Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fasten your seatbelts

Pre-publication of Amaral's book on Correio da Manhã (II)
“Madeleine died in the apartment”

Correio da Manhã starts today the pre-publication of excerpts from the book of Gonçalo Amaral (“The truth of the lie”) and publishes also an interview with the author (not yet on-line, at this moment). Those excerpts refer to a statement from a witness – identified as K.G., married with S.G, who contacted British police, on May 16, 2007, thirteen days after Madeleine's disappearance, to report what is described in the book as incidents that raised “serious doubts about the behaviour of David Payne concerning children.”
Mr. Amaral says that until he was in charge of the investigation, British police didn't send the report of that witness to Polícia Judiciária. The PJ Criminal Coordinator was removed from the investigation on October 2, 20007. Mr. Amaral believes that the report only reached Portuguese police “at the end of October” last year.

Other situation explained in detail, in the excerpts published by Correio da Manhã, is the confusion around the results of the analysis to the blood samples collected at the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared and in the boot of the car the McCann rented, more than 20 days after their daughter went missing. According to Mr. Amaral, a specially trained dog (from the South Yorkshire Police force, Keela) has detected traces of blood in the floor of the apartment, behind a sofa, and also in the car's boot. The former PJ investigator mentions a report by British police officers Mark Harrison and Martin Grime, which was one of the reports used to support PJ's decisions in the investigation, that stated clearly the dog only reacted to the presence of samples of human blood.
Posted by Paulo Reis

Pre-publication of Amaral's book on Correio da Manhã (III)
DNA profiles, Forensic Science Service and inconclusive results
In the first days of September, Superintendent Stuart Prior, from Leicestershire Constabulary, went to Portimão, taking with him “a first preliminary report” from the results of the analysis of the samples collected at Praia da Luz, including those obtained with the help of South Yorkshire Police dogs Eddie and Keela, to discuss with PJ investigators how the investigation was developing. During the meeting, Stuart Prior “revealed that he was disappointed with the results of the analysis”, made at Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham, writes Mr. Amaral, according to Correio da Manhã. The Portuguese team of investigators also read the report and they didn't agree with the conclusions of Stuart Prior.
Concerning the first sample, found in the apartment's floor, the report showed “an incomplete DNA profile” with “low quality DNA traces from more than one person. But all DNA components identified coincided with the corresponding components from Madeleine's DNA profile.” The two above mentioned samples, analysed at FSS, were “blood traces”, according to Mr. Amaral, “because the CSI dog is trained to detect only that body fluid”, a fact that he says is confirmed on a report prepared by “experts Mark Harrison and Martin Grime”, both British police officers assigned to go to Praia da Luz with Eddie and Keela.
After an explanation about the components from Madeleine's DNA profile, the conclusion was that 15 of the19 alleles of Madeleine's DNA profile were found in the analysis to the second sample of blood, took from the boot of the McCann rented car. “According to FSS experts, those 15 (alleles) were not enough to come to the conclusion, with a high degree of reliability, that it was Madeleine's DNA profile, even because the Low Copy Number (technique) found 37 components in that sample.”
Mr. Amaral refers also that the existence of 37 components was justified, in the FSS report, with the fact that, at least, DNA from three different persons “had contributed to that result” and emphasizes what he considers a “bizarre precaution” from the scientist that prepared the report: he explained that “in most DNA profiles of the laboratory experts, the components of Madeleine's DNA profile are also found.” He regrets that “in spite of having found 15 components of Madeleine's DNA profile” in the sample taken from the rented car, “results (of the analysis) were considered not conclusive.”
Posted by Paulo Reis

"The Truth of the Lie" Book of Gonçalo Amaral on the case with Maddie revelations controversy

The book "The truth of the Lie," which promises revelations about the controversial case Maddie, is launched tomorrow. SIC revealed today the first excerpts. The work has the signature of the man who led much of the investigation but was eventually dismissed.

SIC Special Maddie, a year later The British girl disappeared in Praia da Luz, in Lagos, the night of May 3

Gonçalo Amaral says he wants to "restore the good name that was trashed in the public square" without the Judiciary Police allowed it to the defense. In the first pages of the book, the author stresses early treatment unusual because the couple McCann, who in the words of the inspector was treated with "gloves". It also talkes about the attitudes of Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral reported several situations where he observed the coldness of the couple to the tension of the investigations. In situations of the inspector speaks in the child's mother, Kate, who face the possibility of finding the child appears annoyed with the speed reached by car from the police. In another case was the father who awakened the attention of inspectors: in the middle of a negotiation, with a possible raptor, the doctor "was calmly enjoying a lollipop as he read trivialities on the Internet sites and discussed rugby and soccer with one of the British police. " Gonçalo Amaral believes that "Madeleine died in apartment 5-A of the Ocean Club, on the May 3, 2007, but not discard the possibility that it was accidental."

Sic online

July 23, 2008 - 00:30 am
Pré-publicação Pre-publication
"Madeleine died in apartment''

The 'CM' begins to be published today, exclusively excerpts from the book of Gonçalo Amaral, who believes that Madeleine McCann died in apartment in Praia da Luz The episode of holidays of 2005, in Majorca - they are raised suspicions about a friend the couple - and the results of DNA are the first excerpt.

Madeleine Beth McCann, with 2 ½ years, and their twin brothers at the time with few months old, departing on vacation in the company of parents to the island of Majorca. Together with three other couples they go to doctors with their children. [...] SG had attended the University of Dundee, between 1987 and 1992, there has known the future mother of Madeleine. KG only came to know Gerry McCann in this marriage with Kate Healy, around 1998, in Liverpool. After that event, the couple SG KG and become close friends of the parents of Madeleine and is a regular, passing week-end together, maintaining contact by phone.
In the third or fourth night in Majorca, after dinner, eating and drinking, when they were seated around a table in a courtyard outside the house, KG attends a scene that has caused fear for the welfare of her daughter and other children. She was seated between Gerry McCann and David Payne, when he heard the latter ask if she, perhaps referring to Madelein, would do 'this', starting in the act following a suck their fingers, which hinders the mouth and rising, suggesting a phallic subject, while with the fingers of the other hand, formed circles around the nipple, as a provocative and sexual gesture. At a time when KG looked with amazement to Gerry McCann and David Payne, it was made a nervous silence. After all the talk continued as if nothing had happened. This episode caused KG in a serious doubt about the relationship of David Payne with children. In yet another occasion, KG would see David Payne to make the same gestures, this time speaking of their daughter. In that period of leave were the parents who gave bath for children, but from there KG never left the David Payne closer to their daughter. After these holiday in Majorca, KG only found the couple David and Fiona Payne on one occasion, not talking to them since then.
What is written above was reported on May 16, 2007, only thirteen days after the disappearance of Madeleine English to the police, the couple SG and KG It was an important and relevant information for research. However, nothing was sent to the Portuguese police.
I believe that only after my departure of research, perhaps in late October 2007, is that the testimony of KG has been referred to the Portuguese police. With legitimacy question is: which is why the British police Tuesday, apparently, hidden evidence that during six months? When they heard that David Payne, organizer of the trip to Majorca, and who were reported abnormal behaviour in dealing with children, was the same which organised the trip to Portugal, which was part of the group of the holiday village of Luz where Madeleine was part, that was the first friend of the family to be seen next to Kate McCann after the disappearance of the child (as we shall see below) and that the date of the testimony was still in Portugal and may be confronted with these statements?

In the first days of September, just days before the constitution and accused the couple McCann, the Superintendent Stuart Prior, goes to the Portimão. It brings with it a preliminary report [of the forensic laboratory in Birmingham], coming discuss the status of the investigation with us. In a meeting with the investigating team Portuguese and English, in our office, Stuart shows up disappointed with the results of the examinations. It starts here the saga of the reports of the FSS. We read the report and we do not agree with the disappointment of Stuart. They are concerned the traces collected blood on the floor, behind the couch of the apartment 5A, as well as traces of blood recovered boot of the car used by McCann. We talk about blood traces (blood) because the dog is trained CSI only to detect that body fluid. The reports to support decision-making, prepared by specialists Mark Harrison and Martin Grime, are clear: the dog CSI was used to locate human blood. The Low Copy Number, technique used to determine the DNA of those samples, does not determine that body fluid comes from the DNA. In the first case, you can read that which obtained a result of incomplete DNA, for little information in the sample, giving indications of low-level DNA from more than one person . But all components of DNA confirmed coincide with the corresponding components of the DNA profile of Madeleine!
The second case, after an explanation of the components of the DNA profile of Madeleine, concluding that it is represented by 19 alleles, it appears that 15 are present in the sample examined. In other words, there are 4 components to have a 100% conclusive result. According to the experts that laboratory, those 15 have not arrived to finish with a great degree of certainty, that this was the DNA profile of Madeleine, because the Low Copy Number 37 components found in the sample. There 37 components because at least three individuals contributed to this result. Despite having been found 15 components of the DNA profile of Madeleine, the result was considered complex.
But it turned around here this first preliminary report. In it, the scientist has been strangely careful to explain that in many of the profiles of the experts of the laboratory are present elements of the DNA profile of Madeleine. In other words, much of the DNA profile of any one person can be constructed by three donors. It is understandable. The first two issues have arisen. The first: to that served in terms of criminal evidence, a profile of DNA, if it can be a combination of three or more donors.
Another question was simple: why is that the DNA profile of those three donors contributed to 15 components of the DNA profile of Madeleine and not by any other person, for example, of the scientist who carried out the examination? But the surprises of the preliminary reports would not be here. [...] [...]

Gonçalo Amaral decided to write the book to recover its freedom of expression. Away from research by Alípio Ribeiro, the former coordinator of PJ of Portimão believes Madeleine McCann died in the apartment of the Ocean Club on the night of May 3, 2007. And also believes that parents simulated the abduction and hid the corpse of her daughter, after a tragic accident inside the apartment.
Tomorrow: Get to know some more hot spots of the book which tells another
version of the investigation and that MCCann did not want to see published. Read the interview with the author.


The little tsunami has arrived. Bring it on.


supertroll said...

Hi Claudia,

A tsunami arrived two days ago and you still don't seem to have recovered. No one with half a brain is going to take any notice of Amaral.

how is it going on the Vile blog?
are you all still believing your own lies?

Are you posting new lies to try and counteract the old ones?

Or feeling rather stupid...?


Cláudia said...

Hello, Supertroll.
Are you that pissed off that you feel the need to comment here? The chill pill hasn't kicked in yet?
Of course I won't publish any other posts from you (unless they are really embarassing for you) but I could not resist publishing this one because it shows how nervous you must be. Nice timing too. :-) Knickers in a twist, uh?
Let me check Viv's blog.
Ok, 615 posts in the last thread. Unfortunately I can't tell you what's being discussed because that would contradict the purpose of the members only decision. :-)
I'm waiting for Gonçalo Amaral to be sued and for the trial to start.
Cheers. And have fun reading "A verdade da Mentira". I'm sure you'll love it. If suddenly your blood pressure goes up, call an ambulance. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,
Thank you for publishing it anyway. I am not nervous at all, there is no reason for me to be nervous and I am surprised you would think that.

I will reply properly to your post later, because I have to go out right now.

I'm afraid I won't have fun reading GA's book because I have no intention of buying it.

Cláudia said...

ST, you would never post here unless you were pissed off. We all know how you work by now. You are as clear as clean water.
I am not interested in your views. If I was, I would be posting in your sewer (under my own name, of course)
Don't worry, darling. You won't have to buy it. Many people will make sure that the info will get to the UK. To the whole world, for that matter.
Don't sacrifice yourself. Your input is not needed here. Trash is put where it belongs. In the trash bin.
Don't forget your blood pressure pills.
P.S: I just heard CM saying McCann lawyers will pay attention to what will be written in Amaral's book and that if there is the slightest suggestion of the McCann's involvement, he will be sued. Well, I think they should read Correio da Manhã. They're late.

Anonymous said...

This is getting HOT.

Cláudia said...

Anon, how's the saying? You better be careful with what you wish. They wanted all in the open, didn't they? Well, wish granted.

Anonymous said...

Olá Claudia

eu já tenho o meu cinto apertado....

Supertrol: when you will understand that Amaral is not alone and many many many persons are waiting for his book because he is a credible person.

The case is not over yet!


Cláudia said...

Paulinha, o GA está a colocá-los entre a espada e a parede. É simples; a intenção é levá-los a processá-lo. Se o processarem, a coisa vai a tribunal e aí é que vai ser lindo. Se eles não o processarem, o mundo ficará a pensar ainda mais. Corajoso e muito inteligente. :-)
Please, don't fee that pathetic creature. It was feeling all alone in the sewer and it needed to breathe a bit of fresh air so it paid us a visit. That and the need to get it out its chest. The latest news are not easy to digest. Pissed off it is. :-)

Anonymous said...

And you and me and many others are making sure everyone will know the latest news.


Cláudia said...

Paula, and that is exactly why we are so hated. An honour, really. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bem, no final espero que alguém me ofereca um par de óculos...chego ao final do dia com os olhos vermelhos. LOL



Cláudia said...

Já somos duas, Paula. :-)

Jolie said...


Do you know where and when we can get English translation copies of Amaral's actual book? I find it strange that there is nothing available at the large online booksellers (Amazon and Barnes and Noble) about it yet, with the release of the book scheduled for tomorrow.

I am very anxious to have my own copy to read as soon as possible.

Any way you can find out for us?

Cláudia said...

Hi, Jolie.

I just made some phone calls. The book will probably be translated into several languages. Currently there are negotiations with several publishers in the UK.
However, do not woory because all those interested in the UK will have access to important information before the translation is for sale. May people will make sure of that.
Thank you for your interest.

isis said...

Jesus claudia, have just read the highlighted excerpt relating to Dp and i am truly upset, this is awful.

Cláudia said...

Isis, to be honest, I'm losing my ability to become surprised at anything regarding this case.

Niza said...

Olá Claudia, ontem quando te tentei responder, o blogger começou a dar-me erro e não consegui responder-te. Sou do Norte mas estou a residir em Agualva (perto de Lisboa).

Quanto às revelações de hoje, são realmente bombasticas, mas ao mesmo tempo estou preocupada com o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral. Se o processarem, não acredito que eles vão estar no tribunal. Aliás, duvido que voltem a por os pés em Portugal. Farão tudo através dos seus advogados. Segundo ouvi dizer estão a processar o Tal e Qual e creio que mais alguma pessoa. Admiro muito estas pessoas que lhes estão a fazer frente, mas eles têm tanto dinheiro e apoio à sua disposição. Temo pelo futuro dos que ousem enfrentá-los. Espero que tenho um bom plano porque aquela gente, no meu entender, não tem escrupulos.

niza said...

Ups! Era "Temo pelo futuro dos que ousem enfrentá-los. Espero que TENHAM um bom plano porque aquela gente, no meu entender, não tem escrupulos."

Cláudia said...

Olá, Niza. Boa noite.
Eu sou de Viseu e tenho 29 anos. Perguntei não só por curiosidade mas porque as tuas expressões extraordinários me levaram a pensar que poderias ser ou do Norte ou do Alentejo. :-)
São, de facto, bombásticas. Eu partilho, de certa forma, as tuas preocupações. Mas se queres que te diga, a minha maior preocupação é mesmo a integridade física do senhor e da família.
Acho que não restam grandes dúvidas de que a intenção deste livro, para além das referidas pelo Dr Gonçalo Amaral é mesmo levá-los a processá-lo. Não tenho nenhuma ligação ao direito por isso não sei se na eventualidade de um processo se eles não teriam de estar presentes. Penso que se forem arrolados como testemunhas, não terão outro remédio.
O Tal e Qual que já não existe é muito conveniente. E o 24 Horas que disse que o Gerry não era pai da pequena? Ele não sabe que é pai da miúda? Está à espera de quê para processar?
Cada vez mais me convenço que a estratégia do Gonçalo é muito inteligente. Se o processarem, têm de se meter em grandes trabalhos. É que não nos podemos esquecer que grande parte do conteúdo do livro está nos autos. Se não o processarem, o que vai o mundo pensar?

Cláudia said...

Sem problemas, Niza.
Totalmente perceptível. :-)

Niza said...

Sem dúvida, Claudia. Achei piada ao porta-voz deles quando o ouvi na TVi a ameaçar processar o Dr. Gonçalo. Como eles têm imenso medo de serem processados pensam que também trememos aqui em Portugal só ao ouvir a palavra.

Niza said...

Também me preocupa bastante o facto do Dr. Gonçalo não estar a conseguir um advogado britânico para o representar no RU nos processos que deveria realmente mover. Custa a acreditar que não haja um advogado Inglês com tomates para enfrentar aquela gente. Talvez ele devesse arranjar alguem do partido conservador...

Cláudia said...

Eu gostava era de falar com esse comediante. Porque o senhor está mal informado. Ele disse que se no livro houvesse a mínima insinuação de qualquer envolvimento deles, havia processo. Está atrasado. Ainda não viu tv nem leu jornais? Eu compreendo que o comediante não saiba Português, mas eu até nisso quero ajudá-lo, publicando os excertos em Inglês! :-) Não o posso ajudar mais. Já devia era ter os papéis prontos e a cavalaria a caminho.
Sabes, eu acho que eles ainda não perceberam que por estas bandas a malta não anda a processar tudo a torto e a direito, para passar o tempo. E que aqui raramente há acordos extra judiciais, pois quase a totalidade dos casos vão mesmo a tribunal. Lá porque eles processam o vizinho porque não gostam do cheiro dos traques, aqui não é assim. E espero que o Dr. Rogério Alves e o Dr Pinto de Abreu já os tenham feito perceber isso. Na realidade, acho que a vontade de processar, nomeadamente os jornais, não é grande. Se fosse, na verdade até teriam motivos para já o ter feito, nomeadamente na questão da paternidade. O que os impede ou os faz pensar? Como diria a personagem do Herman, esfregando o nariz de forma desconfiada: hmmmmm....

Cláudia said...

Sim, também uma questão importante. Adorei essa do partido conservador. É mesmo capaz de ser melhor, é. :-)

Niza said...

Há certamente pessoas no RU interessados em tirar partido desta situação contra os trabalhistas que desde o primeiro momento apoiaram este casal. Quanto a mim, Claudia, suspeito que isto tenha a ver com o enorme interesse do Brown na energia nuclear e o papel que o McCann tem numa organização qualquer ligada a energia nuclear. Por mais que tenha lido que isto nada tem a ver com a situação eu continuo a achar que há ali uma ligação qualquer.

Irrita-me que uma pessoa que foi tão maltratada pelos media ingleses não possa agora também obrigá-los a pagar pelos insultos que escreveram. Espero que ele consiga arranjar lá um bom advogado. Se tiver dificuldade em arranjar um bom advogado directamente no RU, talvez através de advogados noutro país, pois há grandes firmas de advocacia com licenças para litigar em mais que um país. Espero que o Dr. Gonçalo não desista da intenção de os processar.

Cláudia said...

Niza, eu não sou grande adepta das teorias da conspiração, mas também acho que se não fossem as ligações às mais altas esferas do poder, as coisas teriam sido diferentes.
Sabes, eu cá quase que apostava que o Gonçalo não é homem de desistir... :-)

niza said...

Amanhã com a saida do livro deverá saber-se muito mais sobre tudo isto...

Cláudia said...

Para ser honesta, penso que o mais escaldante já foi noticiado hoje. E diga-se de passagem, também não pode haver muito mais pior do que já ouvimos hoje... :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, que estranho haver pessoas do campo deles como a supertroll vir aqui dizer mal do Dr. Gonçalo. Obviamente que se estamos aqui a ler é porque ligamos ao que ele escreve. E se o que ele tem a dizer não terá importância, porque está o porta-voz deles a comentá-lo e a ameaçar processos?
Que gente tão estupida. Podem ter apoio e dinheiro para fazer esta palhaçada toda mas espertos não são.

Cláudia said...

Niza, o que é mais irónico nisto tudo, é que foi o monstro que eles criaram que acabou, de certa forma, por os engolir e que vai, na minha opinião, persegui-los enquanto viveram. Foi essa megalomania, essa arrogância extrema que levou a que gente de todo o mundo desgostasse da sua forma de estar.
A supertroll é uma pobre coitada que ainda acredita que assusta alguém. Na realidade até assusta alguns idiotas fracos de espírito. Tenho 46 comentários por moderar neste blog, de um(a) poster que mudou de opinião em relação aos McCann mas que me disse que ia sair de cena porque tinha medo da reacção da supertroll e do resto dos pros. lolololol Diz lá que não é ridículo? Não sei como é que há gente tão cobarde. Não publiquei os posts porque me foi pedido que não o fizesse e eu nunca quebro as minhas promessas. Mas que cada vez que olho para eles me dá vontade de rir, isso dá. :-)

Niza said...

Claudia, para ter receio, será que essa pessoa sabe melhor que ninguém os métodos utilizados para intimidar as pessoas? Ou será algum tipo de jogada para te tentar por à vontade para forneceres e-mails ou outra informação pessoal para te poderem de alguma forma tentar atingir? Muito muito cuidado, pois tenho ouvido falar de coisas muito estranhas a passarem-se na net.

Cláudia said...

Niza, não, essa pessoa simplesmente desapareceu do mapa com medo. E não tem qualquer informação minha. Apesar de eu não me preocupar com isso. Não tenho nada a esconder e quem quiser sabe onde me encontro. Nunca menti em relação a coisa nenhuma desde os tempos do DE.
Mas compreendo o que queres dizer. Houve gente a ser assediada e perseguida só pelas suas opiniões. Na realidade, se eu fosse da mesma laia podia fazer o mesmo a alguns e algumas. Mas descer a esse nível, nunca. :-)

niza said...

Parece impossivel nos dias de hoje tal coisa acontecer. No nosso país não estamos habituados a estes métodos, talvez o problema seja esse. No que toca a falta de ética, escrupulos e moral, aquele país bate-nos 100 a zero.

PS: realmente é triste as pessoas terem receio de se revelarem, mas isso poderá acontecer porque talvez não sejam só um username para essas pessoas. Será que as conhecem pessoalmente e daí o medo de se revelarem "publicamente"?

Cláudia said...

Em alguns casos, sim. neste, acho que não. O problema é que houve muita gente, com boas intenções, a falar um pouco da sua vida nos fóruns e blogs. mas esta gente é tão doente que pegaram nessas informações e chegaram à identidade das pessoas expondo-as. O que não sabem é que estas coisas são como as estradas, têm duas vias. E diga-se de passagem, a maioria destas pessoas são calhaus com olhos com QIs próximos dos de uma tábua de engomar! :-)

niza said...

McCanns consult lawyers over the publication of extracts from Amarals book.

Edited, the page no longer exists so here is text of article


Madeleine McCann's parents consult lawyers over detective's book
Jul 23 2008

Kate and Gerry McCann were consulting lawyers today after the publication of extracts from a book by a former senior Portuguese detective containing allegations against them.

Goncalo Amaral, former head of the investigation into the disappearance of the couple’s daughter Madeleine, affirms that the young girl died in her family’s holiday flat.

His book, entitled The Truth Of The Lie, will be published tomorrow but excerpts were printed in the Portuguese paper Correio da Manha today.

The McCanns were formally cleared of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance on Monday, when prosecutors lifted their status as “arguidos”, or formal suspects.

They say they will continue to believe their daughter is alive until given firm evidence to the contrary, and their lawyers are now scrutinising Mr Amaral’s book.

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said today: “Mr Amaral will face immediate and swift legal action if he in any way implies, either directly or indirectly, that Kate and Gerry were involved in the disappearance or harming of their daughter.

“Beyond that I will not comment. The lawyers will be studying Mr Amaral’s book as a matter of some urgency.”

In an extract published today Mr Amaral claimed that British police held back a potentially important lead for six months.

He wrote that a serious allegation was passed on to Leicestershire Police on May 16 2007, less than a fortnight after Madeleine disappeared.

But he alleged that the UK force did not communicate the information to their Portuguese counterparts until after he was removed from the case in October.

Mr Amaral wrote: “This raises a legitimate question: why did the British police apparently hide that witness statement for six months?”

Leicestershire Police declined to comment on the allegation.

Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3 last year as her parents dined with friends nearby.
Despite a huge police investigation and massive coverage in the Portuguese and British media, she has not been found.

On Monday, Portuguese prosecutors announced they were shelving the case and lifting the arguido status of Mr and Mrs McCann and Algarve resident Robert Murat."

"swift legal action"??? vê-se que o bacano nunca lidou com os nossos tribunais! hehehe

Cláudia said...

Niza, lololololololol

Agora fizeste-me partir o coco a rir com essa! Podes crer!
Achas que vão processar a minha vizinha de baixo, de 82 anos? É que ela aqui há uns tempos disse, muito zangada: "aquela mulher tem mesmo cara de ordinária. Só pela cara se vê bem o que fez!" lololol

Niza said...

Claudia, não há ninguém que eu tenha ouvido a comentar este caso que não ache esta história muito mal contada da parte dos ingleses. A grande maioria acredita, tal como eu, que os pais sabem bem o que aconteceu à menina. Por outro lado, quase todos acham que o o luso-britânico, Murat, não passou de uma vitima nesta história toda. Espero que depois do segredo de justiça ser levantado ele processe aqueles que lhe apontaram o dedo e disseram que ele andava por lá na noite do dia 3 de Maio. Adorava vê-lo agora a dar-lhes o "finger" de volta.

Niza said...

Já agora, em relação à tua vizinha, desde o princípio que a minha mãe me disse que a mãe tinha cara de fraca e que não era o que aparentava. Na altura achei que estava a ser injusta, mas cada vez mais acredito que os mais velhos realmente são bem mais sábios.

Cláudia said...

Niza, nós que vivemos em Portugal sabemos bem o que a esmagadora maioria das pessoas pensa sobre este caso. Se no Reino Unido é o que é...
Em relação ao Murat, o advogado dele falou disso. E o relatório final é esclarecedor em relação aos motivos pelos quais ele foi constituído arguido. Foi a parvalhona da jornalista e os amiguinhos das celebridades. Curioso que nenhum dos habitantes da Praia da Luz, que conhecem o Robert desde sempre (é conhecido como Roberto) tenha testemunhado que ele tenha estado lá naquela noite ou participado nas buscas. A jornaleira da treta achou-o 'suspeito' e os amiguinhos, que supostamente nunca tinham visto o Murat mais gordo, viram-no lá. Os habitantes da Praia da Luz devem ver muito mal...

Cláudia said...

Niza, eu devo confessar que fui daquelas que até determinada altura do campeonato acreditei completamente neles. Cheguei a comover-me algumas vezes. Mas depressa algumas coisas começaram a fazer-me levantar as antenas...

Niza said...


Ao fazer google encontrei um forum com este comentário que achei interessante. Se achares que não o deves publicar, entendo:

Tony Bennett

Thinking aloud on the current state of the evidence:


The problem for the McCanns is that there is now so much evidence that Madeleine died in the flat. That both Eddie and Keela should find (a) cadaverine - the 'death scent' and (b) blood - and in each case behind the sofa - would certainly help me, if I were on the jury, to go a long way in believing (and being sure) that Madeleine died in Apartment 5a.

Now the presence of cadaverine behind the sofa, I think, tells us that poor Madeleine's body was in that position - there, behind the sofa - long enough for the body to putrefy to the extent that cadaverine starts to be released.

Most accounts I have read suggest that this must have been for two hours or more, though some suggest that cadaverine can be released after a much shorter interval.

I conclude that the theory of Madeleine trying to climb, then falling, maybe dying from loss of blood, is consistent with the known facts. Except that falls like that do not normally cause loss of life. The lack of anyone there when she fell would increase the risk of death, though.

If there had been an uncontrolled attack by either parent, I think there would have been more blood spots all over the place, which would have been very difficult for the McCanns and the Tapas 9 men to cover up in a clean-up operation.

Whilst Kate's known severe temper would be consistent with an uncontrolled attack on Madeleine having occurred, there is no evidence for it, and IMO the location of the cadaverine and blood makes the 'rage attack' theory much less likely.

The facts are consistent with suggestions that Madeleine was lying by the sofa until her parents returned from whatever they were doing the night before.

It is also possible, I think, that they may have stumbled into bed that night without noticing that Madeleine was unconscious or dead - and only have discovered her dead in the morning.

The account Kate and Gerry gave of Madeleine at breakfast on 3rd May, allegedly cheerfully asking them why they weren't there when she and Sean were crying, and then happily bouncing away to play, was woefully unconvincing. It felt much more like a self-serving statement designed to try and prove that Madeleine was alive on 3rd May.

Elswhere I have analysed the 8 claimed occasions on which Madeleine is supposed to have been seen on 3rd May - and there are serious doubts about the reliablity of each and every claimed 'sighting' that day.

One final thought. The apparent willingness of the Tapas 9 to cover for the McCanns is much more consistent with the Doctors having experimented with sedatives on their children than with a 'rage attack' by either parent


Madeleine is probably dead, and probably died in Apartment 5a in the Praia da Luz apartments. If so, let us learn all the lessons we can from this tragic and evil event. May her death not be in vain

Edited by - Tony Bennett on 23 Jul 2008 20:53:08 "

Curioso, não? Aqui está um Inglês que pelos vistos "notice" o livro do Sr. Amaral. E pela forma que escreve parece ter dois "half a brain" ao contrário do/a supertroll, pelo seu comentário.

Cláudia said...

Não tenho problemas em publicar o post, Niza. É a opinião de uma pessoa, mas não é a minha.
Nunca entrei na onde de especular o destino mais provável da pequena. Mais do que outra coisa por respeito à Madeleine. O que sempre me deixou estupefacta foi o abandono dos miúdos. Ainda hoje, quando penso nisso com maior frieza, continuo incrédula. Nunca tive motivos para acreditar que o que quer que tenha acontecido tenha sido propositado. E nem me sinto no direito de especular, até porque nem o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral que conhece a investigação o fez de forma detalhada.
Pobre pequenina. Só espero que não tenha tido medo.

niza said...

Realmente, agora muito se especula, mas o que mais me intrigou e chocou neste comentário foi a possibilidade de se terem ido deitar sem se aperceberem de um possivel acidente e só se aperceberem bastante mais tarde. Obviamente é só uma suposição deste senhor, mas que me fez tremer o corpo todo.

niza said...

A questão que te coloquei sobre a publicação no teu blog desta opinião foi porque já deu para perceber que os lacaios dos McCann andam à coca de tudo o que não lhes agrada, e obviamente que não desejo arranjar-te problemas.

Cláudia said...

Para te ser honesta, o que me arrepia é a possibilidade daquelas crianças terem ficado sós tanto tempo durante uma semana que deveria ter sido de férias em família. O que me arrepia mesmo é pensar que a pequena pode ter chorado sem parar, sem ter ninguém que a consolasse. E pior ainda, a possibilidade de perante as queixas da filha mais velha, eles terem decidido voltar a fazer o mesmo na noite seguinte. Absolutamente chocante.

Cláudia said...

Eu sei, Niza. E de facto não costumo publicar esses comentários. Não porque tenha medo deles, mas porque por vezes penso se não será desrespeitoso para a pequena especular de forma tão detalhada sobre o que possa ter acontecido, uma vez que acredito que ela já não está entre nós. Incomoda-me um pouco.

niza said...

Tens razão, Claudia.

Que Deus a proteja, coitadinha.

Claudia, chegou a minha hora.

Dorme bem.

Cláudia said...

Acredito que agora estará em paz, Niza.
A minha hora também está a aproximar-se. É que amanhã acordo cedo.
Esperemos para ver o que trazem os ventos da Albion. :-)

Nana said...

Cláudia e Paula

Somos três a ficar com olhos vermelhos ao final do dia!
O casal recebeu tudo o que queria. Simples: a bola está com eles!
E eles estão apavorados...

O show está apenas começando.
Poor Maddie!

Cláudia said...

Nana, aquele ditado que diz que devemos ter cuidado com o que desejamos pois pode tornar-se realidade é muito certeiro. Foi assim com o circo mediático que eles criaram e está a ser assim com o pedido para que tudo se tornasse público.
Poor Madeleine indeed, Nana.

Jolie said...


Thank you for placing those calls about the book translations.

I will be sure to keep reading the Portuguese blogs to stay updated on translations of excerpts of the text, as they become available.

Cláudia said...

Jolie, you're welcome.
Have a little patience and I'm sure the most important details will become public shortly.

Cláudia said...

Hey Doc, almost fainting here.

Opinionated, that is probably one of the top 5 million dollar questions.