Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ok, can't resist

Madeleine: Public Ministry makes process available from Monday onwards

Faro, 31 Jul (Lusa) – The Public Ministry makes the Madeleine McCann process, whose inquiry was archived on the 21st of this month and which prompted the lifting of arguido status from the child’s parents and from Robert Murat, available to the media on Monday.

The document starts being made available to the journalists that requested access to the process, starting on Monday at the Public Ministry’s Office that operates with the Portimão Court, an official source informed today.(…)

source: Lusa

by astro

Couldn't resist telling you this before I go. Leaving VERY early in the morning! The blog will be open again as soon as I get back.
See you soon, guys!


Anonymous said...

Mum21 said...
Hey Guy's (to quote Clawd)

The brainless one has closed her blog and it's now invited readers only..just like Viv's.

One more DOWN.

31 July 2008 22:21

Cláudia said...

Dream on, ugly old hag. See you in one or two weeks. :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon, up yours. ;-)

Zodiac said...

'available to the media on Monday.'

Mmmm. So the Media are free to print it in Portugeuse, English, Spanish in hatever language they choose and can be copied and pasted where ever anyone wants and most of can be discussed on internet forums even though the McC's don't want that. All along I have said they want their own grubby mitts on it and divulge whatever they see fit. Just who do they think they are!

Bye Claudia read you after your hol.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, ALL in the open. Just like the McCanns always wanted. In a way, I'm sorry to be away because I will probably miss the first stuff appear online everywhere like mushrooms. But I have some people who will probably keep me updated.
Thank you, Zodiac. I'll miss you and your brilliant writings. :-)

Anonymous said...

Haven't you gone yet?

Cláudia said...

ST, I know you're thick, but I always thought you could read. VERY early in the morning. Want me to draw you a picture? :-)
I should have scheduled my holidays for another time, but now it's done. From Monday on the files will start to become public to the media. And I'll be nowhere near a computer. Snif, snif.
I know you'll miss me. ;-)
See you soon, ST.