Thursday, August 14, 2008

48 stones left unturned

The Judiciária’s 48 questions that Kate did not answer

1 On the 3rd of May 2007, at around 10 p.m., when you entered the apartment, what did you see, what did you do, where did you search, what did you handle?

2 Did you search in the couple’s bedroom’s closet? (said she would not reply)

3 (Two photographs of her bedroom’s closet are exhibited) Can you describe its contents?

4 Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa (photograph is exhibited) ruffled? Did someone pass behind that sofa?

5 How long did the search that you made in the apartment after detecting the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine take?

6 Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?

7 Presuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home while you went to the Tapas to raise the alarm? Even because the supposed abductor could still be inside the apartment.

8 Why didn’t you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn’t you ask them at a later point in time?

9 When you raised the alarm at the Tapas, what exactly did you say and what were the words?

10 What happened after you raised the alarm at the Tapas?

11 Why did you do to warn your friends instead of calling out from the balcony?

12 Who contacted the authorities?

13 Who participated in the searches?

14 Did anyone outside of the group learn about Maddie’s disappearance during the following minutes?

15 Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?

16 What does the expression “we let her down” mean?

17 Did Jane mention to you that she had see a man with a child that night?

18 How were the authorities contacted and which police force was called?

19 During the searches, and already with the police present, in what locations was Maddie searched for, how and in what manner?

20 Why didn’t the twins wake up during that search, or when they went to the upper floor?

21 Who did you call after the facts?

22 Did you call SKY News?

23 Did you know about the danger of calling the media, because that could influence the abductor?

24 Did you request the presence of a priest?

25 How was Madeleine’s face publicized, with a photograph, or other media?

26 Is it true that during the search you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

27 How did you behave that evening?

28 Did you manage to sleep?

29 Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?

30 What was Madeleine’s behaviour?

31 Did Maddie suffer of any disease or did she take any kind of medication?

32 What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings?

33 What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings, her friends and her colleagues at school?

34 Concerning your professional life, in how many and in which hospitals have you worked?

35 What is your medical specialty?

36 Did you work by shifts, in emergency rooms or in other departments?

37 Did you work on a daily basis?

38 Did you stop working at a certain point in time? Why?

39 Do your twin children have difficulty in falling asleep, are they unruly and does that upset you?

40 Is it true that at certain times you were desperate over your children’s attitude and that left you were upset?

41 Is it true that in England you considered the possibility of handing over Madeleine’s guardianship to a relative?

42 In England, did you give your children medication? What type of medication?

43 Within the process, you were shown films of cynotechnical inspection of forensic character, where the dogs can be seen marking indications of human cadaver odour and equally human blood traces, and only of human origin, as well as all the comments that were made by the responsible expert. After the visualization, and after cadaver odour was signaled in your bedroom next to the wardrobe and behind the sofa that was pushed against the living room window, you said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said?

44 You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood behind the sofa by the detection dog?

45 You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of cadaver odour in the boot of the vehicle that you rented a month after the disappearance?

46 You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood in the boot of the vehicle?

47 You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, upon being confronted with the result of the collection of Maddie’s DNA, which was analysed by a British lab, behind the sofa and inside the vehicle’s boot?

48 Did you have any responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of your daughter?

The question that she answered

Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter? She said yes, if the investigation thinks so.

How can the mother of a missing child refuse to answer questions that may be essential to help the police find out what happened and return the missing child to her family?

I know it is a right not to answer questions whose answers may incriminate you. But how can anyone who hasn't done anything wrong incriminate himself/herself if there isn't anything to be incriminated for?


Zodiac said...
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Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac.
I just don't know how anyone who has a child missing refuses to answer perfectly normal questions which may help find what hapened to the child who is still missing and then manages to sleep at night. But then again, I don't know how anyone can sleep at night after leaving three under 4 year olds alone in a resort apartment in a foreign country because they wanted to have dinner with friends.

Anonymous said...

GP or not, in my opinion, that woman should not even be called a mother. Trash if you ask me.

Niza said...

Claudia, you have nice holiday? I read this in other site I think important people read.

Kate's Diary TV Mais (no online link, appears in magazine edition only)

Under the magnifying glass

(Note: 'TV Mais' is a Portuguese television magazine, similar to 'TV Times' in the UK. This article appears in this weeks issue and is an analysis of "Kate's Diary" by a Portuguese psychologist.)

Thursday August 14 2008
Thanks to 'lisbonirish' for translation

Narcissistic, immature and predictable. As if she were writing to lead the reader on. This is the conclusion of an analysis of the writings know as "Kate's Diary" by psychologist Quintino Aires.

"I need you to come back." That is one of the sentences repeated most by Kate McCann in the journal she wrote that is commonly referred to in the media as "Kate's Diary". We showed the writings to Quintino Aires, chair professor of psychology. "She seems to be more concerned about herself than about poor Maddie", he finds.

TV Mais has established that Kate only began writing the journal almost two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared. But the "diary" looks as if it was begun before 3rd May 2007. One only has to look at the diverse appearance of the writings, with different colours of pen and writing styles, for example, to understand that it was written in different stages and in differing emotional states. Written and added to as she deemed convenient.

"It's the Kate McCann we already know", explains Quintino Aires. "The narcissistic personality of this woman, which has already been alluded to several times, comes out very clearly in these writings. Her complaints about the negative effect the physical exertion is having on her body, which "annoys" her; how she feels very tired at the vigil on the 25 May, which she thinks is too long (contrary to what a mother suffering the loss of her daughter would feel, being buoyed up by the joint attention of others…); the enthusiastic way she refers to the photo session or even the conference in the British Consulate, which, she highlights, ended in applause from the media. Kate's venting about the difficulty she has in answering questions in moments that are less controlled and not predicted. In her writings one can very frequently identify traits of an immature and narcissistic personality", the psychologist explained to TV Mais. Instead of "I need you to come back", which Kate repeats so many times in her notes, Quintino Aires says that one would normally expect to find "how are you feeling?". In other words: Kate is more concerned with herself than with her daughter.

Relevant or not?

On 12 September 2007, "Público" reported on its website that "the PJ has seized a copy of Kate McCann's diary, a document that could contain relevant information that would help to clarify the case of the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine". The report turned out to be true. The seizure took place during a search of the house the McCanns had rented in Praia da Luz. Amongst other things, Maddie's mother complained that her children were hysterical and that her husband didn't help her as much as he should.

The PJ already considered Kate's notes to be important for the investigation in its interim report and Prosecutor's Office filed a request that the diary be added to the case evidence. But the criminal instruction judge presiding over the investigation in Portimão rejected the request, as did the Évora Court of Appeal.

Little emotion

The events following Maddie's disappearance, her mother's anguish and despair, the solidarity of her friends and the media impact of the case are other aspects referred to in the notes. Quintino Aires explains that writing things down helps us to organise our thoughts, especially when we are going through trying times.

"Many people use this as an instrument to deal with the anxiety. So it is nothing out of the ordinary that Kate has written the notes, regardless of whether she did so on her own initiative or at the suggestion of a friend or specialist. What is surprising is the structure and content of the document, given that it does not follow the normal format for texts of this kind.

"By this I mean, when we open a diary of a mother who is suffering the loss of her daughter (who is completely vulnerable, not least because of her very young age), we would expect to read about her feelings for her daughter, her fears about the suffering her daughter might be going through and that she (the mother) cannot prevent because she is not with her.

"But what can we read in Kate McCann's journal? Endless lists of the time she got up, what time she went jogging, what time she had lunch or dinner and what time she went to bed at. Who she met and who she talked to. Extreme concern and detail as regards names of people and the companies they belong to. In terms of emotions or feelings, only references to who she likes, because they talked or behaved the way Kate wanted them to, and who she doesn't like (especially Portuguese and German journalists…).

"The journal goes into such detail in matters that have nothing to do with emotion or feeling that, throughout the text, I have the feeling several times that Kate is writing with the aim of guiding the thoughts of the reader. The messages to Madeleine are so short and coincidental that they go under, and many times they only come following a comment or attitude by someone who Kate is describing. Judging by the way it is written, the journal can be divided into four phases.

"One can note the improvement and adaptation along the way. Whoever wrote it got better at it with practice…", explains the psychologist, who concludes as follows: "On the basis of all this, I am not surprised to read "I need you to come back" so many times and almost never "how are you feeling?". She seems to be more concerned with herself than with poor Maddie… It's the Kate McCann we had already got to know".

PS: You know if they sue Inspector Amaral yet? We waiting.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

PMSL! Don't know what happened to my 18.17pm post it does not seem to make sense. Please delete it if you wish. I was multi tasking yesterday and think I must have deleted most of it. I pressed the publish button and thought ooh what did I send there. What a numpty!

'Q1. The mother of this missing child has said on TV that she just knew her child had been taken because of how the apt was left. She could not divulge anything due to the Secrecy Laws. Well the status that prevented her from telling all was lifted on the 21/7/08. Why are we still waiting, come on tell the World how you knew? Why did you not check with you friend in the next apt, your child could have been in there?'

Deleted part of Q1 She has said on live TV the Secrecy Laws prevented her from divulging how she 'just knew'. Well it seems from reading her 48 questions she did not even divulge how she 'just knew' to the PJ either although implied that she had and that their Laws prevented her from telling the public all! No wonder GA wrote his book.

Claudia I do not understand her not answering Q41. If it was not true any parent would answer that loud and clear. If there was a grain of truth in it then given the circumstances...Mmmmm!

I still believe they thought the file would be handed to them and they could divulge what they wanted and keep all the other stuff to themselves. So glad that did not happen. J4M.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

Just realised I had a bin so deleted nonsense post myself.

Cláudia said...

Anon, the parental side of this case has always been what has shocked me the most. As well as the consequent lack of guilt and remorse clear in the refusal to accept responsibility for the tragedy.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Niza! :-)
Yes, my holiday was very good, thank you. And I saw 4 'Madeleines'. Two spoke English, one spoke French and one was Portuguese. The mother of the Portuguese told me right away, as soon as I looked at her daughter: 'no, it's not her.' I imagine how many times she must have been questioned. And to ne honest, the little girl was not exactly a Madeleine twin.
I had already read the comments by Dr Quintino Aires and can't say I'm surprised.
As for suing Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, we are all waiting. And so is he. :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac. No problem.
I don't understand why she did not answer all the questions. As for the files, I couldn't agree more. They wanted the files to be available but only to them so they could select the bits which would better suit their own agendas and get rid of the rest. Damn, things didn't work out that way, did they? Life's unfair.

Helmy said...

That article from TV Mais says it all. Me, me, me never mind poor little Madeleine. I still can't get my head around her not answering questions.

Cláudia said...

Helmy, that is one of the things that have shocked me the most. Remember the 'the situation Madeleine found herself in' comment? Disgusting.

Helmy said...

Hi Cláudia,

The only good thing that has come out this for me and probally others is that I have learned how kind and caring the Portuguese people are. What a beautiful country you have.

I certainly remember the comment: 'the situation Madeleine found herself in' . It defies belief.

I hope something breaks soon.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Helmy. We have many problems here, just like any other country. But one thing I'm proud of is that people in my country (like any decent people anywhere in the world) do not find it acceptable to abandon children to fulfill your selfish needs.
To be honest, I think the fight now is to allow people to have access to the whole story, not to what the baised UK press prints. I have no problem with people not agreeing with me. But i do have a problem with people being fed only what suits certain agendas. Everyone should have acess to all the information. What they do with it, how they perceive it, what they think of it it's their own decision. I come from a country which fought for almost 50 years for the right to have their say and speak their minds freely.

Nana said...

Good morning everyone
Cláudia, the French site about kidnapped children is going to publish the files. It's exactly what you were talking about: people will see for themselves.
Cheers for them and for so many of you who keep trying to find justice for Maddie.

PS I sent you a warm hug because it's winter down here the weather is very cold!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Nana! :-)
Yes, that's great, isn't it? Freedom is the most beautiful thing.
How cold is it where you live? Does it get really cold where you are?

Nana said...

It can reach 33F, today it's about 50F. The rain is heavy and in a city two hours drive from here it even snown sometimes.
I really don't like winter time!

Do you know something new about that "24 pictures" story? Why nobody is talking about it?

Have a good evening all!!!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nana.
I had to use an online temperature converter because I'm usued to Celsius. :-) That's also the normal temperature for winter time where I live here in Portugal. Sometimes, even lower. And sometimes it also snows here. I guess we all think that it's always hot in Brazil but we forget that in a country almost the size of a continent diversity rules, which is wonderful because diversity is one of the world's wonders.
I haven't heard anymore about the photos. But I'm sure that if there is anything new, Paulo Reis will mention it on his Gazeta Digital.
Um beijo!