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Telling it like it is - a true Portuguese woman

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Open Letter: Gonçalo Amaral Wife reacts Ironically to Kate's Attack

Open letter to Mrs Kate Healy

Dear Madam,

You will forgive my boldness, but after I read your comment (in an interview to Expresso newspaper) concerning Gonçalo Amaral, my husband and the father of my daughters, I cannot avoid sending you these words of gratefulness. For many years, I have been trying to make myself heard in this sentiment that unites us both: "…
as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace." Look at it closely:

a) Professionally

- As a Coordinator of Criminal Investigation for the Polícia Judiciária, my husband has always refused to sit around from 9 to 5 in the comfortable chair in his office, as his hierarchical status implies. Instead, he spent the day (and very often, the night) with the investigators on the terrain, coordinating searches, surveillances, apprehensions and other diligences 'in loco'. A disgrace!

But if it was only the fact that he was subject to the weather, it wouldn't be serious, as our climate is not too bad, as you know. The problem is that this dedication to the cause has earned him a non promotion in his career. Indeed, I will explain this to you, even because this case happened when the searches for your daughter were under way. My husband applied to the category of Superior Coordinator, and in between drug apprehensions, sequestrations and homicides, he somehow managed to produce a thesis about drug trafficking by sea, which he defended in Lisbon, in front of a Jury that congratulated him. Full of hope, Gonçalo Amaral returns to the Algarve and awaits the result. To his surprise, he was passed over by other colleagues (real coordinators, truth be told), because he had not been able to score points in the "professional formation" parameter. That's right, Mrs Kate, my husband spent his life working, involved in complex investigations, he was the man who apprehended the highest volumes of drugs in Portugal, but given the fact that he had no time to go to Lisbon to parade himself up and down the corridors of the PJ's Institute, he was not promoted. A disgrace, madam, a disgrace!

- As you probably know, even because you seem like a very well informed person to me, my husband's salary was less than 1.5 times the lowest salary in your country. But as a wife, as a mother and as a Portuguese citizen, I can't complain, because Gonçalo Amaral's salary was equal to 4.5 times the lowest salary in Portugal. But pay attention to the following, which is an example of what I'm going to explain next: At some point, an individual shoots a member of the PSP [urban police] and flees into neighbouring Spain. A PJ team follows him, including my husband. They stayed there for over two weeks. Now at that time, the international expense coverage was around 100 euros. As you can easily imagine, it's not possible to sleep and eat in Spain with this amount of money, much less shortly before Christmas and taking into account that the value will only be paid at around Easter time (if one's lucky). But Gonçalo Amaral never refused, not even for one day, to search for the escaped murderer, relaying the expenses onto our family accounts. And this is just one example among many. At some point in time, I suggested that we should create a fund or something similar to deal with these extraordinary expenses, but he never listened to me. You see, we also have mortgages to pay around here… A disgrace, Mrs Kate, a disgrace!

b) As a person, his behaviour has also been a disgrace, because to begin with we could never distinguish that he even had a personal life, due to the manner in which he dealt with the profession that he embraced. But if my good friend Mrs Kate allows me, I can offer you some examples:

- 5 years ago, a child named Joana "disappeared". Her mother, just like you, Mrs Kate, tried to project the case into the media, but she didn't make it any further than SIC…

Eight days later, came the confessions and the evidence: during an incestuous act between mother and uncle, the child was beaten, then dismembered and her body dumped who knows where. Mother and uncle went to jail, in a process that was coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral and which earned them almost 20 years in jail, each. But let us go a bit back in time. The child died on the 12th of September. On Christmas eve, our family was reunited for prayer, when my husband asked me to prepare a bag with some food and warm clothes, because he had not carried out his Christmas act of penance. Can you, Mrs Kate, imagine where Gonçalo Amaral went on that Christmas night under heavy rain and thunder? He went to the Olhão Prison, where João Cipriano, Joana's uncle, a confessed murderer and a clinically diagnosed psychopath, is detained. According to my husband, to simply offer an alimony to some beggar was not a sacrifice to him. The fact that he embraced and shared his Christmas meal with João Cipriano was the sacrifice that he offered to God, in memory of Joana. Is this not a disgrace? You should also know that every year, on the 12th of September, my husband has a mass celebrated in memory of Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro. He says that nobody will ever remember the poor little girl again. Right, but they remember to unjustly accuse him of actions and crimes that he never committed. Isn't this a disgrace, Mrs Kate?

- There is a last episode that I will report to you, one that I still find hard to talk about. Last year, in May, we started to move our family to Portimão. My husband was supposed to enjoy a holiday period starting on the day after your daughter's disappearance. "For obvious reasons" that didn't happen. I started on a new job, looked for a house, moved house, and tried to integrate our daughters in new schools and new routines. All of this I did alone, without any help from my husband, who for obvious reasons, was looking for your daughter, Mrs Kate. In October, on his birthday, a week after our daughters started school, Gonçalo Amaral was dismissed and returned to Faro. This was supposed to be the time of the family's reunion and it turned out to be another separation. Isn't this a disgrace? Our daughters never managed to understand, and we never managed to explain to them what obvious reasons were those that rewarded in this manner a father who left his own daughters to go looking for a child that he had never met and whose parents had neglected her. It was a pity that my dear friend Mrs Kate was not around anymore at that date, because you could have been very helpful to me in explaining these "obvious reasons" that led to their father's dismissal, to our daughters.

Finally, I can only report to you that intimately, Gonçalo Amaral is precisely what the latinos are famed for: shameless, as my pudency does not allow me to write any further.

I ask you, my good friend, to forgive these confidences from a wife and mother, but I'm certain that you will understand. I finish this letter asking you to send your mother my most sincere praises. She sounded so sincere to me, when during an interview she referred that she felt like slapping the face of the person who left her grandchildren alone. She spoke so openly that she sounded like a genuine Portuguese grandmother…

My dear friend Mrs Kate, without wishing to bother you any further, I would like to request one last favour from you: now that you have started to tell some truths, please continue, and let the world hear the truth that it has been waiting for.

Best regards,
Sofia Leal
Wife and Mother of the Daughters of Gonçalo Amaral

Source: Correio da Manhã


Anonymous said...

bom dia Claudia

Sempre soube que por trás de um grande homem há sempre uma grande mulher! As nossas expressões nunca falham!


Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha!
Grande mulher!

Helmy said...

Hello Cláudia,

What a beautiful woman both spiritually and physically. All I can say is: BRAVO !!!!!


Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy.
Bravo for me too.
Lovely written. And she resisted the temptation to lower herself to their sewer level.

duplacusquice said...

Grandiosos! Um super casal.Um exemplo para os que nem sabem que existem pessoas assim!


Baltazar Diogo Cão e Leãozinho.

thewayaheadm said...

E mais um videozinho para os enterrar mais um pouquinho:


daqui a uns dias vou fazer um video com esta carta também...

eles só se enterram, só se enterram...

Jill Havern said...

Well done Sofia! Good for you girl!

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,


Gonçalo Amaral and his wife Sofia Leal are a naturally beautiful looking couple. They look like a real husband and wife. They look like genuine people. I can understand the genuine Sofia Leal's actions and reaction to an ungrateful, ignorant child neglector's comments towards her husband Gonçalo Amaral and I applaud her.
I look forward to buying and reading your husbands book, Sofia. I hope I can buy it in English print. I respect your husband as a professional but most of all I respect his actions in trying to find J4M and his acts of kindness in memory of João Cipriano. I am not religious however from reading your letter I see you are. God Bless you and your family.

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, um casal digno, para variar do outro! :-)

Cláudia said...

Thewayahead, ADOREI o vídeo. Tu és um génio. Faz mais e põe sempre o link aqui que eu espalho. Brilhante!!!

Cláudia said...

Jill, a dignified couple, at last.
Thank you.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, I agree with everything you just said.
Thank you for your words. :-)

Anonymous said...

boa noite Claudia

Preciso de te perguntar uma coisa: li que o casal McCann se quisesse podia pedir a reabertura do processo, mas tinha que o fazer até uma data. Qual é a data?



Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Paulinha.
se não me engano as partes interessadas têm até dia 20 para pedir a reabertura.
Um beijinho.

duplacusquice said...

Photos,to see the witness...
I hope than you understand what I wish to say.!

Anonymous said...

Well done Sofia.
I'm so pleased Goncalo Amaral has the support and understanding from such a lovely lady.

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, não apanhei...
Devo estar lenta. :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon, a gret couple indeed.

Anonymous said...

A truly happy devoted couple, a pleasure to see.

How wonderfully dignified they remain after the government's and British media's appalling treatment of Mr Amaral. An abhorrent and utter disgrace. I'm told his popularity is soaring along with book sales, another example of what goes around comes around.

Goncalo, his wife and family deserve all the happiness in the world and a long and prosperous future. It defies belief that 'someone' gave orders for their beloved family pet to be so brutally slaughtered.

So much for the EU - the Portuguese as well as the British have been very enlightened as to how our government operates.

Hats off to the Amaral's - they faced the bullets and have come out smiling and strong.

Cláudia said...

Anon, I agree with every word.
Dignity, dignity, dignity.

Anonymous said...

Odd that Portuguese journalists can find no 'hard copy' of this or the Expresso interview.

Cláudia said...

You must be joking. I had both of them in my hands. Available in every newsstand. Of course I did not buy the Expresso. I will never buy it again after the completely biased reporting and their attacks on Mr Amaral. But I held it in my hand, read some paragraphs, put it down and spent my money in a lot more interesting reading.

thewayaheadm said...

a made a beautiful video with that letter :)

(claudia, só para dizer que também sou mulher!!! eheheh beijinhos!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:58

Hardcopies everywhere in Portugal. You not good in the head, you think because mighty UK not get a copy, that it not exist? Ha ha some crazy peoples in England. Feel sorry for nice good English people. Maybe they want come live in Algarve and leave UK for Mccann type people.

duplacusquice said...

Pois,não apanhou porque não estava avisada(rasteiras).

Lembra-se das 24 fotos que o DL e o PR ........

Estas não são dessas....São do DVD da PJ.


Foi ver se alguém "panicava".

duplacusquice said...

Já agora, a Carta de Sofia é um tremendo sucesso,cheia de apoios e logios.Pelo menos nos que não são do tipo "vendilhões".

Já viu a quantidade no Blogue de Joana?

E,somados a estes daqui!


Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, já estou a ver. Por momentos pensei que me tinha escapado uma bomba. :-)

Cláudia said...

Thewayahaed, com essa sensibilidade, era de desconfiar! :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon 17:59, exactly. Some people are just losing it. Trying to say that millions of Portuguese people did not read what they certainly read and did not see what they surely saw is crazy.

duplacusquice said...

Escapar-lhe uma "bomba"....não!

Que venha!
Mas estamos a 19.

Tudo de bom!

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, amamhã é o Dia D. :-)

Niza said...

Today 19 September. On 20 September end time McCanns can ask police to reopen case on Madeleine. Why they not ask this on 1st day possible? Why they not ask this at all? WHAT MUMMY, WHAT DADDY NOT BEG POLICE TO KEEP LOOKING FOR CHILD MISSING IN ANOTHER COUNTRY? WHY NOT TRY TO CHECK ALL POSSIBILITIES ESPECIALLY WHEN MADELEINE "MISSING" IN ALGARVE???

duplacusquice said...

A picture is worth a thousand words
Muitos,muitos,muitissimos parabéns,Cláudia,Gente da Minha Terra(belíssima escolha!).

COMOVENTE,TAMBÉM...então quando aparecem aqueles desenhos de Menina;Menina com asas e uma Estrela no CÉU...Oh,Cláudia,consegue comover e arrepiar! Que SAUDADES DA NOSSA PEQUENINA!

JUSTIÇA????? Temo que só a do Universo.

duplacusquice said...

Bem sei,que amanhã será o DIA D!

"E o Seu contador aponta para:

74 days, 18 hours, 16 minutes, and 47 seconds have passed since the McCann detectives accessed 81 leads and Madeleine still hasn't been found "

I think they,the guilties do not wish more nothing!Fear....

A miracle,tomorrow!
The Justice tomorrow!
Our´s hearts are crying by JUSTICE TO MADDIE AND P.J.

duplacusquice said...

Só uma coisita: eu "percorro vertiginosamente o Nosso País",por isso não estranhe quando olhar para o lado direito da pág.Sou eu que ando aos pulos velozes por aí.


duplacusquice said...

A kate,tadinha,está tão aborrecida por terem publicado mundialmente,o "diário encomendado"
e,por isso:
"Lawyers for the McCanns are thought to be demanding an apology and payout for the Find Madeleine fund. "

Só pensam em dinheiro££££££££££££

Hoje fui ao lixo,mas faço reciclagem;preocupo-me com os "ambientes"....

Cláudia said...

Niza, is it me, or do you do not quite like Mrs McCann? LOL

Do you know what I would love? I would love for Mr Murat to request the reopening of the process. But I understand why he doesn't. He must be longing for peace and quiet. And he isn't the one who lost a daughter, of course...

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, aquela fome por dinheiro, por parte daquela gente, para mim tem um nome, que vou enquanto, por educação, vou guardar para mim.

Quem sabe, amanhã. Milagres acontecem, dizem. Mas...

Quanto ao vídeo, obrigada. Deu-me para ali. Já fiz outro. Vou colocá-lo também no youtube.

Niza said...

No, Claudia I not like desnatured people that only seem worry about money money money money. Child missing! They need stick money somewhere dark!

I not like they think we are stupid. The fat aunt told us she encourage Bad Mother to write diary for when Madeleine return. Now diary start when they go to Portugal in April? I not know how many stupid people in UK, but in Portugal we not have so many that believe their lies.

Cláudia said...

Niza, I call it desperation. When people get desperate, nothing makes sense anymore. Moreover, you should be very intelligent and have a good memory to be a good liar.

Anonymous said...

Comentários no expresso:

"(marias há muitas, 1 ponto , 2:31 | Sábado, 20 de Set de 2008)
Boa Sr. Ministro, associar o caso Madeleine com um sistema de rapto de crianças é o máximo!!!
Aposto que a tia Kate Mccann está orgulhosa do Sr.
Mas, não é que eu sou mesmo muito burra, é que eu ainda não tinha percebido que afinal o caso Madeleine tinha sido oficialmente considerado como rapto e arquivado como tal. Tenho que voltar a ler o Relatório final , bem como o excertos do dossier que têm sido publicados em jornais e na net, porque ,com o meu modesto QI, estava convencida que tal tese tinha sido colocada de parte por falta de indícios e provas, o mesmo não acontecendo com outras teses como a da efectiva morte da criança.
O Sr. Ministro deve achar que o povinho é totalmente desprovido de inteligência só pode!!!
Mas olhe que o povinho" burro "tem muitas questões que gostaria que o Sr Ministro respondesse, como por exemplo ,o porquê do alegado envolvimento e interferência do seu ministério e do próprio Eng Sócrates conjuntamente com o Sr. Brown e a diplomacia inglesa, numa investigação meramente criminal. "

"B l u e S k y, 1 ponto , 20:15 | Sexta-feira, 19 de Set de 2008)
finalmente as famílias vão poder ir jantar fora e deixar os seus filhos menores sózinhos... a descansar...
Alberto Costa, com esta brilhante ideia, vai ganhar o óscar na categoria de efeitos especiais. "

Por causa desta desgraçada notícia,neste jornal que desgraçadamente colocou em destaque a desgraça própria:

"Caso Madeleine McCann mostrou falha na Europa
Portugal vai ter um sistema de alerta para raptos de crianças
Telemóveis, multibancos, televisões e rádios vão ser utilizados num novo mecanismo de aviso, que permite a difusão da imagem de uma criança nas primeiras três horas após o seu desaparecimento.
18:00 | Sexta-feira, 19 de Set de 2008

Link permanente: x

O ministro da Justiça, Alberto Costa, já aprovou o projecto para criar um sistema de alerta para rapto de menores, elaborado pelo Director Nacional Adjunto da Polícia Judiciária, Pedro do Carmo. Sempre que houver indícios fortes de que uma criança foi raptada, o Ministério Público pode activar um mecanismo de alerta que envolve vários meios tecnológicos. O rosto da criança pode aparecer, por exemplo, no telemóvel de qualquer cidadão.

Leia mais na edição do Expresso em banca, ou clique aqui para ler na versão e-paper (pdf inteligente para assinantes, disponível a partir das 00h01 de sábado)"


Anonymous said...

E a tadinha da J.R.: "Harry Potter author JK Rowling has donated £1 million to Labour Party. "
ein!!!!To mcs,to labour...A must.

Ainda bem que o 1º marido(pt) se viu livre dela.

S,ainda com preguiça.

Anonymous said...

S,ainda com sono.

Anonymous said...

Results from the Web
Page 1 of 500 pages for Madeleine Mc Cann


Cláudia said...

SHU, pois, o Expresso... E pior, polítocps. A mesma bosta, se me permite a expressão...
Tenha um bom fim de semana.

duplacusquice said...

Enquanto os nossos corações baterem,não vamos esquecer de Ti;vamos gostar sempre de Ti,ANJO MADDIE!

Lindo,por Ela.

"Feio" por mostrar(mas faz muito bem em repisar,Cláudia) seres tão felizes por lhes ter morrido uma CRIANÇA!

Dia D?Ou não há dia D?
Eis a questão.

Tudo tão morto como a Pequenina.

Parabéns pelas homenagens que constrói e publicita,parabéns!E,obrigada,obrigado.....

Está tudo tão parado,em águas tão pantanosas....viscoso.

duplacusquice said...

"Kate McCann was obsessed with getting her children to sleep, 11 September 2008

Espejo Público
Madrid, 11.09.2008 | 11:39 h.

Thanks to 'ines' for translation

The 140 pages of the diary of

Madeleine's mother, considered

vital by the PJ for the investigation of the case,

reflect a woman obsessed

by her children's sleep, as well as an extreme concern to place the blame on Murat and by what she describes as "sloppiness" on the part of the Portuguese and British police.

"4th May.

Barely having slept, I woke Amanda.

Gerry and I began

+(portanto,de madrugada,logo a seguir aos acontecimentos,eles andaram à solta,pois ainda não se acreditava no diabo)

to search the streets

+(esqueceram-se de mencionar a praia)

at six in the morning when dawn began to break. We didn't find anything. I'm desperate".

+(No Verão,06h já tem luz do dia!Esqueceu-se tb.)

These are the first words that Kate wrote in her diary. This is the Portuguese translation of this diary, that is not included in the case, which Maddie's mother began to write upon the suggestion of Philomena McCann, also following the advice of a psychologist.

The 140 pages of the diary .....unh..........

Cláudia said...

Olá, S.
Está um outro em fase de produção. Em homenagem às celebrdades! :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...


This is way off subject so I am not expecting you to publish this. I hope however you will find it interesting as a football supporter.

I watched a match today in which
S.L. E Benfica had a 3-0 away win.

In this case the S.L. stands for Sport London. They are a club mainly of Portuguese residents in London and the club is affiliated to the parent Lisbon Club.

The match was the first round of a national knock-out competition which culminates in a Final at Wembley in May.

Oddly enough today's match took place only about 3 km from Wembley Stadium.

web site is:

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, you can talk about whatever you want here. Thank you for telling me. I did not know that. As you know, I'm a football fan and particularly a Sport Lisboa e Benfica supporter. Happy to know there is a Sport London e Benfica. I'll support them also. :-)
Thank you.

duplacusquice said...

No Blogue do P.R. há 1 querido que "lê nas entrelinhas e diz que S.L. pede €!!!!!!!e que é ex-still wife......
Quando li isto pensei no casalinho...
O tipo é pt.

Outra pessoa,guerra,fala do caso:
Caylee Anthony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Caylee Marie Anthony (born August 9, 2005; disappeared June 2008) is a young girl who drew national attention with her disappearance shortly before her third birthday which triggered a large-scale search for her at various locations around her family's home in Orlando, Florida.
Disappearance and ... · Publicity · Arrests · Página em cache· Traduzir esta página

Mas há mais:
guerra diz que " was wondering if anyone in the Portuguese media or the British media has reported on the case of the missing girl in Florida, Caylee. It appears the missing child's mother and the people supporting her have adopted the tactics used by the McCann team. In the Caylee case, the smell of death was also detected in the trunk of the vehicle of Caylee's mother. The people defending Caylee's mother dismissed this as the effects of rotting pizza and dirty diapers. The lawyer representing the mother claimed that the forensic tests were contaminated and even went as far as saying that the police have an agenda to incriminate his client. Believe it or not the lawyer is trying to stop all forensic testing by an FBI lab. The mother although not in the least religious all of a sudden is seen wearing a rosary around her neck. Sightings of Caylee are being reported and people who have daughters similar to the 3 year old toddler are being harassed. Caylee's mother also displays no emotion with regard to her missing daughter and she is a pathological liar. Caylee's mother also has an unknown benefactor who is putting up hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her out of jail. The Florida police are getting a taste of what the Portuguese police went through bar the political interference, dubious lab work and media defamation campaign. It appears the McCann and their team have established the road map for getting rid of your child.

21 September 2008 00:53

Ainda não vi o último vídeo.Lá irei.

duplacusquice said...

Belíssima colagem!
Os tiques do g. com a orelha;
os gestos de k.,já fora daqui, com as mãos falando daquela maneira com gestos,penso que sobre o raptor.
Em pt ou com pt,determinadas posturas;em Espanha,tb; em uk e já longe (do desgosto??????)completamente diferentes e até parecem continuar mesmo bem.

Aparecem 2 t-shirts,da mesma cor.O cão assinala 1. No mccnnfiles aparece a foto da t-shirt e outra foto de Sean com uma igual.(até poderá ser,vestirem a roupa uns dos outros).E o terem enviado a roupa,pela 1ª vez ,para a lavandaria do resort,no dia 4,para ser entregue à PJ a 5...
Muito preocupados sempre em tirar cheiros;cortar os cabelos aos miúdos,por causa dos testes.Bem,aquele g. é um cr..... expert.O casal diabólico.

Pequenina Maddie:xxxxxx for You!

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

Well the 20th of September has come and gone. Unless they get days of grace because the 20th was on Saturday it looks like they won't reopen the case. Oh why did I ever think that they would do the honourable thing and look for Madeleine? Silly me I forgot they never started looking.

Anonymous said...


Goncalo's tesimony and comments are subject to translation. Was his wife's alleged letter translated prior to despatch to the McCann household or on it's arrival ?

The McCanns' address retains confidentiality status; communication by e-mail to their website being the obvious option, subject, of course, translation prior to despatch or on arrival.
Kate reportedly does not speak Portuguese, nor Mrs Amaral, like her husband, fluent English.

According to reputable Portuguese journalists, 'hard' copy was not published by Correio da Manha, ditto alleged Expresso interview.

Intercepting private communication, be it letter or e-mail is a criminal offence. Ditto identity theft and plagiarism.

All in all, the letter's composition and content rings as untrue as the last version of Kate's diary, reported to be 'faked' following Correio da Manha's publication. Who wrote it and why ? It mut have been a person with journalist/media skills and contacts. The Editor reported Mitchell's threat - 'you are either very brave or stupid'; he recognized that "Mitchell wanted a wall of silence" (in Portugal as well as Britain). Mitchell himself confirmed the use of 'all means possible' - in his protection of the infamous McCanns.

No government has ever before instigated a 'war' on the police in two countries in a case of homicide - Mr Amaral's conclusions based on overwhelming evidence of death and disposal. Nor has it done so at mind blowing cost to taxpayers.

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, isso deve sr alguma mal amada que não pode ver um casal junto e feliz. Há por aí muitas. é algo bastante Portugu~es, infelizmente.

O caso da Caylee parece ter sido inspirado num caso recente, se é que me entende...

A linguagem não verbal destes dois é mais transparente do que água límpida.
Um Bom Domingo.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy.
I haven't been expecting anything honourable from those two for a year now. Nothing they can do can surprise me anymore. Disgust me, yes. Surprise me, not. Unless... Well, wishful thinking. :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon (who is not an anon), you are a nutter. Nothing more, nothing less. It's sad, but true. You are a completely disturbed person and you need help. Do you forget that I'm Portuguese? Do you forget that I have access to both versions, in Portuguese and then the English translation? Do you forget I can go to any newsstant (as I often do) and hold in my hand and buy the things you say don't exist? Do you know how many thousand copies Correio da Manhã sells everyday? Each and every buyer can deny your crazy conspiracies. You are making a fool of yourself. But I know you can't control that because you are not well.
Mrs Amaral never said the letter was sent to any address, you idiot. It was an OPEN LETTER. Do you know what that means? CdM published it, several blogs and fora picked it up and even some British newspapers published it with their usual spin and editing. But don't worry. The infamous couple had access to it. To the real, unbiased, unedited version. That is why they have a team working for them. To always be informed. Nutters like yourself can come with counter information as much as you like. We will be here always reporting the truth about what the Portuguese press reports.
if you don't want to be seen as a sad joke stop saying things thousands of people can verify are lies. Stop saying people's identities are being cloned. Stop saying Paulo Reis's blog is not under his control. Stop saying all that. Or please, go back to taking your medication.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


One of your cotributors "duplacusquice" (I hope I have that right) asked about the case of Caylee Anthony. This has been discussed on the 3 Arguidos website on a number of threads.

Type in Caylee Anthony in advanced search box top right on the Board Index page.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, thank you. I'm quite familiar with Caylee's case. Don't you find aome similarities with a recent case? :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I hope its not the start of an epidemic.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, let's hope not.
But some people may feel inspired.

helmylin2 said...

Hi Cláudia,

I can't believe that a child in Florida has "disapeared" in the same manner as Madeleine. Same excuses everything how can it be?

Maybe someday Kate will wake up one morning and just blurt out the truth.

I think I have managed to change my display name and insert a picture. I will find out now.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy, Yes, you did. Well done!
Caylee's case is also very intriguing and sad.
Honestly, I don't believe those people will ever say the whole truth. Sadly.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Maybe there is an epidemic.

I have just been reading about Antoine (aged 6} in France on the 3 Arguidos web site.

He "disappeared" from home while his mother and her boy friend were dining at a restaurant.

Cláudia said...


I have also heard about that case. But i don't know if there has been a solution to it.
let's hope it's a happy one.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


The case is still ongoing.

The boy had not been seen by independent witnesses for some days before he was reported missing.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, yes, I know. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? And suspicious. I hope for the best but I'm not that optimistic. Wonder if Sarkozy gave them a call...

duplacusquice said...

Nome: Madeleine Beth Mccann

Filiação: Gerald Patrick Mccann e Kate Marie Healy

Nacionalidade: Reino Unido

Naturalidade: Leicester
Data de nascimento: 12/05/2003

Passaporte: 453847661 – Reino Unido

Data de emissão: 04/08/2003

Data de validade: 04/08/2008

Descrição Física:

Sexo: Feminino

Altura: 90 cm

Cabelo: castanho claro/louro, liso, pelos ombros

Olhos: olho esquerdo azul e verde, olho direito verde com mancha castanha na iris.

Sinais particulares: Pequeno sinal na pele, de cor castanha, no gémeo da perna esquerda.


Na data do desaparecimento, vestia pijama de calças brancas com motivos florais, e parte superior de manga curta, com predominância de cor de rosa e na frente uma figura de um “jumento” de cor azul e cinza, com a inscrição “EEYORE”.

Informações complementares:

http// altura em que a criança estava sozinha no apartamento.

Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão da Polícia Judiciária

Rua Pé da Cruz, 2, 8500-640 Portimão
Telefone: 282 405 400
Piquete: 282 427 671
Fax: 282 412 763


para qualquer serviço de piquete da Polícia Judiciária.

Por despacho com data de hoje
(21.07.2008) proferido pelos dois magistrados do Ministério Público competentes para o caso, foi determinado o arquivamento do inquérito relativo ao desaparecimento da menor Madeleine McCann, por não se terem obtido provas da prática de qualquer crime por parte dos arguidos.


Finito? Finito? Finito?

Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, apparently madeleine's parents were not interested in asking for the case to be reopened. Oh well, why am I not surprised? Why don't they file a complaint and ask the British Police to look for their daughter? From what I have heard, the British Police as jurisdiction to investigate any crimes whose victims are/were UK citizens. It would be great because there is no doubt about how competent the british Police are. And it would be for free. No fees. Perfect scenario. Why don't they go ahead?

Anonymous said...

Boa tarde Claudia

Aparentemente o Paulo Reis esteve durante a tarde num programa da nossa Tv. Sabes me dizer o que foi dito?

Os "meus" Ingleses não me largam! LOL

Anonymous said...


Esqueci-me de assinar



duplacusquice said...

Cláudia,as Suas palavras,são tb. as minhas palavras:.."apparently madeleine's parents were not interested in asking for the case to be reopened. Oh well, why am I not surprised? Why don't they file a complaint and ask the British Police to look for their daughter? From what I have heard, the British Police as jurisdiction to investigate any crimes whose victims are/were UK citizens. It would be great because there is no doubt about how competent the british Police are. And it would be for free. No fees. Perfect scenario. Why don't they go ahead?

22 de Setembro de 2008 12:05(Cláudia)

Então O Cor de Rosa já só "apoia" 1x/mês.Isso já é 1 sinaleco de descanso ou de missão cumprida.E não sei até se vai ficar totalmente no esquecimento.Deve continuar muito trabalhinho por trás,durante o tempo que for preciso,para que nunca mais seja falada a postura do casal sinistro,como ainda se fala de casos antigos.

Mande o " seu namorado do Blogue do Paulo" apanhar batatas ou vindimar ou qualquer coisa que o ponha a suar.


Anonymous said...


Which version of Kate's diary are you referencing ? The one handed to Correio da Manha for publication, subsequently labelled 'fake' ? Or, according to police files, the non'existent version containing Kate's struggles to cope with the children who spent most of their holiday in the creche ?

águasrevoltas said...

Cláudia:1 dos da dupla,ficou cá com uma sede....

Cláudia said...

Paulinha, não foi o Paulo Reis que esteve na Júlia. Foi o Duarte Levy, ao telefone. O que ele disse foi que em breve irão surgir vários elementos que irão pôr em causa muito sobre a 'versão oficial' das coisas. A Júlia perguntou se eram as fotos e ele disse que era mais que isso. Coisas que podem ter a ver com falsificação de documentos. Disse, também, que pode ser uma forma de reabrir o caso. Mas que depende do valor que o MP der a tais elementos, se é que me faço perceber... Disse ainda que este caso ainda vai dar muito pano para mangas. Disse que não tem dúvidas de que O LIVRO será editado em Inglaterra, e pelo que me quis parecer em grande estilo...


Cláudia said...

Duplacusquice, eu cá mandava-o(a) era para outro lugar... :-)

Cláudia said...

S., qual dupla? Estive fora umas horas. perdi alguma coisa? :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon who is not an anon but a nutter. Your post was not published. Most of them (the nuttier ones) probably won't be published. Especially when you are referring to people who post here and who I consider friends. Please, go back to your medication!

Cláudia said...

Nutty anon, you are allowed to make a fool of yourself everywhere you wish. But not here. You are a laughing stock among those who have had the opportunity to 'discuss' with you.
I'm just not sure about one thing. I don't know if you are a troll or just a very sick, disturbed person.
Some of the people who have been working very hard to get to the bottom of this case, to find out the truth about what happened and to bring justice to Madeleine, not only know who I am, but also know my full name, my phone number and my address. Your deluded rants are just that. Deluded.

Niza said...

I think obvious mccanns want case to die down because some to close to truth but they not be as lucky as hope. Not everyone "yes man" and "yes women", not everyone easy to buy off or easy to scare.

This still needs lot investigation and I think some corageous people will investigate.

In past we had Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a man that did the right thing, sacrificing his own well-being. I believe we have more of same stock that will not stop without doing right thing.

Cláudia said...

Niza, couldn't agree more with EVERYTHING you said!

Niza said...

Olá Claudia, fiquei muito contente por ver que o julgamento dos "nossos" 4 vai inclui um juri. Já chega de politicas da treta. Deixem o povo decidir se erraram ou não.

Cláudia said...

Niza, este julgamente é uma palhaçada política. Pode ser que com júri se realize justiça na verdadeira acepção da palavra. Antes que isto dê num levantamento popular.

Niza said...

Claudia, o povo normalmente é sabio. Não acredito numa condenação, excepto se houvesse provas gravissimas que nos fossem desconhecidas, o que não me parece ser o caso visto os acusados não serem as pessoas que a mae-maravilha diz lhe terem agredido.

Cláudia said...

Nazi, aquele julgamento só acabaria em condenação se fossem mexidos uns pauzinhos nas ilhas, não sei se me percebes...
Mas com júri é mais complicado...

Niza said...

Percebi e concordo. Foi uma excelente jogada a do juri. Como foi a escolha do advogado.

Cláudia said...

Só espero que corra bem.

Anonymous said...

Muy bien por su carta doña Sofía. Unos buenos padres, si algo sucede a su hija colaborarian "hombro con hombro " con la Policia Portuguesa.
La actitud de esta gente (en general de los Tapas 9) ha sido sospechosa desde el primer momento.
El señor Amaral ha sido el unico valiente que ha seguido adelante en busca de la verdad. Un saludo y un fuerte abrazo desde España.

águasrevoltas said...

22 de Setembro de 2008 17:28

Oh,desconhecido anónimo:ninguém gosta de falar com estranhos.Dê a cara e o nome ou vá passear até ao jardim zoo lógico.

Bem,grandes novidades pelo D.L.Esperemos com toda a força pela Justiça.
Assim como,em relação aos nossos4,que não sejam cilindrados pelos pinks.E muito menos pelos nossos.A "senhora" é tão disruptiva que nunca funcionou bem nesta vida.Sabe muito.Os que se deram com ela e o pai da infeliz Joana que vão a público desmascará-la.
Haja Deus!Boa sorte Equipa!

Cláudia: de dupla,passei a águas revoltas.Em determinados momentos,preciso de "mudas tea"!

Cláudia said...

Gracias, anónimo. :-)

Cláudia said...

S., venham elas. As novidades. Boas, claro! :-)

águasrevoltas said...

Cláudia:fixe ter arranjado e-mail.Daqui a pouco já lhe vou e-mailar.

E,penso que o Melga Peganhento Pegajoso que se exibe já ali ao lado,no Blogue do Paulo,exibe-se mas não é para Si...cá para mim é para outro lado,mais do "género" oposto.

Cláudia said...

S., aquele poster é uma pessoa muito desiquilibrada, muio doente psicologicamente. Falando a sério.

Nana said...

Dear Cláudia
Thank you for the videos, they are very touching. Keep going, girl!Mrs. Leal's letter is full of feelings, very well written for anyone who has a real heart beating in their chest. The timing was perfect, I probably wouldn't have waited so long.

The fact that Maddie's parents didn't ask for the investigation to continue speaks volumes in the same way when they refused to go back to Portugal for the reconstitution. End of story. How can a rational thinking person say they are completelly innocent in the disappearance of their daughter is beyond me.

Have a nice day all of you!

Cláudia said...

Hello, dear Nana.
I thought Madeleine deserved a little of my effort and the videos were born.
The letter had a thing which I suspect the celebrities never heard of: dignity.

Yes, it seems they are not interested in asking for the process to be reopened or coming back for a reconstruction. Can't undestand that. Or maybe I can. Why won't they file a complaint with the British Police? As a British citizen the British Police has to investigate. And as we all know, the British police couldn't be more competent and would certainly find out the TRUTH.
Have a great day, Nana.

águasrevoltas said...

Obrigada;Cláudia pela informação sobre o Melga Peganhento e Pegajoso.Só pode mesmo!

Super, o e-mail para "os desabafos".
Assim é só apagar ou fazer uma colectânea da Romaria à Snr.ª da Asneira.

Cláudia said...

S., :-))))))))))))))

águasrevoltas said...

Britain has now slumped from 12th to 16th in the global perceived corruption stakes, alongside Ireland but one place better than the US.

Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand felt the most free of corruption, while Somalia fared the worst, followed by Burma, Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan.

Mas em Pt,tb......

Cláudia said...

S., infelizmente é generalizado...

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Claudia

Were you one of the 1.2 million viewers who saw the TV interview of Barra da Costa referred to by thentherewere4 on the 3A's?

And if so did you form the same impression?



Anonymous said...

Claudia, in Gerry's official statement to the PJ he states he had already been to Portugal in 1994. Thus, all we have heard about how they didn't know anyone, didn't know the terraine might not be quite as we were being told.

How come the journalists didn't pick up on this and try to find out where he stayed, what he did, and who he met? Might make for very interesting info...

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I take it that was more than one year ago.
I'm not sure if I saw and heard Barra da Costa say anything about the scent and Murat. What I did hear was him saying on live tv they were swingers and then, a few days later, saying he was sorry. Barra da Costa lost all credibility from then on and is considered by many as a joke. Many believe he has changed his speech a bit in order not to pay for his swing claims...

Cláudia said...

Anon, yes, that would make interesting investigating...

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Thank you Claudia.

Cláudia said...

You're welcome, ICTOAN! :-))))

Anonymous said...

Boa noite Claudia

O Dr. Barra da Costa escreveu um livro sobre a Maddie onde diz que os pais são inocentes, mas que a menina de facto morreu no apartamento, sendo os pricipais suspeitos alguém dentro do grupo de amigos.

Li o livro à bastante tempo mas se bem me lembro ele critica bastante a actuação da PJ e quase que santifica o casal.

Posso te dizer que depois de ler o livro fiquei com algumas dúvidas sobre as minhas capacidades de leitura, pois o livro é bastante dúbio (para não dizer mal escrito, na minha opinião). Fiquei descansada, quando me apercebi pelas criticas que outros acharam o mesmo que eu.



Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha.
Eu não comprei o livro porque me recusei a dar-lhe dinheiro a ganhar. Mas estou bem informada acerca das suas teorias e das suas contradições. Na minha opinião, aquele livro serve um pouco como um pedido de desculpa pelas swinguisses, se é que me entendes...

Niza said...

O Sr. Barra da Costa era alguém de que eu tinha em grande conta até pouco antes da publicação do seu livro.

Não duvido que muito do que ele diga seja verdade, no entanto, há uma parte de mim que não consegue deixar de achar estranho um volta-face tão repentino. E também suspeito que possa estar ligado ao comentário sobre "baloiços" em directo para milhares de espectadores ...

Cláudia said...

Niza, na minha opinião esse comentário em directo pata milhões de Portugueses sobre as baloiçadelas, acabou por moldar a visão do senhor sobre o assunto. Assim como quem não quer a coisa...

Anonymous said...


Ao princípio até achava que o senhor teria alguma idoneidade,mas deixei de pensar assim.Por acaso dei-lhe a ganhar dinheiro.Peguei no livro,dei umas olhadelas.Anda para aí. Um dia ,quando estiver de maré, vou pegar naquilo.Se enjoar,fico quietinha e paro.



Cláudia said...

Olá, SHU.
Pois, as baloiçadelas a que o senhor se referiu mas que depois 'retirou' e teve de compensar de um modo qualquer... :-)

Anonymous said...


Excuse me asking a straightforward question ... what relevance do you consider exists between alleged reports of a child missing in Florida & France and evidenced based conclusions of death and disposal of a child on holiday in Portugal ?

On what basis could this be considered an epidemic given the geography and police evidence ?

Cláudia said...

Anon, I'm not sure which particular cases in specific you are talkingabout. What I personaly believe is that the fact that the neglect issue in the McCann case wasn't punished will give irresponsible, selfish people all over the world a valid reason to repeat neglectful behaviours without expecting punishment. I personally think it's a terrible precedent because people from now on can also claim that what they did (even if irresponsible and neglectful) is well within the bounds of responsible parenting.