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Kate tried everything to accuse Robert Murat- Correio da Manhã

Kate’s notebooks – McCanns and friends against Anglo-Portuguese

Madeleine McCann’s mother engaged in collecting indicia that would lead to the accusation of the Anglo-Portuguese [man] over the little girl’s disappearance

Kate McCann bet everything into blaming Robert Murat over the disappearance of her daughter, and it was with that purpose in mind and with the help of friends that she engaged in collecting evidence and in convincing the Polícia Judiciária of the Anglo-Portuguese [man’s] involvement.

On the day that Murat is made an arguido, already after friends of the McCanns referred his presence in the surroundings of the apartment on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine to the authorities, Kate registered in her notes that she had become “very hopeful, excited about this”.

Three weeks later, Kate, who met frequently with the PJ during the investigation, writes that “Robert Murat continues to be the main suspect”. “For good reason”, she adds, lamenting that there is not “strong evidence”.

When three of the friends are called to the PJ to repeat their statements following contradictions about the presence of Murat at the Ocean Club, on the 11th of July, Kate tries to excuse her friends with the fact that they were questioned in the presence of the Abglo-Portuguese [man]: “What happened was that they were questioned in the room, sitting beside Murat and his lawyer. He apparently said that they were lying, which made them quite angry. They started thinking that he was certainly involved. What his he hiding???”

In her notes dated July 18, almost two months after Maddie’s disappearance and at a time when there are starting to appear indicia against the McCanns, Kate sounds disheartened and reinforces the accusations against Murat: “I had lots of hope that there would be progress in Murat’s situation. I’m sure that he is involved and I feel like killing him, but I can’t”. Nine days later, Madeleine’s mother receives a message from a woman that tells her that Murat tried to photograph the granddaughter of a friend, also three years old and blond, and Kate sends “the whole” information to the PJ. “I’m certain that he is guilty and I just want to scream”, she writes on the 27th of July.

Premonition with Malinka

Sergey Malinka, aged 23, had been living in Praia da Luz for eight years. He was a friend of Robert Murat – one of the first suspects of the disappearance of Madeleine – and he ended up becoming involved in the turmoil of suspects because he was the last person to contact the Anglo-Portuguese [man] after the child disappeared. He was also close to Murat because he set up the online page for Romigen – the company that belonged to the Anglo-Portuguese and to Michaela Walczuch.

Although Malinka was only heard as a witness, he ended up becoming involved in the abduction. The questioning was hard and outside the PJ, the agents’ irritation could be heard because the questions remained unanswered. His phone was tapped, just like Murat’s, but nothing relevant was detected.

In her notes, Kate refers to Malinka as one of the persons involved in the little girl’s abduction. The first indication is dated June 5 and also concerns Murat. “Robert Murat continues to be the main suspect and for good reason, but unfortunately there isn’t strong evidence. Malinka and Michaela are also very much in the scene. I always had a bad premonition, uncomfortable, about Malinka. He is cold”, wrote Kate, who later on supplied information to Método 3, a Spanish detective agency, telling them that a witness had seen Michaela transporting a child.

It is recalled that Malinka, of Russian nationality, was heard by the PJ on the 16th of May, two days after Murat was made an arguido and the PJ searched his house.

The Russian was damaged because there were equally suspicions in his past. Malinka reportedly engaged in sexual relationships with minors, which turned him into a potential predator. The fact that he is a computer expert led the Polícia Judiciária to admit that he might have abducted Maddie.

Jane Tanner guaranteed that Murat carried Maddie

Jane Tanner, one of the Englishwomen that accompanied the McCanns on their holidays in Praia da Luz, guaranteed after the first few hours upon the disappearance that she saw a man carrying a child walking towards Casa Liliana (where Murat lived). Later on – and also facing the suspicions that befell the Anglo-Portuguese [man] - Jane said she was almost certain that the man she had visualized for a few seconds only was in fact Robert Murat.

The witness’ statement was considered to be credible during the first hours and strengthened the suspicions that befell the Anglo-Portuguese [man]. Robert Murat ended up being the target of a search on the 14th of May and was heard at the PJ on that same morning, denying any involvement in the child’s disappearance. The lack of indicia ended up determining his release.


Profile accused him – The English experts that elaborated the profile of the abductor guaranteed that in Murat’s case it fitted to 90 percent.

Accusations from friends - A former friend of Murat gave the PJ a deposition telling that the Anglo-Portuguese [man] had strange behaviours when he was a child. It was one more fact against him.

Touched documents – Called during the initial phase of the process to work as a translator, Murat was caught by the PJ touching the inquiry’s documents.

Tomorrow: Kate reacts to the police’s first suspicions

source: Correio da Manhã 29.07.08, paper edition

by Joana Morais


This is beyond comments, really.


Anonymous said...

Bom dia Claudia

Espero que estejas bem.

Não te esqueças que nos vemos em tribunal pois vamos ser processadas. LOL

Cláudia said...

Bom dia, (Paula?).
Claro que sim.
Mas primeiro, que me desculpem, mas tenho de ir de férias! :-)

Joe said...

I think that possibly Kate McCanns diary is contrived and manufactured as perhaps Murat was to be the fall guy. Even the profilers in the UK had him as the culprit, in reality these profilers rarely get it right. As long as the case remains unsolved and the balme is not pinned on anybody ( whatever happened to the Bundleman?) there will be a lot of uneasy people.All the above my opinion only.

Anonymous said...

Mais uma vez esqueci-me de meter o meu nome...Paula

eu só aceito ser processada se o tribunal for nas Maldivas e tenho que ter a família toda por perto...para me dar apoio. LOL

Parecem aflitos ou é impressão minha?


Cláudia said...

Joe, that is why I think they should concentrate on finding Madeleine and the culprits. If they do all their problems will be solved.

Cláudia said...

Paula, boa, boa! LOL
Eu também. Nas Maldivas e com a família toda e amigos por perto para darem apoio moral e para serem testemunhas. Mas só concordo se as sessões do julgamento ocorrerem quando o tempo não estiver suficientemente bom para ir à praia ou passear. :-)

Joe said...


thats the point they appear to have been convinced that it was Murat if the Kate McCanns notes are to be believed, so the jump to the Bundleman is very confusing, though it could suggest that a supect of some sort must/has to be in the frame? Fram what I have read it appears that Tanner was certain that the guy she saw carrying Madeline was Murat, even the walk was right.

Cláudia said...

Joe, that is probably just one example of the inconsistencies we have all heard about.

Cláudia said...

Another one for the suing list:


Cláudia said...

Here we have an interesting case:


The writer of the article will probably get a Pulitzer. The people who commented will certainly, all, be sued.

Zodiac said...


Thanks for the link to The Herald. What I find shocking, imo, regarding that article is, that woman gets paid for writing that tripe!

I read last nights posts on the other thread. Joe, I mentioned on the DE the exact same comment you have made. How would they prove who wrote the posts. We live in an age where computers are hacked all the time. We have a PC and several laptops being used where I post from. I could use any of the laptops here when the PC is not on (that is where the thingy that allows all the laptops access to the Internet is attached) and still get access to the Internet. I could park my car outside someones house or just sit out side in my garden and still get access to the Interenet via some other persons Internet access if they have it on and do not have any security to stop other people using it. I believe this is not against the Law unless there is security to access and some one hacks it. I am in no way computer literate and I know that.
When I log on to this blog I click on watch in real time, it is not the location I am from that I see and not the location of my IP address either.

My defence will be:

When I go out I always leave my doors unlocked and sometimes the windows are also left open. I enjoy wining and dining with my friends in another friends back garden approx 100 mts from my house, in fact it is just like sitting in my own back garden I can see the top of the roof of my house from my friend Stu Pidder's garden therefore I believe it is within the bounds of responsible home safety especially as we take it in turn to check on each others homes every 30 mins or so. I am sure my Insurance Company would have no quibble with that when I need to make a claim if it were ever burgled. Every home owner does it! Although the chances of it being burgled in such circumstances are very rare hence the no need to lock up, imo.
Although there was one incident regarding a laptop in my home, I had gone to do my usual check and discovered my laptop had been moved, used and then replaced. I just knew as soon I entered the house that someone had been using it, the study door was half open, not the way I had left it, the small window to the rear was open, it was closed when I left. I looked at the desk and I could tell from the way the the mouse was sitting on the mat that it had been taken at some point in the evening and then replaced. I went back to Stu Pidder's and finished my wine and Tapas although this did kinda bother me I decided not to let it interfere with my dinner and my social life, my friends are important to me and it was the kind of night we were all into each other so why spoil it. However with the art of hindsight I think this has been happening over a long period of time, maybe 14-16 months. I decided to mention it to my mates cos it was starting to annoy me that someone could just go into my unlocked home and use my laptop, I mean you do not expect that where we live it is very safe, very quiet and I really did not think for a minute something like that would happen, if I did think that I would never have left the doors unlocked. Anyway, I was telling my friends my sad news when my closest mate in the whole world, Dolly Dimple said that when she was checking her home (a few months ago, FFS some friend!) she saw a guy walking past my house. She knew he was a local, he had bright orange hair, he was peally whally white, wore a kilt, sipped Whisky from a small flask, was humming 'Donald where's your troosers' and carried bag pipes under his right arm. She thought he was a bit odd because he had something under his left arm wrapped in a blanket with a mouse hanging out, she watched him walk up the street and he hid in a neighbours front garden. She said she walked up and peeped over the hedge to see what he was doing. He was sitting with what she now knows was my laptop, it had my name on it 'Amya Moron' but at the time she just thought someone shared the same name as me. She said he was sitting in the neighbours garden, she could see him clearly as the Streetlamp gave her a clear view, he was laughing like a hyena she could only see some of the words on the screen...3.. and... A...and...rows of pictures, then he was typing a word...Zodi....that was all she could see. She said she would definately be able to recognize him again as he has a distinctive walk, it looks like he is doing the highland fling, she would recognize him any where despite not being able to see his face.
My witnesses for all the occassions that my laptop was used without my permission are:

Stu Pidder and his partner Ida Nyit.
Patty O'Furniture and her partner Pop Sickle.
Xavier Breath and his partner Sue Cherself.
Dolly Dimple and her partner Hyman Idiot.
And of course not forgetting my PR rep should I need one Boabie Puller.

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, this is the most brilliant post I have ever seen written about this sorry affair. I just got home and you made me laugh to tears. Honest.
I hope you don't mind but your comment is too brilliant to saty just here. It will be my next thread so others can enjoy it. :-)

ICantThinkOfAName said...



So convincing.

You should post it everywhere you can to calm the fears of everyone nervous of Clarrie's Thought Police.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, it's so good that it is now my mosr recent thread! :-) SIMPLY BRILLIANT!