Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Police versus the criminals

The Police versus Criminals: who are the ones who defend the criminals?

The following are comments from some of the people who defend the McCanns. I think they are self-explanatory. Be prepared to feel sick when you read them.

"Does he have any friends left that aren't standing trial then ? lol.Joking aside, I do not trust him one bit either. I read a comment earlier that imo says it all. Combine his alleged history with his recent antics and he sounds like one very dangerous guy."
"How worry is that if the PJ is one of the top 3 or whatever it was on the list of police forces (as has been claimed) when it uses those techniques to get people framed."
"If that email is genuine (which I very much doubt) Gonc needs to be very careful.Perhaps he thinks if he's retired the secrecy law (ah ah) doesn't apply to him, not that it has anyway.I think he will carry on being a loose cannon, and god knows what he's capable of.Then again this has probably all been arranged to calm things down and make everyone think they have acted on his cock ups.Shame they all underestimated the McCanns innit?"
"If I could really speak to odious Goncalo Amaral, I would tell him how I hate people that beat women to a pulp to make them confess to crimes they did not commit.And I would also say these four words
"I don't find it difficult to put into words, trouble is the words I use, the Portuguese police do not like!
Incompetent; Inept; Complacent; Duplicitous; Leaks; Useless; Lazy; Liars; Corrupt; Arrogant; Ignorant; Egotistical;"
"Alipio Ribeiro, what a bloody wimp he is.apologised to the union.He's supposed to be the Policia Judiciaria's national director.How can Gonc manipulate these high ranking twonks.This bloody stinks to high heaven, from The PJ dog to the top of the tree. Bent!"
"I agree! he has gone because he is probably distancing himself from the fall out of what is about to happen. Apparently he was a magistrate, he probably knows more than most how badly the McCann's have been treated at the hands of Goncalo Amaral and his *indecent" haste in making them arguidos BEFORE Portuguese law changed, if he had waited 8 days he would have had to have some evidence to make them suspects, however as Amaral did not, this was the reason for his haste, the evil pig!"
"Can you see fat twat Gonc reading blogs much less posting.Be supper time for him now.They want him at weightwatchers for the before pictures. Yuk the slimey swine makes me feel sick."

Why do some of these people feel attracted to criminals? Why do they defend convicted child murderers (Joana Cipriano's mother and uncle have been convicted by three different courts of law and Rachel Charles' killer was convicted and has already served his sentence) and attack the police? Do these people have some sort of personal identification with convicted criminals? Since in their opinion the child neglect act obviously commited by the McCanns is just a mistake, a small judgment error, a näive thing that (according to some spooky personalities) millions of people do all the time, is it possible that they are also able or willing to excuse other even more serious crimes? Would they like to hire Leonor Cipriano and her brother João (when they are released from prison, of course) to take care of their children and grandchildren? Rachel Charles murderer is now free and can't find a job (I wonder why?) according to what I've read. I would love to see some of these people employ him and let him play with their children and grandchildren while taking care of their gardens, for instance. Why not?

I read that the most famous serial killers in the world always received lots of fan mail. I always wondered who these people could be. Who, in their right minds, are criminal fans? Maybe I was just given the answer to my question.

Could the McCanns have worse defenders? Could they hurt their cause more than they already have? Were the McCanns allowed to choose, would they beg them to shut up? Let's face it, you have to be pretty desperate if you feel the need to use three convicted child murderers to defend a couple who are just guilty of child neglect. Because that is what they are guilty of, right? Or is there something else?

P.S: I obviously support the police. I'm not really a big fan of cold blooded killers. Thank you, Polícia Judiciária.


What_I_Believe said...

Unfortunately there are sickoes all over the world. The people that wrote that nonsense that you just quoted are just downright deranged, amongst other things. Yo are absolutely right. Many criminals have fans. And these "pros" are nothing but sick fans, IMO.

Cláudia said...

Hello, What_I_Believe.
Well, sicko is a good way of putting it. They defend child neglecters and two different convicted child murderers. One of these days we're going to see them defend that monster in Austria who kidnapped and raped his daughter for 24 years. Remember the excuse for the neglect? Apparently we all have different parenting styles. I hope Fritzl doesn't hear that or he will find it brilliant.

mandarinn said...

I allways feel astonished about the recorrent citation Leonor C by maccns supporters... didn't they realize the paralell they are doing? more damaging than helpfull.
Thank you Claudia for this blogg
FORÇA PJ os portugueses estão convosco,apoiam e agradecem o vosso trabalho e dedicação

Cláudia said...

Hi, Mandarinn.
It always make me smile when they bring up three convicted child murderers to put their message across. It's revealing, isn't it? :-)
A PJ sabe que os Portugueses e todos os cidadãos de bem de qualquer sítio apoiam todo o trabalho e empenho dos agentes que desde o início deram tudo para conseguir justiça.

Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius said...

I thank God for Mr. Amaral, for the PJ and its new Director - and for this blog, Proud of the PJ! There will be Justice for Madeleine, as long as people like you choose to go on, to never give up. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius, Stockholm, Sweden

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Birgitta, for your lovely words. I am also very hopefull now that Mr Almeida Rodrigues is the new National Director. It is always great to have a policeman in charge of a Police force, because they know how things are.
And some of us will never give up. Some of us will never shut up. No matter how many insults and threats we receive. Both will be exposed in due time.
Hope I'll read you soon.
All the best, Birgitta.

docmac said...

Ola Claudia

Monkey see, monkey do. Simple really.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Doc, my friend.
Yes, simple, isn't it? :-)


Anonymous said...

Today would be a special day to Madeleine, She would be 5 years old.
I've just read her father«s blog and again it is all about them, money and he even incites people to contact them directly instead of the police. Reading between the lines he is saying the money is needed to look for her as the PJ are not doing it.
The little girl is only mentioned in the last paragragh associated to them. No direct words addressed at her... everything so cold and inpersonal...

Please,PJ it's time to end all this
charade and big lie in name of this innocent girl that will not ever be forgotten by the Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia!

Os comentários das pessoas que defendem os McCann são absolutamente intragáveis.

Das duas uma: ou são pessoas que auferem pagamento por aquilo que estão a fazer (de lembrar que no site oficial deles houve um pedido para contratar staff com conhecimentos de computador) ou então, estúpidos admiradores do mal.

No caso Isabella Nardoni, pai e madrasta já estão atrás das grades acusados de homicídio triplamente qualificado, por meio cruel, impossibilidade de defesa da vítima e para ocultar outro crime.

De louvar o trabalho da polícia, apesar do estatuto social dos criminosos. Aqui,também pessoas próximas da vítima.Infelizmente mais dois inocentes, dois meninos ainda bebés com a vida afectada para sempre...

Algumas similaridades com este caso mesmo em termos de DNA , etc..Daí também a importância e o valor do trabalho da nossa PJ no sentido de apurar a verdade e punir os culpados, também para que além da justiça feita à vítima, se possa mostrar que o crime não compensa.

Força PJ!

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon 1.

Yes, today could be a great day if the McCanns weren't so stupid and selfish. Madeleine would be five and it would be very happy, I suppose.
The PJ would have already solved this, I believe, if it was up to them. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is. Higher powers, anon.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Cláudia said...

Olá, anónimo 2, que eu penso ser a Marga.
No Brasil, regra geral, não há contemplações com os criminosos. Tem mesmo de ser assim, dados os elevados níveis de criminalidade. As pessoas que defendem os McCann (e refiro-me às que desculpam e minimizam a negligência defendo-os cegamente, pois há bastantes pessoas equilibradas que acreditam na possibilidade de rapto) são gente perturbada, com grande deficit de integridade e valores morais (por um lado), ou pessoas com uma agenda própria (por outro). Uma grande maioria é gente cheia de preconceitos e com um lado racista e xenófobo gritante, o que me leva a acreditar que são pessoas de extrema direita, com uma visão enviesada do mundo.
De qualquer modo, a PJ está acima de todo esse lixo humano e por isso mesmo continua a lutar.
Até breve, espero!

Anonymous said...

Sábia, como sempre!


Cláudia said...

lololol, Marga!
As pessoas de Viseu tudo sabem! ;-)

Zodiac said...

Hopefully with there being a new Head of the PJ there will be Justice for Madeleine McCann. Having today watched video links from the 3 A's to Youtube it is chilling how similar the case invovled is with this one, IMHO. I now understand why it takes so long and everything has to be water tight. Good wishes to all involved in bringing justice for this neglected missing child.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Zodiac!

As I said before, I do not know if the new National Director of the PJ will have a dramatic effect on the case but I am sure it will be positive.
We can only wish justice is done and the culprits are made to pay.
Hope I'll read you soon, Zodiac.

children_deserve_protection said...

"One of these days we're going to see them defend that monster in Austria who kidnapped and raped his daughter for 24 years. Remember the excuse for the neglect? Apparently we all have different parenting styles. I hope Fritzl doesn't hear that or he will find it brilliant." -[Quoting Claudia]

Oh come now Claudia, surely you can see that Fritzl just "made a mistake"?


Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
Yes, you're probably right. I'm probably being too harsh. He was probably just "naive". He made a mistake for which he will pay for the rest of his life and it's not fair of him to constantly remind him of what he did because I'm sure nobody can punish him more than himself.

P.S: I was doing a pro, by the way, everybody. I did not become a criminal adorer.

Anonymous said...

I have just read the following by a Portuguese poster in another blog re leonor cipriano's ( she doesn't deserve capital letters) photos might have been forged:

"During the debate that took place here in Portimão on May 3 (no matter how many members of this board will try to convince you of the contrary), I had the opportunity to hear Paulo Cristóvão, one of the three inspectors that stand accused of torture, address this issue.

He said it was an honour to stand trial over this matter, and that he fully trusted justice to take its course.

I wish I could hear some other people make such courageous statements, instead of hiding behind secrecy laws, legal & PR teams, and lame excuses.

As we say here in Portugal, 'behave like a man'."

Obrigada a quem postou isto (Astro) num site maioritariamente frequentado por estrangeiros e ao Paulo Cristôvão pela honra demonstrada.


Cláudia said...

Marga, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, more than anyone, knows exactly well the kind of monsters leonor and joão cipriano are. He unfortunately had to deal with them and hear them say the terrible things they did to poor Joana. He has more dignity in his toe finger than leonor, joão, kate, gerry and the whole team combined.

children_deserve_protection said...

Yes Claudia, that statement has always upset me, not to mention struck me as ridiculous!

To say "nobody can punish them more than they are punishing themselves" means that Madeleine's life was just a joke. Her parents owed no real duty-of-care toward her, and now that she has gone missing (and possibly been killed) under their care, she is not even entitled to see them formally punished for it.

This is a barbaric disregard for Madeleine's life, and it really saddens me.

Furthermore, it is ridiculous (as all of us here agree) that the McCanns should be this much above the law! Why should they escape punishment for something that any other couple under western law would be held accountable for (i.e; neglect and abandonment)??

Not only have they not been PUNISHED, but they have actually made MONEY since Madeleine has gone missing, which makes a mockery of our legal systems.

I'm not saying lock them up and throw away the key, but I also find it outrageous that they seem to be getting out of this without so much as a slap on the wrist!

Whether guilty of killing Madeleine or just of straight out neglect, it is a disgraceful and uncivilised thing to suggest that this couple should be above the law, and left to simply meter out "their own punishment" as they see fit for the crime!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
Was just woken up by a phone call and answering you before I go to bed again. I'm also not saying lock them up and throw away the key. I only say lock them up! :-)
Sleep tight in case this is a sleeping day for you! :-)

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia,

No, just a regular day today, but thanks for the thought anyway!

Ciao :-)

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
Then I wish you a great regular day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Boa tarde.

those posters defending child neglecters are desperate to make others believe maddie was abducted and that Portugal and the PJ are not doing any effort to fight paedos. Apart from this they also attack our country with xenofhobic comments on everything. They are becoming terrosrists in the aense they are threatning everyone who don't support their task of defending the parents that are believed to be responsible for the disappearance of their own daughter.

Moreover, Rosiepops, is keeping saying that another child is going to be abducted in PT.

Only want the PJ to know this because it makes me think of M3 and their presence in PT and Huelva by the time Mari Luz disappeared.
Rosiepops said...
Hi Mandz

I have to say I agree but then you know what I feel about this bunch of low life corrupt b******ds anyway.

Portugal says it is not a third world country, then it should stop bloody behaving like one! It is still run like a dictatorship, in my opinion it should be either forced to clean itself up or be kicked out of the EU.

each one of these cases the PJ have been found to be incompetent and bungling, turning round and blaming the parents or any available British person. In each case there has been absolutely NO proper evidence that would even have allowed charges to be brought in this country, let alone gaining a conviction!

Portugal makes much about child abduction cases being extremely rare, then if they are what is the odds of all these abductions and attempted abductions being carried out in and around PDL and them not being connected?

It is about time that an outside police force investigated all of this, it is obvious the PJ cant do it, they are too think or may be too corrupt. Interpol shold do it and they should do it without delay.

Read this attentively:

What are they waiting for another child to disappear? When that happens (because it will!)mwill the try to pin the blame on this poor child's parents too?

I only hope and pray that another child is not taken.

15 May 2008 16:19


Hope the PJ takes this for the record.

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon. These people you mention are desperate. Anyone who comes accross something they think the PJ should be aware of can contact the Pj through telephone or e-mail. That is exactly what I do everytime I think I should.
As for Rosiepoopheah, I bet she prays every night for a child to be kidnapped in the Algarve. Some people are just that, sick. Anyway, I don't think it will happen. Unless some McCanns fans vacation there and try to imitate their heroes. Or unless someone is ordered to do it, of course. Desperate times ask for desperate measures.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Anonymous said...

According to the US State Department's Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2007 Police corruption in Portugal is "isolated" so I don't know what kind of xenophobic nonsense Rosiepops and other McCanns supporters are trying to spead.

You can read the report for yourselves here:-

Cláudia said...

Hello, Anonymous.
Obviously, all countries have problems and we all know that. I had already read that report. In fact, those reports, done by different authorities, are public and quite discussed in Portugal.
Rosiepops and her sick followers are not interested at all in the possible problems Portugal faces. They have an agenda and for them everything is a weapon, whether it's true or not. I would certainly like to live in a country with less problems. We all would, I suppose. But I would never be anything other than Portuguese. And if I was to think seriously about this and choose a social, economical and political role model to follow, countries like Sweden, Norway, Finnland would be at the top of my list. Certainly not the UK.
Hope I'll read you soon.

hipohop said...

Go Pj
are you guys aware of the slander against the PJ appearing on Brian's Dreams page 29??

Cláudia said...

Hello, Hipohop.
Well, if they were, they aren't now.

Thank you!

What_I_Believe said...

Anonymous said...

What many people fail to realise that there is no country that is 100%safe in relation to what are surely your most precious posessions.. your children. That is why no matter where you are they must come first. If you want to have some "me" time, make the necessary arrangements. The latest post on the new pink "forum" with all 24 or so registered users, in relation to portugal is an absolute disgrace and the poster who posted it should hang her head in shame , i doubt she knows how to though.

Cláudia said...

Hello, anonymous.
No place in this earth is safe if you are not around to protect the ones you are responsible for. Not even our own home. If they wanted to have some me time than they should have travelled without their children (a family member would have certainly be happy to take care of the children for 5 days) and then they could enjoy the friends they were so much into.
I haven't read the post you are mentioning, but I can imagine the content of it. They are all pretty much the same. It's probably because they all come from the same half dozen racist and xenophobic sickos who also find the time to defend child neglecters and convicted child killers.
As for shame, they have none.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Anonymous said...

Claudia,here you go. I really hope you can bring it to the attention of the men and women who have worked for over a year to be the voice of this little child, i am so incenced by this.

How do you straighten out a bent PJ
Tell it lunch is ready 25% [ 1 ]Kick it up the Ass 25% [ 1 ]Sack It 50% [ 2 ]Pay for information to leak 0% [ 0 ] Total Votes : 4 Portugal is becoming the new Gangster’s Paradise
by christabel Today at 8:55 pm

What a joke,
"no wonder they couldn't be bothered looking for Madeleine"
They are more bent than a U bend!

Portugal is becoming the new Gangster’s Paradise
By admin on January 12th, 2008

Portugal is well on its way to becoming the next Gangster’s Paradise. The increase in mafia style assassinations, grotesque rapes and sexual abuse of children, is according to the Portuguese Government lead by José Socrates, a small minor offence that does not require immediate imprisonment.

Last year the Portuguesa Governments released a very sketchy Penal Code aimed at improving the conditions in the country’s overcrowded prisons. The solution presented was very simple, let them out. Without further ado 115 criminals awaiting trial behind bars were released, one of which was being charged with sexually abusing and killing a disabled child.

The new laws, that only seem to satisfy the Government and the President, generated widespread controversy from Magistrates. The main concern is that the release of these criminals represents a very worrying threat to public safety. If all this wasn’t enough, the president of the SFJ (Sindicato dos Funcionários Judiciais) has warned that the new laws create a shield that excessively protects the criminal’s rights and in many cases even incapacitates further legal investigations.

Portugal is one of the poorest countries in Europe with an ever increasing unemployment rate. The country is always associated with negative news and the worst that happens in Europe, so do we also need to be number one in crime?

19 May 2008 19:48

Christabel said...
It just gets better and better!

Yet another baby is born on the way to a maternity
By admin on January 7th, 2008

Portuguese are known for their excellent soccer stars and divine wines, but that isn’t all they are known for. Lively people, well experimented in the art of love making, for a Portuguese a quickie here and there is not only recommended, but an vigorous part of their culture. Pleasant nights or days spent practicing their tantric art in the backseat of a car, secluded beach or the public municipal gardens, is an ordained practice for all. It is no wonder that the Portuguese government has chosen to close a great part the countries maternities. If the little buggers like to screw in every space big enough to incubate two people then they shouldn’t mind giving berth there either.

This week another woman from Barcelos had her baby in the local clinic because she was unable to travel the 15 kilometers to the nearest maternity in Braga. The local fire Chief explained that this wasn’t an isolated case but the fourth time a baby was born in the way to Braga after the local maternity was closed last year.

Maybe we should close all the maternities except for the ones that serve the high ranks of the Portuguese society. The plebs should stay content with having children at home like in the good old days. If despite of these drawbacks, most still managed to have some ten or more children so the problem isn’t the hospitals but rather the people.

A nation filled with carpenters and tuff construction workers doesn’t need things like hospitals or doctors for that matter. Why waste money on such futile extravagances when those funds could be better invested in a beach-front house or the latest Mercedes. Ignorance I tell you. The only question I’m left pondering is, if the government threatened to close some of the many unprofitable soccer clubs what would the reaction be?

Cláudia said...

Hi, anon.
Thanks. I didn't know you were referring to that one. As a matter of fact that one had already been sent to me by e-mail and dealt with accordingly. :-) I appreciate it because lately I haven't had much time to work on my collection. But some of them deserve to be dealt with immediately.

Anonymous said...

claudia, thank you. isis.

Cláudia said...

Isis, no. Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hi all!

The photo that is also told to be from Maddie's 2 year birthday was yesterday shown in the pro blog as an entry to the video with red letters saying Maddie at age 2.

But after the new thread on the 3A about this photo in which Maddie looks older, they have retired their red highlithened age from there.

It speaks volumes!They want people to blelieve she was only two years old! Why?

Cláudia said...

Hello, anon.
I have no idea what is the goal of that stategy. And to be honest, the day I understand that bunch is probably the day I'll start defending criminals just like they do.
Hope I'll read you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Read this to the end and see for yourself what is going on.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, anon, whoever you are. I woke up a while ago and you made me LOL! That's why their blogs are so calm. I thought that most of them were confronted with the reality and could not continue defending what cannot be defended (I'm sure some did), but reading them attacking each other is hilarious. I knew that sooner or later Rosiepoophead would lose. In fact, I think she lost it a long time ago. That's the only explanation for defending convicted child killers!
Once agan, thank you for making me laugh as soon as I wake up!

Cláudia said...

Rosiepoophead, just give it up, number one child killer fan. I told you that never would your filth be published here unless I decided so for very specific reasons. I understand you feel lonely because your friends are now even daring to delete your insults, but you'll have to excuse me, please find somebody else to talk to. You can try and gloogle blogs dedicated to supporting other child convicted murderers. Who knows? Maybe there are others.
P.S: Justice will certainly be done. One way or another. And when it happens, you will be nowhere to be seen, hiding under your rock, more deluded than you already are. And nothing you will ever do or say will stop people from ALL OVER THE WORLD to know what you and your ex pals are so desperately trying to hide. And the person you hate the most will be the one who will set the house on fire! ;-)

Doppelganger said...


And what was my crime?

Upsetting Supertroll and her chums, I don't think so.

The reason there are so few posts on ST's site at the moment is because I have forced her to put comment moderation on and when she takes it off the blog will be about me - not you good people - because that is the idea.

Shame Viv cannot see past her enormous ego to appreciate this.

The only reason I am bothering anymore is because I respect people like you and others on the blog.

Anyhow, looks as though the PJ are eventually going to get the McCann's, can't happen too soon.

If it takes much longer the back stabbing is eventually going to finish me off!

BTW, I do not expect you to reply to or publish this post, I just wanted to say Hi and wish you well.

Best Wishes


Cláudia said...

Hello, Doppelganger. I don't know why you ask me that queston nor why you asked it. Anyway, of course I will publish and respond to your post. Why wouldn't I?
Honestly, I do not care about the other blogs, especially ST's. The other ones are only useful for the purpose of collecting info. Nothing more, nothing less. ST's blog is just a waste of time. I don't care how many posts there are, if comment moderation is on or off and what they all discuss. ST's blog has nothing to do with Madeleine. It is just a place where demented, disturbed people can talk to each other. Don't get me wrong. I don't think it shouldn't exist. Demented, unbalanced, depressed, lonely, alcoholic people also have the right to have a blog where they can talk to other people with whom they share things. I just don't want to mix with those people and I certainly don't want to be placed between any blog wars.
I certainly do not agree with you regarding Viv and her blog. When you post in other people's blogs, you should do what they politely ask you to do. Viv asked you countless times not to feed the crazy, disturbed trolls who wanted to ruin the JFM blog. And let's face it, Doppel, you fed them time and time again. Viv decided to ban you and I respect her decision.
As for the PJ, time will tell. But truth will out, I'm sure. One way or another. And they know it. That is why they are getting more desperate by the day. So much they they are even turning on each other. Good!

Take care, Doppel.

Cláudia said...

As I said, Doppel, I'm not interested at all in the blog wars you enjoy so much. That is why I did not publish your other 3 posts, saying exactly the same thing.
All the best.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Gina. I did not publish your post because you asked me not to do it. I will not be dragged to blog wars because I don't want to and because they have nothing to do with Madeleine and what happened to her.As you know, I believe Madeleine is dead since May the 3rd. I hope her soul can rest in peace. And I believe people should remember what this is all about. I could never be civil with most of the pros because I could never be civil to people who defend convicted child murderers. And let's not forget, Leonor and João Cipriano are convicted child killers as is Rachel Charles's murderer. Child killers are scum as are all those who defend monsters who have taken a child's life. There's no middle ground here and it will never be. Scum is what they all are.
Anyway, all the best to you, neighbour. Let us hope there is some news soon.

Gina said...

Claudia thank you for not publishing my previous comment but you can publish this if you want.

As you know, I do not know what happened to Madeleine, although I am able to believe anything is possible and I am totally against the way the McCanns have marketed her. I have never understood why the PJ did not charge the whole group with abandonment from the outset as it was clear they are as guilty as hell of that, and had they been Portuguese they would have been charged. I do not understand the law enough to know whether if they were charged for neglect they could later be charged for her death. Personally I cannot see why not as they are two different scenarios IMO.

Regards blog wars, my personal opinion is that because this case has gone on far too long some people on all blogs are "wittering" for the sake of something to say and making really stupid accusations as to the identities of others etc. which quite frankly IMO is stupid and childish and I just got bored with it as if someon decides they do not want to believe you they will not, so no point trying.

I hope there is a satisfactory conclusion to this case soon for the sake of all concerned and before too many more people go completely mad with some of their comments-

Best wishes to you and others who realise that a bit of a joke and some normal banter is what is needed from time to time in order to remain sane and normal.

Before the detectives jump to conclusions it is 7am where I am, got up early because could not sleep and emailed this to friends in my house to pass on. and the one I sent to you earlier I posted to them yesterday:-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Gina. The problem is when people start letting all of this interfere with their private, real lives in an unhealthy way or when they let comments on the web made from people they don't know get to them.
I also hope there is a conclusion soon. And I hope that all the crimes are punished. One way or another.
Best wishes to you too. Enjoy your family.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

I am heartened by the news of pending charges as I was beginning to despair that there would not be a closure of this case. Congratulations to the PJ for reaching this point.

Anonymous said...

The blog would't accept the identity that I have used in the past on tht DX HYS and on Viv's Blog before it became members only. I therefore apologise for posting as Anon.

I was heartened to hear of the pending charges against the McCanns as I was beginning to despair that there would not be a closure to this case.

Congratulations to the PJ.


Cláudia said...

Hello, ICantThinkOfAName, Great to see you. We miss you on Viv's. It became members only because the trolls were writing filthy, perverted stuff. If you want to keep commenting there, you just have to write an e-mail to Viv at
I don't know if the news really mean charges, but you never know. Hope I'll read you soon!

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Thank you, Claudia, for your kind words. As is apparent from my double posting my foreign language skills are non-existant unlike your own. So for that I apologise.

I don't get many urges now to post as I think my strength was always to react to the idiotic postings of others. Now that that the opposition no longer inhabit
the same forums I have lost inspiration, or maybe I'm just getting old.

Cláudia said...

You're welcome, ICantThinkOfaName. If your problem is the lack of inspiration, you can read their filth and you'll suddenly feel the urge to post again! :-)
I'm sure you're not old! :-)