida a tribunal,para ver se os calam!

Maddie,que estarás no Céu,beijinhos para Ti.Procura esquecer o que os teus próximos te fizeram.

Jill Havern said...

Thanks Claudia, but it really gets to me that the scum are the ones who are denying Maddie justice and peace and making a mockery of her - including her own parents - whilst laying the blame firmly at the door of Portugal.

Surely not all Portuguese people follow these blogs and some of them must be aware of what's being said in the UK about their police - it's so humiliating that the UK media is portraying us in this light to other people all around the world.

The UK is fast becoming a laughing stock in many countries - heck we're never going to win the Eurovision Song Contest ever again at this rate!

Cláudia said...

MCR, há uma coisa que não podem, certamente controlar. A internet. E é isso que lhes dá comichões...
Tenha um bom dia!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Jill.
The vast majority of the Portuguese people are well aware of the way their country, their people and their Police have been portrayed by the biased and spineless British press. But Portuguese people are intelligent enough to kno why that happens and ceratinly does not place any blame on the common British citizen.

Gordon Bennett said...

Hey Jill...

you say we're never going to win the Eurovision Song Contest ever again.

Is that a promise (fingers crossed)