Wednesday, August 13, 2008


McCann case: 24 pictures that may help to re-open the case

A tourist that was at the Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, took several pictures where the table with the McCann and their friends is visible. The tourist was with his wife and another couple and they took pictures from each other, with the McCann table on the background.
The owner of the pictures is negotiating with several British newspapers to sell the rights for an exclusive publication, but with a condition: before being published, the pictures must be sent to the Portuguese police. The tourist is well aware that the pictures may have important evidence related with a crime and not sending it to police is considered also a crime, in his country.
Yesterday, a well known legal office from UK knew about the existence of those pictures and contacted the owner, offering to buy all pictures for 600,000 Euros. But the British lawyers didn't accept the condition set by the owner – that the pictures should be sent to the Portuguese police, just before the transaction. The lawyers' office wanted to be free to choose the moment when the pictures would be send to Portuguese authorities, so the offer was refused by the tourist.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

I'm back, just like I said I would be. Holidays over. Took some good pictures, but not as interesting as some. ;-) Have a translation deadline so I'll see you later.
P.S: The girl in Belgium is not Madeleine. What a disappointment. I was so sure it was her...


Joe said...

Hi Claudia,
Welcome back, hope you had a great holiday. That's very interesting about the photos, if true. One wonders if the photos would show inappropriate behaviour, eg being over riendly with other peolpes partners or excessive drinking or something concrete that may tarnish the reputation of the Tapas 9? IMO of course.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Joe!
Thank you. The holiday was great. Too bad it's over. I may have a few more days off if things go well.
The photos may be interesting. But the question is, assuming they do exist, why haven't they been shown to the police for more than one year? Are people aware of a thing called 'obstruction of justice'?

Joe said...

Yes Claudia,

We have all learned not to take anything at face value re this case as often it is pure spin and the clan would surely have checked out any other diners that evening, as witnesses were approached allegedly by Metodo 3, so the photos could be genuine but why witheld fom the PJ?? Most odd.

Cláudia said...

Joe, nothing surprises me anymore regarding this case...

Anonymous said...

Boas! Bom regresso!Bom trabalho e já agora tudo o que falta!

Esta história das fotos...

ontem ou hoje esperamos por mais notícias

ou,como eu, logo de manhãzinha abri o comp.-a ansiedade era tanta que até foi antes de dar de comer aos meus domésticos.

A very,very poisened gift.

Cláudia,entrei porque estava nos meus favoritos.Há alguma mudança?Entrar com inscrição de conta google(que esteve "almariado").


Helmy said...

Hello Cláudia,

Greetings from Nelson Lancashire. I have been reading your blog since the beginning. Haven't posted before as I'm dyslexic and embarressed with my poor spelling.

I hope some good comes out of these photo's. I don't understand why they weren't given freely as soon as they realised what they had.

Cláudia said...

Olá, SHU.
Não há diferença nenhuma. Simplesmente fechei o blog enquanto estive de férias, para evitar surpresas desagradáveis, pois ia estar longe te computadores. Agora já cá estou e está tudo na mesma.
Cá estaremos para ver as novidades fotográficas. :-)
Até breve!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Helmy.
You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have worked with dyslexic students and it is a great challenge.
I think we have to wait a bit before we know more about these photos. But your question is also my question.
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

I have been reading your comments for so long that I feel like you are a friend.

I realise that this isn't the same as your opening post but I just wanted to say it.

Hope I'm not out of order.

After I read the questions that Kate refused to answer I was more confused than ever. To my way of thinking they were just normal questions that any parent of a missing child would answer. They weren't trick questions.

Must have done something wrong with my log in. It was supposed to come out helmylin2!

Anonymous said...

Olá Claudia

Espero que tenhas tido umas óptimas férias. Daqui a uma hora começam as minhas!



Cláudia said...

Helmy, I read the questions in a newspaper while I was on holiday. I will probably put up a thread about the questions in the future, when I have the time. I'm a bit busy right now. Have a translation deadline and will be back to work in about two weeks. But I agree, I can't understand how any mother of a missing child would refuse answering any questions.
Read you soon, I hope.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulinha!
Obrigada! Foram curtas!!! :-)
Descansa muito e diverte-te nas tuas.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

Missed reading your blog while you were away. Hope you had a lovely time.

Maybe the pics might include certain people on their mobile phones, watches on and checking the time, paying with credit cards and bottles of wine on the table. Or maybe they were all sitting praying cos we know how Holy they are.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac. Thank you. I did.
That would be great. Mobile phones and watches all over. :-)

Anonymous said...

Upsss....lá consegui redefinir as palavras passes do e-mail e da conta google,que esteve almariada.Puxa.

Calculei que fosse por isso.Precauções.Mas o g. andava abananado...
O cutting está na mesma.Pode estar fechado para balanço ou férias.

Boas!E obrigada pela resposta.

Nana said...

Welcome back, Cláudia, we all missed you! I received Amaral's book yesterday and can't wait to start reading it!
Regarding the photos, I'd like to know why this person waited so long...

A warm Brazilian hug for you!

Cláudia said...

SHU, de nada! :-)

Cláudia said...

Nana, hello! :-) Thank you. It's great to be back too.
I wish you a happy reading. I'm lucky to have two copies of the book. One of them signed. :-)
As for the photos, I would also like to know... If the photos really exist, that person may have problems with justice. And rightly so...
An equally warm (ok, maybe not as warm :-) ) Portuguese hug for you too, Nana. :-)

Anonymous said...

Claudia krida,

Fico feliz por saber que as férias foram óptimas! Senti imenso a falta deste cantinho.
Beijos da tua amiga algarvia.

Cláudia said...

Oi, Lili.
Muito obrigada, minha linda.
Desculpa. Só agora vi o teu comentário. Estou numa maratona de tradução. Agora vou dormir, porque amanhã de manhã começa tudo outra vez. Estava a precisar de um período de adaptação pós férias, mas nada feito. Muita coisa para traduzir e de volta ao trabalho logo em Setembro. Oh mundo cruel! :-)
Beijinhos, minha linda. Também senti falta do meu estaminé. :-)

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

Look at the drivel the UK are printing. PMSL at the last sentence, looks like Inspector Jose Roque and I (and many more if the www is anything to go by) feel the same way about these two. Look who the journalist is. ... -20691901/

Secrets of the Madeleine McCann dossier
By Lori Campbell 10/08/2008

Kate and Gerry McCann's "Tapas 7" friends refused to return to Portugal because they feared they were pawns in an elaborate plot to frame the couple.

And the group of friends believed they too could be made suspects if they returned to the country.

As police files into Madeleine's disappearance are opened, we can also reveal how:

Kate McCann was given a Do-It-Yourself guide to policing by UK cops after Portuguese police failed to find any clues themselves.

Local cops accused the McCanns of shedding crocodile tears just hours after their daughter was snatched.

The Portuguese police officer assigned to them as a family liaison officer criticised them for "reacting negatively to the work of this police force" and became irritated by Gerry's frequent emails.

The 30,000-page dossier reveals how the Tapas 7 decided not to go back to Portugal for a "reconstruction" in May this year because Portuguese police would not give them reassurances they would not be arrested.

The group were baffled as to why police were calling them back for the re-enactment a full year after Madeleine went missing, and demanded to be told how it would help the inquiry.

In an email to police chief Paulo Rebelo in April, the McCanns' friend Rachel Oldfield wrote: "We are still very uncertain of the motives in organising such a re-enactment.

"We feel we would be making ourselves and our families extremely vulnerable by returning."

The friends also hit out at Portuguese detectives' aggressive questioning when they were re-interviewed in the UK.

An email from Russell O'Brien and his wife Jane Tanner said: "The thrust of the... questions seemed only to focus on Kate and Gerry's culpability.

"After a year of lies, accusations and intrusion, I am sure that Mr Rebelo can appreciate our revulsion at what Kate and Gerry have been forced to endure."

The shocking state of the Portuguese investigation is laid bare in the police files, which reveal that British authorities gave Kate a police manual when she became increasingly desperate for ideas to find Madeleine. The technique book gives step-by-step instructions on solving crimes and was handed to the McCanns by British experts.

She desperately bombarded Portuguese police with suggestions on how to further their investigation. The GP even had to tell detectives to take blood samples from the twins in case they had been drugged by Madeleine's kidnapper - something Portuguese police had not thought to do. But they dismissed her ideas as "bizarre".

In his own statement, Inspector Ricardo Paiva, the Portuguese family liaison officer assigned to Kate and Gerry, said: "I noted certain strange behaviour on the part of the couple who were gradually reacting negatively to the work of this police force.

"I was repeatedly told by Kate - three months after Madeleine's disappearance - that the police should do blood analysis on the twins." Insp Paiva also said he became irritated by Gerry who would email him every lead the family received in the hunt for Madeleine.

He said: "Mostly they contained information of little credibility."

Inspector Jose Roque also accused frantic Kate and Gerry of faking tears in the first few hours of the hunt.

He said: "After the search I noticed an unusual situation. The parents were kneeling in their bedroom and they were crying. However, I did not see any tears despite the fact they were making sounds identical to crying."

Anonymous said...

Bom dia Cláudia:
hoje venho aqui para te pedir uma coisa. Amanhã ou o mais tardar na 6ª-feira vamos ter uma carta e umas fotos da Amy Fitpatrick, menina irlandesa de 16 anos que desapareceu na noite de final de ano de 2008 em Riviera del Sol. A mãe tem tentado colocar apelos sobre a filha na Sky ou noutros jornais ingleses mas não tem obtido qualquer resposta. Por isso como o teu blog é bastanto visto por ingleses e irlandeses, queria te pedir se depois podes publicar aqui o apelo da mãe a algumas fotos?



dylan said...

Hi Cladia,

Zodiac just posted something from the Mirror on Sunday which I found particularly offensive, about the PJ.

Just wanted to leave a message, in case they read here, for the PJ:

I want to apologise on behalf of my country for the disgusting treatment you are receiving in our press and I would like you to know that, whist it appears that the majority of the British public feels this way, actually it is the reverse. Most of us are fed up with the lies we are being fed and losing faith in what is supposed to be indescriminate reporting.

It is my understanding that your police force dealt with this case in a most thorough and professional manner and I am sorry that this had to happen in your country.

My best wishes go to you and yours and I hope that some day, a resolution may come to light so that all of the British public understand how hard you all worked.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, that 'article' is hilarious! LOL And the 'journalist is even more hilarious. :-)Isn't she Robert Murat's best friend? ;-)

Cláudia said...

Paulinha, eu estou a par do desaparecimento do Amy. E do modo digno como a mãe tem enfrentado a tragédia. Claro que farei tudo o que puder. Assim que tiveres novidades, alerta-me que eu ponho uma thread.


Cláudia said...

Dylan, thank you.
Your words and the words of thousands of good, decent people like yourself are heard by the men and women who worked like crazy to find Madeleine.You can be certain of that.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ainda bem que aqui,no nosso canto à beira mar plantado,já há pedidos de ajuda e de colaboração para se conseguir saber de Amy.


O clarinete até tinha dito nim.

Estão de parabéns a Paula e a Cláudia.

Força,pela adolescente Amy,desaparecida há tanto tempo.

Claro que O Duarte Levy também a tem lá.

Cláudia said...

Faz-se o que se pode, SHU, uma vez que a imprensa do seu país de origem se esquece que a Amy também está desaparecida. Parece que o pink clown está ocupado...
Vou sair. Fique bem, SHU.

Anonymous said...

O pink clown disse NIM!

Disse NIM à Família de Amy Fitzpatrick,a qual tinha passado a última noite do ano ,parece, a tomar conta de crianças pequenas,numa determinada casa e até era hábito ir ali.
E foi a caminho de casa que desapareceu.

Era para inglês ver!
E a família dela à nora.Sites não faltam.E há 1( em espanhol) que refere 1 sociopata com crematório de animais e suspeito de adolescentes desaparecidas.
Pela Amy Fitzpatrick também!Por todos os meninos que estão em; por todos os outros.

Cláudia said...

SHU, o Pinl clown não passa de isso mesmo. Um palhacito. A mãe da Amy não tem nenhum fundo...
Até amanhã.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia
Have you got an email i can contact you at?

Cláudia said...

Anon, give me a throw e-mail address (which I won't publish and only I will see) and I will contact you.