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When Silence Speaks Loud

English defended the use of the dogs - Correio da Manhã

Traces – Finding the trail of a death changed the direction of the investigation

An exhaustive report explains the possible scenarios to hide a body and defends the animals’ reliability

Mark Harrison, the English police who was designated to help the Polícia Judiciária in the search for Madeleine McCann, wrote a report last summer, in which he defended the usage of the dogs that are experts in the detection of cadaver odours and blood traces. The discovery of the residues and the signaling of the trail of a cadaver thus ended up formally changing the direction of an investigation that had been limited to the theory of abduction until then.The report, which praises the Portuguese authorities’ work, suggested that the animals should be taken to all the locations where the body might have been hidden. From the apartment that had been rented by the McCanns up to the crèche, through the beach and the church area.

Mark Harrison explained that it was necessary to analyse the scenarios of Madeleine having been killed that night and her body abandoned by a person on foot or by car. The expert added that despite of the high costs of that search, it should be carried out in order to clarify the case.

Dogs are reliable

In the report, Mark Harrison says that it us very unlikely that the body was buried in the sand. The English policeman defends that a launch into the sea is the most likely scenario, while the body should also be searched for within an area of cliffs and dense bushes that lies east of Praia da Luz.

The two English dogs were presented as an indispensable help to the investigation, after their abilities and the manner in which they are trained were explained in detail, as well as the fact that they both react to blood traces and cadaver odours, without a single episode of “false positives” in the investigations. In his report, Mark Harrison listed cases of success that offered a guarantee of reliability. And he asserted that if the dogs came to signal Maddie’s death, then it would be a fact.


High costs - Mark Harrison stressed the high costs of the dogs. Their daily rate amounted to one thousand euros; the cost of the trip for them and their handlers was of 2750. There was also the cost of the passport for the animals (450 euros), adding to the lodging, the food and the transportation of the vehicles that were necessary for the animals.

False positives – Eddie, the dog that specialized in cadaver odour detection, has never given a false alert. He has participated in approximately 200 searches in homicide scenarios in Great Britain and never signaled any products that derived from meat or any other food item.

Human blood – Keela was trained exclusively with human blood; blood that is subject to strict testing and which comes from hospitals. She locates contaminated guns, smells vehicles and clothing items, and accurately detects residues, even if the locations are subject to cleaning.

Kate refused to answer the PJ

Kate refused to answer tens of questions from the Polícia Judiciária. After the first day of questioning, when she appeared in the company of her lawyer but was heard as a witness, Kate changed her stance. Being made an arguida and the fact that the authorities assumed that they admitted her involvement in the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, led her to adopt a different attitude. She refused to reply, for example, why she left the twins behind in the bedroom in order to call her husband and friends at the restaurant, after finding out that Maddie had disappeared.She also failed to explain why she had not searched for her daughter in the first moments, sitting on the bed almost without moving, and she offered no explanation for the fact that the preliminary test results from the English lab detected traces in the car boot and behind the sofa, traces whose DNA resembled Maddie’s.

Other details from her personal and professional life remained unanswered. Kate refused, for example, to explain whether or not it was true that before the holidays she had admitted she had a bad premonition. Whether or not she had ever complained that the twins were very restless or had ever admitted to deliver the guard of Maddie to a relative. Kate also remained expressionless when she was confronted with the possibility that she had quit working because she could not handle the pressure of raising he three small children. She did not explain how the cadaver odour was found on her clothes and on the soft toy that was normally used by Maddie, or why the dogs marked the death inside the apartment.Kate also chose not to clarify who had called Sky News, nor did she reveal whom she had called in the moments that immediately followed the disappearance. In her deposition, Kate was also confronted with the fact that her refusal to make a statement might hinder the discovery of her daughter’s whereabouts. Nevertheless, she kept her silence.

Mother’s DNA on the window

The window had been forced open and the abductor had taken the child through it. That was the first possibility that was advanced by Kate to the authorities that collected residues on location. But the tests that were done at the IML [Portuguese forensics institute] ended up isolating just one DNA which did not belong to the child but rather to Kate. To the PJ, it is also practically impossible for anyone to carry the child out of that window, which does not even open completely.

Gerry accepted to speak to the police

On the day that he was made an arguido, Gerry accepted to answer all of the Judiciária’s questions.

Doubts about surveillance on the children

The PJ found contradictions in the friends’ testimonies concerning the manner in which the children were watched over

Denied the use of sedatives on the children

Kate and Gerry have always denied to the PJ that they medicated the children or used any sedative to make them sleep. Maddie’s parents thus stated that their children went to bed early simply because they were used to that, and it was not even usual for them to wake in the middle of the night. CM knows that months after Maddie disappeared, Kate suggested to the Judiciária that the twins should be tested in order to find out whether they had been sedated that night. Something that the investigators found strange, given the fact that being doctors, they both knew that any residue would have disappeared by then. This was considered to be another indicator that Kate and Gerry were not telling the whole truth about what happened on the 3rd of May, hiding what had happened to the child.


Recorded PJ taped action – The dogs’ search was recorded by the Polícia Judiciária. The handler also wrote an extensive report that translated the signs that had been detected by the animals during their search for traces.

TIR English address – Kate stated her identity and her residence and gave her English address. Therefore, the return home was not considered to be an escape from justice.

Return Postponed promise – When they returned home, the McCanns promised to return if it was necessary to make a statement. The reconstitution was requested, but the friends boycotted it.


Correio da Manhã, 20.07.2008, paper edition

by astro

So, according to this article:

1 - The abduction theory was investigated until exhaustion and the investigation only changed direction when the sniffing dogs, which were recommended by the British authorities arrived and marked someone's death inside apartment 5A.

2 - As far as it is known, nobody ever died inside that apartment but Madeleine Beth McCann went missing there while her parents left her, Sean and Amelie so they could have a nice meal and some drinks in the company of their good friends. Do the maths.

3 - Members of the British Police agreed that the dogs are extremely reliable and that Madeleine is no longer alive.

4 - A British Police officer wrote a report prasing the PJ work and efforts (Ouch!!!)

5 - "Harrison says that it us very unlikely that the body was buried in the sand. The English policeman defends that a launch into the sea is the most likely scenario (...)" No comments!

6- "In his report, Mark Harrison listed cases of success that offered a guarantee of reliability. And he asserted that if the dogs came to signal Maddie’s death, then it would be a fact." No comments again.

7 - A mother of a missing child whose whereabouts supposedly noone is aware of refuses to answer questions that may help authorities find what heppened to the child. Hmmm...

8 - The 'abductor' entered and left throuh a window carrying Madeleine yet the only DNA found is Kate's. This 'abductor' must be a part-time magician.

9 - I find it interesting that Gerry answered the questions but Kate refused to.

10 - The suggestion to test Sean and Amelie for sedatives months after Madeleine vanished is also interesting.

11 - The reconstruction that never was - we will go back as soon as requested vs no way we will go back.

12 - Poor parents. Did everything they could to help authorities. Answered every question. Came back everytime it was necessary. Boarded every plane everytime Madeleine was sighted in so many different places of the world. Stayed put when the police made them arguidos and refused to leave the place they promised they would never leave until what happened was found. Used the money that was donated to them in a wise manner hiring well known and competent detective agencies like M3 who came up with so much more info than the PJ and the British Police. Refused to use the money for personal purposes like making mortgage payments. Behaved like loving, responsible parents and sacrificed their holidays so their children could be with them at all times. Still the guilt can't leave them alone and everytime they are interviewed they punish themselves and alert people to keep an eye on their children at all times because not doing so can bring tragic results. Poor, poor parents.


docmac said...

I know who is just going to LOVE this artice, Claudia ;-)

Cláudia said...

Well, sweetheart, I'm here to please. All of them. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This case is absolutely outrageous from beginning to end. What a sad world we live in when a child's dissapareance is second place to other interests. I am so glad I've left the UK.

Sara said...

Claudia, sabes-me dizer o que aconteceu com o outro blog? A dona decidiu fechá-lo por acreditar que pode ser processada ou simplesmente se fartou deste caso?

Cláudia said...

Anon, I understand what you mean, but I don't think this has anything to do with the UK, except from the fact that the main characters are British citizens. There is trash everywhwere. And everywhere people get hold of their connection when it's useful. But I understand how you feel. MAny times I also wish they had holidayed elsewhere. The USA, for instance. You know how these matters which involve children are dealt with there.

Cláudia said...

"Claudia, sabes-me dizer o que aconteceu com o outro blog? A dona decidiu fechá-lo por acreditar que pode ser processada ou simplesmente se fartou deste caso?"

Sara, o outro blog não está fechado. Está limitado apenas a membros que continuam a comentar. A dona do blog acha que os McCann serão levados à justiça no RU e que podem invocar a existência dos blogs e fóruns como desculpa para não terem um 'fair trial'. Como quem me lê sabe, eu não acredito que eles sejam levados à justiça. Muito menos no RU. MAs dava tudo para estar errada.

Sara said...

Claudia, infelizmente também não tenho muita fé que aqueles xungas cheguem a tribunal. Quanto a mim, o julgamento deles será no Tribunal de Deus.

Cláudia said...

Muito antes disso, será o tribunal da opinião pública. Já imaginaste ter de viver assim? Cada vez que saísses à rua teres de enfrentar as pessoas, os sussurros, as desconfianças, os comentários, as dúvidas? Sem irem a tribunal, único sítio onde os arguidos podem limpar o seu bom nome sem margem para dúvidas, terão de viver com este peso para sempre. I isso, é algo que não desejo ao meu maior inimigo. E claro, a quqlquer altura algo pode vir a ser descoberto e começa tudo outra vez...

Ecolab said...

Great piece - great blog

mandarinn said...

Claudia, sara, também não acredito que vão a tribunal, muito menos no ru, de onde thes vem a protecção. Contudo penso que antes da justiça devina ainda terão de penar muito, apesar de toda a protecção.
Quizeram um caso de alto perfil ne net , para o mundo todo....terão de aguentar, também com lado mais negativo de tal opção.
Agora vou sair para alimentar o meu lado infantil com "O panda do kng fu"
leio tudo mais tarde

Cláudia said...

Ecolab, thank you.

Cláudia said...

Mandarinn, concordo contigo, como de costume. :-)
Exacto. Em relação ao circo mediático, virou-se o feitiço contra o feiticeiro.
Diverte-te, Mandarinn! :-)

Niki said...

Hi Claudia! Great comments to the CM article:-)

I'm off and out again...
Have a nice afternoon and "see" you tomorrow:)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Niki! :-)
Thank you.
Have fun. I'll 'see' you tomorrow too! :-)

Sara said...

Obrigada pela resposta, Claudia. Pensei que a dona do blog se podesse ter cansado de tanta negatividade que vem do campo oposto. Acho aqueles apoiantes do mais horrivel que pode existir em qualquer sociedade. Até mete medo pensar que a classe média idosa "bife" possa ser tão má. Credo!

Cláudia said...

De nada, Sara. Eu não posso falar pela dona, claro. Posso apenas dar a justificação que ela nos deu e em que eu acredito. Aquela gente é, na sua maioria, a escumalha da sociedade. Anyway, a mim não me calam. Podem roncar dia e noite, insultar e ameaçar. No meu sítio mando eu. E a liberdade de expressão, que eu saiba é um dos direitos fundamentais do ser humano. :-)

Sara said...

Assim deveria ser, Claudia, mas parece-me que "o outro lado" tudo faz para tentar calar quem os ousa enfrentar.

Cláudia said...

Pois fazem, Sara. Não tenhas dúvidas disso. A intimidação é uma das armas mais usadas. Mas só cede quem assim decide. Uns são mais fáceis de calar que outros. E eu cá não gosto que mandem em mim. Resultado, quanto mais me insutal ou ameçam, mais eu mordo. Estás a ver a onda? ;-)

hope4truth said...

Hi Claudia

Madeleine is still missing and the Pro's can only celebrate the fact that Viv is now underground?

This case is sickening a 3 year old English child is missing and they really dont care. As long as Kate and Gerry are held to be heros nothing else seem's to matter to them.

God knows what happend I dont belive any more that she was taken and the Pro's and their vile posts discusting language and avatars have helped convince me of this.

One has called people who post of Viv's old has beens this is the sort of mentality these people have they really believe we are there to feed our own ego's?

Old has been has been what concerned that a group of profesional people go away on holiday dump their children and go off to a bar night after night after night.

Has been concerend that Kate seemed almost proud to tell the world that Madeleine had asked on the 3rd of May why they did not come when her and her 2 year old brother were crying the previous night? Gerry wised he had been there when she was taken well I wish he had been there then I would not have ever heard of the 2 of them and Madeleine would be enjoying her first long summer vacation.

Yes there is speculation about this case but the Pro's have only encouraged this by bullying and making idiot comments.

For any pro who thinks I am an evil bitch for posting tough luck.

A 3 year old child has vanished and her Mummy and Daddy dont want to assist the PJ her Mummy would not answer any questions. Neither Mummy or Daddy bothered to look for her instead went jogging or played tennis (if they had been an emotional wreck it would have been understandable but Jogging???)...

To the pro who say's I am a has been (yeah yeah whatever grow up)... Have a look at some of the pictures in the early day's after their beautiful 3 year old daughter was taken as they say by evil peadophiles. Look at the sheer joy on their faces and if you are a mother stop for a moment and try and imagine your child is missing... Do you ever think you would look that joyful again?

Then have a look at the T shirt launch would you be beaming with joy?

We may never know what happend to Madeleine and I pray she was not hurt, scared or in any pain because you see this sick vile person called hope4truth is only really intrested in Madeleine and what may have happend to her and whatever it was would not have been fluffy and nice she wont be laughing and smiling because she has seen her Mummy and Daddy on the news waving to the crowds she will have been terified and in pain and that rips me to bit's and I did not even know her.

Her Mummy says with a smile she will be giving them her tuppence worth? No Kate she tried to give it to you when she said that you did not come when she cried and you ignored her and left her again now that is sick.

So to all pro's keep popping the champagne because a blog has gone private celebrate this joyus news you won you won oh yes you did enjoy every sad second of it.

Madeleine has not been found and I can see no reason to celebrate at all in fact there will not be a single reason to celebrate anything about this sad sad case ever as none of it will benefit Madeleine remeber her the little girl who was Neglected? God bless her and keep her not many seem to care for her feelings at all.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Hope. The pros, at least the hard core ones, don't give a damn about Madeleine. They are only interested in defending the indefensible, the obvious neglect Madeleine, Sean and Amelie were victims of. Let's not forget that these are people who have defended CONVICTED child murderers such as Leonor and João Cipriano and Rachel Charles's killer. What kind of people but scum can defend convicted child murderers? These people do the McCanns no favours, obviously.
If they think some of us will shut up, they are wrong. Very wrong.

hope4truth said...

Hi Claudia

I am not one for gossip and dont get excited every time another theory is put out in the forum's.

From day one the Neglect worried me my view has changed about what happend and sadly some of what I have heard may be true it may be a pack of lies.

Madeleine is missing and for her this is or was a real nightmare it is not about scoring points she is all that matters.

I dont know anyone who post's in the real world a few people ask me if I still do as I have talked about it but I dont go running to people and say OMG someone said this happend or that happend.

What I am finding more and more is people are talking about it and most dont believe what the parents are saying public opinion is changing that does not bring me joy the only outcome that could bring joy would be if she was found and that would be tinged with sadness about what the poor little thing may have been through.

If Gerry and Kate are cleared so what it wont help Madeleine.

All the spin and some of the pictures I have seen took the sympathy I had for them away a long while back. It really did tear me up when Kate was questioned that she may be torn from her twins and even if someting had been covered up what could be worse punishment than the loss of your daughter.

God forbid some of the revelations are true I have an open mind and the thought that they may be is terifying but I am still prepared to wait for evidence as it could all be a pack of lies. Can the Pro's say the same they have closed their mind to the Neglect which is proven and cant be denied what if some of it is true how proud and joyus will they be then..

Poor Madeleine

Cláudia said...

Hope, Madeleine was nerver the number one priority. Before she vanished she wasn't important enough for her parents to stay with her instead of leaving her and her twin brother and sister so they could have dinner. And after the tragedy happened, she still wasn't important enough for her parents to cooperate fully with authorities, answer each and every question and return for the reconstruction. That is all I need to know to have the opinion I have regading them.
Poor Madeleine, indeed.

Anonymous said...


Are the articles in this blog meant to be informative, or only to annoy those you don't like.

Pretty pathetic don't you think?

You may be proud of the PJ but after reading this blog I somehow doubt the pride will be mutual.

Cláudia said...

Anon, first of all, the threads on my blog are intended to pursue Justice for Madeleine. Secondly, they are also meant to allow English speaking people to have access to what the biased UK press tries so hard to prevent.
Now, if along the way it pisses some lowlife scumbags off such as yourself, then it's a bonus.:-)

Cláudia said...

P.S: anon, this was an exception because I'm in a good mood. Your garbage won't be published here unless I decide so. Please, put your oxygen mask on and go back to the sewer you came from.

Anonymous said...

I don't come from any blog.
Thank you for publishing my first comment anyway.

Cláudia said...

I told you it was an exception.
Of course you don't come from any blog. That is why your posts were so unfamiliar! ;-)
If most of you weren't such cowards and put your signture to your comments maybe they would get published more often. Because you know there are tools which aloow blog owners to check IP addresses even when people think it's not possible.
Thanks for stopping by anyway.

Cláudia said...

It could be if I humoured you. Sorry, trash bin where it belongs. :-) Have fun, though. Can't blame you for trying. :-)
Say hi to L, will you?

dylan said...

Hi Claudia,

I see you had a nasty little visitor - and dealt a swift blow to it :) I was going to offer a lend of my fly swat but I see you don't need it!!

Thanks for this blog. This recent thread is an eye-opener. When what's known is put together like that it doesn't leave any seeds of doubt. I read Molly's comments that doc provided a link to on the 3As which gives an even more sinister turn to the case.


I wouldn't give them the time of day. You know what they say about kids having a tantrum - that even negative attention means they have some attention and they carry on? Well this is what is happening with the pros. They are just stupid and exhibiting tantrum syndrome which just goes to show they have a mental age of about 2! Don't bother feeding them! :)))

Hope you are ok.

BFN xx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan! :-)
I'm fine, thank you! Hope you're ok too.
Oh, I'm used to those little crawlers. Some of them stop by once in a while to say Hi! ;-)
You're right, the adjective sinister is a good one. And you're right again. Some of them are just attention seekers. :-)
Hope I'll read you soon.

Zodiac said...

Hi Claudia,

I look forward to all the press articles from Portugal. The UK press are an embarrassment a disgrace just like the couple they put on a pedestal and worship, imo. Your 18.38pm and 16.42pm posts...LOL!!
Read you tomorrow.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac!
Thank you for your words, my friend. These blogs and foruns wouldn't exist if it wasn't for decent, caring citizens like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Aquele tipo de gente não bate bem da cabeça mesmo. Ora vê isto...acho que o ar do norte deve andar a soltar um pozinho qualquer que está a fazer muito mal aos seus habitantes...

Cláudia said...

Anónimo, não tenho a certeza quem és, mas adorei a tua expressão. Se a minha avó ouvisse tal coisa dizia logo que o mundo está para acabar! lolol

Cláudia said...

Bom dia, Paula.
Sim, é um dia importante. Mas não te esqueças que não é definitivo. Não tenhas muitas ilusões para hoje. Mas também não desanimes. O que hoje é, amanhã deixa de ser...

Sara said...


...ou não fosse "A Verdade da Mentira" ser apresentado no "el" Corte Inglês (irónico, não??? Não sei se é coincidência ou não mas que foi poética a escolha do local, ai foi foi....)

Cláudia said...

Sara, :-)))))
Tem graça que digas isso. Um grande homem chamou-me a atenção para essa ironia ontem e fartei-me de rir! :-)

Sara said...

É como diz uma simpática autora Portuguesa que todas conhecemos...

Há coincidências.... ;-)

Cláudia said...

Sara, ;-) Há, pois. :-)
E este caso, está pejadinho delas! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia, Long time no speak, thanks so much for this...My love to you and Alsabella . hope you are both well..i have now joined so will be speaking with you again. Have many questions....

Cláudia said...

Anon, I have no idea who you are, but thanks. Move to the latest thread. :-)

Anonymous said...

Caludia, many, many thanks for all the time and work translating; without the work of those who freely give their time to translate, I salute you many times.

If the book is published in English, it is my intention to buy ten copies, one for myself, one for my local library and eight to leave in public places. Once again, I thank you

Anonymous said...

claudia many thanks. You have provided a wonderful public service

merci de tout coeur

Cláudia said...

Anon 1 and anon 2, you're welcome. And thank you for your words.
But please move to the most resent thread. I hardly found you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely support the bravery of Gioncarlo Amaral.

He will get the truth out of the McCanns one way or another.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, anon.
Please, comment on the latest thread. It was hard finding you here. :-)
I agree with you.
Hope I'll read you soon.