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Not ready to forget

George Moréas is an acclaimed book author and former French Judiciary Police Inspector

Translated to English by AnnaEsse from News From My Big Desk
Spanish Translation by Mercedes from Hasta que se Sepa La Verdad

The mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann, called Maddie, was nearly four years old. On the evening of May 3rd 2007, she disappeared from her bedroom in a luxury tourist complex, the Ocean Club, in the south of Portugal, where she was supposed to have been sleeping.

No one knows what has become of her since. Recently, the press echoed a statement from the Portuguese prosecutor: case closed. This news is probably unfounded. How can a magistrate, a police officer, allow the closing of a case without thinking of the victim, a child, almost a baby. And if she were alive!...The confusion comes, no doubt, from the order that there were no grounds to prosecute the three suspects.

THE FACTS: The Ocean Club tourist complex is a collection of buildings comprising a residential block, two restaurants, the Tapas and the Millennium, tennis courts, beach, etc.

On this evening, the McCanns are dining with their friends at the Tapas restaurant. At around 10pm, Kate McCann gets up from the table to go and see her children, as she usually does, to reassure herself that everything is fine. Her two little ones, the twins, are sound asleep, in their cots, in the living room*. Her daughter's bedroom door is not closed, which surprises her. She goes in: the window is open, the shutters are raised, Maddie has disappeared. (*It does say, "salon, and appears to be saying that Madeleine is in a different room from the twins. I have translated as it stands. )

She rushes back to the restaurant to alert her husband. Together they go back to the apartment, accompanied by their friends, and they only arrive at the obvious. So, they set out to explore the surrounding area.

This is the situation discovered by the first police officers on the spot. Everything leads them to believe that the child has run off. She may not be far away. Searches are organised.

Shortly afterward, the PJ director for Lisbon, receives a call on his mobile phone from the British ambassador. His caller asks him if he is aware that a British child has disappeared.....He goes into action. You can imagine the torrent of phone calls that follows this intervention.

THE INITIAL FINDINGS: There is no disorder in the bedroom where the child was sleeping. The bed is not disturbed. There is no evidence of a break-in, neither on the window, nor on the shutters, nor on the door. A local enquiry turns up witnesses, Irish holiday-makers, who say that shortly after 10 o'clock, they saw a man carrying a child, whose description corresponds perfectly to Madeleine's: face, hair, clothes. Now there is hardly any doubt: this is an abduction. The alert is put out.

THE PJ'S INVESTIGATION: The PJ officers collect witness statements from hundreds of people, and as a priority, from the parents and their friends. Very quickly, they come across certain contradictions between them. For example, a woman states that she went past the apartment earlier in the evening and noticed that the bedroom shutters were closed. But, Kate McCann states the window was open and the shutters pushed up. And the investigators find no evidence of tampering.

Furthermore, the shutters can only be opened from the inside. Can you imagine an individual entering by the door, using a pick lock, and going out through through the window, with his victim, after having opened the shutters? And also, the child's bed is not disturbed, as though no one has slept in it. Intrigued, the police officers examine the mobile phones of each of the McCanns: the call history has been erased. Astonishing to think of emptying the memory of your mobile phone when your child has just been kidnapped! But the PJ officers are struggling to do their job. The pressure quickly becomes unbearable.

Little Maddie disappeared on the Thursday evening. On the Friday, the British ambassador, John Buck, is on the spot, accompanied by big-shot police officers and lawyers. And on the Saturday, three British police officers arrive in their turn, in theory to assist their Portuguese colleagues. The contact is not good. The local police officers feel belittled. However, having been involved with the training of Portuguese police officers, I can guarantee that they have no reason to envy either the French or the British - except perhaps certain technical resources.

The working conditions are as follows: 150 Portuguese police officers, three British police officers, authorities, diplomats, and journalists...everywhere. Not the ideal for an investigation. On the Saturday, the PJ director from Faro, tells the press: "It is an abduction." At the same time the McCann couple launch their desperate appeal before the television cameras. It is even said that the police are holding a sketch of the kidnapper, but it will not be published to avoid putting the child's life at risk. A little late, no, to think of the young victim!

During this political, media-staged bustling, the head of the investigation, Commissioner Gonçalo Amaral begins to entertain another possibility. He thinks the McCanns' behaviour is not, "natural." Otherwise, why refuse to participate in a reconstruction of the evening? He finds that certain witness statements do not correspond and that it is becoming impossible to determine where anyone was at any time. Thus, an implausible detail emerges when the Irish witness indicates that after seeing Gerry McCann on television, he positively identified him: this was the man he saw with Maddie in his arms, on the Thursday, at around 10pm. Yes, but at that time, the child's father was in the restaurant with his friends...

Amaral is skeptical. He feels that there is a certain degree of connivance amongst this group of friends. Would they be lying? He goes back to the initial findings and he examines the places from a different angle - as he would do it for a crime scene. The little girl's death becomes the working hypothesis for the investigators.

EVIDENCE OR PRESUMPTIONS: A suspect is arrested. He is a British national living a hundred metres from the leisure centre. I will not give his name as he has taken action against newspapers which said, "certain things," about him, and the press barons backed down. It is said that he banked 750,000€.

Meanwhile, dogs trained to detect certain odours, notably those of blood or cadavers, are brought in. They detect traces inside the apartment, in the couple's bedroom and in the dining room; as well as outside the building. More disquieting, the dogs alert on the child's soft toy and on clothes belonging to her mother. The dogs are placed near a car rented by theMcCanns , and they sniff suspicious odours there too. But this vehicle was actually hired after the little girl's disappearance! On the other hand, the dogs detect nothing, either in the car of the British man under investigation, or at his home.

The vice tightens on the McCanns.

In the places marked by the dogs, minute organic fragments are gathered for DNA comparison with Madeleine's (from samples of saliva on her bed covers). The analyses are done in Great Britain. When the results come out, there is no longer any doubt: There are 15 identical markers in the two DNAs. It is the little girl.

At the beginning of September, the McCann couple are placed under investigation, but left at liberty. The press reports that they are suspected of having concealed their daughter's body after an accidental death - there is talk of the administration of a sedative that was too powerful (the parents are both doctors) - and that they would have got rid of it afterward by transporting it in a vehicle rented for that purpose.

Meanwhile, this case has taken on an international dimension. The McCanns have called the English Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the investigation is followed more closely by the governments of both countries. The press is unleashed. The parents set themselves up as the victims of a bigoted, even backward, police force. The British newspapers really lay into the investigators, who are looking at the parents instead of searching for the missing child. The English police officers, who are involved with the investigation (and who, in theory, have no power to intervene) do nothing to put things right. The public is gripped by this mysterious story - charged with emotion. A support fund is set up. Brian Kennedy, an American Millionaire offers his services.

He takes on the costs of the lawyers and the private investigators. It's even said that he goes to meet some of the witnesses. Does that have anything to do with the fact that afterwards most of them refused to go back and participate in a reconstruction? The atypical Virgin boss also puts his hand in his pocket. It is interesting to note that all this energy, all this money, is essentially used to defend the suspects.

New DNA research is carried out by the forensic laboratories in Birmingham, taking the opposite view to the first evaluation. It is said that the samples harvested (by the Portuguese police) were allegedly mixed...

Commissioner Gonçalo Amaral requests another other evaluation. Impossible, the English tell him, the samples have been destroyed, or lost, we don't exactly know, by the laboratory. Amaral can't take any more. All this hooha , this persistent pressure from the bosses, political authorities, the media, is preventing him from working properly. He is taken to task, criticised, watched closely...Even his British colleagues are causing trouble for him. Exasperated, he lets go in the press. It is a mistake, because his bosses jump at the chance. He is transferred.

Gonçalo Amaral has written a book, "The Truth of the Lie," which is out now in Portugal. Bet there will be some interesting details in it. At least if it is translated into French. Will the press, already scalded by this case, pick up on it? Not certain! The McCanns have clearly implied that their lawyers were ready to take action.

To go back to the DNA, in France, unless I am mistaken, 13 identical markers between two DNA profiles, is sufficient in law. So, if the events had taken place here, first of all the evaluation would not have been done in Great Britain, but in a French laboratory, and then the McCanns would have been placed under investigation and most certainly placed in preventive detention - and only the judge would have been able to decided on a second evaluation.

Which goes to show that scientific evidence, even the most sophisticated, doesn't depend on a mathematical formula, but on human judgement.

THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE PARENTS: I must say that the behaviour of the McCanns compared to that of other parents placed in such a painful situation is....different. From the start, they looked down on the Portuguese police officers. They lied on certain points and right away, they looked for support from their country's authorities. As if they felt threatened! Were they caught up in the media machine? The support fund which they set up (and which can be found on Google's business pages) collected around 1.5 million euros. However, one of the first expenses incurred by that fund was to make two monthly payments concerning the purchase of their house. It is said that 600,000 euros was paid out to settle the fees of private detectives, who turned out to be crooks. One of them even stated that he had infiltrated a Belgian paedophile network... In their defence, they have guaranteed that they have not used that money to pay the fees of the lawyers who are covering their defence.

These folks have mobilised around themselves so many people, so many of the smart set we might say, from politics and business.....that we can only wonder. Are they part of a network? Of a lodge? Of a sect? Of a clan?....

THE STATE OF THE INVESTIGATION: The McCann couple not having requested the continuation of the investigation, it is officially over. As things stand, there is a 4 year-old kid, probably dead; and three suspects who have been let off. One, the neighbour, suspected because of his past, but against whom there seems to be no evidence; and the parents...

There is evidence that they lied in their first statements to the police, notably about how they spent their time, apparently in connivance with their friends. They couldn't explain the presence of traces of blood or cadaver odour, particularly in the vehicle they had hired, three weeks after the events. Even if in law the second DNA evaluation negates the first, it is not entirely convincing. The experts are happy to conclude that they cannot use the gathered samples they were sent, because they were contaminated. And even if we consider that the two evaluations were contradictory, which one should we believe? The destruction of the samples makes any confirmation impossible.

And after this hullabaloo, Maddie joins the long list of missing children.

CONCLUSION: Everyone can think what they like, but Portuguese law considers that there is no charge against anyone, not any proof, not any evidence. They have, "archived," the case, as they say there.

It is astonishing. But I believe it's a good way to start over in a more calm way. In fact, nothing is stopping the investigators from, "discreetly," continuing their investigations. Portuguese procedure allows the reopening of the case at any moment, if someone brings a new element to it.

What is striking in this case, is that there is a lot of talk about money and very little about the young victim. Finally, one of the suspects pocketed 750,000 € handed over by certain newspapers to avoid action for defamation, and the other two, the parents, have collected 1.5 million euros in a support fund. Not to mention the money spent by wealthy patrons. As for the Portuguese police officers, they were ridiculed.

It must stick in their throats... I'll bet they are not ready to forget it.

by Joana Morais

Very interesting read, in my opinion. Especially because it comes from a man who knows how things are done.

Just wanted to let you know that from now on I won't be around as much because I'll be back to work. I'll try to moderate the comments as often as I can, but sometimes I'll only be able to do it at lunchtime (if I'm lucky) and in the evening. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I would like to espress my support and admiration for Goncalo Amaral and all other PJ offices who diligently pursued the possibility of the parents' involvement in the death of Madeleine and the hiding of her body, despite the opposition of key figures in the British and Portugues political establishments

Tony Bennett 31.8.08

Anonymous said...

Good return to Yor´s work!

But,today I saw at

"....The missive begins by explaining why did he took eight months to reveal this information "because I did not know that the PJ was spending their time supporting .................."

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 meses!

Pareceu-me ouvir hoje na RTP1(mas ainda estava a dormir em pé) que o processo do NOSSO RUI PEDRO,ou fecha;ou fica a acesso público...
Não consegui ainda confirmar.


Helmy said...

Hello Cláudia,

You must be a very busy person with the teaching and the translating. I wish I had your drive.

I'm not sure how that article makes me feel. It does give a glimmer of hope that the investigation may still be going on behind the scenes.

That was an interesting point about Madeleine's bed being in the living room. I had not heard that before.

Try not to work to hard.

Cláudia said...

Mr Tony Bennet, thank you.
It is every police force's responsibility and obligation to investigate all possibilities. Especially if a child's fate is involved.

Cláudia said...

SHU, thank you.
If these people ant to be taken a bit seriously, they have to stop saying things like: 'it was eight months ago but I...'.
Metodo 3 continues to work in the McCann case, don't they?
Espero que o caso do Rui Teixeira não seja encerrado. Aquela mãe coragem merece, no mínimo, que o caso continue aberto.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy. Thank you.
It's all manageable. Translations are only part-time or when a friend needs a hand. It's like they say, I'll have a lot of time to rest when I'm dead. :-)
I also found it an interesting read. And I liked the last sentence. :-)

Cláudia said...

thank you. I think she is fine now.

Anonymous said...

Olá Cláudia krida!
A história do advogado espanhol contada hoje no Sol deixou-me agoniada pelo cheiro a esturro.
Obviamente novas aparições estavam programadas. Obviamente os magníficos que prometeram a menina como presente de Natal, estarão ligados ao magnífico advogado...
Quando parará esta farsa?
Quanto tempo ainda teremos de ser insultados por esta camada de esterco?
Coragem para o regresso ao trabalho minha linda! Eu sei que há cabecinhas muito jovens que estão encantadas em reencontrar-te.
Beijinhos da lili

Cláudia said...

Olá, minha linda! :-)
Cheirar a esturro é favor. Cheira a coisa mais fedorenta. :-) A parte mais ridículo são os 8 meses. Ainda dizem que as coisas andam lentamente em Portugal! ;-)
Pois, o trabalho. É para começar devagar, para não entrar em choque. :-) Mas já tenho saudades daqueles malandrecos. :-)
Muitas beijocas!!!

Cláudia said...

To the last two anonymous posters whose posts I did not and will not publish. The kind of information you tried to post will only be taken seriously by me or anyone if you post under your true identity. I don't mean a nick, I mean a real name, which can be checked. Otherwise, you're losing your time. I'm tired of trolls.

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

Well it looks like the Mc Cann's legacy has struck again. apparently these children were left alone for two weeks. The mind boggles. At least the children are being taken care of now. Whatever next?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy. I just read the article. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

Many thanks for all the time you have given and look forward to reading you as and when time allows you. Hopefully I will be using some of my spare time occupied reading a newly released book here in the UK. You know the one that 3 blockheads thought they could stop being sold here in the UK.

I liked the last sentence of this threads article also.

Anonymous said...

Olá Cláudia

Quero-te desejar um bom regresso ao trabalho!



Pericles Pinto said...

Cláudia, fiquei alarmado por ter visitado o 'Proud of the PJ' e verificado que este estava aberto "só para amigos".

Cheguei a pensar se seria alguma manobra do clarence Mitchel.

Felizmente vejo que o blog continua operacional. Parece-me é que os posts estão a ficar um pouco "encriptados", enfim, é só uma opinião.

Nota: Há alguns dias transmiti uma teoria minha à PJ de Portimão sobre uma muito provável localização da Maddie. Aguardem.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony Bennet, I thank You also very much by the meaning we felt with Your´s support.

A Portuguese woman.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, the time for your reading will come. It will come. :-)
Yeah, a good last sentence, without a doubt.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha!
Obrigada! :-) devagar que é para não ficar traumatizada! :-)

Cláudia said...

Olá, Péricles. Pois é, mesmo Deus não agradou a todos. São coisas.
Quanto ao blog, esteve 'fechado' enquanto estive de férias. Tenho tido muitas tentativas de 'intrusão' no meu pc e, para evitar dissabores quando chegasse, optei por 'fechá-lo' na minha ausência. Expliquei, no entanto, que o faria numa das threads para que não pensassem que tinha sido fechado definitivamente. É preciso bastante mais do que o porta-voz cor-de-rosa para me calar.
Espero que a sua tentativa dê frutos. Mesmo que assim não seja, vale pelo empenho. Obrigada.

Anonymous said...

Hoje estou mesmo numa de copiar e agradecer o mesmo que a Cláudia.Tb. só o faço por ver o Seu aval.

SHU C/ preguiça******xxxxxx

Sim,todas as Mãe Coragem e,desculpem-me,principalmente a Filomena Teixeira
cuja luta e procura foi de algum modo mediatizada,felizmente.
Sofríamos e sofremos com ela,sempre!
xxxxxxxxxFilomena Teixeira!
xxxxxxxxxRui Pedro!
xxxxxxxxxTodos os nossos que constam da pág. da PJ!
Força é dizer quase nada.Sermos solidários na Vossa dor é também pouco.
Lamentamos tanto!

Cláudia said...

SHU, a Filomena Teixeira é uma heroína. Cada vez que a vejo, ninguém me inspira maior vontade de carinho e protecção. Só apetece abraça-la.

Anonymous said...

Não se escangalhem a rir!

Porque mais vale rir do que chorar ou arrepelar os cabelos.Leiam a última notícia no blogue de J.M.


Se todo o carinho do Mundo conseguisse amenizar...mas,não.É tão impossível, para quem ama um Filho roubado.
Filomena merece tanto!Merece tudo.



Cláudia said...

SHU, a foto está hilariante! :-)
Quanto à mãe coragem Filomena, não, não há nada que diminua a sua dor. Apenas saber do seu menino.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia!

Se a Filomena merece tudo! Também pensei quase o mesmo,mas não escrevi por medo que seja utopia.Reavê-lo!


Reler no Blogue da Joana a treta reles dos "mentores" de 1 documento para salvar crianças desaparecidas,é um enorme insulto a todos.Infelizmente a Maddie não foi a única a ir-se! Parece até que as Famílias dos outros infelizes(Famílias com F)não fazem tudo. Até o cooperar com as Forças da Investigação. Mas foi um enorme insulto Pt. apoiar e tanta mulher pt e parlamentar europeia.Insultos,atrás de insultos.
Obsceno,diria.Cabe aqui.Cabe,sim.

Anonymous said...

"Uma alegada pegada com
vestígios de sangue de
Maddie recolhida no apartamento
dos McCann e no carro
que alugaram 25 dias depois
ao desaparecimento e o
reforço da equipa que investigava
o caso solicitado pelo
coordenador Paulo Rebelo
completaram o nosso noticiário
sobre o caso no período
em análise. ■

"Os McCann esquivaram-se de facto a
responder a dez perguntas que lhes foram
formuladas, via e-mail, pelo 24horas, relacionadas
com a paternidade de Maddie.
Também é verdade que um alto responsável
do Instituto de Medicina Legal e outras
fontes da Polícia Judiciária afirmaram ao
nosso jornal que Gerry não seria o pai biológico
de Maddie. Mas esses elementos
não constam do processo cedido aos jornalistas"

Cláudia said...

Olá, SHU.
Reavê-lo, calro. Ou pelo menos saber dele, saber o que aconteceu. O não saber deve ser a maior tortura.
Um óptimo dia.

Anonymous said...

Sim,Cláudia bem sei o significado...
Pelo menos, saber...
Nós calculamos o pior,que é o que costuma acontecer....


Cláudia said...

Olá, SHU.
Acho que não há problema.
A Filomena sabe bem da possibilidade de o seu menino não estar vivo. Já a ouvi falar sobre isso, de forma consciente e corajosa. Acho que o que deve ser mais angustiante deve ser mesmo o não saber.

Anonymous said...

olá cláudia

Espero que o regresso á escola esteja a correr bem.
Lê as diferenças nestes depoimentos e repara que no primeiro depoimento ela fala que a Kate foi buscar a Maddie entre as 3.35 e as 6.00. se fòi às 3.35 muita coisa muda de figura, não achas?
Statements from Catriona Baker

At Leicestershire Police, April 14, 2008 (resume):

Went to Portugal on March 2006 (yes, 2006 – I presume “2006” it's a typo error... may be..) worked at Ocean Club Village, than changed to Mark Warner's Ocean Club, on June 2006. There are seven “Kids Clubs”, at Ocean Club, according to the children's ages, and about 16 nannies. She was living at a home within a 10 minutes walk from Ocean Club. Met Gerry and Kate in the morning of April 29, 2007, first time they took the children to the crèches Madeleine McCann was put under her responsibility, in the “Minis Club”, with Ella, Jane Tanner's daughter.

The McCann daily routine: Kate and Gerry took Madeleine to the crèche every morning, came back at lunch time, and after “high tea”. She met Gerry more times, because he went to take Madeleine more frequently than Kate.

On May 3, 2007 she remembers that Gerry McCann took Madeleine to the crèche, between 9:15/9:20 am. She doesn't remember who took Madeleine out from the “Minis Club”, for lunch, that day. Around 2:45 pm, Madeleine went back from lunch, but Catriona doesn't remember who took her to the crèche. In the afternoon, the children went swimming. Between 3:35/6:00 pm, May 3, Kate went to the area near Tapas Bar, and she took Madeleine with her. Kate was using a sporting outfit and Catriona thought she has been jogging. She believes Gerry was playing tennis.

After her shift finished she went home. Around 10:30/10:35 pm, May 3, two room-mates came and told her that Madeleine was missing. She went out and helped in the searches, around the resort and into the beach. She didn't saw Gerry and Kate, on that night.

Mark Warner has a rule concerning the children’s crèches: there is a registration sheet and the parents must sign it, when they leave and they take the children. Only parents can take the children, unless there is a previous communication that another identified person will do it. Thursday morning, May 3, all the children of the “Minis Club” went to the beach.

Mark Warner transferred Catriona Baker from Ocean Club to other country (to the Greek resort of San Agostino, according to the Daily Mail) one week after Madeleine disappeared (24 hours after PJ interviewed her, on May 5th, according to the Daily Mail...) on May 13, 2007. She never noticed nothing strange about Madeleine's behaviour or in the relation she had with her parents, they looked a very happy family.

At PJ, May 5, 2007 (resume):

She is in Portugal since March 21, 2007, and her contract with Mark Warner finishes at November 7, and she is planning to go back to UK. The Ocean Club has four children's care centres, divided by age. Each nanny has around seven children under its responsibility. Met the McCann on April 29, 2007, and Madeleine was at the crèche every day, until May 3, 2007. It was always the parents who went to the “Minis Club” to bring in and take out Madeleine.

Daily Mail (October, 14, 2007): “Revealed: The nanny who could help clear the McCanns' name”



Anonymous said...

E "A verdade da mentira" vai ser traduzido também para italiano e HOLANDÊS!

Quando for ao site,ria-se pois a L. francesa tb. pode ser traiçoeira.
Não foi ao Sigmund.É outro Freud!(infelizmente)

Anonymous said...
No Blogue da JM, 1 travesti + 1 foram "vistos". Mas acho que tudo aconteceu ou 8 meses depois da Pequenina ter desaparecido
ou só 8 meses e mais qq. coisa(o tempo de 1 gravidez)o espanhol conta.

Jogos,atrás de jogos.Mas,se ele que reabrir o caso à força,FORÇA!!!

Anonymous said...

Os 8 meses:
Eight months after Madeleine disappears, Gerry McCann returns to work
Jan 2nd, 2008 | By admin | Category: Daily Mail Articles, Famous McCann Articles

By VANESSA ALLEN - Last updated at 15:01pm on 2nd January 2008

Gerry McCann returns to full-time work today - exactly eight months after his daughter Madeleine disappeared."
And this?One of the my obcessions:
" Hunt for Gerry’s missing tennis bag which ‘could have been used to carry Madeleine away’
Dec 25th, 2007 | By admin | Category: Daily Mail Articles, Famous McCann Articles

By VANESSA ALLEN - Last updated at 19:03pm on 25th December 2007

Police want to trace a tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann’s apartment on the night Madeleine went missing, it was claimed yesterday."

Anonymous said...

Do esplendor,de Eloisa:

"lunes 1 de septiembre de 2008
En breve, actualizaciones
El periodista Duarte Levy informa que su ausencia del blog SOS Maddie se debe a que se encuentra trabajando sobre el terreno, en especial en Praia da Luz, Madrid, Dublin y Londres y que irá actualizando su blog progresivamente con los resultados de estos trabajos.


Visita Esplendor Diálogo
Publicado por Eloisa en 1:38

Nana said...

Wise words from Mr. Bennett.
Cláudia, achei este artigo hoje a gostaria de sua opinião SE e QUANDO puderes.


Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha.
Está tudo bem, obrigada.
Concordo. faz toda a diferença, por motivos óbvios. Esta malta parece ter um problema sério com as horas.

Cláudia said...

SHU, essas edições nessas línguas são apenas o princípio. É uma onda que não há força que controle. Por mais que seja essa a vontade! :-)
Desejo um óptimo trabalho ao D.L.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nana!
Great to read you again! :-)
I have to confess that when I started reading the article I thought to myself 'it's about time'. But then I noticed the date. It is almost an year old. They are not arguidos anymore. If I had to comment using one word, I would say 'spin'.
Oh, and Mr Amaral is still waiting too.
Pode ser que agora que o cartoon cor de rosa tem outro emprego, a gente seja poupada e ouça menos idiotices. :-)

Nana said...

Dear Cláudia
Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I should have said it was an old article. I'd like to ask you if it is true that a Portuguese paper can be sue in England. This can't be right, but I don't know if it can be done.

By the way, I finished reading Mr. Amaral's book. He knows what he's talking about. A must reading, I highly recommend it.

Cláudia said...

Nana, no, it was good you didn't tell me it was old. For a few moments I thought it was something really interesting. But then I remembered what has been said all these long months.
As you know, I have no legal background. Personally (not legally) I think it is a load of crap. If they could do it, they would have done long ago. Many months ago someone from 24 Horas was on live Portuguese TV and said they would have absolutely no problem to be sued and to go to court and discuss things.
As for Mr Amaral's book, I agree with you. Quite a balanced read, isn't, Nana? People who are expecting to read about hunches and emotional reactions will be surprised by the rationality of it all. It's great that several countries will soon be able to read for themselves and make up their own minds.
I have already seen the Spanish cover. It's very nice :-)
It's always great to read you, Nana.
Um beijo!

Stonemaid said...

Claudia - please will you convey a message of good wishes to Docmac at this time? I cannot post elsewhere, so hope you will pass my message on. Thank you. Stonemaid

Cláudia said...

Hi, Stonemaid.
Of course I will. Thank you.
If you wish to post on Viv's you just have to e-mail her. And wait for her to check her mail, which sometimes takes a while.
Tnak you for your words.

Stonemaid said...

Thank you very much for passing on my message to Docmac at this terribly sad time for him and his wife. I wish I could have posted to him direct, on Viv's site, as I have done in the recent past, but all I get is this message: "You're currently logged in as Stonemaid. You may not comment with this account." I am beginning to hate cyberspace because people are constantly banning me for crimes - of which I know not what. There is certainly no fair trial in cyberspace, that's for sure! I'd so much like to have the evidence of my 'crimes' - it's a really foul experience I can tell you!!

Anyway, thank you Claudia for believing in free speech!


Cláudia said...

Stonemaid, check your e-mail. There may be a problem. Something wrong with the password and your account could have expired. If it doesn't work e-mail Viv.

Anonymous said...

"São usadas crianças, a maioria entre os seis e os dez anos. Não olham à raça nem ao sexo. São da classe média-alta, médicos, professores e até advogados. Ontem, a Polícia Judiciária fez buscas às suas casas. Foi à residência de 23 indivíduos, de norte a sul do País,

todos com boa situação económica e apresentando níveis elevados de escolaridade.

Apreendeu-lhes os computadores e os telemóveis. Identificou-os por serem suspeitos de alimentarem uma rede de pornografia infantil que funciona na internet e cujo acesso se faz através da troca de imagens.

Conheça todos os pormenores na edição de quinta-feira do jornal 'Correio da Manhã'.

Anonymous said...



Cláudia said...

Anónimo, a PJ fez um excelçente trabalho ao identificar esses monstros.~Se ao justiça ao puni-los funcionasse tão bem como a Polícia ao apanhá-los, seria fantástico. Por mim ficariam o resto da sua nojenta e miserável vida na cadeia. E atenção que estou a fazer um esforço para ser simpática. Na realidade, o meu primeiro instinto seria desejar justiça à moda do Texas...

Cláudia said...

Anon, all children deserve attention. Those who are disrespected, mistreated, forgotten, abused and killed deserve even more.