Friday, July 25, 2008

UPDATED - Intimidation tactics, the truth, the lies and all in between

McCanns to sue cop over book


Published: Today

DEVASTATED Kate and Gerry McCann are to launch a legal blitz in Portugal after the publication of a scandalous book about the disappearance of their daughter Maddie.

In The Truth Behind The Lie, ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral details ludicrous allegations about the couple and the pals they dined with when Maddie vanished in Portugal last year.

The McCanns plan to take action against Amaral, Portuguese newspapers which reprinted parts of the £10 book and bloggers who discussed it.

A source close to the family said last night: “The gloves are off. Amaral has over-stepped the mark and they feel they have been left with no choice. Enough is enough.
“The lawyers are looking at pretty much everything.”

In the book, Amaral, 48, claims that cops suspected Kate and Gerry almost as soon as Maddie, now five, vanished in the Algarve.

He also makes a serious allegation against one of their “Tapas 7” dining pals.
Earlier this week, Kate and Gerry, both 40 of Rothley, Leics, were officially cleared of any involvement in the case.

Amaral, who was taken off the investigation last October, said last night: “This book is not revenge, it is not persecution. We can discuss the case in court if they want.”

And then the Portuguese version of the thing, which they think won't get to the UK

Maddie: McCann give as' probable 'case to Amaral

The lawyers for the parents of Madeleine McCann are reviewing the book by former inspector of Judicial Gonçalo Amaral on the case and may include a 'probable' case on the defamation Portuguese newspapers that reproduce its content.

"The lawyers are examining the book, but will only act when ready ', the agency Lusa said today the spokesman of the parents of Madeleine, Clarence Mitchell.

Although the decision to proceed with the process has not yet been taken, Mitchell estimates that "probably there will be a process" in the Portuguese courts.

At issue is the book "Maddie - the truth of lies", published in Portugal on Thursday, in which the former head of Judicial Police maintains its argument to explain the disappearance of Madeleine since May 03, 2007, a hotel complex in Praia da Luz (Algarve), where he spent holidays with his parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, and the twin brothers.

In the book, Gonçalo Amaral, who is now retired from the PJ, argues that the child, then with three years, died in the apartment where the family was installed and launches a suspicion that parents will have participated in the concealment of the body.

Now, which is it?

Are we all going to be sued? Gonçalo Amaral, , the newspapers which published passages, all who bought his book, all who read it, all who had the audacity to read it and discuss it (those nasty bastards!), all who dreamed about it, all who hid under the bed just to take a little peek and look at the pretty pictures?

I tell you what, Mr Mitchell, what about telling the legal team, namely Mr Rogério Alves and Mr Pinto de Abreu to launch a huge worldwide legal action? You could then sue millions of Portuguese people, millions of British people and millions of other people around the world who listen to you and find you pathetic and dare to dislike or question your saint employers. I can already picture it in my mind. The trial could be held in the Sahara desert, because I think that would be big enough to take us all in.

But wait:

Maybe that won't be necessary because the legal action is only 'probable'. Maybe you will sue. Maybe not. And maybe, in your infinite generosity, you'll forgive us all, millions of thinking people, and spare us the jail time.

Post Scriptum: Because I'm a generous sould, I'll help you with another name, of another thinking being, that you may consider sueing too. His name is Mr Hernâni Carvalho, he is a journalist and works in TVI channel. He said on live TV that regarding Portuguese law, you're as stupid as an army boot. Please, go easy on him. Remember than Portugal was one the first countries in the world to abolish the death sentence.

Update on the intimidation tactics from McCann defenders:

"Does Anyone Know

by Rosiepops Today at 3:10 pm

If a Portuguese poster translates this publication of the fat pig's (Amaral's) into English and copies it to their blog site *knowing* it is going to be read by Brits in the UK, can they be sued?

They must know of course, because why else would they translate it into English?Especially, as it is becoming clear that the McCann's are now going to go for Bloggers as well as the Portuguese press like the cess pit CdM.

I would say that some people need to start feeling afraid, very, very afraid! I fully expect the sh*t for brains Claudia to translate it, in view of the above news if the stupid cow had any sense she wouldn't, but as we know she hasn't any sense, she of course will.

However, I will not be reading it, I have not been anywhere near that ridiculous blog of hers since I left her a message some time ago and I do not intend starting now, that is one person who is fast going the way of Mrs Consecutive Numbers and what is more is being encouraged by the Gallstone. I just wonder how many more are going to have mental breakdowns before they actually realise that this hate blogging is having a detrimental affect on them, I hear there is another just about to tip over into the realms of mental instability."

Rosie, will you be picking me up to drive me to the court yourself? :-)


Anonymous said...

Super Woman,Cláudia: realmente terão muito a fazer para processarem milhares,milhões de pessoas.EU COMPREI O LIVRO.EU GOSTEI DO LIVRO.EU GOSTEI DO IMPACTO QUE AS TVS TIVERAM NAS MENTES ADORMECIDAS.DESPERTARAM MENTES.

E G.AMARAL disse (à J. de S.- ah,foi de férias; só vem em Setembro):

se o processarem

(nos processarem=milhões de pessoas)

vai a Tribunal o que poderá afinal ser muito útil para a continuação e definição do caso da Maddie!++++++++++++


Cláudia said...

SHU, me too. :-)
Thank you.
Isso é que era lindo de ver. :-)

Teresa said...

Claudia, e não se esqueça também de acrescentar que numa intervista que deu hoje (penso que foi na tvi, não foi?) ele já dizia SE os advogados achassem que havia matéria para tal, iriam processar.

Ou seja...há resposta para todos os gostos (ou então o R. Alves e o babe do Carlos já o informaram que não é bem assim... aqui não processamos o vizinho por não gostarmos da cara dele, senão eu já tinha processado aquele portavoz com cara de lunático há muito!)

Cláudia said...

Teresa (trate-me por tu, por favor), as subtilizeas de discurso são interessantíssimas de analisar. Sinceramente. Os advogados Portugueses dos senhores sabem bem como são as coisas cá. Não tenho qualquer background na área do direito, mas hoje estive a tirar algumas dúvidas com um amigo licenciado em direito que me confirmou algumas das minhas suspeitas. Muito difícilmente eles poderiam processar sem vir a Portugal. Quem quer que eles processem, o Dr Amaral ou jornais, a primeira coisa que fazem é arrolá-los como testemunhas e eles serão, aparentemente, obrigados a vir...
Importa-se se continuarmos em inglês? Tem mais impacto... ;-)

Teresa said...


If he sue me, I sue him right back in Human Rights Court for try to take my right of freedom speech. In democratic world we can talk about our opinions and about published books. And on net there is much child pornography and other bad things, why he not fight against that instead of bother good people that worry about Maddie and would not leave her alone home with little brothers even though she not ours? I cry for Maddie. I not like her parents and I not like spokesman. Over time he look more and more ugly to me. He only scare himself. Not Portuguese people. We travelled world, "discovered" many new places, expell moors from Portugal to gain back our country many centuries before, we not be colonized by McCanns and spokesman. We not colony.

Teresa said...

I was say to Claudia that on article I saw also interview with spokesman and he not say like that. He say "IF" lawyers here say they have material to sue, they sue.

Very different. He act tough in the UK newspapers but he choose words more careful here.

I watch debate I think on SIC noticias the other day and R. Alves, McCann attorney, say as answer to fact spokesman say conditions for McCanns to come for reconstitution, that one thing is what spokesman say, another is what the lawyer says and presents for court.

(My English macarronic, sorry)

Cláudia said...

Teresa, your English is fine.
And you're absolutely right.
If they want to sue, then they can start by BLOGGER! :-) That would give them money to hire another 100 private detective agencies. If they won, that is. :-)

Anonymous said...

Upss! Beautiful explanation.

I do not english,because I do not know enough to write all I feel.

Confirm at RTP1 o programa,a Grande Entrevista.Hoje tenho estado + com o Orgulho na P.J.

Mas,1 pedido: ao arrolá-los como testemunhas eles não poderão enviar os mensageiros pinocheteanos,delegando neles a "presença"?

:-) :-) :-)

(E está na hora de alimentar os meus bicharocos,que me pregam sustos todos os dias.)

Cláudia said...

SHU, your English is more then enough.
Não tenho a certeza, SHU. Mas acho difícil...
Cumprimentos aos bicharocos.

Teresa said...

Claudia,who be Rosiepops? She thinks McCanns sue you for translation of book? Uau. You must be important. So lunatic that person. You in Portugal. It not against law to translate book with publisher authorization and you can put on net summaries. If British people read, there right. Lunatic person want to prevent people in England from reading book why? Lunatic people. Must be mother of holligan and drink much beer, no?

Teresa said...

O meu receio Claudia e compatriota anonima é que façam testemunhos por escrito ou por videoconferência. Ou mesmo isso não alteraria a tactica a ser utilizada por aqueles que eles tentam calar?

Claudia, se achares melhor não publicar para não dar ideias àquela corja, não publiques.

Cláudia said...

Teresa, she's no one worth knowing. But your post made me laugh! LOL
Like I said yesterday, I did a masters on Toni Morrison. Have written a whole Dissertion on her work and discussed all her novels till exhaustion. Do you think she'll sue me? lolol

Anonymous said...

Com o Doutor Pinto da Costa;




Cláudia said...

Teresa, não é impossível. Mas não te preocupes, não é por aqui que eles têm ideias...

Teresa said...

No, Claudia, I not think she sue you. I not think she has nothing to hide.

Cláudia said...

SHU, já tinha visto. :-)
Other two names to sue: Dr. Pinto da Costa and also Eduardo Dâmaso. Reason for sueing: daring to think. :-)

Cláudia said...

Teresa, :-)

Teresa said...

Dr. Pinto da Costa is brave man, he put all them in place very very quick if they try.

Spokesman not realize he become national joke in Portugal: We sue, we sue! Don't think, we sue!

Anonymous said...

Jornal da Noite 24-07-2008
Edição de 24-07-2008 (1ª parte)
Jornal da Noite, com Clara de Sousa

Ou foi aqui que ele disse o que lhe contei há pouco?Depois de lhe passarem imagens do clarinete,disse não saber quem era.Se fossem os papás a dizer....sabia!





docmac said...

Pretty sure they're devastated, Claudia. Probably more so every minute as the translations are drip fed to them. It's the other kind of devastation of course, the "Oh, I think I'm going to shit myself" kind.

Thank you for the revelation as to what is going on at the blushing blog. I would just leave a message for Rosie for the next time she 'doesn't' read here she should note that the name is 'gallstone', with a small g. It's not a REAL name you know!

The name is gallstone, james gallstone.

docmac said...

And one last thing:

Niza is hilarious!!!! I'd love to see the look on Clarrie's face if she ever gets her teeth into him. lololol!!!

Cláudia said...

Teresa, I actually sometimes feel bad for Mr Rogério Alves. He must be desperate to hear to Mr Mitchell.

SHU, thank you.

DOC, you always, always make me laugh.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


According to what I am reading on 3A the Sky News website is carrying the story of the threat to sue.

Nothing unusual there.


3A posters have flooded the comment section and are being published almost wiping out the opposition.

Teresa said...

I not feel bad, Claudia. I suspect he charge gold for every headache they give.

Cláudia said...

Doc, she is, isn't she?
She's great. I think she was a bit shy about writing in English, but I wish I was as funny as she is. :-)
CM, watch out. Niza has arrived! :-)

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, no, nothing new about that. :-) Do you know if my name is on the sue list? Will I be tried separately or will it be like a group thing, all bloggers and chaps from 3A too? :-)

Cláudia said...

teresa, I know he does.
But it must be embarassing. And so many headaches, :-)

Teresa said...

If they try sue Portuguese blogger for speeking about book and their opinion, I believe national movement start. Portuguese hate censorship and that might be push Portuguese need to stand up to this.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Claudia Have't seen you there yet.

When I accessed the comments page the only three comment in the "trailer" were:

I too would like to see the press publish the details of the accusations against Payne. They shouldnt be afraid to print this as it was an 8 page statement given to Leicestershire Police. But im sure good old Clarence will instead call them outrageous and hurtful lies\n\nGood on Amaral for publishing his book. He's not cashing in on the poor child at al l -it's the only way the world will find out what really went on in the investigation.
Posted By :jus me Report This

From Amarals book, something really stood out for me.There was a sighting of what was thought to be Madeleine at a gas station on the 4th May last year I believe.When Kate was informed she would have to go to Portimao police station to look at some CCTV that was captured, Kate looked frustrated and bored :(\nWhy wasn't she full of hope? What did she know that the PJ investigators did not know? \nWhy is the UK media not reporting on this? Why is the UK media protecting the McCanns. WhO are they? \n\nCome on the British press, get some back bone and start reporting on the FACTS. That is all that people want. There is a little girl that cannot speak out and needs someone to do it for her,NOW! Please, do it for Madeleine!
Posted By :pleia Report This

When is this circus going to end ? Mccann sucking a lollipop while PJ are checking a sighting of madeleine. One of the tapas reported for strange behaviour by two doctors..Information held back from PJ which may have been crucial to the case. FSS three months later doing a U Turn about DNA results. Mccanns having personal phone calls with Gordon Brown. England has become a cesspit of corruption...It seems we can neglect our children and lose one along the way with a nod and a wink from Gordon is time this can of worms was opened to the public....Lets see what really happened to madeleine on the night of the 3rd...Does anyone care??????
Posted By :Dan Report This
Read more comments (Page Expands)

Cláudia said...

Teresa, that's not even a possibility. Apart from being ridiculous under our law, can you imagine what people all around the world would think if they knew people were being sued for having an opinion or for discussing a book? Can you image worse publicity than that?

ICTOAN, thank you for keeping us updated. Please, if you know anything, let me know. I would hate being sued and not being informed about it. :-)

Teresa said...

What surprise me is they try scare people in UK and people believe and seem scare or just what newspapers want us to believe?

Cláudia said...

Teresa, I can't speak for British people, but from what I read in several blogs and on the 3 Arguidos, it seems to me that people are not scared.

However, that's a good idea:
British people reading and commenting on the www, are you scared? :-)

docmac said...

"British people reading and commenting on the www, are you scared?"

Nope, not even when I'm wearing my SA clothes. The door is open, come on in. Let's have a little chat...

ICantThinkOfAName said...

More comments on Sky!

Are they letting readers say what they can't?

I really think the police in England and Portugal need to investigate the serious accusations that have surfaced about the McCann's friend David Payne and Gerry McCann himself. I think the answer to solving this case lies with the McCann and friends' circle who were there in Portugal on the night that Madeleine "disappeared", I cannot say "abducted" as there is absolutely NO evidence of an abduction but plenty of evidence of death in that apartment, the Mcs know exactly where Madeleine's body is, In My Opinion
Posted By :GC Report This

There is NO need for the McCanns to have a PI team. They had the police forces of Portugal and UK. They had specialists all supplied by the tax payer. Best thing McCanns can do is pass THEIR PI files over to PJ (in their entirity) and see what has ACTUALLY been done by them!\nFSS results U turn? /Eddie & Keela doubted!/ rotten meat/spilt fish/dirty nappies in the car tyre well?? PLEASE !!!\nFailure to do a reconstruction...a swarm of top celebs and financial backers..a missing sports bag?...oh yes WHAT else is missing: THE TRUTH about their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.\nA total cover up I suspect: what on earth were they doing leaving 2 year olds and a 3 year old alone and allegedly on many occassions?\nWe all parent differently?...THANK GOD yes I do very differently!
Posted By :Amber Report This

I was saddened to read that the McCanns left poor Madeleine crying for over an hour 2 nights before she disappeared. Yet they still went out every night to enjoy themselves.\n\nI am quite amazed that this has been dropped even though:\n\nA couple gave a disturbing police statement about David Payne regarding a previous group holiday \n\nBritish sniffer dogs (who have never given a false positive) found blood and death odours behind a settee and on Kates clothes\n\nThe dubious activites of their investigators -They specialise in debt collecting and do not usually look for missing children...I'd like to know where the fund money goes every month??\n\nNot to mention the fact they hired a top extradition lawyer as soon as they got back to England. Why do that if you are innocent???\n\n
Posted By :Paula Report This
Read more comments (Page Expands)

The link to anyone wanting to read more is:

I'm glad I didn't have to type that out.

Teresa said...

Why Mccann Portuguese attorneys not tell Portuguese newspapers and people not to talk and blog about book? Why spokesman do? Hernani right. He stupid like boot when come to Portuguese law.

Cláudia said...

Doc, lololol

Read this:

Have just read up on the net and it would appear that the McCann's *WOULD* be able to sue for translating this book into English.

I hear that even the publishers had to take legal advice before doing this and may have decided against it!

It looks like Claudia and her mate Dicmac/Gallstone have just landed themselves in it, right up to their necks.

I wonder if Claudia wants some jumbo sized toilet rolls for her fat backside?

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, thank you.

Teresa said...

Claudia, who wrote that translation can be sued, is lunatic. I can try sue you, you can try sue me, but could we win if case stupid like that? No. McCann side playing with words to intimidate weak people. They choose wrong country.

go get 'em Goncalo said...

I can't see the McScams suing anyone - the last place they want to go is Court!

I'm British and I'll be buying Amaral's book as soon as it comes out in English, that's for sure.

Go get em Goncalo - open the can of worms and let's get this corrupt and criminal farce over and done with!

Justice for Madeleine - and ONLY Madeleine!

Cláudia said...

Teresa, because that is ridiculous. That's why they don't even mention it. :-)

Cláudia said...

go get 'em Goncalo,

you don't seem scared either. :-)

Cláudia said...

Guys, next week I'm going on holiday.
Just saying so people won't think that I have already been arrested. LOL

Teresa said...

Bye bye.

I go home now, work done for today. You think mean spokesman tatle-tale on me for blog from work at government institution?

Maybe I come in at home this weekend.

Cláudia said...

Teresa, oh my God, you're screwed! Yes, you'll be sued for sure! :-) God help you, woman.
Bye, Teresa. I'm also off for a bit. Have a bit of shopping to do.

Teresa said...

Oooo, I so scared, so scared. No, Mr. spokesman, majesty, not tatle on me. Not sue me, please! please!

Cláudia said...

Teresa, LOL
You're grat!

ICantThinkOfAName said...


When you have a little time I would urge you to read a light hearted account by a Brit (at least I think he is) of an Amaral press conference entitled "Alby Goes To Lisbon"

It is probably too long to post on your blog but is well worth reading.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, ICTOAN.
I'm off for a bit, but I will. :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Fiona Payne And Dr David Payne Virus Warning

I've just found this by alan69 on 3A

"I googled Payne and his wife. After 10 minutes of googling around I found and then downloaded a Word file from a legitimate looking website, with the words NHS in the title and the words 'Fiona Payne meeting''.

This file is a trojan virus, my Norton has gone completely mad over it.

It is as a Virus that relays your computers information back to a third party, which may included keystrokes.


Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, thank you for warning us.

Anonymous said...


Who is so unpolite and so childish and so disgraced?

Unpolite...Is to much!



Cláudia said...


Anonymous said...

So,"all in between":

...."Gallstones are stones that form in the gall (bile). Bile is a watery liquid made by the cells of the liver that is important for digesting food in the intestine, particularly fat. Liver cells secrete the bile they make into small canals within the liver. The bile flows through the canals and into larger collecting ducts within the liver (the intrahepatic bile ducts).

Most gallstones are silent. If silent gallstones are ...."




And a nice time TO YOU,Cláudia.

Mas,pelo sim pelo não, apesar de férias diga alguma coisa.Se não for aqui,só 1 ou 2 ou 3 "presenças" no P.,na J. at least.

Cláudia said...


thank you. But I don't think I will. Holidays are holidays. And there won't be computers anywhere around me. To be honest, if I wasn't so addicted to it, I would even leave my mobile phone behind. You know, like the Tapas. :-)
Off for a bit.
Até logo. :-)

Anonymous said...

Without Your´s mobile.Good.Well thinking.Like the 7+2=9 (ou 10?)


Anonymous said...

Only to smile.

In this site

say that Dr. Amaral sold the rights of the book to a film.
I missunderstand the story or it was the parents of MM that sold the story to a movie in 2007?

Keep the good work Claudia.
I used to defend PJ in a blog and british newspapers, explaning the arguido status, explaning that nobody is guilty until the police prove the contrary, but that became "dificulte". I think they dont know what free speach is (strange in a country that has a press always around VIP, and we all know what happened).

Nobody was preocupated with Madeleine. There was only people Pro Mccann's and against them. Madeleine became in second place.
But there is a question that nobody proM did answear to me:
- Do you really trust this parents to take care your children?

Claudia, keep the good work.
I arrived here, I will stay around here.


Cláudia said...

S, yes, something like that. ;-)

Cláudia said...

Carlos, thank you for your words and for staying around.
I know that people like yourself have done a lot to reach Justice for Madeleine.
Well, Carlos, maybe some of them would trust them. Maybe some of them would just do the same they did and leave their children completely alone.
The film thing made me smile. :-)
Hope I'll read you again soon.
Conhecemo-nos de outras andanças? :-)

Anonymous said...

Não sei se nos conhecemos de outras andanças.
Eu já tinha lido este blog. Encontrei-o e gostei dos pontos de vista.

Open minded and free speach :)


Cláudia said...

Thank you, Carlos.
In this country, people fought for more than 40 years for the right to speak their mind. No one will change that now. I was fortunate enough to have been born in a time of democracy, but many haven't. Times to forget, not times to reapeat.
Perguntei porque tenho um amigo que se chama Carlos e tem conhecimentos de inglês. Não és de cá de cima nem tens nada a ver com terras de viriato, pois não? :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Someting fro JillyComeLately on 3A.

I've been checking out Leicestershire Constabulary website since last summer and nothing changes. They still have a one-click link to the McCanns' official website -

Providing a second to none policing service
Leicestershire Constabulary

Related websites
Find Madeleine website

How to contact us
If you have information about any crime, you can contact us on Leicester (0116) 222 2222.

In an emergency, for example where life is in danger or a crime is in progress, call 999.

I've phoned, written and emailed Leics Constabulary over the months, as I know many others here have done, to object to this direct link to the McCanns'website which is, in essence, a begging-bowl for support and £££ $$$ €€€ to provide them with expensive lawyers to escape justice.

There's got to be something VERY WRONG with this, surely?!?

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, can't say it surprises me.
But thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dr Gonçalo Amaral has some points when he said:

- "What is in the book is in the process. Nothing more."

(everything is in the process, so that can be open to the public) What moral damages? Anuy investigation provoque moral damages of course, but has to be done. IS THE LAW.

- "Madeleine died, is the conclusion based in THIS evidences".
(The conclusion based in "THIS", "THIS" evidences. No especulation here)

- Comment Mitchel's words: Answear to who? That man? Who is that man? Is an interested part of the case?. I dont think so."

(very smart Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, with 30 years in PJ)

- If they want to sue, sue. Then we will go all to the court of law and we are going to discuss everything in the book.



Anonymous said...

Leics Constabulary follow orders.

Anonymous said...

Não Claudia.
Gostava de ser o único com o nome Carlos :) mas tal não é possível.

Sou mesmo cá de baixo de Lx, but half portuguese and half spaniard :)


Niza said...

Good night everyone!

I read today that Michaela and Sergei Malinski also get big settlements from English newspaper. Good for them, they rich now!

Michaela's child very affected by this bad things said on her mother. Good for her she sue. I like to know if she suing Metodo 3 too?

Niza said...

Mau. Eu trabalho com um Carlos que também é rafeiro. Não me digas que trabalhas perto do Saldanha?

Cláudia said...

Carlos, yes, brilliant indeed.
And did you notice his calm ways and the way he spoke? :-)
Spain, país irmão. Parte importante de tudo isto, também.
Então estamos longe, Carlos. Mas perto nos ideais. :-)

Anon, all police forces follow orders.

Dinner time, now. :-)
See you all later.

Cláudia said...

Niza, yes, they did. Good for them. I think both got aroun 100 000£.

Niza, you arrived and are already making me LAUGH!

Carlos, olha que esta Niza é danada para a brincadeira. :-)
Vou jantar e daqui a nada já volto.

Anonymous said...

Muitos Carlos devem trabalhar perto do Saldanha, mais km menos km.
Se são rafeiros ou não, não olho para as pessoas assim.
Não gosto que os estrangeiros também olhem para nós assim.
Como diria porventura Gonçalo Amaral - "Responder a quem? "Mas quem é essa senhora interessada em cães?" "É parte interessada no processo"?

Niza said...


I find the crazy lady's site where she thinks you sued for translating book. So stupid. You not translate you summarize. You in Portugal, English law not apply just because British people can read. Typical bife arrogance!

Cláudia said...

Carlos, acho que a Niza estava só a brincar.
Como diria o outro, não nos vamos chatear por meia dúzia de tostões! :-)

Niza, you did? Have fun. LOL
Those people are so stupid that they don't even know the difference between a summary and a translation.
By the way, Sky News will have to be sued too. They're running an article where they highlight some of the contents in Mr Amaral's books. Ouch! :-)

Rosie, honey, wanna see the results of tsunami? Have you read Sky's comments? You know, where no anti comments were allowed? The celebrities sanctuary? You should, sweety. :-)

Off for a while. Griends came over. Coffee time.

Niza said...

Carlos, touché. Brincava contigo, tal como brinco com o rafeiro com quem trabalho e que muito estimo.

Quanto à senhora interessada nos cães, digamos que o interesse é mais nos McCaes e em vê-los responder às perguntas que suspeito não quererem responder. Se a senhora faz parte do processo, pelos vistos poderá vir a fazer se levarmos a sério as ameaças cabocas que atirar a torto e a direito numa tentativa de calar quem não tem medo de "ladrar".

docmac said...

Would Carlos, Niza, anonimo et al please continue posting in Portuguese. This site is being monitored and every time you do so it costs the McCanns money for the translations!. lolol!!

Then 10 minutes later re-post in English so silly buggers like me can understand you for free :-)))

Cláudia said...

Niza, LOL.

Eu não te disse, Carlos. Ela é danada para a brincadeira. Por aquilo que tenho visto ultimamente, há muitos de nós a ladrar e bem alto. Que assim continue, cada vez mais. :-)
Até logo!

Cláudia said...

Doc, you're great man. And always making me laugh!!! :-)
Logging off for a bit, now. See you in a while.

Niza said...

O que me faz rir a bom rir, Claudia é a burra da bifa achar que como fazes sumários de uma coisa que pode ser lida por Ingleses, logo a lei Inglesa se aplicaria contra ti.

Santa ignorância!
Santa arrogância!
Santa "paciância"!

Cláudia said...

Niza, estúpida como uma bota da tropa. Thick as a brick. ;-)

Niza said...

For english people:

What makes me laugh a good laugh is the asnine woman Rosiepops thing that because Claudia makes summry of something that can be read by English people, English law would apply against her, although she in Portugal.

Saintly ignorance!
Saintly arrogance!
Saintly "patieance"!

Cláudia said...

Niza, are you translating your own words? Are you aware that you can now sue yourself??? LOL

Back in a while.

Niza said...

Good idea! I sue me and ask for 1 million pounds!

Ups...after all, maybe not good idea.

C said...

Nisa, eu também. Por acaso trabalho perto do saldanha, mas ainda um pouco afastado.

The only person that can sue Claudia and Sky News is Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, because the law of the Owner's Rights.
No one can made copies of books withot authorisation of the Author.

But I dont think he is thinking in sue you Claudia. ;-)

Cláudia said...

Niza, that would mean that half of you would suddenly become rich while the other half of you would become broke! lolol

C, no, I don't think he is. But even he couldn't sue. I just summarised some of the contents of the book. A translation is completely different. And would take weeks, of course. :-) I somehow think that he appreciates it. ;-)
Have you read the thank you part in Mr Amaral's book?

docmac said...

Niza sounds like one very determined Portuguese lady who has finally had it with the McAntics of the McCanns and their McTeam.

Just like me, really. Well, besides the bits about being Portuguese and a lady. ;-)

You go girl. Your country and it's people, as well as Madeleine need people like you.

Niza said...

C, sim, cá para mim, o Inspector Gonçalo até é capaz de não se importar com a publicidade. Há já muitos ingleses a salivar à espera de ler a edição Inglesa após o resumo da Claudia.

Cláudia said...

Doc, Niza is a star. :-) And has got a great sense of humour. :-)

Cláudia said...

Niza, tenho cá um dedito que adivinha, que me diz que não se importará nada. ;-)

Niza said...


I sick and tired of McCanns act like self righteous when they did stupid, stupid thing leaving babies alone many nights. Not even trash does that, alone educated people. Plus, they act like they rule Portugal and try to tell us what to read and what to talk/write about. I not allow that and this threats sue bloggers and those that talk about book making them very hated in Portugal, a country that suffered dictatorship many years. If people think they stupid before for leave children, and suspicious of their involvement in dissaparence of Madeleine, now people hate them for arrogance and attempts to control our brain.

Niza said...

Ahh Claudia, julgo que percebi. Diz ao dedito por favor, que lhe desejo muita força e que não está nem de perto nem de longe sozinho.

Niza said...

Claudia, não querendo ser indiscreta ia-te perguntar uma coisa. No primeiro comentario desta secçao diz que alguem foi de férias e só volta em Setembro. É alguém ligado ao processo?

Reparei que na pagina da bifa burra tem lá uma coisa sobre não poder esperar até Setembro. Fiquei com a pulga atrás da orelha.

Cláudia said...

Niza, very weel said. Our dictatorship is still too fresh in many people's memories so Portuguese people let other people tell them what to do, say, read and talk about.
Niza, estava só a dizer que desconfio que não se importaria. Nada mais. :-)

Cláudia said...

Niza, acho que o poster estava a referir-se à Judite de Sousa que ontem disse que ia para férias e só voltaria em Setembro. :-)

Niza said...

Ah, ok Claudia, desculpa, entendi mal.

De qualquer forma se alguém ligado ao Homem de Coragem ler isto, por favor transmita-lhe esse sentimento de força e solidariedade.

Niza said...

Obrigada Claudia, então as duas coisas não estão relacionadas.

A Judite de Sousa é uma excelente profissional, adoro ver as suas entrevistas.

Cláudia said...

Niza, não tens nada por que pedir desculpa.
E eu acho que ele está a par das coisas. Os ageadecimentos dele no livro assim indicam. :-)

Carlos said...

No, Claudia I did not.
Who is in the book?
Maybe... you?

PS: The C. was I, Carlos.
I forget to change my designation in the email account.

Cláudia said...

Niza, importas-te que não publique o endereço para não contribuir para a publicedade? Não queres escrever outro comentário sem link, a dar só uma achega? Espero que não leves a mal.

Cláudia said...

I suspected it was you, Carlos.
No, not me. I mean, not only me. All of us. Gonçalo Amaral thanks anonymous citizens who supported him and also cibernauts and bloggers who 'defended the cause of truth and justice'

Niza said...

Tens razão Claudia, não levo nada a mal.

I have read some mean lies about Mr. Amaral in McCann fan blogs and forums. I think since many those people in UK and UK liber legislation applies, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral should sue them for lying and tarnish his name.


Cláudia said...

Thank you, Niza. And I agree.
It's not like he hasn't got the material...

Niza said...

Is benfica playing? My crazy neighbor screaming GOLOOOO out the window.

Cláudia said...

Niza, yes, benfica's playing.
You have a smart neighbour! :-)
Although Benfica is losing 2-3. lol

Niza said...

I always know when benfica game, because he screaming GOLOOO and NOO NOOO real loud.

Cláudia said...

Niza, unfortunately lately your neighbour has been screaming NOOO NOOO NOOO a lot more than he is screaming GOALLLLLLL! lololol

Niza said...

Claudia, ta uma gaja qualquer que se diz ser portuguesa naquele tal blog a dizer que a maioria dos Portugueses só não apoia os McCann por causa de politica.

Que será que a gaja anda a fumar?

Que mentirosa! As tantas nem Portuguesa é!

Cláudia said...

Niza, muito provavelmente estrangeira a viver em Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Niza and Claudia, don't worry. "Maria" is not Portuguese at all. She is a former DE poster named Christabel personifying a Portuguese person to try to give their site credibility. I received an e-mail to this effect not long ago, before I realized they serve different masters.

Cláudia said...

Anon, that does not really surprise me.
However, there are many foreign people living in Portugal for decades, British and German, mainly. And we also have some Portuguese people who hate all police forces and police officers. Most of them have had trouble with the law, of course. :-)

Niza said...

I not know Christabel but I not blame her for want be Portuguese. Portuguese nice thing to be. Nice people, love children, beaches, sun and lovemaking.

Her nasty atitude give her away thoug, to much hate. Portuguese not hateful. Except mean people.

Cláudia said...

Niza, you're just great! :-)

Carlos said...

no, the goal was not from Benfica :D :D
When I wrote in blogs last year, a lot of english people say that they were ashamed of being british.
I told them that there is nothing to be ashamed of, because England is a beautiful and a great country and that "a few doesn´t make a nation".

I only think in a person: Madeleine.
I dont give any importance to this mediatic and very well connected couple.

A police, that is a law force, has the field of actuation completely marked and with no autorization to work in another country.
On contrary, that agency of "super cops" and so on, contracted by the Mccanns, operating in the frontier of the law, operating in several countries with no difficults to operate from one board to another because is a private company full of money and not a police force, in the field for so many time and after so many money spent...

And the conclusions are:

1) Oh, after all, there are not conclusions;
2) They didn´t found Maddie yet;
3) They didn´t bring an eventual abducter to justice;
4) After so long and so money spent (money from a fund to ALL MISSING CHILDREN) they have a fistfull of "Nothing".

Special cops... let me laught.
This company has all to find Madeleine if was an abduction and they didnt nothing...

Niza said...

I just read Correio da Manha. Not one post supporting McCanns.

In Publico, around 90% posts not support McCanns.

How someone can try to lie and say Portuguese support them is laughing.

Cláudia said...

Carlos and Niza, some people are only interested in twisting the reality.

Niza said...

Carlos, no one has been able to clone human.

Cláudia said...

Carlos, the PJ should have also charged. lol

Guys, when I'm sued, will you be there? :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, i visit you and take pasteis de belem and pão de ló made by me with nailfile inside. Ok?

Cláudia said...

Niza, LOL.

docmac said...

Bom dia, Claudia and everybody

I was off reading all sorts of things. The most interesting of which is in relation to what I said to Gina earlier.

Someone put a post on the purple patch that a poster named "docbell" had made various statements on 3A. They wondered if "docbell" was me. Well, now I apparently AM "docbell", just because it was mooted. And therefore I'm sick and a stalker and should be reported to the police.

Meantime, as we have seen, Rosie knows my nick on 3A but she is quite happy to play along with it, because it fits her agenda. It's how they have always worked. Start a rumour and in 5 minutes it's "fact". FACT.

Dorme bem amiga.

Anonymous said...

Rosiepork is the biggest pig on the face of the earth, Docmac. Don't let that slob get to you.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc.
Just ignore those pathetic reptiles. :-)

Dorme bem, amigo.

Going to bed, guys.
Tomorrow I have to consult with my 6 lawyers: 2 in the UK (you never know), 2 in Germany (I was born there and might need to ask for asylum) and 2 Portuguese. I'm also considering hiring another one specilised in extradition. :-)

Counting the days to go on holiday! :-)

Sleep weel, all.

Cláudia said...

Anon, don't give her the importance she hasn't got. :-) Her (and her bunch's) pathetic intimidating tactics are being exposed.

Anonymous said...

Platell's People: Is this the best way to help Maddie?

Last updated at 10:01 PM on 25th July 2008

Few who saw Kate and Gerry McCann's press conference can fail to have been deeply moved as they responded to the news they had been cleared as suspects in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

With a face like stone to hide a breaking heart, Gerry sat clutching his wife's hand under the table. 'It has been devastating to witness the detrimental effect being named as suspects has had on the search for Madeleine,' Kate said.

But there was more than sorrow behind those tear-filled eyes. For the first time since their daughter went missing, there was bitterness, too.

'It is hard to describe how utterly despairing it was to be portrayed as suspects,' she said.

One can understand her anger at being falsely named as 'arguidos', but surely this should have been the end of that part of their torment. Finally they have been exonerated, and at last they are free to pursue their search.

Instead, the McCanns seem set on revenge. Revenge against the Portuguese police who launched the biggest missing child investigation in its history. Revenge against the former head of the investigation, Goncalo Amaral, over his book about Madeleine, even though he has already been sacked, discredited and disgraced.

And revenge against the media - yes, the same media that with the help of hired PRs they used ruthlessly, relentlessly and understandably to try to keep their daughter's face in the public eye. How sad. Their PR Clarence Mitchell insists: 'The only thing they care about now is finding Madeleine.' So surely this is the time to go up a gear in that quest and not allow themselves to become bogged down in lengthy compensation cases. How does that help to find Madeleine?

Little wonder so many ordinary people - the very ones they rely on in the search for their daughter - are asking if this quest for retribution is in Madeleine's best interests.

It wasn't just their precious daughter that was missing at Monday's press conference, but also any reference to their own behaviour on that dreadful night when they went out wining and dining and left their beloved children untended in an unlocked holiday flat.

My own view has always been that the McCanns deserve the greatest sympathy for their loss, but the public increasingly is not so understanding.

If the couple were now to spend as much time campaigning against the dangers of parents leaving children alone as they are apparently spending trying to seek financial recompense, then the nightmare of Madeleine's disappearance might have one positive legacy."

Daily Mail

Cláudia said...

Thank you, anon.
Although I have absolutely no sympathy at all left for the McCanns, I totally understand that comment.

docmac said...

Oh, I see it now on ST! I was QUOTING what YOU had written and saying, "well deserved" and "have a chocolate" and Gina posted as if it was ALL my writing, as if I was reading the book live and getting tired and sore legs!! lolol!

Gina I expect you to re-read my posts, check where the quotes came from and publish a full retraction and apology on ST. If you do not do so I will put you on my 'coward' list.

Anonymous said...

Claudia,the press has to find creative ways to say what they really mean.

Cláudia said...

Doc, either that or SUE her! lololol

Anon, I know. I just read an article that is apparently good for the McCanns but reading it between the lines, it's not that good at all. And it will have to go on the sueing list. There are passages of the book there! ;-)

docmac said...

Anonimo thanks, I agree.

And I just read my earlier post wherein I almost shouted Bom dia!

You know I don't know where on earth that came from, blush!

Boa noite :-))

Go, Goncalo, go you good thing!!! Top man.

Cláudia said...


dorme bem. :-)

docmac said...

Actually Claudia, now that you mention it. As there are quite a few bloggers who know exactly who I am things like that would be actionable. People like Rosie et al are read by some who do know me as more than a mere nickname on a blog and her and her mates' spewings are therefore directly aimed at bringing my good name and professional reputation into disrepute. I'll look into it!!

Cláudia said...

Doc, :-)
I know...

Ana said...

Olá minha querida Cláudia! Está tudo bem contigo, ou estás demasiado assustada com as ameaças dos McClowns!? Eu não tenho receio nenhum, ELES que BENHAM Carago, quantos são, quantos são?

Já lá vai algum tempo que não faço qualquer comentário, não que não quisesse, apenas não o tenho feito por questões profissionais (falta de tempo), contudo, tenho seguido, obviamente, com muito interesse tudo o que é escrito.

Já devorei o livro todo do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, embora a maior parte dos factos relatados fossem já do conhecimento daqueles que, como nós, seguiram as investigações a par e passo, encontrei alguns pormenores interessantes, que numa investigação criminal se tornam por maiores para qualquer investigador com faro.
È obvio que o Dr. GA tem esse faro e desde cedo, o cheiro a bife podre lhe chegou às narinas, pena que o retiraram cirurgicamente do caso!
Portugal perdeu um grande polícia, é pena, mas o mal está feito e agora é esperar que, como diz o Dr. Pinto da Costa , as comadres se zanguem e se descubram as verdades!

PS. Ouvi o teu comentário na RTP-N, eras tu, certo?
Acho que sim, acho que te “conheço” relativamente bem para saber como pensas!) Adorei!!!

Muitos beijinhos minha querida, dá beijinhos ao resto do pessoal do JFMATT blogue e vou tentar comentar mais vezes, esta saga ainda não acabou e quando sou ameaçada… ui, mais vontade tenho em lutar pela liberdade de expressão!

*Justice for Madeleine*

Ana xxxx

docmac said...

Read this on 3A and it is a very powerful and succinct observation of the size of GA's cojones. Apologies to the author, I can't remember now where it was and I hope you do not take umbrage at my repeating it here.

Gerry said :
Find the body and prove that Madeleine is dead.

On page 205 of Amaral's book it says:

Show me Madeleine and prove that she is not dead.

docmac said...

CdM 26 Julho 2008 - 00h30

Dia a dia
Clarence Mitchell
O porta-voz da família McCann é um tubarão habituado a movimentar-se na política inglesa. Sabe dosear a palavra e escolher os momentos da teatralização – como aquele hilariante episódio em que se deixou filmar numa conversa telefónica supostamente com o casal – e os outros, em que a comunicação é séria.
Ontem, a meio caminho entre a teatralização e o sério, ameaçou os jornais que reproduzam o livro de Gonçalo Amaral com processos. "Ou são muito corajosos, ou muito estúpidos!", disse Mitchell. Não se trata nem de uma coisa, nem de outra. Em Portugal – acredita-se... – ainda vigora a liberdade de expressão e, sem ofender ninguém, ainda se pode escrever e dizer coisas diferentes daquilo que é dito pelos McCann e pelo sr. Mitchell. Ainda se pode escrever sobre as dúvidas que uma investigação levanta. Ainda se pode dizer, presume-se, que um arquivamento está longe de ser uma declaração de absolvição. O sr. Mitchell gostariadelançarum manto de silêncio sobre o tema mas isso ser-lhe-á francamente impossível. O sr. Mitchell, aliás, é que deve alguma coisa ao silêncio.Pelomenosassim aconselharia a sua qualidade de testemunha – mas, nessa matéria, as autoridades portuguesas são muito generosas, principalmente tratando-se de súbditos britânicos...

Later, Claudia. This sounds interesting. Looks like nobody is scared of the colour pink over there. That's if my google translator is correct :-)

Cláudia said...

Olá, Ana. :-)
É bom ler-te!
Adorei om'quantos são, quantos são'? :-)
Sim, já me conheces. :-)
Até breve, espero.

Doc, both quotes are very, very interesting. :-)
Later, as you say. :-)

2345 said...

English transcript is to be available online on Monday. It's being included in a thesis shortly to be published in US, including interviews with Mr Cristovoa and 'Star of Madeleine'.

McCanns' libel threats have been 'hot air' throughout - CM was appointed to keep the facts out of a Portuguese Court !!!

Nana said...

Good morning everyone!

I just would like to say you are all very good people for being here for Maddie.

Niza is really funny!

Great minds, it's good to read your thoughts.

Claudia, we'll miss you next week!
You are doing a very good job. keep going!

When do you think the counter on the right will stop?...

Cheers from Brasil!!!!!!

Zodiac said...


I have just finished reading your summary. Thank you for taking the time to share the contents of your new book. I will be buying an English edition when available. The Internet is an excellent source of information. If I have learned anything in the past 14 months it is, having a Media Monitoring Unit and PR are questionable, imo.

'The McCanns plan to take action against Amaral, Portuguese newspapers which reprinted parts of the £10 book and bloggers who discussed it.'

OMG! I don't believe it. This is 2008, a British newspaper printing the above, are we now living in a
totalitarian mind control state!
How is this looking for the missing child? Ludicrous, imo.

'The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said the couple's lawyers in Portugal had applied formally for access to the complete police file and they would "be analysing everything in it in their own time without making elements public at this stage".'

Thank goodness for GA's book, I suppose he has made the elements that would not have been made public, public. Thank you GA, imo you deserve to be respected for doing this.

Zodiac said...


A copper without shame: Maddie's top detective blames everyone but himself for the lack of answers

By Richard Pendlebury
Last updated at 9:10 PM on 25th July 2008

El Corte Ingles is Lisbon's grandest department store. The name loosely translates as 'The English Style', though 'corte' can also mean a cut, as from a knife.

Perhaps the ambiguity amused super sleuth Goncalo Amaral, for this was the location he chose on Thursday evening to launch the 'confidencial' inside story of his most sensational case: the mystery of Madeleine McCann.

The portly detective sat before a table piled high with his newly published paperback memoir of the investigation, ready to be signed and sold at £10 apiece. Hundreds of local people had queued to see him.
Enlarge Portugal's former top investigator Goncalo Amaral poses with his book entitled 'Maddie:The Truth about the Lie'

As the officer in charge of the hunt for Madeleine from the night she vanished until he was fired from the case last October, Amaral, 48, presided over the shredding of the reputation of the Portuguese CID.

With a perjury charge still hanging over him, connected to an alleged assault in a separate missing-child case, he has just taken early retirement to publish his book.

'I want to clear my name,' he says in the blurb. To this end, 40,000 copies of Maddie: A Verdade Da Mentira (The Truth Of The Lie) are to be printed in Portuguese alone. An English translation is being arranged, and lucrative international rights are being neglotiated.

This week the unsolved case was finally shelved, and Kate and Gerry McCann were cleared of their arguido - official suspect - status.

Yet in Amaral's book, the couple face a fresh attack from the former police chief who long ago decided their guilt.

The couple's lawyers are on a war footing and they intend to sue. Having read the book with the help of a translator, it is not hard to see why.

It takes character to admit gross failure. Amaral has not done this in print. Instead, he petulantly dresses it up as a conspiracy against him while, without any hard evidence, placing blame on those who were hurt most.

We cannot go into the allegations he makes against the McCanns, as they have indicated they will take legal action if the charges are repeated. In any case, most of them are already known.

But what can be examined in detail is the long list of institutions which the embittered former head of the Portimao CID blames for his inability to crack the case.

Most of these are British. He says he was a victim of international politics. He claims the British media sided against him, and that their portrayal of Portugal as a 'Third World country' hampered the investigation.

He says the British police, the Diplomatic Service, the MI5 and even the NHS were blocking his path to the 'material truth'.

He even hints that Prime Minister Gordon Brown delayed signing last year's Lisbon Treaty until it was confirmed that 'this humble Portuguese employee' was removed from the McCann investigation.

But it is not just Britain he blames. The Portuguese government and even the Policia Judiciária, to which he had belonged for 26 years, 'betrayed' him.

During the investigation, his beloved wife left him. His dog was killed under suspicious circumstances, perhaps because of the case.
His martyrdom was 'unique', he writes. This was crushing to 'minha dignidade' - my dignity.

Some of the blame Amaral heaps on his junior colleagues is almost certainly justified.

On the night of May 3, 2007, Amaral - who had been brought up in Lisbon - was the head of the CID in the Algarve town of Portimao, a few minutes down the coastal highway from the resort village of Luz.

He says he was informed by phone of Madeleine's disappearance that evening, at midnight. The National Guard - a junior branch of the police services - had been on the scene.

But before specialised detectives arrived, he says, Apartment 5A of the Ocean Club complex had become the scene of a virtual 'arrial' - a party.

A host of National Guard personnel, dogs, resort staff, members of the McCann family and friends and other people had trampled through it, damaging potential evidence.

Even at this early stage, he began to see conspiracy theories: 'We had to wonder if that kind of contamination was unconscious or intentional.'

The next day Amaral seemed appalled that the police were visited first by the British Consul in Portimao and then no less a person than the British ambassador.

'It was not normal,' he exclaims. 'Who was this couple? Who were their friends? We did not need diplomats. We needed quick answers to the questions' - particularly from the English police whose tardiness he was already critcising.

He complained that, from the start, ' politics and diplomacy seemed to be shaping the initiative'.

In particular, he felt he was not being helped as much as he could by the British authorities.

He says he was told that British security services had bugged the McCanns and their friends.

'If that was the case, information [from the bugging] was never given to us.'

Amaral was suspicious of the motives of the British police officers who arrived in Luz on

May 7. He ordered a 'shadow' on the senior British officer in Luz. 'I want to know what they are doing,' he told his subordinate. 'You will escort them day and night.'

Amaral writes how he had wanted Madeleine's UK medical records, but they 'were not given to us because of huge difficulties raised in England.

'They certainly would have been very important. Why were they not given to us? The British judicial system was not very co-operative in these matters, which was regrettable.'
Kate and Gerry McCann giving an emotional statement after being formally cleared by the Portuguese authorities of involvement in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance

More conspiracies and paranoia. Early on, Amaral fixed on alleged inconsistencies in the testimonies of the main individuals in the case and their 'bizarre' behaviour. Anything else was a distraction.

Amaral was clearly uncomfortable about the investigation's international profile, and perturbed that senior British politicians, such as Gordon Brown, had shown interest.

This is understandable, for he was a provincial policeman. Yet in his book, he interprets such political involvement as a sign of forces at work beyond his control.

But wasn't this simply the case of a man out of his depth and looking for excuses?

It seems extraordinary, for example, that it was not until July that specialist forensic sniffer dogs were brought in, and from the UK. By that stage, Amaral admits in his book, the case had reached a 'dead end'.

But while the dogs' findings - they are said to have detected spots of blood in the apartment from which Madeleine had disappeared and other matter in the boot of the McCanns' hire car - appeared to confirm his own well-advanced theories, the development also led to the final, fatal split with his British colleagues.

When a British police superintendent arrived and declared himself 'disappointed' at the inconclusive nature of results from the UK Forensic Science Service, Amaral could see only two possibilities.

One, that the British technician responsible was incompetent. The other that there was deliberate obfuscation.

He writes conspiratorially of the subsequent 'nervousness of British police... who wanted to know everything that was going on'.

As the British police urged caution, Amaral became ever more convinced of his theories. He rationalised that the UK police were reluctant to get drawn into a prosecution on foreign soil.

On September 7 last year, the McCanns were made official suspects. Soon afterwards, they left for the UK. Amaral was astounded by the alleged reaction of the British police who maintained their links with the couple.

He argues that after Kate and Gerry were made suspects, the British police should have severed their links with the couple.

'It happened with the Portuguese police. But this rupture did not occur between the couple and the British police.' The point is that the British force was still pursuing the possibility of a kidnap.

Tension between the two police forces had been growing for some time and in that month when the McCanns were declared suspects, it erupted.

When a tourist picture taken of a woman in Morocco with a blonde child on her back appeared in the UK Press, Amaral was furious.

'I asked a colleague to contact the English police to ask what was happening,' he writes. 'The answer could not have been more unreal and absurd . . . They had received the photo and showed it immediately [to the McCanns and the media] without consulting us, who were in charge of the criminal investigation.'

His frustration was perhaps understandable. The child was almost immediately shown not to be Madeleine. And Amaral's team was being overwhelmed by both well-meaning and malicious reports of sightings from all over the world.

In the following month, October, Amaral was removed as co-ordinator of the investigation. He claims it was not because of 'incompetence, but because of an inconvenient outburst'.

In a terse exchange, he had accused British detectives of chasing leads only that Gerry and Kate McCann wanted following up.

A journalist had phoned him to ask about an alleged sighting of Madeleine in Lisbon, information that had been e-mailed to British police.

Amaral - who had long since given up on the theory that the little girl had been kidnapped - writes that he gave an 'irrational answer' demanding that the British police should fall in line with the Portuguese.

He was sacked by fax and recalled to regional headquarters in Faro.

He says his dismissal was 'orchestrated by the British media'. The strategy was simple: 'Attack the investigation and portray Portugal as a Third World country with a judicial system that is completely obsolete.'

But he also writes, astonishingly, that higher powers were at work. 'The British Prime Minister had spoken to (the UK police) asking to confirm my resignation.

'We didn't know the reason for such an interest in such a humble Portuguese public employee.

'We didn't know what happened backstage of the Lisbon Treaty negotiations, before the signing of the Treaty.'

But he adds, darkly: 'For first time in Policia Judiciária history, an employee lost his job due to external influences.'

Reflecting on his dismissal, he lambasts the British police, who had failed to deliver background reports on the McCanns and their friends 'though we knew they had them'.

'They came to Portugal not as an act against our sovereignty, but in a display of international police co-operation.'

Yet such co-operation, he argues, requires a high degree of mutual trust. 'Soon we realised it would not be like that,' he writes, pointing out that when the McCanns finally returned home to Britain, so did the British police.

'We felt they were ordered to stay in Portugal only for the McCann couple rather than Madeleine. She vanished here. So what is the reason for the UK police to leave? It is a question no one can answer.'

But as far as Amaral was concerned, the answer was clear, apparently. It was a conspiracy against his investigation.

In his book, he writes that he believes Madeleine died in Apartment 5A on the night of May 3 last year. That is all we can report here of his beliefs.

His account begins with a reminder that Britain and Portugal enjoyed a centuries-old political alliance.

It ends with repeated and rather ludicrious allusions to a historic Portuguese notable who had defied the demands of an overweening British ally.

A local crime reporter, who knows the Portuguese police intimately, said that Amaral remains very well-respected among his former brethren, several of whom appeared in Lisbon to support him.

'He was a copper's copper. The only criticism or doubt I have heard about him is that he may not be an open-minded policeman.

'One policeman told me that when he thinks something has happened, he excludes all other lines of inquiry.

'And that can sometimes be a dangerous trait.'

Indeed. The McCann case was the most high profile of Amaral's career - the pressures were enormous - and the only one, it is said by supporters, that he failed to crack.

That hurt him deeply. But his hurt was nothing near that of the McCanns, who lost their child and have now, once again, been maligned in his book. ... swers.html

Zodiac said...

'The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said extracts from the book published online had already been translated.'

Claudia,from the article below.


10:30 - 25 July 2008

Lawyers acting for the McCann family are translating into English a controversial book by the former detective in charge of the Madeleine McCann investigation.

Goncalo Amaral's book was published yesterday in Portugal and contains his assertion that Madeleine died in her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz.

Publishers Guerra e Paz told the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias yesterday that the book would be translated, although no firm date or distribution deal has been agreed.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said extracts from the book published online had already been translated.

The McCanns' legal team have also begun translating the work, entitled A Verdade da Mentira (The Truth Of The Lie).

Mr Mitchell said: "The fact that it is being translated makes no difference.

"Every single word is being looked at by our lawyers and they will not hesitate to take swift legal action if any passage requires it.

"He is a discredited, former Portuguese police officer who was removed from the Madeleine case and is directly at odds with the Portuguese attorney general, who made it extremely clear on Monday that Kate and Gerry are innocent of any crime.

"On top of that, he is seeking to make money out of Madeleine, which is despicable."

He said it was not the family's intention to give the book any publicity.

Mr Amaral was removed from the case in October after reportedly criticising British police. He claims they held back a potentially important lead for six months and questioned their relationship with the McCanns.

Leicestershire Police did not want to comment on Mr Amaral's allegations.

Cláudia said...

2345, it won't work. They wanted it all in the open and that's how it's going to be. Wish granted.

Nana, hello!
Thank you for your words from Brazil! Where do you come from? Adoro o Nordeste! :-) I hope I'll read you again soo, Nana!

Zodiac, these last sue threats in Portugal have done worse to their image than all the rest that happened in the last 14 months. People were disgusted to hear that they were considering to sue newspapers which had printed extracts of the book. Mr Mitchell has got no idea how things work in Portugal and how some of his threats are ridiculous under our law. We have fought for almost 50 years for a democracy, for the right to have our say, to speak our minds. Questioning that in Portugal is very dangerous. Correio da Manhã director has already reacted to Mr Mitchell's threats.
As for that article, although at first it may seem a pro article, it has got very interesting details. First of all, it recognises that they don't publish excerpts of the book because they are afraid of legal action by the McCanns. And then, they publish excerpts from the book anyway and publicise it. :-)
As for having already translated excerpts of the book which were online, I'm waiting for a thank you note from Mr Mitchell. I read the book as fast as I could, summarised it as soon as I could and translated the main ideas into English as soon as I could. All to help them take action as soon as possible. Mr Mitchell, I'm still waiting for a thank you card, some flowers or even a box of chocolates. :-)

Zodiac said...

'I'm still waiting for a thank you card, some flowers or even a box of chocolates. :-)'



Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia
I cannot believe the hate filled posts that some are willing to write on behalf of the McCanns. I wonder if Clarence would care to read them out to a judge, as I suspect many are the 'hired help'. Live in France and articles beginning to appear, reminding people of how Mr Amarral was goaded by the British press. Disgusting behaviour, again in defence of the McCanns.

Thank you so much for all your efforts to help build up the whole picture. Used to read Viv's blog, but it seems to have been closed.
Glad to have found you.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, a brown envelope with a donation would also be welcomed! :-)

Anon, those hate filled posts just make the McCanns a great disservice. But I like it! :-)
Viv's blog is not closed. It's now members only.
I'm glad you found me. :-)
Hope I'll read you soon.

Zodiac said...

'Zodiac, a brown envelope with a donation would also be welcomed! :-)'

That will only happen when pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

I have just posted this on supertroll, Claudia.

Hope you don't mind me posting it here, because I wanted to share with you how I feel about this whole situation:

Sorry to burst your bubble, Anonymous but there are MANY WAYS to get this book. That's what the internet is all about. People can order books from anywhere around the world. All that is needed is for a publisher to print it in English, and that is not so hard to do as long as everything in the book can be substantiated.

What you fail to understand is that the more you try to hide, prevent, and stop this book, the more people are going to want to read it.

The more people are threatened for saying what they believe, the more their convictions will strengthen.

The more the McCanns and their employees attempt to hide things that in fact happened, the more likely they are to strengthen people's convictions that other things - that may have not happened - really did.

In other words, the more you attack anyone who dares question, the more opposition they are going to get, the more people will not trust them, and the more people will doubt them.

If they want to restore their good name, they need to change their tactics. This one is most certainly NOT working.

God Bless Madeleine.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Claudia

Is there anything we don't all ready know in today's CdM story?

I have only seen news about last night's the on line publicity.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, then I'll have to set up a fund! :-)

Niza said...


In Correio da Manhã today, it talks about Kate's notes police got where Kate write "increase political pressure" and notes on calling and talking to your PM Brown.

See Joana Morais' site. She has more information on that.
(Claudia, bom dia, espero que não te importes de eu indicar o site da Joana).

Cláudia said...

Anon, it's ok.
The more they try to hide things the worse. This latest sueing threats against newspapers in Portugal for daring to publish excerpts from Mr Amaral's book have done them worse than all that happened in the last 14 monts.
There's no way back. They can't prevent people from being informed. Wether people believe them or Mr Amaral, it doesn't matter. People have the right to decide for themselves. What they cannot do is prevent people from hearing other opinions, other theories, other versions. That's what living in a democracy means. And we, in Portugal, have fought very hard to achieve that right.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, I just put up a new thread. :-)

Cláudia said...

Niza, hello.
Of course I don't mind. I just put up a new thread with Joana's translations. You can now comment. :-)

Joe said...

I have just returned from Portugal and its a wonderful country relaxed, easy going and lovely people, who are totally family orientated, I will be going back again with my family. Off to bed now as I am exhausted. Boa noite.

Anonymous said...

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You are an obsessive weirdo for sure