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Updated Ouch...

Update: I have the book in my hand an I'll start reading it soon. I also bought today's edition of Correio da Manhã. There's an interview with Gonçalo Amaral. There he says that he believes the body was frozen or kept in the cold. And an interesting detail: Gerry and Kate's mobile phones were checked early on (on the 4th, I believe) and apparently there were no calls in the record, except for a call from Gerry on Kate's phone, on May the 3rd around 11 pm. Interestingly, that call was not recorded in Gerry's phone. The police officers with the PJ thought it was suspicious that parents of a child who went missing hours before had the time and the peace of mind to delete phone records at such a time.

1 - Gonçalo Amaral starts by thanking family and friends, anonymous citizens who supported him and also cibernauts and bloggers who 'defended the cause of truth and justice'.

2 - Very strange Mr Alípio Ribeiro's remark that making the McCanns arguidos was a hasty decision because he knew it all along and agreed with the decision at the time (I always thought that was ridiculous because there was no way such a decision in such a worldwide known case would habe been made without the agreement of the National Director of the PJ).

3 - The British Police agreed with the PJ that Madeleine had died in apartment 5A and that there was a body that needed to be found. Later things seemed to have changed.

4 - Making them arguidos was inevitable due to the non-incrimination principle. Certain questions culd not be asked if they weren't arguidos. Even for their own protection.

5 - Unsual, priviledged treatment of the couple is stressed.

6 - The British Police was working very closely with the PJ. They were in a room just next to the 'crisis room' the PJ worked in and were aware of everything that was going on.

7 - The McCann's routine is described. Madeleine, Sean and Madeleine spend most of the time in the créche.

8 - Sorry, let me just insert here something that hasn't got anything to do with Mr Amaral's book: Hello, visitor from Leicester. Stick around if you wish to be updated on 'The truth of the Lie'.

9 - On the 1st of May Madeleine cries for an hour and 15 minutes, between 10h30 and 11h45 pm and cries for daddy. She only stops crying when her parents get back home.

10 - The next morning Madeleine questions her parents about not being there while she cried all that time. (My comment: doesn't seem to have worked, does it?).

11 - When the first police officers arrived at the scene several people were inside the apartment. Gonçalo Amaral says that mistakes were made because the scene should have been recorded (pictures or footage) with the people who were there so important aspects like the way those people were dressed was recorded. The twins were sleeping and did not wake up with all the comotion. And the bed sheets in the twins' cots was not there. First 72 hours are extremely important in these cases.

12 - Contradiction regarding the checking times. Some say every 30 minutes, other say every 15 minutes. Gonçalo Amaral calls Glen Power for info on the whole group. They history could be essential for the case.

13 - Inspector Chief Tavares de Almeida forgets his holiday because of the case. All Portuguese forces were now aware of the crime as well as Interpol. Searches start. The apartment had been contaminated by friends of the couple, employees from the resort, GNR officers and their dogs and other unknown people. Was the contamination out of ignorance or was it on purpose?

14 - Early in the morning the searches continue, a crime scene team from Lisbon is on the way and the PJ starts to formally interview hundreds of people. The PJ asks British police for help regarding any British turist present in the Algarve who may have a criminal record. Footage from hotels, banks, supermarkets, gas stations and highways are checked. Spain is alerted to pay attention to departures to Morocco. The harbours of Tarifa and Algeciras are checked through cctv footage. Marinas in the Algarve are checked as weel as their records of departures and arrivals.

15 - The PJ checks all photos and footage from the Tapas 9. Clues could be found there, according to Mr Amaral. However, there are no photos or footage at night which might have been useful to help understand what happened that evening. Sexual offenders are checked to make sure they weren't around PDL at the time and the criminal history of PDL is also investigated. No signs of break in, unlike the McCanns and Sky news reported. The PM, Public Ministry is informed of the situation. In the document the case is treated like a "Kidnapping?". Mr Amaral said the document is in the files and that as early as the 4th of May there were questions, which explains the question marks after 'kidnapping'.

16 - All possibilities were on the table. The abduction theory was good for the investigation, according to Mr Amaral because it allowed more means, man power and tools to work with. It wasn't in the best interest of the investigation that the parents and friends were aware that they could be possible suspects. 12 hours after the disappearance a diplomat arrives at the PJ in Portimão. He was not happy and he was heard saying that the PJ 'wasn't doing anything'.

17 - Info from the British Police is late, unlike what normally happens in other cases. No infor on the couple, the friends or the children. It was important to be sure that Madeleine was their biological daughter. British Ambassador arrives. All this diplomacy is not normal according to Mr Amaral. 'Who is this couple?' 'Who are these friends?'.

18 - The searches go on. A helicopter is used and the OC employees are questioned. It's a battle against time because the following day /the 5th of May) is the day some of the potential witnesses are due to return to the UK. The press, Portuguese and British is already in PDL. Why was the press called in so quickly, apparently before the police?

19 - The apartment is checked for finger and hand prints, hair, fibres, blood and other biological evidence. Mistakes were made and Amaral underlines the person on the outside without a full suit on. No signs of break in and no prints of other people other than the ones who were supposed to have been at the apartment. No glove marks found either. A hand print is found and also fingerprints on the window from where Madeleiene was taken according to her parents. The hand print belonged to one of the first officers (A GNR? My question) who arrived at the scene.

20 - The road work being done in the streets of PDL was checked by workmen, police officers and sniffing dogs. The Tapas are formally questioned in Portimão (it's still the morning of the4th of May). First contradictions are detected. Jane Tanner 'saw' the abductor. Gerry and Jeremy were very close and did not see Jane or the abductor. The need for translation doesn't help because there is more time to think about what people should say. Kate and Gerry have no doubt that it is a kidnapping. Contradictions regarding the door and the window and shutters. (Open, closed, locked, unlocked, etc.)


21h05: Gerry - all is well with the children.

21h10/21h15: Jane Tanner - Sees alleged abductor carrying a child.

21h30: Mathew Oldfield - enter the aprtment but not the bedroom and only sees the twins.

22h00: Kate - finds Madeleine missing.

21 - If the window was open why didn't Oldfield see it if at the time Jane Tanner had already seen the 'abductor'? Mathew says the door was slightly open. Kate states the door was completely open. (let's remember that the abductor was already supposed to have taken Madeleine before Oldfield checks).

22 - Kate mentions the 'abductor' mentioned by Jane but describes him in a completely different way. Jane said the man had light trousers and hair the lenghth of his neck. Kate says the abductor was wearing jeans and had long hair. (I'm sorry but I feel the need to comment here. I'm reading page 52 and how these people can be believed is a mistery to me).

23 - The description evolved. Now the abductor was 1.78 m tall, was wearing light trousers and a dark shirt and was carrying a child who seemed to be wearing pyjamas.

24 - I will be having a break soon for lunch and to watch Mr Amaral on Sic Channel.

25 - Jane's decription evolves again: it is now a dark skinned man, 35-40, thin, around 1,70 m, very thick and dark hair neck length, linen trousers beige or gold, Duffy' type jacket but not as thick, classic black shoes, was rushing and was carrying a child that weird way we all know (I'm surprised she missed his underwear!). By the way the man was dressed, Janes said he didn't look like a turist. The child was apparently sleeping and she only saw the legs. The child had no shoes on. Cotton pyjamas, light colour, possibly white or pink and maybe flowers on it. Jane said she would recognise the man from behind and by the way he walked.

26 - Jane said she didn't know what Madeleine was supposed to wear which surprised the police because 14 hours had passed and Gerry and Kate must have mentioned it, especially because Madeleine's description and clothes had been given to police officers, locals and turists who were looking for the missing child.

27 - There is footage of a girl looking like Madeline in one gas station. The parents are informed and Kate is asked to return to Portimão to see if it is Madeleine or not. Instead of being full of hope, Kate looks bored for being forced to return to Portimão and seems angry at the speed of the police car which startled police officers.

Having my break now. I have to say that what I'm doing isn't in any way a translation. I'm only summarising what I feel is more important. It would be impossible to translate everything so important details may be missed.

28 - First press release on the case. Special authorisation has to be requested. Lots of info starts to arrive, especially info from'psychics' and people who say they had visions and dreams about Madeleine (this reminds me of someone. Tee hee hee). Although they aren't credible, they are checked everytime it's possible. Several sketches of Madeleine with different hair cuts and colour are done.

Mr Amaral on TV. Then lunch. See you in a while.

29 - On the 4th of May the PJ stays in PDL past 10hoo because they want the sight the lighting conditions and other details. The police finds it surprising that Jane was able to see all those details because it was already quite dark and the visibility is not good. Where did the 'abductor' take Madeline? Was there a car? if there was why wouldn't anyone see it if the car had to be driven towards the centre of PDL? The beach was the most likely destination to anyone who would not wish to be seen. Gerry stated he entered the apartment using the main entance and using his key. Why? If the back entrance was a lot closer and it was apparently unlocked? Kate and Gerry say the aductor did not enter the apartment from the back entrance because they could see it from the Tapas bar and would have spotted him. That is a lie. And this lie is most likely intended to state that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister were safe and that there was no neglect. They were obviously not safe or Madeleine wouldn't be missing.

30 - Another weird aspect: so, the abductor enter through the door and leaves through the window carrying a child? Why not using the door again? It would be easier and it wouldn't be so suspicious. The police officers discuss their suspicions in the 'cruisis' room. The pressure due to the media frenzy starts to kick in.

Sorry, guys. Little break. Important phone call.

31 - Several statements about people acting in a strange way are checked. Some can be discarded but at least one cannot be fully investigated because in the meanwhile those people returned to their countries of origin. However, in that case it was possible to identify the flight and no sign of Madeleine. A gipsy camping site is also checked as well as more than 400 apartments and houses in PDL.

32 - The possibility of searching the Tapas apartments is discussed. The interest is to locate Madeleine clothes, the ones which she was wearing that day to check them for evidence of violence, for instance. However, at this stage it is considred that treating the Tapas as suspects might not be good for the inestigation. Mr Amaral consideres this, at present, a mistake. But there was too much pressure to investigate the abduction scenario.

33 - It seemed like it was forbidden to suspect the Tapas 7 or the parents. Diplomacy was always around. Publicly the case is treated as a kidnapping to avoid media speculation, although all possibilities are being investigated by the police and many question arise. The media frenzy gets bigger and bigger. The PJ has dificulties dealing with that. At the same time the preoccupation of the McCanns in dealing with the press is noticed.

34 - The PJ keeps an eye on their public appearances. All info is being checked and the PJ starts working on the mobile phones info. No communications which arise questions are detected, apart from Robert Murat who will later be made an arguido. The PJ check Kate and Gerry's phone records. Kate did not make any phone calls between the 27th April and the 4th of May which arises suspicions. And hasn't received any between 11h22 on the 2nd of May and 23h17 of the 3rd. Gerry's phone has no record of calls before the 4th at 00h15. But wait, there is a record on Kate's phone of a phone call from her husband on the 3rd May at 23h17. The same record doesn't exist on Gerry's phone. So the records were deleted. Why?

35 - An unconfirmed piece of news arrives at the PJ. Apparently the British secret services had, after the (whatever) crime, tapped the Tapas phones. If that was true the info was never sent to the PJ which also thought about tapping them but who feared the reaction if it was found out and also the refusal of the judge because at the time there wasn't strong reasons to do it.

I haven't colapsed. I'm just reading. It's impossible to translate it all so I'm selecting the more important passages. Don't worry, CM, I'm not leaving out any of the excerpts which will help you sue. :-)

I apologise for my more than likely spelling and grammar mistakes but it's impossible to go back and check it all. I'm reading and translating. Page 78 now.

36 - A bit of the life of the McCanns is described. Kate had a tiring life. Three children to take care of. Madeleine apparently wasn't an easy child. At the time of the holiday Kate was probably exhausted and had mentioned that before leaving for PDL she had a bad feeling/ an omen.

37 - The police found it weird that the children spent so much time in the créche but after interviewing the nannies they were told it was not a general rule but it was quite common. (My opinion, now: as CM would say, a cultural thing, apparently. Yeah, right.)

38 - Madeleine was at the créche the day she disappeared until 5h30. That was the last time anyone outside the group saw her. Madeleine was apparently very close to her dad and revealed an extreme love for her twin brother and sister. (I'm becoming soft because this passage just made me cry. Yep, dear pros, the evil bitch cries).

39 - During July and one of Gerry's visits to England, a British Police officer visited him at home. On the fridge there was a piece of paper with some of Madeleine's problems written on it. Madeleine apparently had problems sleeping and used to get up at night quite often. It is mentioned that Madeleine's grandfather admitted that the children were given something to help them sleep. Mr Amaral says this can explain why the twins did not wake up and that it also may have been the basis of Madeleine's tragic faith.

40 - Madeleine's health records were really important and were asked for with insistence. However, they were not sent. Historically, in these types of siuations, apparently the UK is not very cooperative. And the secrecy between doctors and patients was also a setback. Her eye detail may be related to other health problems but without medical records it was not able to confirm this.

41 - the 7th of May. leicester police officers start to arrive. Later, Scotland yeard also cooperated. Several leads are pursued, 'suspects' found but discarded. Lots of Madeleine sightings. Lots of checking regarding Madeleine sighting. The Morocco saga starts. Mr Amaral talks about the photo of the little girl in Morocco who looked like Madeleine (not really). Mr Amaral was informed and diligencies to confirm it were done. But Mr Amaral said that he stated it wasn't Madeleine (remember this was in September and by that time Mr Amaral was sure Madeleine was no longer alive).

42 - The McCanns were at the time of the Morocco sighting already arguidos and both the British and the Portuguese police agreed that Madeleine was dead. Howeevr, something strange happened. The British Police had shown the Mccanns the photo before informing the PJ about its existence. Apparently a british police officer showed them the photo, asked them if it was Madeleine and the McCanns answered:'it can be'. Gonçalo Amaral was surprised that they weren't sure. After all it was their daughter. We all know how this ended. The child and her mother were identified and it wasn't Madeleine.

43 - 23rd of May: according to Mr Amaral the McCanns contacted Gordon Brown on that day and the PJ knew for sure that now this would be a political case, not a police one.

44 - A man, apparently British who has an Asian background, spotted in a photo with Murat and also in a photo where Gerry is in a park with the children is investigated. Info is collected and the British Police checks him out and gets an identification. He is discarded as not having anything to do with Madeleine and as being in the park with his own daughter and then helping in the searches like hundreds of other turists. (I believe this is the man the pro brigade - Rosiepoophead and the rest of the mental bunch - identified as a dirty PJ who was most likely related to Madeleine's abduction. How embarassing, uh? lololol)

45 - The photo of the poor man reached the British press (unlike many of the interesting aspects of the case). Mr Amaral says he has no idea of how it got to the UK papers and why it was publsihed (Sorry, Mr Amaral, but I do have an idea why. Which would, obviously, also explain why the pro brigade concentrated so much in this poor guy. I guess orders are orders.).

46 - One of the turists tld the PJ that he had heard gerry McCann speaking on the phone ans saying that there are paedophile rings operating in Portugal and that they took Madeleine. Mr Amaral says it's fantastic that after some hours the father of a missing child knows what heppened to her with such certainty.

47 - It was thought to do the reconstruction in May bit that wasn't possible. The number of turists, the number of journalists and the fact that the air space having to be closed (because of helicopters from the media) and the fact that it would make the public suspect the McCanns were being treated as suspects prevented it.

48 - Mr Amaral thinks that the reconstituiton should have been made even one year after and even with the parents only, who were the ones who couldn't refuse to come. He believes it would be helpful (I think he means the inconsistencies).

49 - A Dutch guy contacts the McCanns saying he wants money in exchange for Madeleine/ info about Madeleine's whereabouts. The police gets involved (PJ, Leicester Police and Scotland Yard). The e-mail exchange continues. The guy wants two millions and 500 thousand in advance. All are stressed. All but Gerry who was enjoying a lollipop, reading trivialities on the internet and discussing rugby and football with a British Police officer (I understand the guy. I also love football), which surprised the Portuguese and the British Police. The guy was arrested and only wanted money. He confessed (stay calm, he didn't confess to the PJ, he confessed to the Dutch police, so we wasn't severely beaten/almost killed like those barbarian Portuguese police officers do with all suspects) he knew nothing about Madeleine.

To explain Gerry's cold ways a british officer usually commented with his Portuguese counterparts: "Don't forget the guy starts cutting people in half after breakfast."

P.S: need to strecht my legs. Be back in a little while.

Ok, back to reading. Sorry guys, but this takes time.

50 - Several Police Officers from several police forces arrive as well as specialists in different areas and profilers. On the 14th of may Kater felt very offended with the liaison officers because they asked her where her daughter was. The McCann couple would not tolerate those questions and doubts. Those liaison officers' job was to make a bridge between the parents and the PJ and suppor the parents in any way they needed, However, it didn't last a week. After that questions the McCanns decided they did not need them anymore. Noone could doubt those parents let alone officers from their own country, writes Mr Amaral.

51 - A Portuguese PJ officer leaves for the UK to help Leicester Police triage info. Three Leicester police officers have a meeting in Portimão with Luís Neves, Guilhermino Encarnação and Gonçalo Amaral. The PJ is informed about the 'incident' between the McCanns and the liason offcer(s). As time went by the PJ realised that the theory most pursued in Portugal (Madeleine's death) was not known by everyone in Leicester. A 'rookie' british Police officer arrived in teh Algarve and was wearing thw Look for Madleine wristband. Portuguese PJ's commented that soon he would not be waeraingit anymore, which happened as soon as he came in contact with the files.

52 - Mr Amaral gets a phone call from his scared wife. Somebody had killed one of the family dogs, a Shitzu who had a serious head injury. Mr Amaral went home but was in a hurry because he needed to go back to work and didn't want his children to see the dog like that. He decided that he should bury the dog but the ground was to hard. So he decided to take the dog and put it in the trash bin. While doing so he couldn't help think how easy it was for someone to dispose of a dead body. Amaral's wife asks him to leave the investigation because she is scared. Mr Amaral tells his wife she is not being rational and that there are no reasons to be worried.

(I got to page 100). God, I'm tired. :-)

53 - Murat's story. His villa called attention because it was very close to the crime scene and because apparently the abductor was seen walking in that direction. Amaral decides to check and is surprised when a colleague tells him that Murat offered to translate at the scene if it was necessary, since he spike both English and Portuguese (I have to confess I would have done exactly the same thing). The police had to resort to volunteers due to the amount of turists and employees (hundreds) that had to be spoken to, even if informally in the beginning. The PJ starts to check him out, especially after the british journalist's suspicion. The PJ decide that it will be better if they keep him close and continue to use him as a volunteer translator. Murat seems interested in everything regarding the investigation. He is said to consult internet sites of a sexual nature, but no more details are known. British profilers atart working on him and seem interested.

Sorry. Phone call. I have to speed things up and be more concise or I'll take days! :-)

54 - Murat is watched. The rental of a car is investigated and the villa and cars are searched. Jane Tanner incriminates Murat. No signs of Madeleine. Murat's clothes and other objects are collected to be analised.

(I'm leaving a lot of stuff out because it's not possible to translate everything. I'm only summarising the most important aspects.)

55 - Murat made an arguido, declines lawyer. Answers all questions. The question of the phone calls between Murat, Malinka and Michaela is investigated. Apparently the three met on the 2nd May because of the internet site.

56 - Several suspicions arise regarding Murat, Michaela, Malinka and Luís António. They are all investigated. No signs of Madeleine anywhere. After a pseudo friend of Murat from teenage times incriminates him for bestiality and other stange behaviours British profilers say that there's an 90% chance that Murat is Madeleine's abductor.

57 - I forgot to add that the 'pseudo friend' apparently has a long criminal record and the the PJ was not very convinced by his statement.

58 - Suddenly, on the 16th May, some friends of the McCanns remember seeing Murat on the scene that night close to the apartment. GNR officers said that they only saw him the next morning when he offered to translate. Rachel, Fiona, Russel and Murat are put face to face. The Tapas say Murat was there. Murat says they're lying. The Tapas say that they will come back to Portugal if needed, which won't happen.

59 - The Smiths see a man carrying a child wearing pink or white pyjamas and no shoes. The child has got medium/long blonde hair. The man is between 30-35, is thin but fit and wears light trousers. Mr Smith contacts the Irish Police and tells them about that. It states the man is not Murat but the girl was most likely Madeleine.

60 - The Payne incident, regarding the sexual nature gestures is described. The statement was given to the British police 13 days after Madeleine went missing but was only sent to the PJ by the end of Octover after Amaral left.

Payne's visit to apartment 5A on the 3rd of May: Gerry said Payne stayed 30 minutes, Kate said it was 30 seconds (those two need to talk more, I say). The reasons for the visit and number of visitors also have different versions. Yvonne, with experience in children matters, gets to talk to the McCanns and asks several questions which annoy Kate who believes the police should be asking the questions not Yvonne. Kate also says thata couple too ker child and cries a lot. The McCanns refuse Yvonne's help after contradicting themselves more.

61 - The room seems too tidied up and too cold. Everything in the right place. No signs od an abductor who would have needed to use something to get out of the window. No footprints anywhere, nothing. Suspicions of an intentional modification of the crime scene. According to Kate Cudle Cat was close to teh pillow when she found Madeleine missing (where the hell is the non existent shelf?) Again the fact that the bed sheets of the twins' cots not being there.

62 - (Just to let you know that there are many interesting little details that I'm leaving out because it would take forever but that are new to the ones reading the book). The Tapas wrote two lists which are on the files with the times of the checking until the alarm was raised. Inconsistencies in those two lists also. As sson as the alarm is raised, everyone rushed and enter the apartment but Dianne Webster stays for some minutes.

63 - The two different list prove that the checking timelines were discussed. In order to escape the neglect accusations, the checking times were so close that they made the abduction virtually impossible. Mathew was supposed two have passed twice close to the window through whcih Madleine had already been taken and yet fails to see the window wide open, although his mission ws to check if everything was ok with the kids.

64 - Both police forces discuss the huge amount of inconsistencies.

65 - Jane also never mentioned the window completely opened.

66 - How could Kate leave the twins alone again with a window supposedly open with an abductor close by?

In the beginning of June Kate starts taking about the possibility of Madeleine's death and about contacts made bt psychics who claimed they knew where Madeleine's body was. Mr Amaral said that it almost seemed like Kate could soon say where Madeleine's body was even if in an indirect way.

67 - The McCanns ask for Mr Krugel, the south african body finder to come to PDL. Both police forces thought the idea was a bit ridiculous but didn't want to be accused of not doing everything. The couple would now admit that Madeleine could be dead unlike what they were publicly and still are claiming. The are where Krugel said Madeleine0s body would be had already been searched by GNR and its dogs but it was searched again. Nothing was found.

68 - Amaral describes a case he investigated where a 3 year old was beaten to death by her father. He describes what a police officer but also a father feels in such a situation and discusses the possible motive, generally speaking, which may lead people to hide a body.

69 - Amaral aslo underlines the difficulty in investigating cases of missing people and cases with no body. The british sniffing dogs are suggested and they come to PDL. As we all know, they detect death scent and blood.

70 - Mark Harrison analises the whole file, visits PDL on foot and in an helicopter and writes a report in which he states that Madeleine is most likely dead and her body most likely hidden in PDL. He alsos praises the PJ for all the work and efforts to try and find Madeleine alive but thinks it is now time to do different searches, the searches needed to find a body. (damn, the pro brigade must be pissed).

71 - It was now time to investigate parents and friends in a more serious manner. The impressive record of Eddie and Keela is described.

Sorry, guys. A phone call that I really have to answer. Don't kill me...

72 - The dogs are taken to apartment 5A and, as we know, detect death scent and blood, Arounf 10 pm Gerry is seen by the investigators driving around. Nothing was detected by the dogs in any of the other apartments. The history of apartment 5A was checked because another person could have died there before. Noone did which was sadly revealing. The death scent dog was taken to the field. Nothing was found. The police was now sure the biggest mistake was not to tap the Tapas' phones and not to follow them closely. A judge refuses the requeste for the phones to be tapped. The villa where the McCanns were now staying was searched by the dogs. The dog detects death scent on Cuddel Cat. (and people say cats and dogs don't get along...)

Sorry guys, press conference with Gonçalo Amaral.

Gonçalo Amaral was just asked about his opinion on being sued. He answered that the McCanns come from the oldest democracy in the world, a country where freedom of expression is a right. He said he is not worried but if the McCanns so wish, they could go to court and discuss the files from the frist to the last page. I have a personal opinion on this, that I will share later.

73 - Nothing is found on Murat's villa. But the garden is so badly dug that it is found the ouse was built on the top of an ancient romam village. The cars are checked. The god only react on the car hired by the McCanns. After Amaral left the investigation, he came to know that a witness, o Portuguese woman, stated that in the days before the cars were checked the trunk of the car was left open which family explained was because of soiled nappies and beef fluid that was spilled in te car after they went shopping once (did I tell you that before my current activity I was a Hollywood star? :-) )

74 - Mr Amaral tells us that the decision to send the blood and hair to FSS in the UK was because it was a renowned laboratory and because if they were analised in Portugal or elsewhere, the PJ feared some would say the results had been messed with to incriminate the argudos in case the results were clear. The most likely possibility is that Madeleine apparently died near the sofa.

75 - Mr Amaral said that the assessment of the house showed two different realities. KAte seemed mourning. Several pictures from MAdeleine, rosaries, saints and a bible marked on Samuel's Book, Chapter 12, about the death of a child. Gerry's 'part' of the space was colder. Gerry seemed to have been reading The Interpretation of Crime fromJed Rubenfeld, Spirit Messenger by Gordon Smith and Will to Live by Lance Armstring. Besides that, there were also several CEOP books which are only for police work, which startled Mark Harrison.

76 - The first results start to arrive. The blood found in the car has a 50% match with Gerry coming, most likely, from an offspring. Then, one of the samples comes back as a weak match to Madeleine, inspite of all the markers in the sample being a match, many markers were missing. The second sample, however, gad a 15 out of 19 marker match to Madeleine's DNA profile. Another preliminary report is sent that contradicts the first findings. For example, regarding the trunk sample there is, this time, no mention about the 15 components of Madeleine's DNA profile, like they never existed. Stuart then call FSS asking if they thought the Portuguese were idiots. He was heard saying that in the UK he had arrested people for less.

77 - As for the hair, apparently nothing came of ir. The PJ wanted to know if they came from a living person or a dead one. FSS said they could not answer that question. British officers suggested sending the hairs to other labs in Europe but FSS apparently didn't want to lose/ give the hairs back.

The only fingerprints found on the window belonged to Kate. Because of the position of the hand it's more than likely that they gor there when Kate opened that window, whenerever that happened.

78 - The time of the question of the McCanns is close and Stuart seems nervous. The PJ also wished to re-questions the whole group. Very little info on the McCanns arrives regarding their financial situation. According to UK authorities the McCanns have no credit card or ATM cards. However, the flights had been paid with credit cards so the PJ knew they had them.

*SIC is saying that the McCanns are sueing. Gonçalo Amaral was asked if he told everything in his book. He said that he didn't say everything.

79 - Mr Amaral says that if the McCanns were in any way responsible for what happened to MAdeleine then the fund would be a fraud. As the fund was set up in England it would have to be investigated by the British police.

80 - The McCanns were informed about the re-questioning and that they would ba made arguidos, even for their own protection. She replied asking what would her parents and the press think and say.

81 - Kate's re-questioning was interrupted from 8pm till 10pm for all involved to rest and have dinner (this one is dedicated to the pro brigade, which were tearful because poor, little Kate was among those barbarian police officers and they didn't even feed her). As soon as she is made an arguida, Kate shuts up. Gerry is made an arguido, answers his questions and denies any involvment. The McCanns go back to England and when they arrive and go down the plane's steps Mr Smith in Ireland regonises Gerry as the mand he had nseen carrying a child on that night. He contacts the police when his return to Portugal is being taken care of when Mr Amaral is pushed from the investigation. Afterwards, the next person in charge for the case decides that Mr Smith can be interviewed in his country through a rogatory letter. We all know that nothing happened.

82 - Mr Amaral discusses the fact that he was removed from the case. Portual seemed to have succumbed to the pressure. The info on the McCanns and other Tapas never arrived. Amaral says that both Police forces agreed on the path the investigation took but that after the McCanns left all British Police officers left too. So, were they here to help with the invstigation or were they were because of the McCanns (I find this very, very intereting and I had never thought about this this way). Find the body and prove we did it is also mentioned as well as the McCanns need to discredit the dogs.

Along the way Mr Amaral neighbour's house is broken into and some documents are stolen. The hasty answer to the journalist, which got him out of the case is also mentioned. Amaral says thet he knew immediately it had been a mistake but that he never knew how serious it would be because his words were greatly exagerated. Amaral is pushed on his birthday and later he knows that Gordon Brown apparently called Stuart to ask him if the man in charge of the investigation had really been pushed.

83 - May 2008. Amaral shares a meal with his colleague Tavares Rodrigues. The Madeleine case comes up and both comment on the fact the their case is all on the files and nothing can change that.


- Madeleine McCanns died in aprtment 5A on May the 3rd 2007.

- There was a simulation/fake of an abduction

- Kate and Gerry are suspects in the involvment of the disposal of their daughter's body.

- Madeleine's death may have been caused by a tragic accident.

- There is evidence of negligence regarding the guard and security of the children.

Then, Amaral says they did the best they could and worked hard to find out the truth. The truth which is the only thing that really matters in a universe which makes the truth of the lie more and more common.


Or maybe not.

Just wanted to tell you all that many things were left out. I hope you understand that I could not summarise everything. Some of the things I left out are not known to the public. Maybe they will be in the press. Or maybe you will read them when you buy your own copies in your own beautiful languages around the world. Thank you all for reading and thank you, especially, for caring for Madeleine and also for the men and women who worked like crazy to find out what happened to her. It's because of people like all of you that this world is a better place. The truth will always wins in the end.

And now, CM, you can bring in Scotland Yard. I really don't care as soon as your provide a bed to me. :-)

Gonçalo Amaral on Sic channel live now.

The Truth of the Lie

Gonçalo Amaral says that he wants “to put back the good name that was vilified in the public domain" without the Judicial Police allowing his own defence.

In the first pages of the work, the author highlights since then the unusual treatment given to the couple McCann, which in the words of the inspector were treated with "tweezers".

Much was spoken also about the attitudes of Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral reports several situations in which he found the coldness of the couple strange facing the tension of the investigations.

In one of the situations the inspector speaks about the mother of the child, Kate, who before the possibility to find the daughter appears bothered with the speed reached by the car of the police. [This was after a new information of a possible sighting of Madeleine was given to the police, the mother instead of being anxious looked annoyed with the entire situation]

In another case it was the father who aroused the attention of the inspectors: in the middle of a negotiation, with a possible kidnapper, the doctor “was sucking casually one lollipop while reading banalities in sites of the Internet and talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.”

Gonçalo Amaral believes that "Madeleine died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Clube, on the 3rd of May of 2007, but he does not discard the hypothesis of having been accidental".

Contacted by SIC, Rogério Alves, he refused to comment on the book by Gonçalo Amaral. “While lawyer of the family McCann, I only comment reality, I do not comment fiction", said the lawyer.

Excerpts of the book “The Truth of the Lie "

P. 11 “This book appears out of the necessity that I felt of putting back my good name that was vilified in the public domain without the PJ has allowing me to stand up for myself ”.

P. 19 “The mistake was that we treated the couple 'with tweezers'. They were treated with privileges. It is that, that is not normal”.

P. 26 “It seems that the Judiciary Police is a ‘stepmother’ [Portuguese expression, meaning the PJ as an institution was never good to its officers] with its servants, it never knew how to defend them ”.

P. 38 “It was pertinent to know if Madeleine was the biological daughter of the couple McCann, the information requested does not arrive, but the English ambassador is already arriving. It is not normal this preoccupation of the English diplomacy ”.

P. 48 “A hand print was found in the balcony window at the rear [of the apartment]. It was corresponding to one of the police elements ”. (protocol of proceedings is lacking)

P. 54 Sightings: “Kate appears bored because of having being obliged to return and bothered with the speed reached by the police car We found strange that she didn’t show signs of hope with the possibility of the girl being recovered ”.

P. 67 “The PJ should have had persons to analyse all the news, being preoccupied by what the parents and friends would say to the public opinion. What did not happen ”.

P. 68 “It is not usual that common citizens, to whom a daughter just had disappeared, nominate press advisers”

P. 71 “The English service secret already had, after the facts, the couple and the group of friends under surveillance. If that was right such an information was never accessed by the Portuguese police”

P. 81 “The medical registries (of Madeleine) requested with insistence were not given to us, due to great difficulties raised in England”. P. 92 Attempt of extortion "Gerry McCann was sucking casually one lollipop while he was reading banalities in sites of the Internet and was talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.” Sentence of the English police officers “Do not forget that he starts cutting people in half shortly afterwards of the breakfast”.

P. 165 “There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann”.

P. 168 “The toy had cadaver odour”

P. 214 Conclusions “Madeleine died in the apartment 5 A on the 3rd of May of 2007 A simulation of kidnapping took place Kate and Gerry are suspected of corpse's occultation [hiding the cadaver]The death might have happened as a result of an accident There are signs of negligence in the safe keeping and security of the children”

Source: SIC (Portuguese TV Channel)
I just read that the McCann lawyers will read each passage very carefully to assess it and decide if they sue or not. Man, that will take a lot of underlining... Oh, and I would advise them to take a peek at today's edition of Correio da Manhã.


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Anonymous said...

This line from one of the Pro's sums up their sick mentality really well, I think. The message is to Kate and Gerry McCann:

"I am so pleased that you were able to get away to Canada for a holiday with Sean and Amelie."

Oh yes, SO pleased! After all, we'd just HATE it if you two weren't able to go on yet another big, expensive holiday! I mean, considering how devoted you were to your children on the LAST holiday, and considering that your little daughter is still missing, why don't you just hire a lear jet and fly to the friggin' moon, for Christ's sake!

Honestly, even if you don't think them killers, how can ANYONE condone this spoiled couple's actions after the disgraceful way they treated that little girl? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE I speak to is sickened by the McCanns - whether they actually think they killed Maddy or not - so it just makes me wonder who these "Pro's" must be, and what planet they must come from!


Cláudia said...

Anon, I can't say I'm shocked anymore, really. After reading them defend THREE CONVICTED CHILD MURDERERS nothing can be worse, right?
At least this time they left with two kids and came back with two kids. I don't know where you're from, but here in Portugal the huge majority of the people also find their behaviour appaling even those who think Madeleine was abducted. As I was saying to the poster Niza, a while back, I hope they do not sue my downstairs 82 year old neighbour. Some time ago she said things about those two which would make a truckman blush like a school girl. :-)

Anonymous said...


It doesn't surprise me that they defended convicted child killers. Those "bleeding heart" types will stop at nothing - anything to defend "the parents"!

I'm sure the average Portguese person is shocked by the neglect of the McCanns. Portugal is a very child-friendly country, so it must make them ill to think of parents wining and dining while their children sleep unattended a hundred yards away, even if they don't actually think they are killers. The old lady's comments don't surprise me either .. I've heard doctors, lawyers, even school teachers express disgust over the McCanns child neglect. Even a nice old lady can see what creeps they are, yet not the Pro's .. how pathetic!

Cláudia said...

I have to confes that reading comments where they defended convicted child killers was what surprised me the most. And the fact that they felt the need to do it, apalled me. Nice company they choose, uh? Because comparing those cases with the McCann case is something that the most hard core anti never did. To be honest, I think they have done a great disservice to the McCanns and I bet if they could decide they would shut some of them up because they hurt their cause more than what they help.
I think that any common, decent citizen from anywhere in this world is shocked by that parenting style and, especially, by the refusal to admit it for what it is. One of the most damning sentences for them must have been the one where they claim their behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting. If a Portuguese couple said such a thing and then was walking in the streets I don't know what they would hear...

Anonymous said...

So the McCann attorneys are going to check the book with a fine tooth comb? Well... I won't say were I think the McCanns should stick those tooth combs...

Cláudia said...

Anon, lolololol
Thank you for making me start my day smiling! :-)

docmac said...

Get reading woman. No time for idle banter :-))

I see on SIC this morning they discussed with gay abandon the allegations concerning Mr Payne. Those Portuguese are hardly shrinking violets, are they? ;-)))

Wonder if pink shirt has heard about it yet..

Anonymous said...

Os bifes só fazem é porcaria. Lê isto, Claudia:

Cláudia said...

Doc, I will if you stop e-mailing me, man! :p
I don't want the pink one to miss anything so I'll translate the more interesting parts for free so they can start sueing Mr Amaral as soon as possible. :-)

Cláudia said...

Anónimo, sem comentários. :-(

Opinionated said...

Come on now, Claudia! You know its perfectly within the bounds of good parenting to delete your phone/text message records while the police are searching for your missing child which you left alone because you were absolutely thirsty and alergic to tap water.

Cláudia said...

I know, opinionated. I guess I'm just a cold bitch! :-) Going back to the interesting reading. ;-)

docmac said...

'Sorry, let me just insert here something that hasn't got anything to do with Mr Amaral's book: Hello, visitor from Leicester. Stick around if you wish to be updated on 'The truth of the Lie'.'

lolol!! Excellent!!

Cláudia said...

Doc, I'm an excellent host. Waves!!

As I said on Joana Morais blog I heard that Mr Mitchell is waiting for a translation so team McCann can sart sueing. I'm just helping by summarising the most impostant aspects so they can start sueing sooner. And I'm working for free. What about a thank you note, Mr Mitchell?

Opinionated said...

The twins had no bed sheets? How come? Didn't Jane say it was a cold evening in the Panorama interview?

Cláudia said...

They probably had, Opinionated. But the bed sheets weren't there according to the book.

Opinionated said...

Does Gonçalo Amaral say if they found the bed sheets at all in the room or if they never found out what happened to them?

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, I'm reading page 40 now. Up intil now no bed sheets found.

Niki said...

Claudia! Thank you ever so much doing this reading, translating, posting "live" for us!!!

Has been really interesting!

I have to log off, but look forward to read more when I get the chance...

Thank you again:-)

docmac said...

KATE describes the abductor! Where did I miss this before?

Cláudia said...

Niki, you're welcome.

Doc, well, you hadn't read Mr Amaral before, had you? :-) Kate was apparently talking about second hand info from Jane, but forgot to write it all down. :-)

docmac said...

"I will be having a break soon for lunch and to watch Mr Amaral on Sic Channel."

Well deserved! Thank you!

Cláudia said...

Thanks, Doc. Soon.

docmac said...

You know, amiga

I have always thought this bunch were too pissed to get their story right. There has been a lot of banging on about exactly how many bottles of wine were consumed at the Tapas bar.

The McCann defenders have been trying to 'negotiate' that number as low as possible. What they forget is that certain British holidaymakers like to start imbibing LONG before their evening meal if you know what I mean.

Any mention as to the state of the 'witnesses'? There were early reports that one or two needed support just to stand..

Cláudia said...

Nothing up until now, Doc. Unless I missed it. :-)

Opinionated said...

Oh, just to let the Pros know, although we know they are not at all interested and don't even read your site (yeah, right!) that Mr. Amaral's book has already sold out before even going on sale!

And they said it wouldn't be a best seller.... touché

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, ;-)
Don't make their blood pressure rise, ok?
And of course they don't care. But they are all here on the blog. ;-)
Watching Mr Amaral now and then having lunch.

Anonymous said...


This is the first time I read your blog, just want to say thank you for taking the time to translate " in real time"..:)

I don't think I could be selfless and not let everybody wait till I finished:)

Much appreciated.


Di said...

Hi Claudia

Mnay thanks for taking the time to translate for us.

Enjoy your lunch.

Cláudia said...

Di, thank you.

Anon, thank you. Maybe I should set up a fund to pay for my translations... lololol
I'm not such a good person. I'm aware of its contents, more or less. :-)

RstJ said...

Super thanks for the translated synopsis of the book! Does Amaral say who the last witness to see Madeleine alive is and where?


Cláudia said...

You're welcome.
From what I can gather Madeleine was at the creche that day. After around 5pm the only people who have seen her are her parents, brother and sister and the Tapas member who was supposed to have been at the apartment checking Kate and the kids. Oh, and the abductor, of course. If you believe in one...

hipohop said...

Thank you Claudia, this is very interesting reading. I wonder what the obstruction in obtaining Madeleine's medical records was about? Did Amaral eventually get them?

Cláudia said...

Thanks, hipohop. from what I can gather, that info was never made available. But remember I'm reading as I'm summarising and translating...

RstJ said...

Thanks for answering so fast!

Amaral does not name the creche witnesses, or state who last saw her?

Sorry to be so insistent! For me it's a point of huge importance.


hipohop said...

again medical records.. surely this is mandatory in a missing child investigation? For obvious reasons of identification, especially the proof of Maddy's eye coloboma, as I believe Amaral was against making this public so early.

Cláudia said...

No, I don't think so. But I'm only on page 70. from what I can gather there is no question about Madeleine being alive around 5 pm. i believ she was seen by several different people. Employees, nannies and even parents of other children who could possibly pe picking them up. I could be wrong, though.
I wish Mr Amaral hadn't written so many pages, now! :-)

Cláudia said...

Hipohop, don't shoot the messenger. :-)
Apparently, a lot of info that was required never arrived or it arrived late.
Going back to reading.

hipohop said...

Claudia, you are a fantastic messenger, your time and effort is very much appreciated !!
I was just annoyed about Amaral's lack of insistence on the medical records..Will let you get on. thankyou.

Cláudia said...

Hipohop, naaa, I'm just a woman. Multi tasking is a routine. :-)
Don't forget that at this time the PJ was waiting for the records to be sent at anytime. :-)
Back to reading.

docmac said...

"It is mentioned that Madeleine's grandfather admitted that the children were given something to help them sleep."

Ahah!! Remember Gerry denying that on TV, getting all twitchy and touchy-feely with himself.

Ma Healy said it on TV too, Valium she said. I saw it.

RstJ said...


Many thanks again for giving us all a quick preview of the book. In the CM interview, Amaral states Payne is the last person to see M. However, the circumstances are weird. In particular, Kate saying he was there 30secs, and Gerry (playing tennis at the time) claiming DP only "returned" after 30mins.

I'm thinking neither Amaral nor anyone else will ever name witnesses for May 3 other than Payne.


Cláudia said...

Doc, yep!

RstJ, from what I've been reading up until now, there are no doubts that Madeleine was alive and weel at 5h30 on the 3rd of May and that
several people confirmed it.
I'm on page 86.

docmac said...

Sounds like the LP are getting a bit of a roasting. I wonder if any of this will make the British papers? Very interesting stuff.

Cláudia said...


no. :-)

docmac said...

44 - Hahahaaaa! You reading Christabel? But you're still going to go on and on in your inimitable way about the Michael Jackson doll IN the playground equipment are you not? Or maybe it was a miniature Jehova's Witness?

Cláudia said...

Doc, I had already forgotten about that crazy cow. I'm sure the british police were in on it. The guy must be a dirty PJ and the British Police is covering up for him. lololol Why? Because CCC, Crazy Christa Cow wants to.

Anonymous said...





Cláudia said...

Anon, yes. But does it come as a surprise? :-)

Anonymous said...

Cláudia: Thank You!!!(from Ireland)

Cláudia said...

You're welcome, Ireland, from Portugal! :-)

If you wish you can donate money and send it to me in a brown envelope. Just kidding. Was pulling a Clarence Mitchell here. :-))))

docmac said...

"I got to page 100)." God, I'm tired.Have a chocolate :-)

Cláudia said...

Doc, I need both hands to type! :-)

Zodiac said...


Wow! Many, many thanks.


How can this be possible:

"a british officer usually commented with his Portuguese counterparts: "Don't forget the guy starts cutting people in half after breakfast."

I thought it was only surgeons who could operate.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, you're welcome.
The british officer describes him as a surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, Thank you for all that you are doing. The translation of Amaral's book makes interesting reading. I doubt it will be serialised here in the UK.


Cláudia said...

Anon, you're welcome.
But this is not a translation. I'm just summarising.

Ms H said...

Regarding this bit:

P. 214 Conclusions
The death might have happened as a result of an accident...

If Maddie died accidentally that would have meant the parents would have been deeply shocked/ devastated surely? When did we ever see them looking deeply shocked/devastated?

So deeply shocked they had the presence of mind to start a campaign to raise money and get those tacky wristbands made....oh! and the website and online store and mobile phone downloads and the trademark of course.

(Wonder if they're mortgage free now?)

I don't think this was an accident. I think it was all pre-planned and ready to kick off at the word "GO".

I appreciate Gonçalo can't just come out and say it was deliberate but that's what I reckon. The fact they are rarely seen without smiles or smirks on their stupid faces means they weren't taken by surprise.

I can't wait for the english version of this book to come out and I hope these two scumbags finally face the justice they deserve for what they did to their own flesh and blood.

Thank you Claudia for taking the time to summarise this book for us all.

Ms H xx

Cláudia said...

Ms H, you're welcome.
I understand and respect your opinion. And anything could have happened, really. But I can pretty much guarantee that if Mr Amaral thought that whatever happened was intentional, we would have no problem sttaing it.

docmac said...

Sorry Zodiac

I had to be away for a while. The British officer is obviously just as thick as countless British journalists who called Gerry a 'renowned heart surgeon' in more articles than I care to list. The man has only been a CARDIOLOGIST for 3 years FFS! Where does 'renowned' come into it, even as a cardiologist? Building a reputation takes time eh?

Opinionated said...

What I would like to know is why a background check was not provided on the McCanns and Tapas 7. Amaral says it was requested but never arrrived. Why? Is it not standard procedure in any investigation to find out as much as you can about those involved in these types of cases (i.e. possible enemies, financial situation, sexual history, medical/psychological history, etc)?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say thank you so much for your translations

I really appreciate all your efforts

no doubt there will be no mention of the contents of this book in the UK - it's pretty clear there is a cover up

Cláudia said...

You're welcome.
As I've been saying all along, one way or another, the truth is always known.
Phone call. :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Thank you for all your hard work today. You really must be weary. I know I am just watching the screen change.

I hope you won't be insulted if I call you a 'real brick" as here in the UK it is a compliment.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, you're welcome.
Thank you. :-))))

Anonymous said...

boa tarde Claudia

Estás a fazer um trabalho excelente!
Apenas te quero dar os parabéns e animo.


Cláudia said...

Obrigada, Paulinha. :-)

docmac said...

"British officers suggested sending the hairs to other labs in Europa but FSS apparently didn't want to lose the hairs."

Cough, cough, cough, splutter , splutter. WHAT?

Cláudia said...

Doc, what I meant was that FSS apparently did not want to give the hairs back.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

I think that any move to sue would only be a legal device to stop publication of the book in the UK.

That's the way the law seems to work.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I have a personal opinion on that that I shares with Doc and that I may share later. Personally I think they are forced to sue.

Isobel said...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the guts to translate this for us English speakers who are hungry for knowledge about this sad case.

What a shame the McCanns do not seem to have helped the police, why did they not help and go to do a reconstruction, or insist their friends did.

This poor child, left every day in a creche on her holiday, left without adult supervision every night of her holiday and never seen since.

Poor Madeleine.

Opinionated said...

People, they are suing for "moral damages"??? What??? Shouldn't it be for Libel and Slander?? Moral damages?

IMO, by not suing for libel and slander, they are sending, a message out. Go, Goncalo, Go Go Go! You are already winning! You are already making your point very very clearly.

docmac said...

"Doc, what I meant was that FSS apparently did not want to give the hairs back."

I know exactly what you mean Claudia. I am suggesting this may be political intervention. 'We've got the stuff now, the rest of you can bugger off!'

southerncross said...

Thank you Claudia, you are a star

Cláudia said...

Isobel, you're welcome.
Hey, I'm just sharing with my friends a book I read and which I enjoyed very much. Isn't it what we all do with our friends? :-)

Opinionated, where did you hear that? Was it on SIC channel? Are you Portuguese? Or do you live here?

Doc, political interference? Really? Naaa... ;-)

Southerncross, you're welcome.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Have a long cold (whatever your tipple is) and relax.

You certainly deserve it. Thank you.

Opinionated said...

Thanks Claudia. Just have a question for you. From what I have read throughout time regarding Portugal and the Portuguese justice system, I get a feeling it is not a suit-happy country nor that it gives as much creedance to "moral damages" as we do in the UK. Can you shed some light on your personal view on this? How do you perceive this notion and have you heard any feedback on the news regarding "moral damages" claims?

Opinionated said...

Claudia, I saw it on Sic's website. I am not Portuguese but do understand a few romance languages (spanish, italian, french) and this case has taught me which webpages to check in Portugal and also has helped me learn a bit of Portuguese. I am pretty sure that I read it correctly, but if I am wrong, please do correct me.

docmac said...

Obrigada. Muitos beijinhos!!!!

Now have a cuppa and start on the full version :-)))

Only kidding. Thank you amiga. Wow! Much food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having taken the time to do this. MUCH appreciated.


ICantThinkOfAName said...

How can people who have no morals sue for moral damages?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to translate this for us.

Your hard work is much appreciated.

Tim from the USA

Opinionated said...

Icanthinkofaname, perhaps its their attempt at getting some?

Cláudia said...

Thank you all of you.

Opinionated, not, not a happy sue country at all. If they decide to sue, and I can't see them do otherwise, I expect a long legal battle. But you're right. That's what I heard too. The moral damage thing is funny. Just as funny as seeing them campaign for child security...

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I think it is at lest 14 months too late for that.

Nice to talk to you and if we meet again my friends call me ICTOAN for short.

Cláudia said...

Forgive me for not answering you individually today, but I'm really tired. THANK YOU ALL.

Opinionated said...


You're entitled today!



Ecolab said...

It was great, hun



Cláudia said...

Thank you, Ecolab.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so so much. You must be exhausted!!

Justice will come one day I am sure...from Roasted Arizona - 3 arguidos

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Roasted Arizona,
One day.

Grateful said...

Cláudia, you are a veritable star! A hero! A goddess.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Obrigada. Obrigada. Obrigada.

(And fwiw: We Irish love Portugal and the Portuguese!)

Cláudia said...

Grateful, you're welcome! :-)

bath theory said...

Keep it up Claudia. Maybe we should print up these words and parachute them into Central London !!

Cláudia said...

Bath Theory, lololol
It won't be necessary. You just have to wait until it's sold in the UK! :-)

Opinionated said...

I still want to know what happened to the twins bed sheets on a cold evening.

Cláudia said...

Me too, Opinionated. But then again, I also want to know where Madeleine is.

Anonymous said...

Well done claudia,
You are a great lady indeed.I had lost your blog name,but i was lurking around some other sites,i came across strolls site and found your PROUD of the PJ. sO THANKYOU STROLL FOR YOUR GOOD DEED OF THE DAY,Keep up the great work claudia and thank you again for all your great work godbless MR AMARAL.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, anon.
You just made me laugh. See, ST can be useful! :-)
Hope I'll read you again soon.

Opinionated said...

Good to know ST is good for something!

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, lolololol.
ST is more or less like those disgusting insects we sometimes wonder: why the hell do these things exist? But then, suddenly, you read a scientific article and you learn that they are useful for a specific purpose. We have just found why it is useful :-)

Niza said...

Boa Noite Claudia,

Vejo que estiveste ocupada hoje. Estive a ver a entrevista com o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral na Sic e na RTP. A postura dele é de um homem digno, correcto. Nada tem a ver com a dos McCaes.

Essa de processarem por danos morais vai ser engraçado. Vi a resposta dele na RTP a essa questão e adorei: é para isso que servem os tribunais. Ora se este senhor não tivesse certezas do que diz, não estaria tão à vontade. Não sei se viste a tal entrevista mas eu pareceu-me notar até uma certa VONTADE em que o caso fosse para tribunal. Será que o li mal?

Cláudia said...

Boa Noite, Niza.
Estou tão cansada que nem sei muito bem o que digo.
O Gonçalo é um senhor. Nada que os McCann possam compreender.
Não me parece que o tenhas lido mal. É minha convicção pessoal que, paraalém dos motivos invocados pelo Dr. Amaral, este livro foi escrito desta forma para os obrigar a processar e para os obrigar a entrar num tribunal.

Niza said...

Claudia, encontrei este blog e fartei-me de rir. É para eles verem o sentimento nacional com relação à sua pessoa:

Cláudia said...

Niza, credo, nem eu chego a tanto! lololol

Jolie said...

You have been of great service to all of us today. Thank you for all your time and effort to provide this information which we have hungered for, for so long.

Mr. Amaral is a tiger! He's not afraid of facing up to the bully/big machine that tries to bulldoze anyone who tries to speak the truth about the case.

The naming of a person suspected of illegal behavior with children, prevention of the PJ from knowing background information about the parents and their group, withholding medical and other records of Madeleine's history, missing bedsheets off of the twins' beds, the twins who likely were sedated, etc., etc. It is becoming clearer to me as to why this elaborate hoax/coverup has developed.

Thank you again, Claudia, for your dedication in providing summary information from the book. I look forward to reading an English translation of it in its entirety when it becomes available.

Niza said...

Vou tentar dizer em Inglês, se sair muito mal, Claudia, por favor corrige, mas gostava que os leitores ingleses soubessem disto:

In Portugal, I read many comments on McCanns and Dr. Gonçalo Amaral. Portuguese people in majority think McCanns horrible people. How they want to make money off baby girl they leave alone? How they know moral damages when book just released less than 24 houras? They have small morals then, no?

Cláudia said...

Than you, Jolie. Mr Amaral is a brave man who refuses to be treated as a doormat.

Niza, very well said. Small, tiny, microscopic morals indeed.

Niza said...

Interesting not sue libel, sue for moral damages. Why? Book not out 24 houras yet. How they know already what damages? If sue for moral damages they not need to come to Portugal maybe and for libel maybe do?

Cláudia said...

Niza, I really could use a Portuguese lawyer here. Advogados Portugueses, está alguém aí?
I think that they will have to sue here. If they sue here, all Amaral's legal team has to do is write their names down as witnesses. Then they will have to come, I believe. There is no way Amaral would settle out of court. This is Portugal. These things go all the way.

Niza said...

If no pressures and this go to Court, and they win, they get maybe 100 euro if lucky! We not have millionaire payments like in England.Nobody here get rich off sueing.

Cláudia said...

Niza, can you imagine the legal battle?

Anonymous said...

Obrigada pelo teu magnifico e honroso trabalho.
Como diria o meu querido papá em bom algarvio: bem haja quem os tem bem pretos!E há no nosso Portugal quem os tenha.
Que a força nunca nos/vos/lhe falte!
Beijinhos da Lili

Cláudia said...

Obrigada, Lili. Espalha, passa a palavra, reenvia o link. O mundo tem de saber.

Niza said...

Claudia, yes. In 5 years maybe court case end.

Cláudia said...

Niza, lololol.
Thank you for making me laugh! :-)

RstJ said...


Couple things really stand out:

a) Does Amaral ever name another May 3 witness besides Payne? At any point does he state or even hint that the nannies said they'd seen the girl that day?

b) Does he state that he interviewed Payne himself?


Niza said...

No problem, Claudia. I am clown like McCann spokesman. :P

Cláudia said...

Niza, stop it woman! lololol

Rstj, Yes. I already talked about that. From what I read, there are no doubts whatsoever that Madeleine was seen alive at around 5pm by several people. She was at the créche, until 5/5h30 pm.

From what I remember there is no specific info about who interviwed who. But from what I can gather, Amaral was prsent in all important questionings. I may be wrong but I assume he was there.

Niza said...

In interview on RTP Dr. Gonçalo hint maybe English police someday retire and write book too and confirm what happened.

Cláudia said...

Really, Niza? I missed that! I must be really tired! :-)

Niza said...

Yes, when talk about how both Portuguese and English police conclude death together, he say maybe they one day retire and say.

Cláudia said...

Niza, maybe.
But he doesn't have to write a book to confirm it. It's in the files. The report are all in the files. :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, I think everything connect to nuclear energy. Mccann father on Dounreay committee for COMARE.

I suspect he deal with medical aspect of nuclear enegy. Brown wants nuclear energy. England very hypocrites about scandals. Politicians with young girls cheat - big scandal! Member of Comare leave children alone to go eat dinner and baby girl die, be scandal! This my suspicion.

Cláudia said...

Nothing surprises me anymore, Niza.

Niza said...

And not forget Socrates interview about how Portugal working to find and use alternative energy too.

1 + 1 = ...

Cláudia said...

Niza, check this out! lololol

We're gonna be sued for 'discussing' the book! lololol

Hey, I did a masters on Toni Morrison. Have a whole Dissertion on her work and discussed all her novels till exhaustion. Do you think she'll sue me? lolol

niza said...

And father and mother that loose child, think to erase history of phone and message? I would be screaming for daughter, not even think of phone.

Cláudia said...

Niza, exactly. Read the link and shake! lololol

Niza said...

McCanns hated in Portugal for arrogance. We are free country, we speak of what we like! Book published, laws of free speach allow us to talk about it. Tough McCanns, tough ugly spokesman! Not leave kids alone, we not have anything to discuss! Shame on you hateful people! You not take my liberty. Sue me. You win all my money? Fine! I have 200 euros in bank, rent house, and will go on unemployment so you get nothing. Then I go to England and live off benefits to teach you who win!

Cláudia said...

Niza, lololol.
I already have a topic for my next thread. :-)

Niza said...

Mccann spokesman not know Portuguese history. If he knew about Salazar he not try to censure the Portuguese. Portuguese hate censorship. We not want English Salazar. Booooo spokesman booo. More you tell us to be quiet and say you sue, more we talk about it.

Cláudia said...

Niza, you're good at this! :-)

Niza said...

I not like to get involved in bad energy things because it envolves our life. I read blog because I not like case shelved and Madeleine not get justice. But now arrogant spokesman make me mad. Now I talk and talk and talk. He thinks he imperialist? I not accept orders from funny-looking man unless he my boss. Spokesman not my boss, not tell me what to do. McCanns stupid, leave children alone to have fun. Now want to censor us? No!

Cláudia said...

Niza, making these ridiculous threats will only make them not to be taken seriously by anyone. On our country I people can comment published books! lololol

Niza said...

They think they King and Queen of England. They are not. They are King and Queen of Bad Judgment and bad ideas.

Cláudia said...

Woman, you're inspired today! :-)
I hope they let us share a prison cell! lololol

Niza said...

Claudia, we not go to jail, jails full. Probably to punish us, judge send us to UK to live near McCanns. I shaking.

Cláudia said...

Woman, what are you on? You're unstoppable! :-)
To be honest, I would rather go to jail. The company is better! lolol

Niza said...

McCanns and spooky-man make me mad! They not hear of Padeira de Aljubarrota or they not mess with Portuguese women and tell what to do.

Cláudia said...

I think they're starting to have an idea. Niza. :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, vou descansar agora que já é tardissimo e amanhã trabalho.

Até breve.

Cláudia said...

Niza, it's official. The book sold out. Corrieo da Manhã is apologising to the readers and saying they will distribute the next edition as soon as they can. :-))))))

Cláudia said...

Niza, ok. You deserve to rest.
Beijinhos e dorme bem, rapariga.
E obrigada pela solidariedade. :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, fui verificar os jornais antes de repousar e descobri isto:

Que bomba!

Cláudia said...

Niza, já estava a trabalhar nisso. Obrigada. Já informei quem devia informar. :-)

Niza said...

Filhos da mãe. Realmente a ambição politica do sacana do outro deve ser muito grande para chegarem a este ponto.

Cláudia said...

Já nem digo nada, Niza.
Dorme bem...

Opinionated said...

Since the Pros don't read your blog but somehow what is posted here always makes it to their blog, I couldn't resist (Hope you don't mind, Claudia):

Unfortunately for you Pros, thousands of Portuguese readers have bought it. The book sold out on the first day. A new edition is being printed and will be out on Monday. According to a Portuguese newspaper's website, from what I was able to make out, they already expect this new edition to run out and another is already in the works. Best seller? This book is being called the "book of the year" in Portugal!

And don't worry, an English version is being negotiated!


I would post on their site, but since I know they can't resist sticking their nose back on your site, prefer to post the response here, if you don't mind. I'm allergic to filth, so feel it best not to post there.

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, no problem.
The copy I have says 30000 copies. The man sold 30000 copies in less than 24 hours. Let's not forget that Portugal has got around 10000000 people. Of course you would have to exclude children and really elderly people. This is unheard of in less than 24 hours. Correio da Manhã is running an apology because the book sold out and many readers had no copies left. :-)
Going to bed, now.
Hope I'll read you tomorrow.

Claudia is thick said...

Give it up stupid. There is no evidence against the McCanns. If there were, they would still be arguidos. You should be blushing with shame at the lies you have been spreading about the McCanns.

Convicted child murderers? Are you talking about the one were there was no evidence and the case now being taken to the European Court?

Not very clever are you. You certainly shouldnt be let near children.

Anonymous said...

Cópia do meu comentário em outro blogue,pois ainda estou cansada físicamente em stress pela possibilidade da vida do meu cão estar a aproximar-se do fim,suponho.Vou ao Vet com ele + 1 vez;todas as vezes possíveis.

Desculpem esta introdução,que muitos não vão entender.

Assim,copio o meu comentário:

Ontem já tive acesso ao livro,eu cidadã comum.Comecei a lê-lo e gosto da maneira como está escrito.
É importante!

Acontece que ontem eu não "estava gente" devido a um extremo cansaço físico por razões particulares.

Mas assisti à entrevista na 1;assisti às declarações na Sic

e a 1 reportagem na I.


Estava tão cansada que ontem nem vim ao comp.

Nem quando ,ouvi pasmada o fel do "raios,coriscos e trovões". So unfair,que injustiça e tanta maldadezinha.E pagam, para dizer só o que pensa pessoalmente.
Disse e foi-se,pois está de "vacanças". Se tenho medo de ser mais clara?Tenho!É mau;é perigoso;ataca; se é tocado aí vem mais raios,coriscos e trovões.É um mete medo.Pode ser mau,muito mau o menino.É daqueles que não quer que lhe apontem os defeitos e os maus actos.Mas é do género "mauzinho e tortinho de todo"
G.A., do que vi foi um verdadeiro SENHOR!Sabe como estar;sabe como dizer;sabe falar;sabe escrever.Tudo com muito bom senso.
Porque cautela e caldos de galinha sempre fizeram bem. E sabe tão bem ver pessoas educadas;falando num tom calmo e educado.

Ao contrário daqueles que logo na facies revelam a snobeira e o fel extremo.

Anónima,pois não!Puxa!Tenho medo do menino m.

Anónimamente acabo.Puxa!

Anonymous said...

Super.Tantos comentários.Ainfa não os li.

Viva,Super trabalhdora e cidadã comum.Viva o seu bom feitio e força!

Anónimamnte,outra vez.Ai,não!Por causa do m.

Luís said...

congratulations!! this blog is awesome, a real blow of fresh air. great work and effort.

what make me sick of all this, is the fact that the headlines of UK newspapers barely mention the contents of the book.
Their media resembles the USA media, where the government controls everything that comes out. I just hope the book will be release in UK...

once more let me tell you, fantastic work on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Bom dia Claudia

Muita gente do forum da Sky me pediu para te agradecer o teu empenho na tradução do livro.

Aproveito para te informar que fomos corridos da Sky por isso abrimos o nosso próprio:



Luís said...

i was

Niki said...


Where can I send you flowers?!?! You really deserve some after your brilliant work yesterday:))

Thank you!

Cláudia said...

Hey, CIT,

pissed, uh? You and your bunch are one of the reasons I'm still here, you pathetic little idiot. No, I will not give it up. I will never give it up. And the more you want me to give up, the more you'll have to put up with me. The more insulted and threatned I am, the more I'm going to fight back. You have no idea, you little coward who is too afraid to put a name to your comment. Hope you enjoy the reading, CONVICTED CHILD KILLERS DEFENDER. ;-)

Cláudia said...

Anónimo (S.), obrigada. Que tudo corra bem.

Cláudia said...

Luís, thank you.
If the press in the UK was a decent, unbiased one, I wouldn't feel the need to work as hard as I did yesterday. Since it isn't, it was a pleasure. I take it you are Portuguese? :-)
Hope I'll read you again soon.

Cláudia said...

Paula, de nada.
No vosso fórum, divulguem os resumos, espalhem o link. Uma vez que a imprensa do Reino Unido nada faz, as pessoas têm de saber.
Obrigada. Beijocas.

Cláudia said...

Niki, you're welcome.
But if you don't mind, instead of flowers, I would rather you sent me some cash in a brown envelope. ;-)

Opinionated said...

A British newspaper offered Gonçalo Amaral a large amount of money to have the exclusive for the publication of extracts from his book, the former PJ investigator revealed yesterday, at a Press Conference, just before the launching of “The Truth of the Lie”. One of the four British journalists that were at the Press Conference, asked Mr. Amaral what were his feelings about “people that accused him of profiting from the tragedy of a child.”

Mr. Amaral answered saying that “there is an English newspaper that I believe is represented here, but I will not mention the name, that not long ago, has made a high priced offer for the exclusive rights to publish extracts of the book, before its launching – an offer I refused.” The former PJ investigator also said that “in life, money isn't everything, dignity and honour are also very important.”

Posted by Paulo Reis


Says it all doesn't it?

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, it does say it all.:-)
You know, these things just make me laugh now. :-)

Anonymous said...

The scumbags on Supertroll's toilet are saying that the book can be easily found across Portugal. I asked a Portuguese friend of mine to send me a copy for me to attempt to decipher and was told that it sold out early morning. He had to place an order for two, for the next edition. He also told me that the bookstore where he ordered it said they couldn't even guarantee that the next edition will be enough for all the orders!

Carol said...

Claudia, my apologies for my comment yesterday thanking you for your "translation". I didn't mean verbatim I was just pleased to read your summary in English.

Your hard work is much admired and appreciated. Thank you.


Cláudia said...

Hi, anonymous.
Well, the 'scumbags' as you call them, are not exactly known for liking the truth, are they?
I know that all the books distributed with Correio da Manhã sold out, because Correio da Manhã was/is (haven't checked today) running an apology and saying that as soon as the next edition was ready, they would sell it again. Give me 5 minutes and I'll call 3 or 4 bookstores here where I live to confirm.

Cláudia said...

Carol, please don't apologise. I just meant that it wasn't a full translation because that wouldn't be possible. It was a summary and the respective translation.
You are welcome and your words, all of you, mean a lot to me.
Going to call some bookstores, now.
Be back in a few minutes.

Cláudia said...

Anon, you asked and I did not publish. But I have no problem at all doing it. The more i read them, the more I'll be here. ;-)
Called four bookstores. Sold out everywhere. It's not common for a book to sell out where I am. See why they're soooooo pissed? :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Claudia

Hope you are rested.

There are postings on 3A that the PT newspaper CdM are running a story that Metardo 3 are being investigated for among other thingd attempted murder. Is there such a story?

Cláudia said...

Hello, ICTOAN, my friend.
Yes, I can confirm the news is in today's edition of Correio da Manhã. If you wan to read more about it, check Paulo Reis.

That detective agency is a blast, isn't it? LOL

Anonymous said...

If the story on Metodo is true, then what are the Portuguese authorities waiting for? Isn't it obvious what is going on?

Claudia, don't take this the wrong way, but the Portuguese seem to be an "innocent" people that aren't really use to heavyweights with no scruples that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Luís said...


i am Portuguese, obviously. i wrote in english as a small attempt to increase the impact of this forum across-borders. This blog, specially after yesterday, will be read from ppl all over, the more english comments in there, the more impact it will cause. That's the all point.

Here in Portugal, we have access to all the facts that come out surrounding this case. Unfortunately it doesn't happen the same in UK, the press only feeds them with bulshit, lies and half-true facts.
This leads to a huge support from public opinion favourable to the McCann's.
Usually, i am no fan of Portuguese press, but concerning Maddie case, our press have been seeking the truth and continuously posting the facts as they come out. Maybe they feel the urge to fight the constant and irrational attacks from uk press to our country, our people and themselves. Whatever the reason, i feel proud of Portuguese press.
It gives me joy to see so many England persons to stand out from their public opinion and seek in blogs like this one, fórums and our newspapers for a glimpse of what really happen that day.
Drº. Gonçalo Amaral is a very intelligent and courageous man, i specially enjoy when he stated if the McCann's sue him, they will have to be in court with him discussing the facts stated in the process, perhaps then they could perform the case reconstruction. Brilliant!
I have hope this book from Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, will shed light on what happen that night, and bring UK public opinion, or at least some, out of the dark they are in.

Cláudia said...

Anon, the PJ is investigating it.
And yes, I know what you mean and I take no offense. It's true. Here, in Portugal, were are definately used to this kind of people. And I hope we never will be. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anónimo (S.), obrigada. Que tudo corra bem.

Se foi para mim,penso que sim,muito obrigada.Fui aonde disse-vet-vim 1 pouco + descansada(por enquanto).


Cláudia said...

Luís, thank you for your contribution. Your words are the reason why I'm here and the reason I know some people will never shut up. We may be a small country. We certainly are poorer than most other bigger European countries. But we certainly aren't stupid and easily spinned. I hope every book sold by Mr Amaral is a knife for some. :-)
Thank you. And I really hope I'll read you soon again. I know there are many silent readers. :-)
You aren't a lawyer, by any chance, are you? I have absolutely no legal background and I would love to discuss some things with someone who has.

Cláudia said...

Olá, S.
Sim, é para si.
Ainda bem. Há-de correr tudo bem.
Um abraço.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, did you notice Clarence's lattest statement? Now he says IF the McCanns lawyers advise them to sue, they will not hesitate to sue. What happened to suing for moral damages?

Their spin is so pathetic.

Cláudia said...

Yes, anon, I did hear it. And I found it very interesting. Maybe they heard Mr Amaral saying that he would be willing to go to court and discuss the files from the first to the last page.
Oh, and this also points in the direction of something a little bird told me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Does little bird want to share what he/she told you with the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Gina is posting on the supertoilet that docmac said he saw some program on sic and read the book? She is trying to say he is in Portugal and not in S.A.

Cláudia said...

Anon 1, sorry. I promised little bird and I never break my promises. But it will probably be known soon. At least I hope so.

Anon 2, Gina needs to go easy on the Rioja. This is not a gossip blog.
Sic channel is available online to may people and the most important news/footage is also available online. Not to mention that google translation thing which can be very useful. As for the book, have you read this thread? :-)
Well, maybe he came to visit me. But the last time he called and texted me, he was definately in South Africa. Now let's get back to what matters. Did you know that Mr Amaral's book sold out in the first day? :-)

Opinionated said...

Claudia, I just got an e-mail from a friend in Portugal that said there were people with Signs supporting Gonçalo Amaral at his press conference. Can you confirm this?

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, yes, I can confirm that. It was on TV. And Mr Hernâni Carvalho, an investigative journalist, repeated this half an hour ago on TVI. :-)

Opinionated said...

That's funny, Claudia. I wish there were pictures of it, but I guess the British press there have no interest in showing that side now do they?

Cláudia said...

No, I don't think it will be of interest at all.
When I have enough time, I'll try to search for them. I've seen pictures of the press conference and presention but the focus was, obviously, Amaral.

Opinionated said...

Claudia, it would be great if you could find them and post them on your blog.

Cláudia said...

Opinionated, I'll try when I have the time.
I'm currently asking some questions to a lawyer friend.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


If Mr Amaral is making that sort of impact on his country men/women he ought to stand as a candidate for your Parliament.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I may be wrong, but I think that Mr Amaral wants distance from politics! LOL

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina.
Gina, you asked me and I won't publish it. But why can't it be published? Are you also afraid of ST, like the person who wrote 46 comments on my blog but asked me not to publish them because he/she had changed his/her mind regarding this case but was afraid of ST?
You know, I have to say that I always liked you. But lately you have been assuming too much. You were pissed when the stinking pros insinuated (and mocked you) that your house was not like you described and that you said you had friends they thought you never had, yet you have no problem speculating the same way about Docmac. As hard as it is for some to swallow, Docmac is who he says he is, lives where is says he does and does what he says he does. And some of us are sure about that because we have very close contact with him.

Cláudia said...

Para a pessoa que me lê a partir de Prime, que me diga um olá. Era giro falar com alguém de aqui perto :-)

Gina said...

Claudia by all means publish what I said because your reply has made it look as if I was getting all in a fizz about what people thought of me. I only asked a bloody question. ST knows exactly where I stand on this case, I have never changed my views and you know that. Now stop getting bitchy over nothing

Cláudia said...

No, I won't publish it because I deleted it as you asked me. "This is not for publication" was what you said. You know, I tend to respect people's wishes, even if I don't agree with what they say. And that is what I did with you. It's called respect.
You did not ask any question.

"I have been away for a short while and so I must have missed the news that docmac has moved from South Africa to Portual. To be fair I have assumed it because he says he is reading the book and watching SIC. As a matter of curiosity does anyone know if the book also was on sale in SA yesterday and whether they receive SIC."

The previous is not a question. It is a typical insinuation about a friend of mine.
And do not even dream about telling me what to do, what to say and how to say it. This is not the Gina show.

Gina said...

Have it your way Claudia, it's your blog and you have clearly become power struck the same way as Viv did.

If " As a matter of curiosity does anyone know if the book also was on sale in SA yesterday and whether they receive SIC." is not a question in your opinion then I guess it isn't as far as you are concerned.

Thank you for not bothering to point out that I also mentioned in my post that I was interested to see what Amaral had to say, was still on the fence over what happened and that ST knows exactly where I stand on this. I didn't turn this into the Gina show, you did. Adios

Cláudia said...

Really, Gina? Then go on ST's and tell him/her that you are interest in what Mr Amaral has to say in his book. But be careful. Don't forget that The Sun is reporting that Team McCann want to sue Mr Amaral, newspapers which published excerpts of the book and BLOGGERS who DISCUSSED it. So you better ask ST not to publish your post. Just in case.
Hasta luego, vecina.

Anonymous said...

For Gina. I posted this on supertoillet but it wasn't published, wonder why?

It is possible to get SIC in S.A. through cable tv if you order that specific channel. There is a big Portuguese community in S.A. and cable channels have agreements with Portuguese tv stations to broadcast abroad.
Also, the Correio da Manhã which also distributed Mr. Amaral's book is available worldwide (yes, Gina, in Spain also) so it is very possible that someone in S.A. if they went early enough would get hold of an issue of the paper and buy the book.

Gina said...

I already did say I was interested in what was in the book and that was why I was looking at this site. You only pasted part of my post.

You know full well that whilst I am not convinced one way or another who did what, I have always said there is something fishing about this case and I think something is being hidden. I do not know what, or whether it has anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, but I still feel there is something not quite normal.

Cláudia said...

Anon, don't waste your precious time. They are just pissed that the book sold out in a few hours. And that is the truth wether they like it or not. And you know why else they're pissed? They're pissed because thousands of people from all around the world read the summary of the book here. Yesterday this blog had more than 4000 hits. And don't get me wrong. This is not a popularity contest. It's not about that. But the people who read it, are reading it and will read it will be able to make up their minds. It doesn't matter if they don't agree with me after reading ir because at least they will hear both sides of it and they won't have to rely on the UK press only.

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