Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The never ending hysteria

Maddie Madness: Son of Croatian Football Player almost Kidnapped by English Tourists

Son of Croatian football player was confounded with Maddie

The madness about Madeleine McCann this time involved Dino Drpic, defense football player of the Dynamo of Zagreb

The son of the defender of the Dynamo of Zagreb, Dino Drpic, was confused with the British girl Madeleine (Maddie) McCann by a few English tourists, who wanted to take him from his mother.

The madness about Maddie, kidnapped on May 3, 2007, continued this weekend in Croatia, when a few English tourists thought that they had sighted her in the island of Krk.

Only that the "girl" was a boy, concretely the two-year-old son of Dino and Nives Drpic, informed today the Crotian Press.

A British girl, after seeing the fair-haired Leone Drpic, thought that it was Maddie and told her parents who also believed it was her. After taking some photos at a distance, they approached the child and tried to take Leone with them.

Nives was close, but she did not realize the problem until the English woman put her arms around her son and tried to snatch him.
Nives is used that the people in Croatia look at her and at her son and take photos wherever they go.

"I became suspicious when the English woman approached Leone and started chatting with him", told Nives.

"In a moment she caught him by the arm, seemingly believing that nobody was watching him. Nevertheless, when I came running to the scene she realized her mistake and apologized."

Maddie disappeared one year and a half ago in the locality of Praia da Luz, in the Portuguese Algarve, and since then a series of reports spread about her sighting in several places around the world, but it was always a false alarm.

If this lunatic tourist had touched a single hair of any child close to me, she would have a very hard time forgetting who I was because she would probably be eating through a straw for a couple of weeks until she was well enough to pay for her teeth implants.

This hysteria needs to stop. How long until abusers, paedophiles and all sorts of perverts start taking photos and approaching children and using the 'sorry, just checking if it was Madeleine McCann' excuse? If and when that happens, who will be held responsible? Maybe it really is time for parents of blonde children (one of these days dark haired children will also be watched because the big, bad abductor who parades with the most wanted child in the world would certainly dye her hair) to buy the famous 'I'm not Madeleine McCann' t-shirt. Before something really, really serious happens.

P.S: Any thinking, decent citizen who though he/she just spotted Madeleine McCann should alert other people who may be around and call the authorities. Secretely taking photos and grabbing an unknown child's arm is the sort of behaviour a pervert would display.


J J said...

Madeleine, if she were alive would be 5+ now.
These people couldn't tell the difference between a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Odd!

They also couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl.

And these are reliable witnesses.

The mind boggles!!!

Cláudia said...

Hi, JJ.
Hysteria is not compatible with rational thinking. These people were clearly brainwashed and incapable of clear thinking. Normal people don't take pictures of children they don't know and don't grab their arms.

Zodiac said...

I am sure I remember last year the public WERE asked to take pics by the McC's or the Prees/Media I cannot remember. I do however remember, saying to my OH that was a ridiculous request. No right thinking person would do such a thing. No right thinking person would put themselves at risk like that. Perhaps the thought of the PJ being inundated by pics of little blonde girls the World over was quite appealing to some. Surely not to confuse the situation further!

Cláudia said...

Exactly, Zodiac.
The same with the sightings. Thousands of pages of false sightings.

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

In the picture I saw it looked like he had a pacifier in his mouth. I might be wrong but it looked that way. He looked like a baby not a five year old.

Where will it ever end? It looks to me that people are just looking for five minutes of fame.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Helmy. I think the little boy they tried to grab is around 2 and a half years old. Pure hysteria

Niza said...

Claudia, was hysteria really or people try take child and then because mother catch them say they think he Madeleine? I find very strange people think 5 year old girl same as 2 year old boy. I think police must investigate those British people. Very very strange. Maybe not try to find Madeleine at all.

Cláudia said...

Exactly, Niza. How long until all kinds of perverts start approaching children using that excuse???

Anonymous said...

Bom,aqui estou.

São vários assuntos:
felizmente,espero o D.L. publicou ontem.Já estava a ficar preocupada;
MAS,estou preocupada: já viu a mensagem privada do Blogue do Paulo?
E o que se passou com o seu amigo
-viv-? Andam ataques à solta? De quantas maneiras e feitios?
O D.L. estará bem?E quanto ao P.R.?
Quanto a Si? Quais são os ataques,fora do blogue?
Fala em e-mails....recebidos pelo viv;certamente pelo Paulo...tb.

No fundo,venham eles.Há sempre recursos à mão.

Como aprecio a sua maneira de ser ,"uma desbocada completamente racional e saudável", conte-nos o que for de bom senso contar.

Obrigada na mesma,certo?

Cláudia said...

Olá, SHU.
Nada de especial. Sabe que na net andam muitos malucos à solta. A Viv, moderadora do blog Justice for Maddie, também já teve de lidar com alguns. Mas enfim, é a vida. Quanto à Gazeta Digital, de facto os últimos artigos são fora do comum. Só esperar para ver.
Bom jantar!

Anonymous said...

Obrigada,minha linda.Um bom jantar também.

Cláudia said...

SHU, obrigada!

Georgia said...

If some idiot try to grab my child like that, I would bitchslap her from here back to the middle ages.

...are they really idiots though, or perverts using a lame excuse? A COURT should decide this!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Georgia.
Exactly. If anyone would do such a stupid thing to any child I know, that person would not forget me or my hands for a very long time.
I believe these were just brainwashed stupid people. But the possibility that perverts approach children with that excuse is very, very real.
Hope I'll read you soon again.
Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia!

Continuo a achar que não é o D.L. que está a actualizar o SOS ou kidnnapping.

Quem sabe dele?Isto é, se sabem,digam que está em segurança e não teve mimos indesejáveis.


Anonymous said...

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Cláudia said...

Anónimo, está tudo bem com o PR e com o DL. Não tem que se preocupar.

Quanto aos 3 Arguidos, apesar de não ter verificado, sei que é um problema com o servidor, como outros que já aconteceram.