Saturday, August 16, 2008

The turn of the tide

Updated with more comments

The following are comments to an article on Sky News (whose link I also post below) where Gerry McCann states that according to him there is absolutely no evidence is the files that Madeleine has been hurt in any way. For those of you who are not aware, up until very recently it would be virtually impossible for a so called 'anti' comment to be posted on Sky News. When I first read the comments I had to check twice because at first I could not believe they were published on Sky. What changed? Is someone really distracted or has the release of the files given the media a freedom they were prevented from allowing before?

I too wonder why the Police have not arrested the McCanns for leaving their children on there own, lets see the twinns taken in to care for their own safty, we will never see that poor child again, she deserved better.
Posted By :David Curry

McSky, do you ever read the comments? Public opinion is not the same that you publish.
Posted By :Helena

So being "abducted" apparently does not contitute "serious harm"? Well, I suppose that depends on one's perspective. I feel desperately sad for the situation in which Madeleine now finds herself, but I am sure her parents have found enormous comfort in the piles of money donated by members of the public to the PLC they set up within days of the "abduction". It's a pity that many of the donors believed they were donating to a bona fide charity to help find a genuinely abducted little girl.\n\nSo everyone's happy then! I wonder when we will be permitted to hear any of the truth, rather than the palpable nonsense spouted from the McCann mouthpiece?\n\n
Posted By :Lorlaw

Its simple.\n\nThe dogs dont LIE. Only humans do that.\n\nAlso IF for one minute i thought my daughter was with a pedophile I swear to god i would wish her dead. How can anyone a parent especially think that being with a pedophile is a holiday.\n\nI believe because of the dogs that Maddie is with the Angels.
Posted By :Aleisia

I can not believe after all this time, the media are still defending the parents.\nIf those parents didnt have high profile jobs and just for example were either on the dole or were cleaners they would have been arrested both in the uk and in portugal for neglect.\nNegligance of a child is illegal and what those parents did, leaving their 3 year old alone with one year old twins whilst going to a resturant that was AROUND A CORNER is both highly negliable and just plain wrong.\nAny one that has looked into childcare knows that warners is the leading holiday park that highers QUALIFIED trained and crb checked child care staff, warners is designed so that parents can go out for a meal and leave their children in safe hands.\nI say again why does the worlds media never question why a supposdly loving mother and father leave thier children unattended!!!
Posted By :Nicola

Gerry McCann is deluded if he believes his daughter has been taken by a professional gang of paedophiles and at the same time has come to no harm. Just why would he think that - very strange reasoning! It's a strange father and mother who wouldn't be tearing their hair out thinking their beloved daughter was with a paedophile gang. We've all seen photos of you and Kate laughing as if you haven't a care in the world! Why not tell the truth of what really happened that week in PdeLuz Gerry and stop using your daugter's name to climb the ladder of fame and fortune!\n\nThe media has to get over it's fear of the McCanns and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell - and just why do they need him now they are no longer arguidos - and start printing what they really believe instead of what they are told to print.
Posted By :wendy

If Maddie was the most precious thing in the world to Kate and Gerry (as they have said) why did they leave her. After all this was supposed to be a ''family holiday'' and who goes on holiday with 3 children and does not take a stroller for their children (as they said in a previous skynews interview) this is why they left them because they were to tiered to walk to the restaurant round the corner - weird behavior. \n\nI would never leave my child alone on her own. My child comes first and if she was tired I would put her to bed and then stay in and eat! I agree with Kevin - when are these parents going to be faced with charges for leaving their children.
Posted By: Sonia

Well, Ian, I am a blond living in Portugal with blond children, parents and siblings and we walk around freely without any fear. Always have. I have NEVER heard anything about blond children being kidnapped in the Algarve. In fact, if you look at the very few children that disappeared in Portugal, most aren't blond. Since there use to be less blonds, they were perhaps more "appreaciated" as pretty, that is one thing, but what you are suggesting is just plain wrong. That is what a certain group of people want to convey to try to explain this very odd disappearance. Until 3 May, Portugal was a safe place. After 9 September, I believe it was safe once again. It's about time someone tells the truth. For Madeleine.\nAnd its about time that this insistence in portraying Northern Africans as blond-child-snatchers ends.
Posted By: Alexa

At the begining when maddie first disapeared why did the mccanns not search for their daughter if they really thought she had been abducted,not normal behavior for parents of a missing child,why did Kate not answer the 48 questions?,not normal again,they should go back to portugal and answer the questions and whilst their at it arrange a date for a reconstruction,but will they,i doubt it,something to hide i think. Posted By: lea

I dont believe Madeleine can still be found - I think this is a plea for more money for the fund so they can continue looking and raise their profile for their own ends. I believe Mr Amaral got it right - "Madeleine died in that apartment"\nNow, it may have been accidental - only the McCann's know this and it is time they told the truth!
Posted By :RealityCheck

"Gerry McCann has said he believes that Portuguese police files showed there was "absolutely no evidence" his missing daughter Madeleine had been seriously harmed" And same time Gerry Mccann thinks that she is abducted by a pedophile ring. Where is the logic in that? Or is he mad? Does he think that she is treated like a princess? (as he once said) And I really would like to hear from Kate ( not from mitchell) why she was so sure that Madeleine was abducted ! \nBut anyway, what ever they say, we should remember the cadaver smell in apartement 5A.\n\n
Posted By :Helena

peoples gullability never seizes to amaze me.there have been numerous children over the years that have gone missing , none have had the unconditional support of so many high profile people.why? there is something else that obviously ties these people together and favours are being called. find out what they all fear the public finding out and perhaps we shall find out what happened to a small neglected 3 year old and it will also stop these goody goody parents from making a fortune on the demise of maddie.
Posted By :s allen

Kate, they said no such thing! They believe she died in the apartment and dear eddie and keela confirmed their suspicions! There is no evidence whatsoever of an abductor.\n\nTime for our journalists to stop taking press releases from Mitchell and started to do their job, surely even sky can see that the public dont believe them anymore? How come the public are doing all the questioning? Can we please have one journalist and editor who will do their job? You know , investigating the story and bringing us the truth!!!
Posted By :kitty

I thought Sky were "News Channel Of The Year"? Well for goodness' sake start acting like it, get out there and do some PROPER INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. All that this article is, is a critique of Gerry McCann's latest blog, and if I wanted to read his rubbish I would go to his site! Don't you have 20,000 files on a DVD to start you off???
Posted By :Caretta Report This
There is no real "news" in this article at all. It is just a rehash of Gerry's blog, which we can all read for ourselves anyway. I thought you were supposed to be "News Channel Of The Year"??? Well for goodness' sake, get out and PROVE it by doing some proper investigating!!!
Posted By :Caretta

I worked in Portugal for two years with my family. I was warned on more than one occassion by portuguese people I worked with to take great care of my young son who was blonde and about 2 yrs old not to let him out of our sight. It seems that there is a feeling that children like this are targets. I believe that Madeliene was stolen to order which is why the other children were left, because they were not paid for. She was then probably taken by boat straight to North Africa and shipped onwards overland to the Middle East as a child slave. Probably alive and well in some palace somewhere being brainwashed easy at that age. I do not have proof of this sadly but strongly believe it based on what I was told only a few years ago by people in the know.
Posted By :Ian

Hi to you all. I would say this, you are all clutching at straws. Maddies parents are not part of this abduction. You are distracting the search by blaming them. You was not there, and you are making your comments based on bits and pieces of media information. It will not help find the girl. It will divert attention away from looking for her. This is not a Kangeroo Court!
Posted By :bill

But gerry, police files show cadaver dogs finding the scent of death and blood in the apartment where the child was last, wouldn't he be beside himself with anxiety about possible harm having come to the child IMO. Why would a father deny that harm had come to the child unless he knew something? IMO\n\n
Posted By: Jeremy

No evidence that Madeleine had been seriously harmed? Well, Gerry, where is the evidence that she was abducted? And what was it that made you so sure as soon as you saw the way the bedroom had been left? You can tell us now that you are not arguidos. So, why are you waiting?
Posted By: Muzzy

When are the public going to wake up and smell the proverbial coffeeon this one?.\nI cannot understand how the mccanns continue to mislead the public.\nFor that childs sake, tell the truth!!
Posted By: James potts

The only thing i have to say about this is the McCanns should be arrested and charged with neglect or does this not apply if your an NHS employee. I am damn sure if it was anyone else the social services would be on the parents like a ton of bricks just for leaving children that age alone.Mr & Mrs McCann shuold just come clean and pay back all the money they have conned out of the british public
Posted By: Ian

The maccanns are in denial there is no evidence of anything in this case except they left 3 children alone while they wined and dined what are they still trying to prove. we all know what suffering they have inflicted on themselves. Why is their public Image so important to them.
Posted By: rachel

Considering their catchphrase is 'no stone unturned' they leave one heck of a lot of stones unturned dont they!\n\n48 questions unanswered - why believe abducted rather than heard crying again and taken by Jane?\n\nTime to address the questions left unanswered due to 'secrecy laws'? No secrecy now McCanns...tell us how you knew 100% and why you didnt call the police straightaway!
Posted By: Ian Larman

To quote the Belgian police officer, "paedophiles keep their victims locked up in cellars. They don't take them riding in trams". They don't treat them like princesses and leave them unharmed, either. How the McCanns can be happy that she may have been snatched by a paedophile ring, I will never know! Poor wee soul would be better off dead.
Posted By: Caretta

Good luck to Gerry and Kate on their quest to find Madeleine, any parents nightmare is theirs. Will say a prayer daily for Madeleine and her parents. Portuguese authorities have a lot to answer for and I'm sure because of all of this the McCanns will make sure it's easier for any other parents who find themselves in a similar situation to have closure.
Posted By: anne feggans

I want to say to the McCann's, McCann team, Family, friends, neighbours, people of Rothley, NHS,Leciester Police,UK Goverment, Anyone that has evidence into Madeleines demise to come forward. As a Mother and Grandmother I could not sleep at night if this had happened to me.\nI can close my eyes and sleep at night, I ask any of you above can you?, do you live a normal life with your family and children by yourside?. How can you go along with this abduction when it a lie. whom are you protecting, and from what? How can you carry on with this charade knowing that she either been thrown in the sea, buried or burnt, she was just 3 years old, and her father says 'find the body and charge us'. have you not got a space in your hearts for justice, so that maybe she can be layed to rest. her resting place is in your hands please ALLOW HER THIS MUCH FIOR THE GRACE OF GOD.
Posted By: cas

I don't believe one word of the parents story, I do believe the cadaver dogs though.
Posted By: Gill

Be careful with all your comments. If they are getting short of cash they will start taking us all to court to continue financing their "team". Still not been prosecuted for abandoning their children, then?
Posted By: Mel

Poor innocent Madeleine age 3.\n\nParents friends & family please someone speak up do it for Madeleine & yourself as someone knows, \nSick fed up hearing about the mcs they need to answer questions & look as if they are looking for their daughter( they left alone last may,)\nthey have plenty time for hairdo's & tv but not to return to portugal!\nWHY NOT? it dont look good!\n
Posted By: chris

I find this quite ludicrous - They never looked for their daughter instead they were out jogging and swanning about. Well we just dont believe that Madeleine was abducted as there is absolutely no evidence to support this. On the other hand highly trained dogs are unlikely to be wrong and the DNA findings changed from one day to the next. It is a travesty of justice IMHO
Posted By: felix

Gerry, why do you not comment on the serious allegations made about you and your friend on a previous holiday? I believe this is very relevant to this case
Posted By :Georgiecat

Angela, so please explain the cadaver odour in the McCanns' apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes, on Cuddlecat, and in the car. The DNA is "inconclusive", that doesn't mean it is "no match". As far as I'm informed, 15 out of 19 markers match Maddie's DNA. \nWhere was Kate McCann's "natural instinct" when she left her two smallest alone when supposedly she was sure an abductor had just taken Maddie? Nonsense, all of it.
Posted By :Wolfgangus Amadeus

And they showed "absolutely no evidence" his missing daughter Madeleine had been abducted either. Quite the opposite in fact e.g. no jemmied windows like Gerry said.\n
Posted By :Sara

no angela a mothers natrual instinct is to look after her child which kate mcann did not
Posted By :michelle

I really don't like the McCanns----i try to be sympathetic [there is a little missing girl at the heart of this] but something just seems so iffy about the two of them---I can't help but feel completely disinterested in their plight.
Posted By :CrossFire

"Absolutely no evidence" that Maddie came to serious harm, obviously Dr McCann cannot read. The best cadaver dogs detected cadaver odour in several places in the McCanns' apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes and in the car boot. So you have 1) Maddie missing, 2) the investigation showed that no-one had ever died in the apartment before the McCanns were in it, now what does that tell you!!! Tell us Gerry, why did the boot of the hire car smell that bad that Sandy Cameron cleaned it? How many mortgages have you paid out of the fund "for the search for Maddie" while you've been playing golf?
Posted By :Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

when are these people going to face charges for the crime they commited in leaving thier children alone?
Posted By: kevin

i would not wish this to happen to anyone, only the people involved know what happened that night! if the mccanns where involved it will haunt them for the rest of their lives! but if they have nothing to do with it, they cant ever give up hope on their daughter being found and it must kill them every day, knowing that they left their children alone in the apartment, and it could quite easily be 3 children missing... god love poor maddie
Posted By: caroline

If Gerry 'strongly' believes Madeleine is out there and can be found why doesnt he appeal to the person who has her and mention the reward?\nWhy dont he and Kate provide a proper comprehensive timeline for May 3rd so that we the public can help?\nWhy doesnt Kate tell us how she 'knew' Madeleine had been abducted from the state of the bedroom?\nCome on Kate and Gerry - you keep asking the public for help and yet you give us no information to go on - it seems all you want is more money.\n
Posted By: Jane

gerry dogs and children tell the truth they never lie remeber when maddie asked you why you were not there dont you feel ashamed?
Posted By: michelle

I beggars belief that they are still continuing to say that there is no evidence that Madeleine has came to any harm when the evidence is there for all to see in the police files. British dogs detected cadaver odour in the apartment AND the villa where the McCanns where staying, on some of Kate's clothes, the soft toy and in the boot of the car. Can the McCanns tell us how many people died around them if it wasn't Madeleine. Something stinks and it isn't just the cadaver odour in my opinion.
Posted By: MargaretMacDonald

What amazes me is that the press are willing to report the constant drivel that comes from your mouth. Everyone knows Madeleine died in the apartment on the 2/3rd of May. The scam is ceasing to work Gerry and the gullible are seeing sense because we all know that DOGS DO NOT LIE!
Posted By: sharon

Do the McCanns truly believe that Madeleine is being loved and cared for by her abductor. That is not what abductors do.
Posted By: Martine

Gerry McCann is seriously deluded
Posted By: Georgiecat

15 out of 19 markers were identified as belonging to Madeleine McCann in the car, a brand new car with only a few rentals. The FSS later said that they could not be certain this was not a chance match i.e belonging to someone else who might have been secreting bodily fluid in the boot? Give us some credit, what are the odds that of the few people who rented the car one of them had 15 DNA markers identical to Madeleine McCann? And before it is suggested, the twins DNA was ruled out, it did not belong to them or the parents either, so already they have ruled out 3 other occupants of the car further reducing the odds. The evidence backs up the dogs, the McCann's tried to discredit the dogs by intending to site the "Eugene Zapata" case in America, even consulting with his lawyers, only for the dogs in that case to be exonorated when Zapata confessed proving the dogs were right all along. She is not in Belgium or Morocco she is in PDL but they will not look there. Stop this now.
Posted By: Mrs M

It's way past the time for the McCanns to come out and tell the truth. Their "abduction" story is filled with holes. Why doesn't Kate tell us exactly how she knew by the state of the room that there had been an abduction? She said she couldn't talk about it because of the secrecy laws attached to being an arguido. Well Kate, you are no longer an arguido. Why are you not answering the quesions, including the 48 you refused to answer to the police?
Posted By: maebee

But gerry, police files show cadaver dogs finding the scent of death and blood in the apartment where the child was last, wouldn't he be beside himself with anxiety about possible harm having come to the child IMO. Why would a father deny that harm had come to the child unless he knew something? IMO\n\n
Posted By: Jeremy

C'mon people you know why Gerry is insisting she is still alive - didn't they say they would give the remaining fund money to childrens charities when they were given proof Madeleine was dead.\nThats their money they wont part with it.........\n
Posted By: Mags

I can't believe that Gerry is stupid enough to believe that his daughter 'missing' for 15 months has come to no harm. What abot the dogs Gerry? Why wouldnt Kate answer the questions? How did the 'abducter' get out of the appartment? Through a window with leaving no DNA? The windows were not broken or jemmied as you said? I doubt Madeliene has been harmed since leaving the appartment. ... But what happened while she was still inside ???
Posted By: Chrristine

Why is the media conspiring in this fantasy that Maddie is unharmed?It's sadly just so implausible.Highly-trained British sniffer dogs indicate otherwise and,even if she was abducted,does anyone seriously believe she is unharmed?
Posted By: Rachel

If you could just show the police WHERE Madeleine is then that would be really helpful Gerry! Kate has a point about people on BLOGS some can be nasty can't they Gerry? ...Kate really needs to LOOK closer to home for the finale to all this. Tish tish my ole fruit-case! What are you thinking of inviting people to contact you that made statements to the PJ? That really is not on is it! By the way still want to know why is sun cream an offensive smell after only a few days?
Posted By: Amber

Very sad that it has come to this.\n\n'Absolutely no evidence his missing daughter Madeleine had been seriously harmed.' \nReally !!\n
Posted By: Debbie

How thick does Gerry think the British public are???\nDoes he not realise that as every day passes by less and less people believe the drivel that comes out his mouth.\nIf Madeleine is found alive - I will eat my hat !
Posted By: jack

The McCanns need to tell the truth about what happened to Madeleine.\n\nThe behaviour, blogs PR etc has made a mockery of justice and is an insult to those who follow the media.\n\nIt should not be encouraged.\n\nThere may not have been sufficient evidence to go to trial but there was more than enough to convince me that a miscarriage of justice is happening.\n\nIt is beyond cruelty. I am disgusted.
Posted By: duncan

Keep bleating your mantra Gerry "No evidence of harm" Could you please also add NO EVIDENCE OF ABDUCTION as per the Police files?.\nThe only finger-prints found were KATES. The shutters WERE NOT BROKEN OR JEMMIED like you told everyone to say.\nPlease blog about the dogs findings - Who do you think died in your apartment and left 15 out of 19 markers for your daughter?
Posted By: Julie

"there was "absolutely no evidence" his missing daughter Madeleine had been seriously harmed. What about the dogs findings? Why dismiss them out of hand? The media seem to dismiss these out of hand and never hardly mention them. THey are UK dogs so not as easily ridiculed as the "foreigners wot messed it all up".
Posted By: Fiona McNamara

I thought the Police files contain evidence of a dead body having been in aprtment 5A? How cna Mr McCann say there is no evidence that Madeleine came to any harm? The doges Eddie and Keela have excellent track records in this regard. The question is if it wasn't Madeleine that died in 5A then who did? SOmeone certainly did.
Posted By: John

I would very much like Madeleine to be found, unfortunately I believe she died in Apartment 5A - dogs dont lie.
Posted By: June

Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves!
Posted By: Janet

If the evidence of the dogs does not pertain to Madeleine, then I think the police should try to find out who DID come to harm in Apartment 5A. Whoever it was left their blood and cadaverine behind and it was picked up by both blood and cadaver dogs who have never made one mistake in 200 cases. The dogs do not lie.
Posted By: Margaret

This world is a crazy place. These things can happen, i don't at all blame the parents for neglect, I feel sorry that they need to experience this cruel reality in their lifetime\nI think about that little girl everyday and i really believe she's ok\nI am sure maddie is alive and I know they will find her soon, it's just matter of time. I think the more the media shows stories on her sitings, the more she will be hidden. They need to be more smart and if they know things , just get on with following them..
Posted By: Anna

The Portuguese Public Prosecutor has made 11,000 out of 30,000 pages of the case file available to the press and I suppose to the McCanns. The other 19,000 pages remain under the secrecy of justice. On page 191, apparently, of the dossier, which the McCanns have a copy of, is the report that the couple seen in the party shop with a young child were identified and ruled out of the investigation. So, it seems rather odd that Ms Stam was invited to meet with team McCann to talk about the child who allegedly told her she had been, "...taken from my holiday." \n
Posted By: Muzzy


Nana said...

I couldn't believe in my eyes either, Cláudia! The arrogance of this couple, which they have shown since day one, will be their downfall.

Justice still can be served.

Cláudia said...

It's incredible, isn't it, Nana?
You're spot on regarding the arrogance.
And in a way justice may still be served. Who knows?

Zodiac said...


Wow! Sky allowed these posts. Thanks for posting them on here otherwise I would never have seen them. Hopefully the tide is turning. Time to read proper reporting of this case in the UK newspapers. This childs parents let her down, time for the UK Press/Media to stop letting her down. The continuation of this ghastly charade is a disgrace and an insult to this innocent neglected little child. J4M.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, something must have changed while I was on holiday. Until very recently it would be impossible to read such a thing on Sky!

Niza said...

I see on sky news (I understand better than speak English), when files disclose, jornalist Martin say about window closed. He not say much but I get feeling he feel fooled...

Niza said...

Claudia, McCann spokesman be very quiet about threats to bloggers when you away. I think he miss you! Hihi

Cláudia said...

Hi, Niza!
I bet he did! And I missed him too. He is a sexy, manly man after all. Who could resist such sex appeal? ;-) But to be true he never said such a thing publicly. Even he has some (clouded) sense of ridicule. It was on shitty Sun. The change on Sky is just unbelievable. I couldn't believe it when I read it.

Niza said...

Claudia, I introduce you to my brother-in-law. He not own so many pink shirts but he nice guy and likes talk alot too.

Cláudia said...

Niza, LOL.
No one owns so many pink shirts. Only manufacturers! :-)
There's a diferrence between talking a lot, and talking a lot of crap, if you know what I mean. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Boa tarde Cláudia

esta é a carta que estamos a enviar para os media ingleses e irlandeses acreca da Amy. Se puderes falar sobre esta miúda também no teu blog agradecemos imenso. Tb te vou dar uma foto dela

To the Editor of (put newspaper name in here)

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to your attention, or at least, refresh your memory, about a young girl by the name of Amy Fitzpatrick.

Amy Fitzpatrick, 16 year-old Irish girl, went missing from her home town of Mijas, Malaga, in Spain on the 1st of January 2008.

Now, there was media attention given to Amy but in truth, only slight.

It seems all attention was focused on Madeleine McCann. Let´s not forget, another girl (albeit, older) is also missing on foreign soil, too. Surely Amy is worth the same as Madeleine? Surely no child should be more important than any other child? No child should be favoured. All children are equal so Amy surely deserves equal media exposure? How else can we help to find her? How else can we get the message across to as much of the population as possible?

Normal citizens have laid the groundwork by offering services, raising awareness, focusing on as much exposure as possible to get the message out there to Amy wherever she is and with whomever she may be with. Local people, friends, family and many strangers have dropped everything in their lives to build as much of a profile for Amy as possible. We´ve exhausted all areas almost in terms of video sharing networks like You Tube and Bebo. Online forums, sites and blog networks. Effectively, it is we who are doing the information work. We are using instinct, as little tools and skills as we have and piggy bank scratching resources.

Dear Editor, we urge you, as a possible parent yourself, to help elevate this cause in finding Amy Fitzpatrick. Your newspaper is the hub for information that is easily relayed to the masses. You have the power; more power than what we have; more energy than Amy´s family because no doubt they will be emotionally drained, so we ask you, we urge you, we beg you to give this young girl a chance and highlight her circumstances.

We ask kindly, as avid readers of your newspaper, if you could be so kind to oblige not us, but Amy and her parents. Let them tell you how it is to have their child missing. Let them tell you how difficult it is to get their message across. At least give them that chance. They don´t have friends and contacts in high places to help them with their plight; they only have themselves and a small informed army of little helpers.

The parents of Amy don´t demand anything, of that we are certain – they only ask for the basics. A bit of exposure. Some highlighting; anything that may trigger someone´s memory or help to embed an image of Amy, a time and a place or any little clue that can help to locate her whereabouts. We don´t have journalist skills, we rely on what we have but we need professional help. This is why we contact you.

We, the people are the head of the population but you, dear editor, must surely be our shoulders. The shoulders that can prop us up – we´ll continue to do the rest. We ask of nothing more than for you to help us to help find Amy.

Thank you very much for reading our request and we sign off with our very kindest regards.

Anonymous said...

esta é a foto escolhida

Claudia, muito, muito obrigado



Nana said...

Morning all!

Just to say thanks to Cláudia for posting this and to say to Niza it's so good to read her stories about "the McCann spokesman", she has a great sense of humor!
Have a good Saturday!

Cláudia said...

Paula, vou já tratar disso. Obrigada!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Nana.
Niza is a blast! :-)

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

The way the Mc Cann's talk make me almost feel like it is a king sized hoax. They act like they know where Madeleine is. The only problem with that is the "scent of death" The dogs don't lie.

Cláudia said...

Helmy, I thought about that many times. But Eddie and Keela make the difference for me.

Shu/Outono said...

Bem,os ataques estão cada vez mais furiosos,contra D.L. e + 1x contra G.A., com direito a foto na capa da revista e jornais de uk.

You can see how they are so feared(mcs and all company) .

Os ataques furiosos aos NOSSOS!!!!
The original magazine and tablóide You can see at:
As notícias originais vêm em:


Cláudia said...

SHU, os ataques são um óptimo sinal. São sinal de que se sentem ameaçados. E isso é positivo. :-)