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From Astro - translation of today's Correio da Manhã

Doctor friends of the McCanns spoke to the English police

Payne suspected of paedophilia

Twelve days after Maddie disappeared, a couple revealed the strange behaviour of one of the group's members. Testimonies only reached the Judiciária in January this year

David Payne, one of the McCanns' friends that were on holidays in the Algarve on the 3rd of May last year, when Madeleine disappeared, was suspected of paedophile behaviours.
The accusations were brought by a couple of friends that spent their holidays with part of the group in the summer of 2005 – themselves also English doctors. Twelve days after the British girl disappeared, Katherina and Arul could no longer keep the secret that had bothered them for two years and went to the police to make a statement. They revealed two conversations between Dave and Gerry, during which both revealed suspicious behaviour and indiciated sex with minors.

According to what CM was able to establish, the depositions were given on the 16th of May. But they only entered the process in January 2008 and are included in the 13th volume of the process files. At that point in time, Kate and Gerry were already arguidos, the rogatory letters had already been issued and the English, including Dave, showed their reluctance in returning to Portugal.

Touching the nipple

Katherina made a statement that was eight pages long. She reported holidays in Mallorca with several English [people], including the McCanns and the Paynes. Two incidents left her with serious doubts about the friends' behaviour and lead her to create suspicions that were never confirmed.

The first one happened on a night when Gerry and Dave were talking about Maddie. Katherina does not know what they were saying but she remembers that Dave sucked on his fingers, pushing them into the mouth and pulling them out again, while his other hand traced a circle around the nipple, with a circular movement over the clothes. "That was done in a provocative manner", recalls Katherina, who says that it stuck to her memory.

Days later, the scene repeated itself. The doctor saw Dave making the same gestures again, while he talked about his own daughter. Scared, Katherina said nothing about the incident. But she took special caution, asking her husband never to let the doctor come close to the bathroom when her daughter was having a bath.

Arul went to the police to tell the same story. Katherina's companion confirmed the gestures that were made by Dave during the conversation with Gerry but asserted that he wasn't aware that they were talking about Maddie. He did find the behaviour in extremely bad taste, but didn't see it being repeated.

The incident ended up forgotten in his memory and it was only the disappearance of Madeleine, who had also been with them on the Mallorca vacation, that revived it.

During the deposition, Katherina went even further and said she had associated the gestures to someone who likes to watch child pornography. "I remember thinking whether he looked at the girls in a different manner", she concluded.

Friends from school days

Arul and Kate were friends from their school days. They have known each other for approximately 20 years and that was the motive that led the couple to accompany the McCanns on their holidays to Mallorca. Arul and Katherina did not know Fiona and Dave and they only met again once, during a dinner that gathered several couples. When Maddie disappeared from the Ocean Club, Katherina remembered the incident in Mallorca. And she immediately tried to verify whether Dave had again been accompanying the McCann couple, as the suspicions about his behaviour still stood. In the deposition that was made to the English police, Katherina says she decided to give a statement when she saw the tv images. Dave was among the same holiday group.

Doubts in the case

Irishman not heard – An Irishman who was spending holidays in Praia da Luz also went to the English police to report that on the night of the 3rd of May he saw Gerry carrying Madeleine towards the beach. He was never heard through a rogatory letter.

Sending delayed – The difference between the date when the deposition was obtained and the time when it was sent is not explained in the process.CM knows that the English authorities did not provide an explanation, either.

Bank account info – The PJ tried to know the bank account situation of every element of the group, in order to search for possible motives for the crime. But the English answers were laconic and did not help the investigation.

Life stories – The life stories of Gerry and Kate McCann remain unknown. The PJ tried to verify whether Maddie's mother suffered from depression but never received her clinical records, because the judge did not allow it.

Kate accused of conditioning the case

An intercalary report from the Polícia Judiciária, which was produced immediately before Kate and Gerry were made arguidos, accuses Madeleine’s parents of having conditioned the investigation. The document is signed by an inspector and was directed to Gonçalo Amaral, who was then coordinating the process.The investigator then stated that the information that had been collected initially, was worked by the group in order to sustain the abduction theory. He guarantees that they all lied to protect themselves and even suggests that some could have been covering the crime up.

The testimony from Janne Turner [sic]*, who guarantees that she saw a man crossing the street with a child in his arms, is also questioned. The policeman said that Janne [sic] was only two or three metres away from Gerry but he failed to see the man. And that, by stating that the man was headed towards Murat’s house, she ended up orienting the investigation into a false direction, which led to an unnecessary waste of time.The same report exposes other contradictions in the English’s depositions. Kate and Gerry say that they picked up their children from the crèche at 5.30 p.m., but while the former guarantees that they went for a half-hour run on the beach and only then returned to the apartment, her husband states that they went to play tennis during that period.After that, at around 8 p.m., one of the elements of the group reportedly went to the apartment that had been rented by the couple. Kate says that he was there only for 30 seconds and then left. Gerry speaks about half an hour. The policeman remembers that the time difference is what is needed between asking whether everything is well, or advancing in case a crime has to be concealed.

Another situation that the authorities found strange was the fact that Kate, upon realizing that Maddie had disappeared, remained inside the apartment for ten minutes. Only then did she ask for help, leaving the twins asleep in their cots while she returned to the restaurant. The policeman who wrote the report asks how it is possible that a mother facilitates the safety of her other children when it is certain that by that time she was already screaming that her daughter had been abducted.

They could not see the apartment

Another contradiction was pointed out by the inspector who was in charge of the Maddie case. The policeman remembered that the McCanns asserted that their position inside the restaurant was a strategic one, so they could see the apartment where their children were sleeping. But according to several testimonies, Kate and Gerry had their backs turned to the apartment.

CM shows the difficulty in abducting Maddie

For the first time, a Portuguese member of the media shows images from inside the apartment, namely the room from where the English Minor Madeleine McCann disappeared from, on the 3rd of May last year. Here the images and the infographics try to reconstitute the steps of an imaginary abductor, but also the state in which the PJ found the crime scene.

PJ admitted a simulation of the scenario

The arrival of the dogs that detected cadaver odours and blood traces led the PJ to admit that some of the details where Maddie had been sleeping had been staged to sustain the abduction theory. One of the examples that were pointed out in one of the many reports that were written by the investigators was the fact that the soft toy was on the bed where Maddie slept, a bed that was partially undone. The animals detected odours on the child’s toy, but they did not mark her death on that spot. Which led the PJ to admit that Maddie had died in another area of the house, and then the toy was taken to the bed because it was the most likely spot in case of an abduction. Other details were analysed, like the fact that the furniture was too well positioned and the sofa was completely pushed against the wall.

DetailsInvestigated leads – The final report is clear. All the leads were investigated, the abduction theory was verified into detail. But the investigation’s main conclusions pointed towards the death of the child in the apartment, on the 3rd of May.

300 policemen were looking for Madeleine McCann during the first days. The PJ stresses that many among them spent several weeks sleeping only a few hours.

2000 diligences were made by the Judiciária during their search for Madeleine. International cooperation was requested on several moments, to exclude several cases of false sightings.

High costs – The PJ spared no costs throughout this investigation. Millions of euros were spent on the investigation into the disappearance, namely on the high payments that were made to the labs that collected the genetic profiles.

Suspicions – Dave’s involvement is considered again

Parents refused technical help

Works with endangered children and approached the McCanns in the Algarve. Found the behaviour strange Yvone, who earned credentials from the English government to work in situations that involve endangered children, was in the Algarve when Maddie disappeared but the McCanns refused her help. The specialist told the PJ, during two depositions that were made one month apart from each other, that she approached the couple after the first few hours and that the behaviour from both left her with suspicions about their involvement in the disappearance.

The behaviour of David Payne, who was accused by a couple of doctors that spent holidays with him in 2005, of having attitudes that indiciated paedophile practices, also left Yvone intrigued. The McCanns’ friend had called them aside and advised them not to speak to the technician.Yvone found another detail strange. David’s face was not unfamiliar to her, and the technician believes he might have been inquired before, within some case of sexual abuse. She tried to remember when but failed to locate moment and the circumstances under which she had met him.The days went by and Yvone continued to think about the issue. She then sent a letter to the English police, where she pointed out the details that she had perceived. Namely, that the bedroom window had not been forced open, that it was not normal for a couple of doctors to leave their children alone and that Kate had reacted in an aggressive manner when she had approached her. She also alerted to the official statistics, that point towards the majority of these cases to involve a cover-up from the families.

Gonçalo Amaral’s book upsets the English

A delegation from the British justice left for London yesterday after having tried, in Portimão, to keep some details of the process under secrecy.The English, who according to what CM was able to establish, are upset about possible revelations that the book from the former coordinator of the PJ in Portimão may make, tried to request the instruction judge to maintain the secrecy on the forensics reports about the blood traces and cadaver odour that were collected from the apartment at the Ocean Club, but also other parts from the process.As far as CM was able to establish, the pretentions from the English delegation were denied, except in the case of the identity of persons that have condemnations or a police record of paedophilia which reside in the Algarve or were spending holidays in the region when the facts took place.The British that were in Portimão are policeman Stuart Prior, one of the senior liaison officers with the Portuguese police, a magistrate and a jurist from SOCA, the British agency that specializes in investigation organized crime. It is not known whether the trip was made under a rogatory letter or politically negotiated between the governments of both countries.

“In defense of my good name”

The book by Gonçalo Amaral is written in defense of his honour. “I felt the need to reinstate my good name, which was publicly rubbished while the institution that I belonged to for 26 years, the Polícia Judiciária, didn’t allow me to defend myself, or did so institutionally”, Gonçalo Amaral states in a text that justifies the book. In order to carry out that defense, he requested permission from the national directory but never obtained it. The book, which will be presented by Marques Vidal, a former director of the Judiciária, is launched on the 24th of this month, during a session that is scheduled for El Corte Inglés, in Lisbon.

On the Side

Laboratory Decisive test – The final report ended up being decisive for the foreseeable archiving of the process. In that document, which CM revealed, the possibility of DNA contamination was admitted.

Archived AG announced – The day after tomorrow, the AG will release a communication that will most likely announce the archiving of the process. The case will remain pending in Portimão’s Public Ministry, waiting for better evidence.

Reconstitution Stopped – The reconstitution of the evening of the disappearance was a diligence that was seen as essential in the process. It was stopped because some of the McCanns’ friends did not accept to return.

Wardrobe Odour detected – The English dogs signaled traces of Maddie’s death behind the sofa and in the bedroom wardrobe. On the bed, the animals didn’t detect anything.

Contamination Traces – The authorities have no doubts that the contamination of the location made the investigation more difficult. During the first few hours, tens of people entered the bedroom.

Removed By phone – Gonçalo Amaral was the target of various attacks and was removed by Alípio Ribeiro, by phone, after making a statement to a newspaper.

Letter Paedophile register – Yvone, in the letter that she sent to the English police, wanted the authorities to verify whether Dave had a register of paedophile activities.

Source: Correio da Manhã 19.07.2008, paper edition

Translation by Astro

*Notes: Janne Turner its a mistake obviously the name is Jane Tanner

There is an article today, on Público newspaper saying that the British Police does not want the names of several British paedophiles, who were investigated when Madeleine 'vanished', made public. And then this article in Correio da Manhã. Is it a coincidence? What do you think?


mandarinn said...

Oh! Claudia!! o que mais iremos saber.?
Esta gente é mesmo do piorio...
Mas, uma coisa me animou, o juiz de investigação criminal não cedeu à pressão dos bifes, isto pos-e de bem com a justiça. Vejamos o que vai dizer o PR.
Vou ler o expresso, embora eu sinta desde o princípio que o jornal não é imparcial neste caso.
A propósito, viste no sos madeleine a lista dos nossos eurodeputados que se renderam aos bifes? nas proximas eleições terei o cuidado de não contribuir para eleger estes fulanos.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Mandarinn!
O que mais iremos saber? Ora aí está uma bela pergunta...
Bom, já agora não faltava mais nada. Fazem a m**** e depois querem escondê-la? Já agora!
O Expresso perdeu, para mim, toda a credibilidade.
Quanto aos eurodeputados, vê o blog do Paulo Reis. Fala-se acerca disso lá. Disso e de muitas outras coisas...

Beijocas e aparece, miúda! :-)

josiepublic said...

Hi Claudia hope you are well,

Something is not right is it but no doubt the PJ have their eye on the situation. If we assume that these leaks are coming from Team McCann what does that tell us? If however they are coming from friends of Madeleine it seems entirely appropriate with Gerry's habit of 'hiding things in plain sight', personally I do think that there is a strong possibility that they are involved in this type of activity somehow and if the majority/all of them are what better reason to give supporting alibis? Whether this was the reason for Madeleine's death and is unconnected to other aspects of her care who can say? There is only one small comfort- if this was going on Madeleine would probably not have realized its significance providing the abuse was minor. Lets hope it didn't get serious and lead to death.

Best wishes to you and your family,
Love Plainwaters,

Cláudia said...

Hi, Plainwaters.
I'm fine, thanks. As well as my family. Hope you and yours are all well too.
To be honest, I can't see Correio da Manhã publish leaks from that team. But as I said before, I'm not easily surprised anymore. However, if you read the whole article, this is not just about Payne.
As you know, it's not my habit to speculate on the circumstances of Madeleine's faith. I do believe she is no longer alive and I do think that the obvious neglect that led to that should, under no circumstances, be left unpunished.
Next week should be damn interesting...

Anonymous said...


Segundo o artigo de hoje no DN ainda há possibilidade de os pais serem levados a tribunal.

Não há modo de poder fazer uma petição ou algo do género junto do MP para que pelo menos haja um julgamento.

É claro que teria de ser durante o dia de hoje.



Cláudia said...

Anónima, (Marga???) a decisão, qualquer que ela esteja, já está tomada. Se a PGR vai comunicá-la amanhã, ela já está tomada desde a semana passada. Ainda não li nada, hoje, mas esperemos que o DN tenha razão. Claro que a opinião pública faz pressão, mas não leva ninguém a tribunal. Eu tenho a minha opinião sobre o desfecho deste caso há meses, por muito boas razões. Mas ninguém garante que não haja surpresas. Maiores ou menores. :-)
Beijinhos e aguardemos com serenidade!

OUTRAGED said...

On Joana Morais' site, quoted from the Correio da Manha:

"...In her deposition, Kate was also confronted with the fact that her refusal to make a statement might hinder the discovery of her daughter’s whereabouts. Nevertheless, she kept her silence."


Sara said...

Claudia, será que temos aqui outro daqueles casos de pedófilia que abrange a alta sociedade? Já ouvi falar que existem pessoas muito ricas e bem ligadas envolvidas nessas actividades. Será que este é um desses casos?

Estou verdadeiramente chocada com esta história. Chocada e cada vez mais convencida que precisamos de um heroi com "tomates" (talvez um jornalista integro, pois sempre têm mais liberdade de movimentos) para investigar este caso como deve ser. Não só pela pequena Madeleine mas talvez para o bem de outras crianças também...

Cláudia said...

Outraged, I just put up a thread on the blog which also discusses that issue. Mother (parents for that matter) of the CENTURY! Can't say I'm surprised, though. This has been known for a very long time. I think it was one of their Portuguese lawyers who confirmed it. But I'm not sure.

Cláudia said...

Sara, tudo é possível. Para ser honesta, nunca tinha equacionado este cenário, principalmente porque sempre me centrei mais na negligência, que considero ser a causadora de tudo o que aconteceu posteriormente.
Já o disse várias vezes, estou convicta que serão os jornalistas de investigação e o cidadão comum a não deixar este caso morrer. E concordo quando dizes (desculpa lá a familiaridade) que os jornalistas poderão investigar sem as restrições a que a formalidade de um inquérito policial, político e diplomático obrigam. E sim, 'tomates' precisam-se, urgentemente.

mandarinn said...

Claudia, lembras-te de, falarem de , muito no início alguém (penso que politico) ser refereido como estando presente no Algarve,mas que a presença era altamente secreta.? Neg´cios? Politica, pedofilia???

Cláudia said...

Olá, Mandarinn. Já tenho uma nova thread. Acho que sei quem vai adorar! :-)
Sim, lembro-me de qualquer coisa em relação a isso. Nunca fui grande adepta das teorias da conspiração. Mas sabes, isto é como as bruxas. Eu não acreditomuito, mas...