Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Libel, libel, libel: the magic word

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Rosiepops said...

Well if he does, they know where they can get lies from to put in their books, they need look no further than Vile and the vilettes and also for bizarrely insane theories, (because we know how Gonc loves those), they could look up the 3 A's.

He is going now because he has probably been told if he stays on and is found guilty of perverting the course of justice by withholding evidence of torture of a witness into a confession, he is going to the big house and he will lose his pension.

If they are found guilty they can put Cristovao and Amaral in the same cell and they can write lies together!

24 April 2008 18:32


Rosiepops said...
Hi Mark

It tells us exactly that, but we have known for months that the Pj has no evidence.

What else it tells us is that Gonc is the kind of low life scum that would write a book about a missing child in order to make money out of it and have no reservations about it, neither about him doing his job so badly that he is responsible for allowing child abductors to get away with their crime!

How can he sleep at night?

26 April 2008 22:27

Christabel said...
As gonc is orf,I will bid him fair well, P**s off Gonc!

I came across a man today
he said his name was Gonc
he looked so very sad.
I said what is the matter Gonc
is it cos you've been so bad.

I have to leave my job real soon
I was hoping to go higher
but now I know this will not happen
cos I'm such a bloody liar.

I really tried to stitch em up
real good and proper
the only problem stopping that
I'm such a rotten copper.

I cannot eat, I cannot drink
I said I want to write a book
it will be full of lies
the only thing that's stopping me
is the price of bloody pies.

If I can leak a story just like I did before
if only to make ends meet
it pays so well and keeps me off the streets

30 April 2008 18:53

Christabel said...
I couldn't give a sh*t what that cretin Claws does.
Friggin sue me.
Can you see fat twat Gonc reading blogs much less posting.
Be supper time for him now.
They want him at weightwatchers for the before pictures. Yuk the slimey swine makes me feel sick.

30 April 2008 21:09

Christabel said...
Alipio Ribeiro,
what a bloody wimp he is.
apologised to the union.
He's supposed to be the Policia Judiciaria's national director.
How can Gonc manipulate these high ranking twonks.
This bloody stinks to high heaven, from The PJ dog to the top of the tree. Bent!

Mandz I am using your

30 April 2008 22:06

Rosiepops said...
By the way Gonc is meant to be bringing out a book, saying he will tell the truth.

Well if he knows the truth, why isn't he telling it now? He is a damned police officer, doesn't Portugal have a law about withholding evidence? Really serious offence in this country.

Gonc wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on his wobbly backside! IMO he hasn't got a clue, he is another Walter Mitty clueless Keystone kop!

By the way Gonc how did Felicia Cabrita get hold of copies of witness statements and witness names, addresses and mobile and home telephone numbers?

No wonder witnesses are too scared to come forward in Portugal, they are worried they will be named and then they are open to threats and intimidation, what a disgrace!

I wonder how much Felicia Cabrita's paper SOL paid for all that information, must have been a fair price, how much do you reckon wonky Gonc?
I hear her husband is also your lawyer, wow that's brilliant, that should fill people with confidence in the Portuguese justice system - not!

13 May 2008 20:45

Clairsey said..........
by Chinadoll Yesterday at 9:55 pm

Wasn't amarel the one who decided to have a glass or two of wine and a few ciggars during one of his lunch breaks whilst senselessly, carelessly, and unprofessionally chatting to people at a cafe about the case......saying how he believed the mccanns killed madeleine............

Yes, indeed he was Clairesy, but not only during one of his lunchbreaks, but during most, if not all of his lunchbreaks, which were many. Alcohol does have the ability to loosen tongues and it certainly seemed to work with Gonc., not that he needed an excuse to open that big mouth of his - it was just his way of making friends and influencing people

Rosiepops said...
Hi Diane,

He spent time taking the PJ to task for their gross incompetence and Brad Garrett FBI former Special Agent and profiler, becomes another in the very long line of professionals, to publicly slate the Portuguese police and to agree that Madeleine was abducted. We are talking about people whose careers, actually involve working on high profile missing persons and missing children cases.
I have not heard of one professional that says that Madeleine died in that apartment by the hands of her parents.
If the McCann's are acting then they should be awarded an Oscar, every single month for life, for outstanding characterisation.

When this much maligned couple can see their files, is when the lid will really start to come off of this case.

The PJ have done nothing much but whinge about the British press, probably because they found they cannot control the British press like they can their own, by feeding them nonsense. I have to say if they think our press have been bad so far, oh dear, they haven't seen anything yet.

I also think that the British press will be very interested in the files of Robert Murat, especially those papers that he has said he is going to sue!

I found it very interesting the read what Garrett said about how,

"investigators would typically form a "command post right inside the resort. You start collecting information, and everything comes back to a lead detective in a room, and that's how you go through the information. You prioritize what needs to be done. ... You want to be right in the middle of the action so you can make snap decisions as to what should be done at any given time."

The Portuguese police/Goncalo Amaral decided to set a new trend in these investigations and set up a command post from his bed, so he could combine sleeping with doing his job!

This pig ignorant insensitive man went home and actually went to bed and slept soundly, while all hell was breaking loose in PDL, evidence being trampled on and ash dropped on it and lost forever. But more than this he left a couple who were absolutely distraught and panic stricken, unable to speak the language, foreigners on holiday in a strange country, he left them to wander the resort crying and pitifully calling out for their daughter.

I actually find this hard to think about without getting upset and it doesn't wear off, this feeling gets worse and my anger towards this fat pig of man increases each time I think of it.
This actually makes me go cold and shudder, how on earth can a man who apparently has to have a degree to do his, fall so badly short of the plate? How could he do this as a human being, let alone a detective whose job it was to find Madeleine.

I have great difficulty believing that a human being detective would have done this, this one fact alone, is the fact that started me thinking that all is not as it seems in PDL - Portugal.

Some people in Praia da Luz knew something that night, who are they? Does Goncalo Amaral know who they are? Does someone within the PJ actually know what happened to Madeleine?

This is what we will discover over the coming months, I firmly believe this. Whoever it was that tried to keep these files secret has just lost their first battle and it is downhill all the way for them from now on.

The papers will not be interested in the theories and the all the garbage the PJ have been feeding them over the past 14 months, they have done that already, there is no news in it anymore (if there ever was) the real story now will be the incompetence and the bungling of the PJ and all the missed leads and ignored witness information.

I feel that we will discover where Madeleine is.

I also feel that at last the question will be asked, why?

Why exactly did this astonishing inept police force, make bungle after bungle, after bungle?

What was the reason for this? This I feel is where the McCann's investigators will start and this is what the newspapers will ask.

Whoever it was that did what they did in PDL that night, I believe they still live there, they may as well admit it now, because I firmly believe their time is up and I hope it is burning in their sick depraved minds!

Hang on Madeleine, hang on baby, not long now.

xxx God Bless Madeleine xxx

21 June 2008 11:38

Rosiepops said...

How convenient to be arrested for a drug offence?

Who arrested him do you know? apparently one of the officers due to appear in court charged with concealing evidence about the alleged torture and confession of Leonor Cipriano, is no other than Goncalo Amaral and Goncalo Amaral was or may be still is part of the drug squad in Portugal.

It was also muted that Portuguese police were gunning all out to get a conviction in the McCann case because they knew they were going to lose the Leonor Cipriano case.

Now of course they know that it is very unlikely that they are going to win either of these cases, looks like they are gunning for Grade who is probably a soft target and because of his connections to the 6 police officers who are due to stand trial very soon.

Among them Goncalo Amaral and Paulo Cristovao.

It seems highly suspect to me!

18 April 2008 19:37

love this master piece please read to our own very own r.murat
by amber Today at 6:56 pm

Robert Murat - The poisonous spider caught in his own web
2 more credible witnesses have come forward to say that they saw Robert Murat on the night Madeline was abducted, this puts the number of independent witnesses who say they saw him on the night in question to 8.

How can he escape justice now and why has he and his mother not been interrogated yet to find out why he lied to Portuguese police about his movements?

He has placed his elderly mother in the position of 'perverting the course of justice', which is a charge punishable by a lengthy prison term of which Mother Murat would never see the light of day again if charged.

Is it about time Robert Murat told the truth for the sake of his mother?

If not lock her up and throw away the key so that justice will be served on those who are complicit in the abduction of an innocent little 4 year old girl whilst she slept innocently in her bed.

Nothing more abhorrent.

I watched the sky news documentary on this case and a local witness stated that there was no way Robert Murat was in the area on the night in question because all of the locals were searching and never saw him, and that it was only 3 people who did see him, accusing 3 of the Tapas 9 of lying, this adds another 5 independent witnesses to the Tapas 3.

How stupid is the local woman who supported Robert Murat on the Sky news documentary, how will she feel for the rest of her life when she supported this man on camera? She stated that many locals were out searching the night Madeline was abducted and none of them saw him, were all of the locals looking for Madeline at or outside her apartment all night or were they looking in the local community no where near the apartment?

Robert Murat was not standing outside the complex all night with a sign around his neck, he was there and gone during the course of the evening hoping no one would see him.

I doubt any local who knew Murat spent any time near the complex that night, Robert Murat was not out in the local town searching, he was seen loitering around the vicinity of the complex, were none of the locals went, so it is quite obvious that no locals saw him on the night in question, the ones to see him were those on holiday in the complex and those who worked in the complex.

Helped support the Sky new documentary makers theory of the parents guilt though for the world to watch dont you think - Those terrible lying Tapas 3, lying for the parents to cover up their crime

Trial by media and Sky news' guilt.

The Sky news documentary was another poor piece of journalism that inadvertently laid blame at the parents feet again, those who made it believe the parents are guilty so used this documentary to state that fact and then showed it to the world - Using this case for their own ends

I hope that once this is ended if there are any grounds for the McCann family to su that they will, for the sake of their daughter.

We await the next bit of news stating that Robert Murat has been arrested.

If you ask my opinion, the ex husband of Murat's girlfriend is the one to crack out of that group.

do you think Robert Murat - Running scared ?

amber.........................this is not my own work but the person who wrote it indeed should have a gold medal.

Rosiepops said...

yes this is one and the same Paulo Cristovao, the one that wrote the "Star of Joana" AND the "Star of Madeleine".

Apparently he is not bothered if the McCann's sue him for libel, well he should be because from what I can see, they have a cast iron case!

Perhaps he knows he is going to prison and is just saying in for a penny in for as many filthy tainted euros as he can get to line his own filthy nest before he is curtailed?
He could write from prison about his experiences at the hands (and feet) of all those prisoners that are there and should not be! Who knows, perhaps he has helped put a few in there.

I hear that Leonor Cipriano was in the prison that her lawyer was accused of trying to smuggle drugs into!

Did you know that Goncalo Amaral was back on the drug squad? and did you know that Goncalo Amaral is also due to be up in the dock accused of concealing the brutal torture of Leonor Cipriano?

yet another road leading to Goncalo Amaral.

Not looking very good for the PJ is it?

20 April 2008 18:42

Rosiepops said...
Madeleine appears on the official PJ Webster for missing children

This man Paulo Cristovao, was definitely head of missing children and he worked on the Joana Cipriano case, but not the Madeleine one, he left to become a sleazy editor of a sleazy newspaper and could be the link to sources that leak in the PJ!

How did this man get the info he used to write his odious sleazy book?

I hope the money he earned on the back of an innocent missing child chokes the bastard and causes him as much grief as he has caused the parents of *abducted* Madeleine McCann.

In my mind and in my opinion the fact that he has profited out of two missing children makes him no better than a low life scum bag pimp.

02 April 2008 01:24


Now, to all those of you wondering, yes, the disclaimer above and the following posts come from the same place I, for obvious reasons, call the House of Filth. The posts I copy pasted here are just a small part of a bigger collection. It's kind of ironic that the authors of those posts are experts in throwing libel threats to all those who dare to even suggest the McCanns are nothing but wonderful parents. I also find it interesting the silence regarding Murat's victory against the British press. Clarence Mitchell did not wish to comment (I can certainly understand why). It seems his wishes were respected. Coincidencies, I'm sure...


Anonymous said...

I for one am looking forward to the publication of Mr. Amaral's book.

He was obviously highly regarded by the people he worked with, see-

Unfortunately though, as someone with great connections to the case and the political climate surrounding it, I take his comment with great seriousness when he says that he believes the case will be archived.

Cláudia said...

Hi, anonymous.
Thank you for the link. I did not know that blog existed. I'm glad you decided to share it with me.
And I agree with everything you said.
Thank you for commenting. I hope I'll read you soon.

Anonymous said...


C de M

As soon as he has access to the process, Francisco Pagarete will also "verify who gave false witness" in order to incriminate Murat.
Then, "they will be sued"

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon.
Yes, that will be very interesting to see. Those who 'saw' him there that night must be getting a bit nervous.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Cláudia said...

Lili, mas não queres que publique o teu post? Se não quiseres, eu não publico. Mas não é pela minha parte que não é publicado.

Cláudia said...

Lili, se não queres que publique, não publico. Mas eu já não me surpreendo com nada.

Cláudia said...

Lili, era bom se fosse só do lado do RU. Não há corrompedores sem corrompidos.
Beijinhos e até breve.

josiepublic said...

Hi Claudia Hun;
Ive been reading these comments that started on the DE and only grew more disgusting when these 'people' got there own little vipers nest to spit spite from. Frankly Rosiepoops couldn't tell the truth if her life depended on it- she and her little band are cut from the same cloth as Parsons only unbelievably more vile. I believe there is special place for these disgusting people and the sooner they're in it the better.

Advice poophead (if your reading)take a long spoon and don't wear your tin kn*c***'s its going to be warm enough.

Sorry Claudia but I really hate this person. Hope you and yours are well,
Love Plainwaters.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Plainwaters.
I'm fine, thank you. Very hot here for the last couple of days. Hope you're ok too.
The comments on the thread are just a very small sample, of course. But a very representative one, I believe.
These people, Planiwaters, are not interested in the truth at all. In fact, it is my personal belief that the truth is exactly what they fear the most.
To be honest, I believe that these kind of people will have returned all of that spite and hate.

Don't hate them, though, Plainwaters. I don't. Hate is a personal feeling. And this is not personal. Just despise what they stand for in this world, like I do. And fight against it. What else can you feel for people who defend convicted child killers like Leonor and João Cipriano and Rachel Charles's murderer?
Hope I'll read you soon.

Anonymous said...


Amaral to publish book before secrecy ends,

No full translation as yet.

Cláudia said...

Anon, thanks. But I know that. I would say that the beginning of the next week will be interesting...

Anonymous said...

I would say it is very interesting that the secrecy law will end on the 21...and that the book is going to be launched on the 24th!
Do you really think Monday will bring surprises? I certainly hope so. I also hope that the McCanns won't have grounds to sue Portugal if the case is shelved (since we have heard about this before). I think you country has dealth with them more than enough.

I hope we can count on you Claudia to keep us informed in English regarding Mr. Amaral's book.

Cláudia said...

Anon, no one knows for sure when the secrecy will end.
I think that the 24th is not going to be such a good day as some think it will. And any day can bring surprises...
Sue Portugal? You mean the whole of the country and all of its citizens? :-) No one can sue anyone because a case is shelved, anon. And Portugal is not a happy sue country. We have more important things to worry about. But now that I think of it, I'm wondering about the possibility of suing the McCanns for leaving Madeleine, Sean and Amelie alone in a foreign country in an unlocked apartment. Maybe Portugal could sue them! :-)
People on the side of truth can always count on me.
Read you soon, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops said: This is what we will discover over the coming months, I firmly believe this. Whoever it was that tried to keep these files secret has just lost their first battle and it is downhill all the way for them from now on.

Hellooo...who is trying to keep the files secret? Apparently "someone" in the UK who went to a Portimao Court to request that DNA evidence not be released, according to the Correio da Manha...

Cláudia said...

Anon, it's not their lucky day. Even if they oficially were able to hide some files, which I think they won't, there are many journalists waiting to show the world what some want to hide. The time is coming. And I can't wait. Interesting times are ahead.
Thanks for stopping by.