Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, really? Interesting timing...

'DNA error by British experts led to McCanns being accused'

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 11:03 AM on 21st July 2008

Two key blunders led to Kate and Gerry McCann being declared suspects in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance, a leaked report claims today.
One of the mistakes relating to DNA tests on samples collected in Portugal was made by the British Forensic Science Service
, the Portuguese document said.
The report, prepared by Portugal's attorney-general, Fernando José Pinto Monteiro, claims the two crucial errors led to the doctors from being made 'arguidos' in the case.
It was revealed as Mr Monteiro prepared to formally clear the McCanns, both doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, and shelve the case.

Blunders: Kate and Gerry McCann became suspects after the British Forensic Service reported that DNA found in their hire car belonged to Madeleine
According to today's report, the Policia Judiciaria - Portugal's criminal investigation department - were told that DNA evidence found in the couple's hire car, on the window sill of their holiday apartment and in the car park of the apartment complex, belonged to Madeleine.
The report claims it was categorically given as her DNA and as a result the McCanns were questioned and later made suspects, according to London's Evening Standard.
But exactly one month later the forensic service wrote another report saying it could not be sure those findings were correct or whether the samples belonged to Madeleine, her younger sister Amelie or her mother.

As police close Maddie case, McCanns face new agony over book by former investigation chief

The claim is likely to cause the FSS embarrassment. Last week representatives of the service went out to Portugal with Leicestershire police to try to prevent the information being made public.
The second error was that when 'cadaver dogs' smelled the scent of death in the apartment where Madeleine disappeared, detectives did not take into account that Mrs McCann, who is a GP, had come into contact with six patients who died before she went on holiday.
Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police officer and a child protection expert, who has knowledge of the report, which dedicates 50 pages to the DNA evidence, said it was 'damning'.
'The FSS was out in Portugal on a damage limitation exercise,' he said. 'They will lose credibility over this.'

Mystery: Madeleine vanished from her parents holiday apartment in Praia da Luz last May

There is also strong condemnation of the police for paying too much attention to the media and evidence given by the dining friends the Tapas seven is criticised as they are accused of contradicting each other.
The report also talks about two key witnesses. One who contacted the police on 26 May saying he saw Mr McCann carrying Madeleine away from the apartment on the night she disappeared later retracted his statement.
The other witness spoke of the behaviour of the McCanns throughout their stay in Portugal.
According to the report, the police vis- ited 443 homes in the area, sightings were examined and ruled out and they also looked at all land, sea, and air escape routes.
The report says there is a strong belief by both British and Portuguese police that Madeleine is dead.
As they waited for news of the report, the McCanns were aiming to spend today as routinely as possible.
Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, intended to 'go to work as normal' at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.
Madeleine vanished only six days before her fourth birthday on 3 May last year. Her parents, both 40, launched an international campaign to search for her.
Fourteen months on, the Policia Judiciaria is no closer discovering what happened to her.
It is understood that even if the case is shelved, the files will be periodically reviewed and could be reopened if new evidence emerges.
Once they are cleared, the McCanns, who have two other children, twins Sean and Amelie, will fight for access to all the police documentation to give to their own private investigators so they can continue the search for their daughter.
The couple have already secured access to some of the files on the case after Leicestershire police agreed to share 81 pieces of information with them - relating to tip-offs and possible sightings - received in the early stages of the investigation last year.
The two parties reached the compromise at the High Court in London earlier this month.
Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the family, said: 'The hope is that they will be given access to the files. This will be a chance to reinvigorate the case.'
The McCanns' private investigators, Spanish-based Metodo 3, as well as a British-based agency will now conduct their own inquiries.
Madeleine vanished from her family's holiday apartment in the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, as her parents dined in a tapas restaurant with friends nearby.
The third arguido Algarve property consultant Robert Murat, 34, is also expected to have his 'arguido' status lifted.
Despite Portuguese legal moves, the McCanns were also bracing themselves today for more emotional turmoil as the policeman in charge of the original investigation was revealed to be publishing a 'tell-all' book this week.
Gonçalo Amaral, who was sacked as head of the inquiry in October, took early retirement last month.
Mr Amaral, 48, authorised the decision to name the McCanns as official suspects and his book, called True Lies, will be released in Portugal this week.

Oh, so now the mistakes were on the FSS, not on the PJ. Interesting timing. Is it because the reports will be in the files which will eventually be made public and once that happens there is no way to spin it?

Also very interesting that the British press decides to publish this today when this has been said in the Portuguese press for months...

So, the FSS is incompetent and the technicians working there are thick idiots, according to this article.

And dog handlers in Britain, who work with dogs which are trained to detecte death scent, never knew that Gerry and Kate McCann are doctors and may have been in contact with people who die (by the way, Kate is a very unlucky woman. I'm glad she doesn't work as a GP anymore. I never knew of a GP who was in contact with so many dead bodies. Jesus, did they just drop dead in her presence?).

Witnesses saw and suddenly didn't see, lab results who were but then weren't anymore. Is it just me or does this stink as much as the soiled nappies in the boot of the hire car?

So, the British Police agrees with the PJ that Madeleine is dead? And why say it now? It wouldn't be because there is proof of that in the files wihich will become available, right?

If this wasn't a tragedy it would be hilarious. Do these people think the world is as thick as they think it is? Some things cannot be spinned. One day, Madeleine. One day.


This is the comment I submitted to the Daily Mail regarding the artice I copy pasted in this thread:

"Oh, so now the bungles were on the FSS not on the PJ? Interesting timing. It couldn't be because the files which will soon become public will show the whole world the preliminary report from FSS, could it? It couldn't be because as soon as the files become public the world will see why they were made arguidos, could it? Too late now."

What the Daily Mail published was the following:

"Oh, so now the bungles were on the FSS not on the PJ? "

Interesting or what? Isn't the UK a democracy? Was my comment insulting in any way? Or wasn't it approved by a certain team?


J J said...

Hello Claudia

Do you know when Goncalo Amaral's book will be available in English and on sale in England?

Cláudia said...

Hi, JJ.
No, I don't know.
But even before it's for sale I expect that the most important aspects of the content will reach the UK as soon as it is released on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Claudia. I hate to have to say this but you have read the article wrongly. The mail is repeating a leak about the report, leaked from your side (Portugal). It is not an admission of guilt by the Forensic scientists, or the British police. The Mail are just (wrongly) repeating the gossip being done at the moment by the Portuguese press.

Cláudia said...

Dear anon, that would even be possible if there was anyhting like that in the Portuguese press. But unfortunately to you there is not even a word about the press release from the Attorney General. Nothing at all. Except for the UK press, of course.

Anonymous said...

"As police close Maddie case, McCanns face new agony over book by former investigation chief "

I am so sick of the McCann's being portrayed as having to face new agony.

This circus really has to come to an end very soon. Someone has to do something.

I am so embarrassed to be British right now, so angry that Portuguese police are being portrayed as having bungled this investigation when it is obvious Gordon Brown is behind this.