Monday, May 26, 2008

Who's afraid of the Truth?

As you can understand, I can't do any comment about the investigation on the "McCann Case"(...)
Looking towards my freedom of speech, I asked for my retirement last month. All the insults, false accusations and lie's from the past year are now being brought to court from my lawyers (the very last one is from Daily Mail, yesterday). I would like to say thank you to the thousands of persons that every day, for the last year, are supporting me all over the world. I would like to answer all the phone calls, emails and letters, but is not possible...there are so many! As you can imagine, most of the days are not that easy, and these messages have been a great support not only for me, but also for my family. Once again, thank you all!
You're allowed do display this message on you site, and I thank you for that. One last thing:
*Soon, very soon the world will know the "Truth about the Lie" and "we will gain truth and justice for a little girl who has no voice", dead on the evening of May 3rd at apartment 5A, Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal"*

Best regards,Gonçalo Amaral

I just can't wait. What about you?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Police versus the criminals

The Police versus Criminals: who are the ones who defend the criminals?

The following are comments from some of the people who defend the McCanns. I think they are self-explanatory. Be prepared to feel sick when you read them.

"Does he have any friends left that aren't standing trial then ? lol.Joking aside, I do not trust him one bit either. I read a comment earlier that imo says it all. Combine his alleged history with his recent antics and he sounds like one very dangerous guy."
"How worry is that if the PJ is one of the top 3 or whatever it was on the list of police forces (as has been claimed) when it uses those techniques to get people framed."
"If that email is genuine (which I very much doubt) Gonc needs to be very careful.Perhaps he thinks if he's retired the secrecy law (ah ah) doesn't apply to him, not that it has anyway.I think he will carry on being a loose cannon, and god knows what he's capable of.Then again this has probably all been arranged to calm things down and make everyone think they have acted on his cock ups.Shame they all underestimated the McCanns innit?"
"If I could really speak to odious Goncalo Amaral, I would tell him how I hate people that beat women to a pulp to make them confess to crimes they did not commit.And I would also say these four words
"I don't find it difficult to put into words, trouble is the words I use, the Portuguese police do not like!
Incompetent; Inept; Complacent; Duplicitous; Leaks; Useless; Lazy; Liars; Corrupt; Arrogant; Ignorant; Egotistical;"
"Alipio Ribeiro, what a bloody wimp he is.apologised to the union.He's supposed to be the Policia Judiciaria's national director.How can Gonc manipulate these high ranking twonks.This bloody stinks to high heaven, from The PJ dog to the top of the tree. Bent!"
"I agree! he has gone because he is probably distancing himself from the fall out of what is about to happen. Apparently he was a magistrate, he probably knows more than most how badly the McCann's have been treated at the hands of Goncalo Amaral and his *indecent" haste in making them arguidos BEFORE Portuguese law changed, if he had waited 8 days he would have had to have some evidence to make them suspects, however as Amaral did not, this was the reason for his haste, the evil pig!"
"Can you see fat twat Gonc reading blogs much less posting.Be supper time for him now.They want him at weightwatchers for the before pictures. Yuk the slimey swine makes me feel sick."

Why do some of these people feel attracted to criminals? Why do they defend convicted child murderers (Joana Cipriano's mother and uncle have been convicted by three different courts of law and Rachel Charles' killer was convicted and has already served his sentence) and attack the police? Do these people have some sort of personal identification with convicted criminals? Since in their opinion the child neglect act obviously commited by the McCanns is just a mistake, a small judgment error, a näive thing that (according to some spooky personalities) millions of people do all the time, is it possible that they are also able or willing to excuse other even more serious crimes? Would they like to hire Leonor Cipriano and her brother João (when they are released from prison, of course) to take care of their children and grandchildren? Rachel Charles murderer is now free and can't find a job (I wonder why?) according to what I've read. I would love to see some of these people employ him and let him play with their children and grandchildren while taking care of their gardens, for instance. Why not?

I read that the most famous serial killers in the world always received lots of fan mail. I always wondered who these people could be. Who, in their right minds, are criminal fans? Maybe I was just given the answer to my question.

Could the McCanns have worse defenders? Could they hurt their cause more than they already have? Were the McCanns allowed to choose, would they beg them to shut up? Let's face it, you have to be pretty desperate if you feel the need to use three convicted child murderers to defend a couple who are just guilty of child neglect. Because that is what they are guilty of, right? Or is there something else?

P.S: I obviously support the police. I'm not really a big fan of cold blooded killers. Thank you, Polícia Judiciária.