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History being done?

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Tapas 7's '£375k damages' for Maddie reports

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rachael Oldfield, Fiona Payne and Russell O’Brien in Praia da Luz after Madeleine vanished.

They and the rest of the so- called Tapas Nine had a reunion in a Leicester hotel

Friends of Madeleine McCann's parents who were with the couple on the night she died are to receive £375,000 in libel damages, it has been reported.
Sky News said the money will be paid out to the so-called "Tapas Seven" by Express Newspapers.
The group were holidaying with Kate and Gerry McCann when three-year-old Madeleine disappeared in May last year.

Martin Brunt said: "The Tapas Seven, friends of Kate and Gerry McCann - those who were on hoiday with them in Portugal last year - are to receive apologies tomorrow morning in the High Court from Express Newspapers, and they will share a payout of £375,000.
"I'm told an apology will be read out in the court and then there'll be statements from the McCanns and the 'Tapas 7' lawyers.
"There will also be apologies in the Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers."
The newspaper group has already paid £550,000 dmanages to the McCann's after suggested they may have been involved in their daughter's disappearance.
The money is likely to go toward the Find Madeleine fund.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe these people. The lot of them are just creeps - making money out of a little girl's disappearance and possibly death.

I do not believe the McCanns killed Madeleine by their own hand, however, by leaving her in an unlocked room with no supervision they contributed to her death (if she is dead) and DEFINITELY to her disappearance.

I doubt Kate and Gerry have ever had a car or wallet stolen, but Madeleine they simply couldn't protect, because she got in the way of their dinner! These two, along with the rest of the Tapas group, should hang their heads in shame. Of course, I doubt any of them will do this - they're all too busy making money!

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

Off topic I know but here we go again. Three year old boy left alone in a London flat with a bowl of milk and a doughnut. The mother left a boiling egg on the hob and went out to the shops. House caught on fire only by the grace of God was the little lad unharmed. Strange that the Daily mail are not taking comments. Now I wonder why that is, she says tongue in cheek!

As for the "tappas 7" I guess it is time for a few more bottles of wine. Do they even remember Madeleine?

Cláudia said...

Anon, I also can't believe those people. They also give me the creeps.

They would hang their heads in shame if they could grasp the gravity of their actions. Unfortunately, I think they don't and never will.

Anonymous said...


Well spotted ... so much for freedom of speech !!!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmylin2.
No, not off topic at all.
I read that article last night. It's just unbelievable.
It's interesting that no comments are allowed, isn't it? Oh, the wonderful British Press. So much for democracy, uh?

Cláudia said...

Anon whose comments I did not publish, why don't you post with your identity?

Anonymous said...

All of them,it is my opinion,they must receive to be quiet...But how many times will they receive to shut up the mouth.Because,all the T7;T9;T10....they know very well.

Make gold like that is tremendous.
A Litlle girl do not deserve this: gold to others; to her owners...

tvguia,pág. 125.("com a verdade me enganas" - é o espírito da táctica do g. para com a PJ).he knew that someone had seen him with a child, and.....COM A VERDADE ME ENGANAS!



Cláudia said...

Mcr, já enganam poucos.
Mais cedo ou mais tarde...
Bom fim de semana.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Claudia, but it is historic that the Metro was the only newspaper in the UK that wrote:

"Friends of Madeleine McCann's parents who were with the couple on the night she died are to receive £375,000 in libel damages, it has been reported."

Not disappeared, or missing or abducted, no....Madeleine DIED that night. I think the Metro made a statement. A glimpse of hope for the truth?

Best regards, Liz. :)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Liz.
Thank for commenting.
I certainly hope so. It does make a statement. I thought it could have been a silly mistake but I read they were alerted by e-mail about the word they used and they still kept it. Al least the last time I checked.
Who knows, Liz. Who knows...
I hope I'll read you again.
Kind regards.

2345 said...


Best taken with a pinch of salt ....

Certain tabloids will print anything for money.

Reputable tabloids employ 'top notch' lawyers, none of whom would agree to paying one penny in out of court settlements where police evidence exists to the contrary and is readily available.

Brown's a lawyer; legal and media manipulation go hand in glove in Madeleine's tragedy. Certain papers print what they're given without question or proper investigation.

2345 said...


On what basis did you not publish anon's comments ?

Cláudia said...

2345, is there a link for that?

Cláudia said...

2345, you may not have noticed, but this is my blog. I have comment moderation on for a reason. I publish whatever I choose to and I don't have to explain anything to anyone. And certainly not to you. I have around 80 unpublished comments right now. Most of them by complete nutters.

Cláudia said...

Anon I just didn't publish:

for your information, I find you one of the worst nutters around.

2345 said...


Could you please clarify your rules and regulations to enable me to conform to your posting requirements.

Many thanks.

Cláudia said...

2345, since you seem to be a slow reader, I'll repeat it just for you: I DO NOT have to explain anything to anyone. And certainly NOT to you.
This is my blog and balanced people with balanced views are welcome here. Nutters who repeat the same posts over and over again and who make wild allegations, are not.
You're interrupting a very good reading, by the way.

2345 said...


I thought you welcomed fellow PJ supporters. Is this not so, am I mistaken ?

Cláudia said...

2345, I welcome sane PJ supporters, who help the cause. I don't welcome disturbed people who make wild allegations which may even 'hurt' the investigation and the cause.
This conversation is over.

2345 said...


But I have an autographed copy of Truth of The Lie. How can reference to it harm your 'cause' or PJ's ?

Cláudia said...

2345, for the last time, you have said that articles and interviews read and watched by millions of Portuguese people did not exist or were forged. That, for me, makes you a nutter. I also have an autographed copy of THE BOOK. Sent to my home adddress.
END of conversation. Really.

Cláudia said...

P.S: THE BOOK, for now, is called "A Verdade da Mentira" and "La verdad de la Mentira".

The cause is not 'mine'. It's the cause of hundreds, to say the least. Respect the Polícia Judiciária and stop talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, I do believe Mr. Amaral; maybe he has a proof, but perhaps he cannot use it in a court for whatever reason, but he is sure of what he says.
poor little child.

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon.
There is a big difference between what you know and what you can prove. The team who were investigating the case, know, IMO.
I still think it's not over yet. Good things come to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bom dia Claudia:

Podes publictar a seguinte informação?

The Madeleine Foundation Website is now open!!!

Some words from Tony Bennett:

We don't want praise for the site, we need constructive suggestions on how to improve it in the interests of continuing to expose the truth about Madeleine's disappearance and developing our campaign to honour Madeleine's memory by working towards permanent improvements in our laws on child neglect.

If you have any comments, we'd like to hear from you, and if there are criticisms, do not hesitate to let us know what you think.

We want good quality articles for our site (there is no forum), so let us have them - either in your own name, or anonymously.

Stevo, who built and designed our site, informs us today that a Google search reveals the following:

Hits to date for 'madeleine' 'foundation' - 3,140,000

Hits to date for 'madeleine' 'fund' - 1,900,000.

We don't know what the significance of this is, but it sounds very encouraging.

Muito obrigado



Cláudia said...

Paulinha, done!
Espero que estejas bem.

Ambersuz said...

Hello Claudia, Paula and friends of the PJ :)

It is lovely to see, at last, a British person who has the *cojones* and courage to speak his mind.

Well done Tony Bennett!

Susana x

Cláudia said...

Hi, Ambersuz! :-)
It's always a pleasure to see someone who doesn't fear the 'higher' powers. :-)

Ambersuz said...


What higher powers?

....they threaten all the time but pick on the idiots they know will pay out quickly....

Let them try and sue me? hahah

Besos nena :)

Cláudia said...

Ambersuz, :-)
If they sued me, I think I could give them enough for them to buy a plain ticket to come back for the reconstruction and that was it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Claudia, great to see that you still very active on your blog, it 's my daily read!

Sadly, the Metro newspaper had changed the word 'died' into 'disappeard.' I was hoping it was a statement and maybe it was, but The Mccanns become furieus, I think....:(


Best regards and keep on doing your good work!

Liz, from Holland.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Liz from Holland. Welcome! :-)
Thank you for reading.
I have to ay I'm surprise they took so long. But it really doesn't matter, does it? people have snapshots of that article. Including me. :-)
Hope I'll read you more often.

Anonymous said...

Hello Claudio, thanks for your kind reply and indeed, that snapshot is all over the world to see....maybe for years.

Even in Holland.

Great forum but a bit quiet for now. They only post if there is real news about Madeleine, to open the case for exemple.

Until next time, best regards.
Liz. :)

Cláudia said...

You're welcome, Liz.
Thank you for the link.
Kind regards, Liz.
Hope I'll read you again.