Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hello, everybody.
This place has not been created to discuss the Madeleine case. To do that, there are other great alternatives that people who have been following this case are perfectly aware of. This place was created by me, as a Portuguese citizen, to express my deep gratitude to many men and women who have, since May 3rd, worked relentlessly to find out what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann, aged 3, neglected and left alone by her parents, in a resort apartment in a foreign country.
Because of the selfish, irresponsible, neglectful behaviour of two young, supposedly intelligent doctors and loving parents Madeleine McCann went missing and her twin brother and sister's lives were also put in danger. The men and women who work for the Polícia Judiciária have cancelled their holidays and forgotten about weekends so they could try and solve this mistery, in spite of all the obstacles which were put in their way. These men and women, who also have families, have been shamefully treated by the gutter press in the UK, which seems to be nothing short of mere puppets, controlled by unknown (are they really unknow?) powers.
One of these days the world will know. Madeleine Beth McCann will never be forgotten and some people are willing to sacrifice themselves enourmously so she can have a voice someone has tried to silence.
To all the people who have given everything they have to this case: thank you. Your commitment, your courage and your efforts will never be forgotten by the huge majority of, at least, the Portuguese people. I would also like to thank the former PJ police officers who haven't forgotten what their job was all about and who know well how difficult it is to deal with a missing child case, especially when the main characters of the plot do not cooperate like they should. To all of you who have been generous enough to put yourselves in the line of fire to fight the good fight, I also thank you.

A todos vós, e em especial a si, Gonçalo Amaral, obrigada por tudo. A sua coragem, empenhamento e rectidão de carácter irão sempre ser lembrados pelos Portugueses com grande orgulho.


bath theory said...

As a British citizen who is a catholic primary schoolteacher and father of two young children I would like to express my thanks to you all in making sure that the parents are scrutinized.

At the moment there is only one victim and that is a 3 yr old girl who has vanished.

Many many people here in the UK wish all circumstances of her disappearance to be investigated thoroughly and sytematically.

Keep up the good work and please bring events into a courtroom.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Bath theory. Madeleine is indeed the only real victim is all of this. Many men and women are doing their best to solve this mistery but sometimes justice comes in ways we don't expect.

Gina said...

As a British citizen living in Spain, I am aware that Police procedures are not the same in both these countries, and the same applies in Portugal.

You have had a very difficult task, plus time delays to obtain the necessary authorisation to continue with your enquiry which many people do not either want to accept or understand. However I admire your determination to proceed even with lack of co-operation of many involved and trust that you will be able to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion no matter what the outcome.

Wizard said...

In Britain today we have many who voice support for Kate and Gerry McCann; this includes the press, financial backers, PR guru’s and expensive lawyers. However, none of these actively support the victim - Madeleine Beth McCann. The Portuguese police are the only ones working to secure justice and closure for this little girl - God speed them in their search for the truth.

J J said...

The only person who matters is Madeleine.
So long as she gets justice, that is all that matters.
I hope that you continue to put Madeleine first and bring her the justice she deserves.
I wish you good luck.

Cláudia said...

Thank you Gina, Wizard and JJ.
Your words are very important for mMdeleine's cause. I'm sure they will be read by some of the people who have given so much of themselves so justice for Madeleine can be done. The PJ was shamefully treated exactly because they chose to put Madeleine in the first place, against the will of many. But whatever the legal aoutcome is, the truth will out. One way or another. Mark my words.

Cláudia said...

P.S: Rosiepops, your filth will never be published here, unless I choose to, as a part of my huge collection. Now go and defend some criminal out there, as you do so well. I'm sure there are many child abusers and killers, apart from Leonor Cipriano and Rachel Charles' murderer who will appreaciate your passion.

Ana said...

Olá Cláudia,

Espero que não te importes que o meu primeiro comentário seja efectuado em português.
Ainda bem que tiveste esta ideia maravilhosa de dedicar um blog a todos os profissionais da Polícia Judiciária que tanto de si deram para que, o caso da pequena Maddie, chegue a um fim e que não seja esquecido. Contra ventos e marés a verdade é que, as investigações continuam e não sabemos, ainda, como irão acabar embora muitos de nós desconfiem qual será o final…
Ainda bem que existem pessoas corajosas, prontas a abdicar de muito, para que toda esta embrulhada, toda esta manipulação, todas estas influências quer Britânicas quer Portuguesas (no meu entender, não se fazem omoletas sem ovos), se venham todas a saber!

Queria deixar aqui o meu Bem-haja ao Sr. Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, que contra tudo e contra todos lutou e luta para que, a verdade tenha o seu caminho e que, mesmo que não seja pela via judicial (que seria a melhor), seja pela via possível!

Dr. Gonçalo Amaral,
É um homem corajoso, convicto, correcto e com um sentido de justiça imenso, por todo o seu trabalho, por toda a sua dedicação queria aqui, desejar-lhe o melhor para si e para a sua família e mais uma vez, o meu muito OBRIGADA!

Cláudia, querida, vou ter que sair mas prometo fazer visitas regulares ao teu blog 

Beijinhos e fica bem!

Ana xxx

Anonymous said...

Cláudia, thank you for the blog. (If Rosiepops from Team McCann is already here, you've obviously hit an important McNerve.)

Polícia Judiciária, my utmost respect and support for your hard work, dignity and dedication. Força. Estamos ao vosso lado.

viv said...

Hi Claudia, again as a British Citizen I would like to express how impressed I have been with the Portuguese Police in their dedicated efforts to find out what happened to little Madeleine. I really do understand just how hard they have worked and how distressed they must have been personally at her sad loss.

I am ashamed of the response they have received to this from Kate and Gerry McCann and their media machine who have sought to carry out such a wicked vendetta which has so often been overtly racist.

Universally the Police have a job to do in investigating crime and protecting victims. This is exactly what dedicated officers like Messrs. Amaral, Sousa and Rebelo have been doing. For this they will always have my personal support and respect and I know the vast majority of decent people in the UK and indeed, the world, feel just the same.

We just want to know the truth and want those who have seriously offended against little Madeleine brought to justice. On their own admission Kate and Gerry McCann seriously offended against all three of their little children. The law, universally is there to protect vulnerable little children. The PJ are upholding this and I wish them my very best in their dedicated and painstaking work on everyone's behalf, for little children, our future.

Luv Viv x

Cláudia said...

Olá, Ana. Claro que não me importo que o teu comentário seja em Português. Afinal de contas somos Portuguesas (e eu, pelo menos, com todo o orgulho nisso) e a nossa Pátria é a nossa Língua. Ao fim de tantos meses, tive mesmo de fazer isto. Já que as altas esperas não são solidárias, então que sejamos nós, simples cidadãs e cidadãos anónimos.
Tal como tu dizes, uma das grandes razões que me levou a ir em frente com esta ideia chama-se, claro, Gonçalo Amaral, a quem muitos de nós agradecem a coragem e o sacrifício pessoal que dedicou a esta causa, assim como a recusa da subserviência. As árvores morrem de pé, Ana. :-)

Cláudia said...

Thank you, obrigada, anon.
Volte sempre. :-)

Thank you, Viv. It is wonderful to have you here. You have been a great, great friend and ally throughout all this. Thank you.

marga said...

Boa tarde!

Obrigada, Cláudia por este espaço de apoio ao trabalho da PJ neste caso da menina Madeleine.

Que Deus lhes dê força e preserverança para continuar a investigação com toda a inteligência, honra e humildade, apesar de todos os ventos contrários e tempestades...tendo como alvo toda a VERDADE.

The truth sets you free...

Cláudia said...

Obrigada eu, Marga.
Há muitos sítios onde as pessoas discutem os pormenores deste caso, as inocências e as culpas e outras tantas teorias. Mas faltava um cantinho onde os silent men desta batalha tivessem direito a uns mimos. É para isso que esta salinha serve! :-)

marga said...


desejo que este apoio, embora do Zé Povinho, lhes dê algum alento.

Obrigada PJ.

Cláudia said...

Marga, foi com essa intenção que este espaço for criado. :-)

Stella said...

To all the very special Portuguese people, who have dedicated so much more than their own free time for Madeleine McCann.

From the UK, I salute you....

There are many people here right behind you all the way, we admire your strength, courage and perseverance. Keep going and you will succeed.....

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Stella. You have no idea how important your words are. Madeleine is worth all the efforts people do for her.

Anonymous said...

Um blogue que certamente ajudará a despertar consciências, a informar e a chamar à atenção para um caso complexo, que a PJ tem tentado, com notável esforço, resolver.

Cláudia said...

Obrigada, anónimo. É esse mesmo esforço, ignorado pela inenarrável imprensa Britânica que se ocupa preferencialmente de mentiras e inverdades, que se pretende reforçar aqui neste espaço. Certamente chegará a quem se pretende. De uma forma ou de outra.

Joana Morais said...

Obrigada Claúdia e um grande Bem Haja, por ter criado este Blog.

um abraço


Joana Morais said...

Ah mais uma coisa, tudo o que precisares do meu blog, traduções etc, estás à vontade para usares como entenderes. Se precisares de ajuda com alguma coisa estou ao teu dispor.

Obrigada novamente, um abraço

Cláudia said...

Obrigada eu, Joana. Sou uma leitora assídua e silenciosa do seu Blog, como qualquer um que segue este caso e pretende estar informada. Espero que não se importe por ter colocado aqui um link até ao seu cantinho. Há muitos meses que luto contra a maré. Chegou agora a altura de criar um cantinho onde quem queira expressar a sua admiração pelos heróis silenciosos deste caso o possa fazer. Como me disse recentemente um homem sábio e que muito admiro: é um acto de cidadania.
Obrigada pelas suas palavras. Volte sempre, Joana.

Cláudia said...

Obrigada, Joana. Sempre que necessário, não serei tímida e recorrei à informação que disponibilizas no teu cantinho. Certamente que a maior ajuda serão as tuas palavras e o teu contributo. Já agora, aproveito para agradecer todo o teu esforço neste caso. Eu andei durante muito tempo a travar outras batalhas. Era uma das poucas Tugas que comentava no Daily Express, único jornaleco que publicava comentários de quem tinha a audácia de questionar os santos McCann. Pelo menos até ser travado pela censura, se é que me entendes. Este espaço foi criado apenas para que aqueles que desejam expressar a sua admiração pelo trabalho da PJ e não saibam onde fazê-lo, tenham um cantinho disponível.
Um grande abraço, Joana. E obrigada pelo apoio.

Joana Morais said...

Cara Cláudia, não me importo nada com o link, também já 'linkei' o Proud of the PJ - excelente título.

Deixo-te aqui algumas transcrições que acho que permitem entender um pouco melhor o problema da PJ neste caso, desculpa ser tão longo...

um abraço

For a better understanding of the PJ in this case:

Isto é a transcrição do que eu disse numa discussão em 2 fóruns acerca da difícil tarefa da PJ, principalmente sobre a cobardia de alguns dirigentes Judiciais e Políticos e sobre os ataques à PJ/this is a transcription of what I wrote in two forums regarding the ignoble lack of courage of certain politics and some judicial directors and the attacks to the PJ:

Regarding the smears against Gonçalo Amaral:

[My answer to another poster who said she didn't trust Amaral]:

"Do you know Mr. Amaral personally? Or are you judging him for what you read the british tabloids- aka gutter press aka mccann’s media? What do you know about him, the Judiciary Police or the system of Justice in Portugal?

I’ll give you my opinion regarding the book ‘Truth of the Lie’ – ‘Verdade da Mentira’.
“It is going to explain the whole lie that was created and to put in question the institutions that investigated and that are connected to the case ”

The fact is that the Judiciary Police Organic (Structural) Law took almost 2 years to be promulgated after it was approved at the “Concelho de Ministros” - ‘Ministries Council’(don’t know if I can translate like this), that huge delay undermined and affected greatly the work of the PJ.
It was passed at 10th April 2008 with the votes of the PS (socialist party) only.

The law in itself would and will close some of the Police departments, like the DIC in Faro, and others in Portugal.

Some elements like Paulo Rebelo, Gonçalo Amaral even asked for their resignations as PJ Chief inspectors and coordinators of Portimão’s DIC as a way to express that they were not pleased.

The Judiciary Police, though it has a union - ASFIC - lead by Carlos Anjos are not allowed to go on strike.

Last time (21 April 1989/ PSD - right wing government) Police Officers tried to go on strike, one of the most horrible situations happened. Police forces pro and anti strike met in Terreiro do Paço, a big square in Lisbon’s downtown, and a battle between them started, luckily no one pulled the guns, but there were lot’s of injuries because ’shock’ police forces appeared with dogs and water cannons. Horrible scenario, even now subsists some hatred between those who fought for the right to strike over poor conditions in the Police force, and those who attacked them.

The name of that fight is now remembered symbolically as the : “Secos e Molhados” - “Dry and Wet” day which the various Police unions now celebrate as a day never to be forgotten. A symbol for their fight.

see the video remembering that day after 17 years here

Another fact that Mr.Gonçalo Amaral is going to probably explore in his book is why Alípio Ribeiro, national PJ’s director who talked to the media was supported by Alberto Costa the Minister of Justice and not sacked like Gonçalo Amaral was “removed of Maddie’s investigation” and like Olegário de Sousa, the PJ’s PR was taken off the case for speaking “too much to the media”. There are more internal situations which would be hard to explain to foreigners but now maybe you understand a bit better the reason for the book. Freedom of speech, democracy, dignity, morals are not empty words in Portugal.

About the Cipriano case, and for those who defend neglectful parents: Why you defend child killers and paedophiles like Leonor and João Cipriano as well ? Did you know that Joana’s blood was found inside the freezer of the Cipriano’s house, in a T-Sirt, in another Shirt, in the sofa? Did you Know that it was confirmed by Laboratory analyses that some of Joana’s clothes (like her knickers) had traces of sperm and blood, that her bed had traces of sperm. That Leonor and João Cipriano were brothers and had sex with each other. That João Cipriano explained step by step how he carved Joana’s body and how they gave her body parts to the pigs (who eat everything). Did you Know? Or are you defending something which cannot be defended. Where is your moral, do you have ANY left? Can you imagine the SUFFERING OF A LITTLE GIRL BEING RAPPED AND SODOMIZED?"

And the discussion continued where I explained to the same poster my opinion on the case:

"...the problem was how Amaral was portrayed in the B.Media. Did you know that there was a line up of all the Police officers that Leonor Cipriano accused allegedly of torture, and she failed to recognize any of those officers? Did you know that Leonor gave several statements to the Portuguese Media in a similar way to the McCanns, crying and everything. That only after a year in jail or so, she stated that Joana wasn’t dead but she was sold by a uncle who had drug problems, however in court she never showed any remorse while the video of the carving of Joana’s body re-enacted by her brother, João Cipriano, was displayed. Many “consumers” of British Media have another idea, and that’s because most British journalists covering Madeleine McCann abduction strongly believe that truth never should be allowed to “kill” a good story. Even if I means destroying the reputation of an experienced CID Chief-Inspector- Gonçalo Amaral.

1 – Joana Cipriano vanished from a small place 10 km in the outskirts of Portimão. Last time somebody saw her, she was on her way to a local groceries shop;
2 - Her mother, Leonor Cipriano, only reported to Police her daughter has disappeared two days after;
3 – After a long and difficult investigation, headed by Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, Leonor Cipriano and her brother were accused of murdering the eight years old child;
4 – The body of Joana Cipriano was never found, but samples of her blood were found in her mother refrigerator;
5 – Her mother justified those samples of blood admitting she had beaten Joana, for some reason, she was hurt and she bleeded from her nose;
6 – Leonor Cipriano and her brother, who had a incestuous relationship, were sentenced to 16 years in jail, for the murder of her daughter and niece;
7 – Before the trial, Leonor Cipriano accused five CID officers of beating her, trying to extract a confession. She named the five CID officers, and included Chief-Inspector Gonçalo (”Amaral Lector”, according to British tabloids…);
8 – The Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal investigation and ordered a police line-up, with the CID officers named and accused by Leonor Cipriano of beating her;
9 – The line-up took place with Leonor Cipriano behind a two-way mirror and she couldn’t recognize any of the aggressors;
10 – The Public Prosecutor’s Office magistrate that was in charge of the criminal investigation decided to accuse the five CID officers, but didn’t mentioned, in the accusation sent to the Court, that Leonor Cipriano couldn’t identify any of the aggressors, in the police line-up;
11 – Leonor Cipriano never confessed the murder of her own daughter. Her brother, in a letter written from jail, accused Leonor Cipriano of selling her daughter;
12 – Police is convinced (and the jurors at the trial found enough evidence to pass a verdict of guilty) that Leonor Cipriano and her brother were found, by Joana, having sexual relations, when she came home, back from the groceries shop. As Leonor Cipriano had a lover, at the time, they were afraid she would tell him what she saw;
13 – So, they beat her, in order to frighten her and keep her mouth shut up;
14 – Perhaps accidentally, they beat her so violently that they killed her. So, they decided to get rid of he body and cut it in pieces, keeping some of them in the freezer, while they gave the other pieces to be eaten by pigs (this is what police believes is the strongest possibility, because there was no other trace of Joana Cipriano, unless the blood samples in her mother freezer…)
15 – The body of Joana Cipriano was never found.

Joana’s uncle had contempt for human life*

Leonor and João Cipriano, who have been held on remand for over a year, stood silently and without emotion as they heard prosecutor José Pinheiro outline his case. He described João Cipriano as a man who “has contempt for human life, psychopathic tendencies and difficulty in controlling impulses”. Pinheiro also castigated Joana’s mother for her “emotional instability, insensitivity and disregard for other people’s needs”. Only when Pinheiro announced that he was pressing for a 24-year jail term for both defendants did Leonor show emotion, sobbing uncontrollably.

Pinheiro explained why his team was pressing for such a long sentence. “The defendants’ guilt is heightened by their cold and calculating behaviour after their child’s death, as well as the devious manoeuvres they adopted to conceal the crime,” he said.

The trial included key testimony from Joana’s stepfather, António Leandro, who related that Leonor had confided to him that she had had a sexual relationship with her brother. He also told the court that during this conversation, which took place a few days after Joana’s disappearance, at judicial police headquarters, Leonor had admitted that she and her brother had killed the little girl.

A key element of the prosecution’s case rests on the fact that the couple dismembered the girl’s corpse. António Leandro, confronted with photographs of tools allegedly used by the couple, said he recognised a saw he had kept at home. In the video taped confession, João Cipriano admitted that the body of the girl was dismembered and placed in a refrigerated trunk. A doctor involved in the case, Albino Santana dos Santos, conceded that body parts, matching the size of a girl of Joana’s height, could have been stuffed inside the trunk.

*source for above:"

And my final answer to the same poster:

"It’s not quite as you say is it xxxxx? The Press didn’t embellish/adjust, they’ve hidden the truth and defamed Gonçalo Amaral spinning only parts of the Cipriano case. And the reasons that made the British Press to take that stance and maintain a racist editorial guideline is relevant to understand the development of the Maddie case in the Media. The abuse of the press calling a CID Inspector of Pig, Fat, Lazy, Drunk was without a doubt an attempt to undermine Amaral’s reputation and an attack to the Judiciary Portuguese Police. It’s not even ethical in any journalists code to express systematically such biased opinions and sometimes even lies, manipulating the general British public and setting off a war of words between two countries."

Regarding my personal fight as a Portuguese Citizen:
"I, myself felt desperate at times not understanding the reasons behind the support given to the McCanns by the British press and the British authorities, I even felt disgusted and embarrassed with Alípio Ribeiro's attack in the media to the PJ officers handling the case and the Minister of Justice Alberto Costa, support of Alípio after Olegário de Sousa and Gonçalo Amaral were removed from the case for apparently the same exact reasons.

Worst of all, was when we knew that our Prime Minister José Socrates and Gordon Brown talked about this case, and it was obvious then, for most of the Portuguese citizens, that Gordon's implication and pressure in this case could almost undoubtedly mean the McCanns would never be considered guilty.

Sometimes I felt like dropping everything and close my eyes to all the injustice, racism, media attacks but then I found out that I'm very proud of my small and beautiful country and even prouder of our people and history; and though writing a blog and putting my self at risk using my real name I'll keep on defending my country. Unlike others who are in the government and in the right positions to do so but seem to be cowards."

... Força PJ! e obrigada Cláudia

Cláudia said...

Joana, I read your last comment very carefully. Your fight is an inspiration. Thank you for linking my blog. I know you are at least as proud das I am of our country, our people and our PJ. And I'm sure that you agree that the only ones we cannot be proud of are the politicians who severely lack a backbone.
Obrigada pelo teu esforço, Joana. Pela persistência e pela coragem. De uma maneira ou de outra a verdade virá ao de cima. E as mentiras ditas como verdades universais acerca da Pj em geral, e do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral em particular ficarão bem caras a quem as contou. Tudo a seu tempo, Joana! :-)
Obrigada e um abraço!

docmac said...

After such powerful words from Joana I am left with little to add. I would, however, like to thank all those members of the PJ who have worked selflessly and tirelessly in their efforts to solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann's demise and to bring to account those responsible therefor.

I would further like to congratulate all of you for the fortitude and dignity which you have displayed in the face of scurrilous attacks by elements of the Press and a small minority of the British public. I am ashamed to hold the same citizenship as those who try to defend the indefensible and who attempt to ridicule Portugal and all of her citizens. I am sorry that you suffered the misfortune of this group choosing your country for their holiday.

All strength to you in your quest to bring this tragic matter to a close.

Cláudia said...

My dear, dear friend Docmac, thank you for your words. Our quest does not have a nationality. Madeleine has, due to the circumstances, become a symbol of all neglected children all over the world. We were indeed very unlucky to have those people vacationing here. However, any country would be as unlucky as we were to have them because it was their irresponsible, inexcusable behaviour which caused the tragedy (whatever tragedy) that happened. Al least it happened in a country were children are treasured and where people are not willing to forget and let it go.
Let us hope that, at least, our words will have a positive effect on the men and women who are still working hard to bring justice to Madeleine. One year has gone by and they still haven't given up. And for that I am proud.

isis said...

I will support any police force in any country who are trying to find the truth.

Cláudia said...

So do I, Isis, so do I! :-)
Thank you for stopping by!

Zodiac said...

As a British citizen I would like to thank the PJ for seeking justice for a little girl neglected by her parents and as a result of the neglect the little girl vanished. Madeleine McCanns brother and sister were also neglected by her parents on their family holiday. Neglect is not acceptable under any circumstances and those who choose to neglect should be held accountable for their actions, IMHO. Once again thank you for putting a little child first.

leigh3 said...

Portugal, the brave, the UKs oldest ally, thank you.

Thank you for pursuing honest inquiry, without fear or favour.

Thank you for doing all that in the interests of children - those who have no vote in the world, and no voice when they are betrayed by adults.

Thank you, PJ. Thank you, Portugal, our oldest ally who will show a tired, cynical world that integrity, n'obless oblige lives on in the hearts and minds of good men and women, however long it takes, whatever it takes, 'whoever it hurts.' Truth first. Thank you.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Zodiac. Putting Madeleine first was what brought so much criticism to the PJ. But they can take whatever is thrown at them. The truth will out, one way or another, whoever it hurts, as someone once said.
Thank you for stopping by! :-)

Cláudia said...

Leigh, my dear Leigh. Thank you for visiting. As always, beautiful words.
The truth, Leigh. Whoever it hurts.

viv said...


I am proud of you for starting this blog which sends a powerful message about the dedication of the PJ to conduct their work with dignity and honour in the face of overwhelming corruption and disreputable behaviour by those who seek to support Team McCann. It is truly shocking.

As Doc says the words of your countrywoman Joana who has bravely wrote in her own name are very powerful and shock all the more when you read about the sickening detail of the Cipriano case, one uses by the cynical McCann campaign to try and discredit. By aligning the McCanns to such a truly shocking case it can be only the McCanns themselves who are discredited.

No matter in what way, in the end, people who act in a decent and fair way as dedicated officers like Amaral, Sousa and Rebelo have will reap the rewards. The McCanns and their supporters bring themselves infamy, what they truly deserve.

Viv x

Cláudia said...

Viv, querida amiga,

this blog was just something I really needed to do. I just hope that all of these wondeful messages get through to the ones we wish to support here.
Those who support the McCanns have always shocked me because of their inability to recognise that what those two irresponsible escuses for parents did is sheer neglect. However, defending convicted child abusers and killers surprised me, I have to say. When they feel the need to do that, there is nothing else we can say, is it? Great company they keep...
Leonor Cipriano is where she belongs. And I only regret she did not murder her daughter in Texas because then we would know the world was forever free of a monster. I am not a death penalty defender but I think I could make a little exception for anyone who hurts children.
This blog was born because there are people like Olegário Sousa, Paulo Rebelo and, obviously Gonçalo Amaral. This is for them.
Thank you for dedicating your time to this cause, dear Viv.

Ana said...

Querida Cláudia,

A luta continua, a luta pela justiça continua e deverá continuar! Vozes como a tua e muitas outras serão sempre ouvidas ou pelo menos lidas, por muito que custe a muito Má gente! Fazes aquilo que está correcto: defender o teu/nosso país que embora pequeno e à beira mar plantado, tem pessoas que realmente e bem, não se conseguem calar quando se apercebem que, algo de muito injusto, na maior parte das vezes através de falsas histórias, tendem a denegri-lo.
Vozes como as de Duarte Levy, Paulo Reis, Joana Morais, Viv, Alsabella e claro a tua – Obrigada a todos!
Vozes como as de Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Hernâni Carvalho, Moita Flores, Paulo Sargento, etc. – Obrigada a todos!
Inevitavelmente Vozes como a de Gonçalo Amaral! - Obrigada!
Obrigada Cláudia e continua, firme e hirta, como uma barra de ferro (lolol)!

Beijinhos e Boa noite!

Ana xxx

Cláudia said...

Olá, Ana! :-)
De facto, uma das razões (para além da óbvia) que me levou a seguir em frente com esta idéia foie xactamente o facto de eu saber que a intenção de muito gente e calar as pessoas. Ora bem, se certas pessoas querem que a gente se cale, a gente fala! :-) Ou melhor, a gente grita, se assim for preciso.
Esses nomes de que falaste são, quase todos eles, outro dos motivos que me levou a criar este cantinho. Para que saibam que não são só as pessoas de alguma forma ligadas à PJ que se envolvem nisto. Quer o Moita Flores, quer o Paulo Pereira Cristóvão são dois excelentes exemplos de vozes solidárias que não cospem no prato onde comeram e que dignificam o trabalhos dos ex colegas. A nossa Polícia ficou mais pobre com a saída de ambos, que travam agora outras batalhas que fizeram suas. O Paulo Cristóvão faz, por exemplo, um óptimo trabalho na Associação Portuguesa da Criança Desaparecida, apoiando as famílias atingidas pela pior das tragédias, não saber o que aconteceu a um filho.
Obrigada eu, Ana. Pelas palavras e pelo empenho. Divulga! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cláudia: afinal até consegui abrir o link de apoio. Como se diz: um verdadeiro acto de cidadania.

Subscrevo,na totalidade a carta de Apoio a todos os Funcionários/Agentes da PJ que lutam pela Justiça ,no caso da Pequenina Maddie.À ASFIC tb.

Porque os apoia publicamente e os defende. Mas,além dos da Casa, agora o público pode encorajá-los.

Gostei muito de ver os apoios que aqui já se manifestaram.Inclusivamente a Joana o colocou no seu Blog.(eu tb. copio e colo muita coisa dos Blogs pro-Maddie,porque o meu inglês é pouco;nunca conseguiria escrever tudo isto,que me sai do coração.Peço muita vez desculpa à J.M. por isto que acabei de dizer).

A PJ ("da Praia da Luz")tem passado por muitos enxovalhos. Quando P.Rebelo foi a Leicester enviei um e-mail a desejar quase tudo o que aqui está.Que fossem tratados com DIGNIDADE!Desde o dia 03/05/2007 que isso não acontece.Muito injusto.

Cláudia said...

Olá. Outono.
Obrigada pelas palavras. É, de facto, um acto decidadania. Foi precisamente por acreditar que muita gente subscreve de forma silenciosa estas palavras de apoio à Polícia Judiciária e aos homens e mulheres que lá trabalham que decidi criar este espaço. Para que uqem o deseje fazer, o faça. A ASFIC tem feto um óptimo trabalho e o Dr. Carlos Anjos tem sido uma voz muito importante.
Há muita gente em terras de sua Majestade que vê as coisas como elas essas. A inenarrável imprensa inglesa só consegue enganar alguns: os menos dotados de massa cinzenta.
A Joana tem sido uma voz essencial nesta luta. Admiro-a muito.
Os enxovalhos serão, um dia, resolvidos de uma forma ou de outra, Outono. E a verdade saber-se-á. Há quem se vá encarregar de colocar a dignidade em primeiro lugar.

dylan said...

Just a small token of my support for all of your hard work in the face of such opposition. I am ashamed of the minority of people in my country (uk) who have maligned your superb work and your lovely country and its people.

I would be pleased to bring my children to Portugal and know that as long as I fulfil my parental responsibilities, there is no reason to believe they would be unsafe.

Thank you for all of your efforts in bringing justice for little Madeleine. Keep up the good work.

Cláudia said...

Thank you very much, Dylan. Your words are very encouraging for all the people who have and still work very hard to find out what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann. And I'm absolutely certain that the vast majority of your countrymen and countrywomen feel the same and want te truth to be known whoever it hurts.
Thank you for stopping by, Dylan.

mandarinn said...

Thank you Claudia for provide a place where evebody can give support to the hard work of PJ.
As a portuguese citizen i feel VERY proud of the dignity and dedication pj are showing, ignoring all the rudness from british newspapers and team mc.
To those who are in charge in this case a big thank you.
To dr. Amaral who had the integrity of put the truth ahead of everything,
I deeply wish everything come to public domain and justice done to little Maddeleine.I also wish everybody can know the identification of all that obstaculize the investigation from outside (UK) and Portugal.
Thanks also to foreigner citizen who put here their support to our pj.
To pj tean i leave here a saying ... " os cães ladram à lua e a caravana passa.."
PS- sorry my bad english , but i want it to be read by all bloggers.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Mandarinn. Thank you for visiting.
Your English is just fine. And your message came accross beautifully. We are all very proud of the PJ and especially of Gonçalo Amaral. That is why we are here!
Beijinhos e obrigada!

Anonymous said...

I've just spent a week in the Algarve, Vie va la PJ and Portugal.

hope4truth said...

Thank you PJ for putting the Victim Madeleine first and doing what you have been trained to do Investigate this tragic case and not take the word of parents who neglected their children and tried to turn themselves into the victim.

To the people of Portugal I can assure you that the McCanns and their friends are not normal British Parents the majority of us dont believe neglecting children to have a good time is ok. I am sorry your Beautiful country has been dragged into this.

Please keep investigating Madeleine deserves answers and whatever happend the truth must be told.

dr_val said...

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism of PJ who have conducted this difficult investigation in a spotlight of media attention previously unknown. The British Press have treated the members of this force in a deplorable manner, and yet those officers have maintained their dignity and integrity. I admire the diligence and tenacity of the officers working on this case, and have confidence that they will find the truth of what happened to the 3-year old daughter of two British doctors who chose to abandon their young children in order to wine and dine with their friends. I believe that this investigation is in the very best of hands. Very best wishes to all those members of PJ currently and previously involved in this investigation and, in particular, to Goncalo Amaral - I wish you a long and happy retirement and hope you enjoy the freedom that it brings.


Cláudia said...

Anonymous, thank you. I hope you have enjoyed your wee in Portugal in spite of the not so good weather.

Cláudia said...

Thank you and your lovely avatar, Hope4truth.
I absolutely agree with you when you say that the parents have tried to play the victim role when we all know that the only victim in this story was Madeleine.
We all know the the huge majority of British parents do not behave like that. In fact, that behaviour is not acceptable anywhere in this world to any thinking being. British parents are as loving as parents from any other country. but there are bad apples everywhere, Hope.
My beautiful country has, as you say, been dragged into this sorry affair. But I believe that would have happened to any country where that group of irresponsible creatures set foot. I'm just glad it happened in a country where children are treasure or this case would have been shelved a few months after tragedy struck.
Thank you for your words, Hope.

Cláudia said...

Hi, dr_val! Long time no 'see'! Thank you for passing by.
The Portuguese police isn't used to solve cases in the press. All this media exposure was, in my opinion, bad for the investigation. But maybe that was exactly what was meant to be created by this media circus. Some PJ officers, especially Gonçalo Amaral, were shamefully treated by the gutter press. But I have a feeling that those who have villified a police officer for doing his job in a professional manner will soon regret their stupidity and prejudice.
I also hope that this investigation will be successful but even if it isn't, now I'm sure that the truth will be known, one way or another. And that makes me happy.
Thank you for your lovely wishes regarding Gonçalo Amaral. I hope I'll read you soon!

leslyf said...

I am deeply ashamed for the negative comments and insults that the Portuguese police and the Portuguese people have received at the hands of the British media.

I wish to assure you that there are countless people like myself, in Britain and all around the world, who respect and admire your efforts to find justice for little Madeleine McCann.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am from New York State, in the United States.

May I say THANK YOU, PJ.



Anonymous said...

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the PJ and especially to Gonzalo Amaral and Paulo Rebelo for their persistence in finding trutz and justice while facing pressure not only from the british press and authorities but apparently from their seniors.

Y Venceremos

Cláudia said...

Leslyf, than you for your lovely words. You have nothing to be ashamed of because we are only responsible for our own actions. I understand how you feel about the press, though. Before this, never would I imagine that it would be possible for the British press to be controlled in this way. It is mindboggling, to be honest. And it makes you wonder where so much power comes from.
I know that a majority of British citizens want justice for Madeleine and support those who are desperately trying to achieve it agains all obstacles.
You have no idea how your words and the words of many anonymous citizens are important for us. Thank you.

Cláudia said...

Anonymous from New York State, USA: Thank you for your encouraging words. You have no idea how important they are. Thanks for stopping by.

Cláudia said...

Anonymous 21:17, thank you for your support. This is a criminal case and it should have stayed a criminal case. However, it turned into a political one even before the PJ arrived at the scene. I do believe if this hadn't turned into a political matter, the case would have been solved a long time ago. But sometimes higher powers get in the way. Lets just hope that in the end justice is done. One way or another.
Hope I'll read you again.

nancy said...

To the Portuguese Police - heartfelt thanks from just one more British citizen - on behalf of many other British citizens who I know are grateful for all you have tried to do to solve the crime of Madeleine's disappearance, along with the people of Praia de Luz who gave their hearts and time for Madeleine a year ago - we salute you all! May the truth be told for Madeleine and justice seen to be done!

dr_val said...

Hi Claudia

Many thanks for setting this excellent site up and for the warm welcome. Often pop over to Viv's blog (but don't post very often - hi Viv, Docmac, Gina, Wizard et al and all other ex-DE HYSers). Tend to visit 3As (where I bump into Isis, Ironside etc). Promise to visit regularly!

Best wishes to all


nancy said...

Thank you Portuguese Police (PJ's) for your invaluable work over the past year on behalf of Madeleine. I'm sure I speak for many people when I make apologies for all negative and insulting words aimed at your force by some people who should no better - thankfully they represent only a tiny minority of people in the UK - you are trying to get Justice for Madeleine and that will never be forgotten! May the truth of what happened to Madeleine be revealed very soon.

ratonthebeam said...

Claudia, may I add my comments here. Portugal is a fantastic place, I have been there many times, and look forward to visiting again many times in future. The Portuguese people I have met, in Sintra, Lisbon, Estoril and Madeira, are all lovely.

I have always found the Portuguese people to be very family oriented and to love children, and make a big fuss of them. When I was in Lisbon it was quite common to see even very small children out with their families in restaurants until quite late in the evenings.

That's why I will never, ever, ever understand why some people would just leave the kids home alone and go off by themselves, instead of taking all the family out to where they would have been welcomed.

I can only apologuse wholeheartedly on behalf of all the decent people in this country, for the way your people and PJ have been used, abused, reviled, ridiculed, insulted and libelled.

We are not all like that, regardless of what Mr Stinky Pinky might try and tell you! But you knew that anyway.

To Mr Amaral and all of the PJ, thank you, thank you, thank you for your dignity, fortitude and courage, and for trying to find a voice for an innocent wee girl who was so cruelly robbed of her own.

Obrigada. Sinceremente.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Nancy! :-) Great to see you here! And thank you for your words which are more important than you will ever know. I think I can safely say that Madeleine won't certainly be ever forgotten. Portuguese people in general and the people from Praia da Luz specifically have treated Madeleine from minute one as one of our own. And I'm proud of that. Let's hope justice is done, Nancy. Hope I'll read you more often!

Cláudia said...

hey, dr_val. It was just something I really had to do. You're very welcome here, old friend from DE times! :-)
How is Irsonside? I haven't heard from him for a long time! I miss him. Tell him to drop by sometime. I would like to know how he and his mum are doing!
See you soon, I hope, dr_val! :-)

Cláudia said...

Nancy, as I said before, you have nothing to apologise for. You and the huge majority of your countrymen and countrywomen are honest, responsible, civilised citizens who know that child neglect cannot ever be tolerated and accepted as normal behaviour. As for the insults, they are like boomerangs, Nancy. They hit those who vomit them right back in their ugly mugs! :-)

Anonymous said...

Porqué non se permite leer esto em portugués? Quero decir que este blog é de portugueses mais tamen os españois queremos participar ,¿ podese facer unha version bilingue ?

Cláudia said...

Rat, dear Rat, welcome! :-) I'm honoured to have you here. And you already made me laugh with your "Mr Stinky Pinky"! :-)
Well, I don't want to sound too arrogant, but I have to agree, I do live in a great country inhabited by an even greater people! :-) I'm glad you've enjoyed all your times here, Rat. And I wish that you have the opportunity to visit us many more times. What you say about Portugal and children is true. Children go everywhere with their parents here and they are always welcome. Especially during summer when there is no school and we have sun almost until 10 pm, it is very common to see children with their parents everywhere. You don't understand how they left their kids by themselves, I don't understand and no intelligent being can understand it, let alone excuse it.
Nothing to apologise for, Rat. The British people are not responsible for what their press publishes, probably told so by half a dozen people with an agenda of their own. The PJ and Gonçalo Amaral can take whatever is thrown at them. He is a tough, brave, honest man who will not stop doing what he believes is right. And for that I will always be grateful.
Rat, thank you. Sinceramente. Obrigada pelas tuas palavras.

Cláudia said...

Anonymous, peço perdão mas não falo espanhol, só portunhol, como todos os portugueses. :-) Neste blog os participantes podem escrever na língua que entenderem. Por uma questão prática (a maioria dos leitores falam inglês), decidi que o inglês seria a língua mais usada. Mas terei todo o gosto em ler-te em espanhol 8se conseguir) e em responder-te em português.
Gracias por tus palabras. Vuelve siempre.

FSoares said...

Como alguém que conhece minimamente o trabalho da PJ por dentro, acho magnifico este blog.

Nesta nossa bela língua de Camões: Muito Obrigado e um Bem Haja!

Now, let me go on in English: I still don't understand why all these attacks against our Police, have started on the British Press, right after day one of the case. What's the agenda behind it? Do they want to discredit a whole country, as if we're all a bunch of idiots, by using the power of their English language to insert it via their media, througout the whole world? Let's not forget the world was catching on the news, via the English newspapers.

Time will tell what was the reason and if all goes well, I do believe the truth will come out some day.

Cláudia said...

Olá, fsoares. Obrigada por ter vindo e pelas suas palavras.
Não tem nada que agradecer. Curiosamente, antes deste caso não tinha tido qualquer contacto com o trabalho da PJ, para além do acesso às notícias sobre o belo e silencioso trabalho efectuado por estes homens e mulheres que trabalham para que vivamos de forma mais segura. Mas este caso alterou tudo e a partir de determinada altura percebi que este cantinha tinha de existir, mesmo que só eu o visitasse. Se quiser, divulgue. A PJ merece.

As for the attacks and smears you mention, i call them diversion tactics. Their only goal is to divert attention for the real focus of this story: the truth about what happened to Madeleine Beth Mccanns, neglected by her parents and abandoned for a meal. And to be honest, the attacks did not start on day one. The attacks started when the Police starting suspecting the McCanns. Let's not forget that up until then, the PJ was fantastic and wonderful according madeleine's parents.
Maybe they really wanted to discredit a whole country in order to discredit our Polícia judiciária. But you know what? It did not work. The world has suspicions and a black cloud will always follow them wherever they go. The truth will out, for sure. One way or another! :-)
Obrigada, FSoares. Volte sempre.

Gobsmacked 3A said...

I wish the PJ every success in their quest for truth for Madeleine.

If the parents had a shred of decency they would surely want their child to have peace and dignity at last.

Anonymous said...

Portugal is a wonderful country and the Portuguese people are extremely friendly. I find the attacks on them by the British media (and some politicians)appalling!

I would like to praise the PJ for showing dignity and determination despite all opposition.

It won't be easy to solve this case, but I sincerely hope you will succeed.

I wish you the best of luck!
Avante PJ!
Boa sorte!

Cláudia said...

Gobsmacked 3A,

thank you for your words. Your wishes are shared by all Portuguese citizens and by all PJ officers, I dare say.
If the parents had a shred of decency they would have cooperated fully with the authorities so whatever happened to Madeleine was found.
I hope I'll read you soo again.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Anonymous.
Thank you for your lovely words regarding my country and my people. The attacks by the British media have been carefully planned by some, in my opinion, to divert from the focus of the issue.

The dignity and determination you mention was the reason why I created this little cyberspace corner. And I also hope the PJ will succeed.


viv said...

Just wanted to say how lovely to see Dr Val pop up again, we all miss you and Ironside too. It would be lovely if you emailed so that you can pop in and join the discussions whenever you get time. Most of my favourite posters from the DE are on my blog but I really do miss you, Ironside and Alsabella and I know Claudia and others do too. That would just make things complete.


and something we all agree, the PJ are working hard to give to us x

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

For the PJ and Goncalo Amaral you have my admiration for standing strong and proud in the face of adversity, in the name of an innocent 3 yr old child who has been taken from this world to soon.
You have my prayers and blessings to find the truth of what has happened to her.You have come through a dreadful storm of insults and ridicule from the press and team Mccann,with great diginity,and pride.I have faith that you will conquer this and not let go, until those who are guilty are put where they belong.Or remain arguido's for 20yrs until the truth comes out.

Angi-O-Gram said...

My deepest respect for the PJ. May they carry on diligently working to hopefully bring justice for an innocent child who did not have chance to experience anything of life.
I am sure that along with many other decent people in the UK we hope the PJ and the Portuguese people will not judge us all to be like the self serving McCanns.

Cláudia said...

Hi, dear Viv! Great to see you here! :-)
It was great to see dr_val and as I also said, I miss Ironside too! :-)

Justice for Madeleine and PJ keep strong!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Dolores! Thank you for stopping by. Great to red your lovely, encouraging words.
Madeleine is worth the PJ's efforts and even the insults and smears thrown at us. She was an innocent child who lost her life in my country and we'll do everything possible to give her a voice. And Gonçalo Amaral will always be remembered and admired for being the one willing to sacrifice his career to do that.
Thank you, Dolores.

Cláudia said...

Angi-O-Gram, thank you for your words and for taking the time to write them. All your wishes are very important.
Madeleine will always be the PJ's priority, whoever it hurts and I believe that that is what keeps the men and women from the Polícia Judiciária strong.
And of course we don't judge you all. British citizens are as loving and responsible parents as any other parents in the world. You just happened to be unlucky to share your nationality with these people. We also have bad apples among us. I would also love not to share my nationality with some people. But we can't control that and the important thing is that we stand up and fight for what is right.
Hope I'll read you soon.

dr_val said...

Hi Claudia and Viv

I'm sure Ironside will be looking in soon - PM's me this morning. Will pop back later. Good to see the contributions growing :-)

Best wishes


Cláudia said...

Hi, dr_val! :-)
I will be very pleased to talk to ironside. I miss him! :-)
Every contributor and every opinion counts! :-)
Hope I'll read you again soon! :-)

DadTo3 said...

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say that the reason that I started posting on the DE forums almost a year ago now, was to let Alsabella and all the other Portuguese posters know that not all British parents are like the McCanns and that many British people support the PJ's efforts to find the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

I also want to say that I am a very patriotic person, but this does not prevent me from expressing my belief that the main reason for the delays in this case has been political interference by the government of Gordon Brown.

A countries government does not always represent the views of the majority of its people and criticising a government is not unpatriotic in my view.

I would like to end by once again expressing my support for the PJ in their efforts to get justice for Madeleine and my support for the Portuguese people in their efforts to uphold the reputation of their country in the face of a vicious and highly organised campaign of spin and lies being waged by certain people in the British media.

All the best


Cláudia said...

Hi, DadTo3.

Thank you for visiting and giving my country and my PJ your support. Your words are very important to all of us and I hope the bring some comfort to the people who are still working hard to bring Justice to Madeleine Beth McCann.
I share your belief that politics have played a role in this case and that should never have happened. I hope the people who have allowed that to happen will never be able to sleep peacefully again and I wish that everytime they try to go to sleep Madeleine's image fills their minds. And their hearts, by the way.
We will certainly survive the smears and lies. That is all they are: smears and lies.
Hope I'll read you again soon.

hope4truth said...

To the PJ thank you for doing everything you can to find the truth about what happened to Madeline she is the only victim of whatever terrible crime took her away from her life.

As a British parent I am ashamed that any parent would leave their children alone but to try and imply it is something we all do is an outright lie it is wrong children should always come first.

Portugal is a beautiful country which is very child friendly there was not one reason to leave the children alone as they would have been welcomed anywhere.

Please keep investigating and let Madeleine have the truth about what happened to her be known to the world she deserves nothing less.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Hope! :-)
Thank you. You're right, they would have been welcomed everywhere with their children. And we know that not everybody does it. In fact, very few do it. Only irresponsible, selfish, neglectful parents like that bunch. I also wish that justice is done so Madeleine can rest in peace.

DadTo3 said...


I'm glad my post finally appeared, I kept getting error messages and I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong.

I have recently started reading Viv's blog again, but I can't seem to post there either.

Not got much to say about the case at the moment anyhow, but it is interesting to see other people's opinions.

I did want to make a post here though to register my support for the PJ and to say that the majority of ordinary British people just want to know the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

In my view, the people who are trying to turn British public opinion against Portugal are doing so in order to protect the guilty and the last thing they want is for the truth to be uncovered.

Reading these blogs, I see many of the 'old' posters from the DE are still around, but there is no sign of Alsabella so I hope she is well and will perhaps post again sometime in the future.

Once again All the Best


Cláudia said...

Hi, Dadto3.

I got all your posts but just published one because they were all the same. The comment doesn't appear immediately because I have comment moderatation on to avoid the filth from Rosiepops et al (she was in fact the second one to comment).
Viv's blog is now members only. All the necessary info is on the fron page of the blog, on the right.
We all wish justice and truth for Madeleine. I hope both are achieved.
And I believe the lies and smears are not intended to attack my country and my people. They are intended to divert attention form the real focus of this case.
I also find it very nice to read 'old friends' from DE times.

Hope I'll read you again soon.

DadTo3 said...


Sorry about all the multiple posts, I just read on Viv's blog about the comment moderation and also remarks about 'reading instructions'.

I tend to 'play around' with computer software in order to work it out, but I couldn't read all the messages that were appearing so I didn't realise that you were receiving the posts.

One thing that I did want to ask is, can you confirm that the message from Mr Amaral is definitely genuine, as on some other blogs it is being claimed that the message is a fake.



Cláudia said...

Hi, Dadto3.

No problema re the multiple posts. But as I am away mostly during the afternoons, i had to turn moderation on.
Yes, Dadto3, I can confirm that the message from Mr Amaral is indeed from Mr Amaral. I'm absolutely positive.
You're welcome! :-)

atardi said...


As we are having a Dutch connection on the other blog I would like to say: " Gerechtigdheid voor Madeleine".

She can't speak for herself . She was only 3 when she disappeared.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Atardi! Great to see you here! :-) Thank you.
You're right, Atardi. She can't speak for herself. That is exactly why my new thread is called Gonçalo Amaral - Madeleine's voice.
Thank you for your lovely words.
Hope I'll read you again soon.

Anonymous said...


Cláudia said...

Anónimo, a Polícia Judiciária agradece.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

One year on after a 3yr old girl went missing the parents are not even returning to the resort to attend a memorial service to their missing daughter !!!!!!!!!!!

I have been upset by what I have seen from these two in the British Media over the last few days.

PJ - please find strength from realising that many very well educated people here in Britain are not simply believing the words that are used by the couple. Over here they are trying to suggest the only people who question them are uneducated and ignorant etc It is not true. I am a teacher and from the catholic community here. the majority sincerely hope you can get them into court to answer direct probing questions.

I am convinced the charade will crumble when Kate has to answer alone.

In a courtroom she will not be able to hand over the answer to him. It is very important to get Kate McCann into a courtroom and to feel the heat of direct questioning.

If you can get that to happen then the story will unfold.


Anonymous said...

Power to the p.j,especially Gonçalo Amaral who has vowed to tell the truth.It is disgusting the way the british have hampered the efforts to solve what happened to Madeleine oneyear ago tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,received a nice message from an old friend of the DX,the good old days. Congratulations on your blog,please give my regards to Alsabella. I hope she is well and miss her.Still fighting for the truth.You will be glad to hear that last nights sob story went down like a ton of lead. A real PR disaster,no one believed a word...The documentary of the mccanns was sliced,everytime kate went into her "tears" they cut to the cadaver dogs ,or blood found in the app.just to remind everyone why they are still arguidos.

I see gerry now thinks there were two abductors,is this to explain away why kate said "They've taken her"...Does Tanner know this yet,maybe that explains why she has described two different types....they make you laugh don't they...


PS....Rosiepops is trying to haunt the 3a's under different guises,thing is we know the style,so is usually outed within hours...

Cláudia said...

Hello, guys. Posting from a friend's place. Won't stay long. House still a mess. I might be bac on Monday or Tuesday.
Thank you, Anon 1 and 2.
Ironside, great to see you! Stop by more often. We miss you!!!
How is you mum?
Sunday the docu will also be aired here. Don't think I can take it.
Well, Rosiepoophead will always be Rosiepoophead, that bitter, xenophobic, old child neglect defender. :-)
Hope I'll read you soon, Ironside!


children_deserve_protection said...

There have been lots of conflicting accounts of what kind of a job was done by the PJ regarding the case of Madeleine McCann. Like many who only know what they are told in the papers (I live in Australia!), I have often been confused by these conflicting accounts, and unable to decide what I believe is fact, and what is fiction.

My overall feeling though, I must admit, is that the Portuguese police did everything they possibly could have. And certainly, when speaking to people who are actually FROM Portugal, this hunch that I have always had, has been very much supported.

I imagine that not just the police themselves, but that their family and friends are warn out by this case by now, not to mention frustrated by how the McCanns always seem to be able to dodge police questioning when THEY ARE THE TWO PRIME SUSPECTS OF THE CASE. Personally, I lean more toward the abduction theory, but the PJ obviously have reasons for what they think, and I think it is amazing, unheard of, that one couple are able to dodge the due process of the law and of a police investigation like this!

Anyway, I know this blog is not for discussing the McCanns themselves. I just wanted to explain my reasons for guessing that the PJ must be pretty exhausted by now!

I hope the PJ are eventually allowed to hold their investigation properly, and that they are rewarded by their government for their patient and determined efforts.


P.S. This is actually Bianca. I changed my name to really hit my message home to the Pro's. Ciao!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca. I know it's you. Your style is unique.
Sometimes it is a bit difficult to distinguish fact from fiction and I believe it is easier for people living in Portugal. We have access to everything written and said in the UK and the rest of the world but the UK hasn't got access to many things written and said here. The fact that many Portuguese people speak other languages certainly helps too.
Personally, I think that the PJ weren't allowed to do more. And personally, I think that if this case was about two Portuguese parents or even two British poor parents, it would have been solved long ago: no media, no PR, no M3, no political interference, no diplomatic influences, no nothing, apart from police work. However, this case was already political before the PJ arrived at the scene. And that affected the whole case. These people still haven't realised that they are the main suspects. Normal suspects don't negociate with the police, don't demand information, do not control things. I think the political power in the UK forgot to make them realise what they are: suspects. Nothing more, nothing less.
If Madeleine wasn't so important and did not deserve all this trouble, even I would wish for the PJ to stop this, to shelve the case and let the perfect British Police or M3 detectives to solve it. The McCanns said that they would find Madeleine themselves. Well, they certainly managed to lose her themselves.
Bianca, Madeleine died that evening in that apartment. That is my firm opinion, sadly. And to be honest, very few people here believe otherwise. People may lie, dogs don't.

Anyway, I know this blog is not for discussing the McCanns themselves. I just wanted to explain my reasons for guessing that the PJ must be pretty exhausted by now!
You are free to discuss whatever you want here.
The PJ may not be rewarded by our government. But they surely will be by our people, whom they serve daily. We will always be grateful to them and to Gonçalo Amaral in particular.

children_deserve_protection said...

And Claudia,

Sorry to bring my own propaganda into your blog (but I will be brief) -

There is one thing that I truly believe the world must keep in mind, and that is, regardless of what you believe the PJ did or did not do to find Madeleine when her disappearance was first reported (which was of course, an HOUR after it was discovered!) the fact is that this child would never have gone missing if her parents had simply stayed in with their children at night-time, or at LEAST locked the villa doors during one of their many absences!

Even the best police forces in the world do not find every missing child (and I'm not saying the PJ are NOT the best. I'm appealing to a general principle). There was NEVER a guarantee that Maddy would have been found, no matter WHICH country she went missing in, but there is almost a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT guarantee that she would never have gone missing in the first place if her parents hadn't neglected her.

The onus for this child's disappearance lies completely with the parents!

Thank you.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca. That is not ptropaganda. That is the inconvenient truth (of of many, in fact) in this case.
Since DE times I've been saying the neglect is a crime and that the Tapas are criminals who comitted the crime of neglect. Personally, I would like to see them in jails for it. Tha has been my opinion for many,many months.
Their irresponsibility, their selfishness and their refusal to take responsibilty for what they did and caused just makes me despise them even more. Poor Madeleine. If only she had been born in a family who would value her and her brother and sister like they deserved.
You're right, missing child cases are very difficult to solve. Yesterday, we heard someone say on TV that only around 20% of these cases are solved. I guess the numbers decrease when the more important characters of the plot refuse to help authorities.
Hope I'll read you soon again, Bianca.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi again Claudia,

Yes, The Portuguese posters have always seemed the most informed about the latest details regarding this case. I always assumed it was simply because they were getting the latest from the PJ, but obviously there is more to it than that. You obviously have access to a broad spectrum of the latest European news, which keeps you a step ahead.

Well as I say, I lean more toward the abduction theory, but that doesn't mean I see the McCanns as "innocent". I feel they are guilty of the crime of neglect against their children. It also doesn't mean that I think they should be exempt from the official line of inquiry by the Portuguese police. I for one am still open to the possibility that they may have killed Madeleine (either accidentally or on purpose) and besides which, if the investigating police force feel that they need to be questioned, then, THEY NEED TO BE QUESTIONED! I just can't believe that when the PJ came to town, everybody but the two main suspects themselves were expected to submit to questioning! None of the rest of the Tapas Group are even arguidi, so why do THEY have to comply with the police but not the two suspects themselves?? And then you have the Daily Express having to apologise to them and give them over a million dollars, simply for printing the latest news!

Are these two really this above the law? Scarily, it seems at this point that they are! And regardless of what my personal theories may be, I can see that this is very wrong.


P.S. I disappeared from blogging for a while because it was starting to depress me. I decided to come back as "children deserve protection" because at the end of the day, this is the ultimate message I wish to get across.

children_deserve_protection said...

"You're right, missing child cases are very difficult to solve. Yesterday, we heard someone say on TV that only around 20% of these cases are solved. I guess the numbers decrease when the more important characters of the plot refuse to help authorities." -[Quoting Claudia]

Yes. It disgusts me when the Pro's try to set up a convenient dichotomy between Shannon Matthews family and the McCann family.

"Oh, the Matthews are obviously neglectful scum because they are so poor, dysfunctional, etc, whereas the McCanns are prim and proper middle-class types, so obviously they could never neglect their children, blah blah"

They don't seem to understand (or more to the point, want to admit) that child neglect can happen in ANY social or money class. The neglect of the lower classes may be more common, and/or certainly more OBVIOUS (ie; the kid playing in the back-street with the runny nose syndrome), but just because middle-class neglect isn't always as VISUALLY obvious, doesn't mean that it isn't happening! In fact, the fact that neglect like this is not so obvious or easy to detect, only makes it MORE sinister, in my opinion!

Also, there are many different types of "neglect", and "failing to supervise" (in cases of child drownings, and the like) is considered one form of neglect under western law.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca.
In fact, we haven't been told anything more then the rest of the world by the PJ. But being able to read the press of several different countires is very interesting. We were still crying with the McCanns here in Portugal (me included) when the German media started to tell itr like it is. In fact, a German journalist was the first to pose some very inconvenient questions to them. Made me proud to having been born there!
The McCanns czn never be innocent because they abandoned their children in that apartment. Even if the phantom abductor existed (which I don't believe), if the parents had done what they should, Madeleine would be alive and well.
You ask: "Are these two really this above the law?". Apparently yes.

Ciao, Bianca!

Cláudia said...

Bianca, rich scum or poor scum, it does not matter. Scum is scum. Unfortunately, apparently rich scum can get off the hook more easily than poor scum.

children_deserve_protection said...

So the manslaughter story broke in Germany? I never knew that! But then again, I guess there is still lots about this case that myself and others won't know for years, or perhaps, ever!

To be completely and utterly honest, I never trusted the McCanns. I heard about their story on the Australian news and when I saw that people like David Beckham and Richard Branson were involved, it immediately struck me as odd, not to mention rather nationalistic! It was all this "find our girl" stuff, as if they were blaming the whole of Portugal for her being missing! (in fact, that moron "Mandz" often types "PJ find OUR girl, with the "our" in capitals!). And so I had that first impression of something being not quite right about it all, but then when I saw them meeting the Pope I was convinced that they looked rather suspicious. Kate, in particular, looked pre-occupied, and I noticed a slight smirk on her face (which I have seen many times since) that weirded me out. When they were made suspects, I wasn't all that surprised.

Now, I am back to thinking that Maddy was abducted (as you know) but my mind is open to other possibilities. Hopefully, whatever the truth is, a hundred percent of it will come out soon.

Cláudia said...

It was a German journalist who was brave enough to ask the McCanns if they knew some people were starting to think they might have been somehow involved. Gerry, I believe, said that was ridiculous and stated that the police certainly didn't think that...
I have many questions regarding the fact that truth and justice will be made the way we expect. As I said, it is my personal opinion that there is too much interference and that the case has become more political than criminal. But I also know that some people are willing to risk a lot so the world knows. Soon, Bianca. Very soon.

children_deserve_protection said...


I think all any caring person wants is the truth. If the McCanns would only answer police questions (like any other prime suspects would have to!) then we could move all of this along much faster.

Even if the PJ have made a mistake somewhere along the line (not saying they have) and Madeleine really WAS abducted, then it can only help the McCanns to answer the police questions. Don't they WANT the PJ to help them get to the bottom of what happened? I really don't see how a privately run detective agency is going to help them find their daughter (again, assuming she WAS actually abducted) any faster than a major, professional police force! It seems weird that this is their (the McCanns) choice, and I can understand why it seems suspicious.

I say I think Madeleine was abducted for a number of reasons:

1) She's gone!
2) There's no body!
3) She was (apparently) left in an unlocked, unsupervised room on the night of May 3 (so very easy to kidnap!)
4) Her parents have maintained stridently that she was abducted right from the start, and continue to ask, very publicly, for help in finding her!
5) The DNA and other forensic findings have never been formally released as fact, whereas, the claim that the McCanns left their children alone in an unlocked villa (and so, disastrously easy to abduct) have been confirmed not only by the McCanns themselves, but also by staff at the MW complex.

HOWEVER - this doesn't mean I can't see full-well why people consider the McCanns police-dodging behaviour suspicious, or why they find the forensic reports too compelling not to believe (even though they've yet to be released as official findings). It also doesn't mean that I can't conceive of a scenario where the McCanns were both neglectful AND that they killed Maddy! (It's possible that the stories told about them leaving the kids behind in the hotel room, by staff at the MW complex, are completely true. So they WERE neglectful. However, these incidences occurred PRIOR to May 3. So it's possible that on the night of May 3, they didn't actually leave the children behind in the hotel room, but something more sinister happened. This would explain the muddled up testimonies of that night by both the McCanns and the rest of the Tapas Group. Maybe they all tried to make it look like it was "just another night" where the kids were left temporarily alone (all in good faith, of course!) and that "unfortunately", this temporary absence was taken advantage of by a "predator" that had been watching them all week).

I can see several possible scenarios as being true in this case. But one thing is for sure, it's doesn't do the McCanns public rep any good to constantly dodge the police!

Cláudia said...

Bianca, there is no way in the world I can conceive that innocent people who have a daughter missing refuse to help the authorities and cooperate with them. They have not answered all the questions posed to them, they fled as soon as they were made arguidos, they knew the PJ had questions to ask them and their friends and even so they allowed that the rogatory letters took months to be approved when all they had to do was take a flight, knock on PJ's door and say here we are, ask and we'll answer all you need. And finally they have been asked to come for a reconstruction whose goal is to help the police find out what happened and they find all sorts of excuses not to come, after telling the world they would return as soon as the authorities thought it necessary and useful. This is not the normal behaviour of hurting, aching, broken patents who just want her daughter back, in my opinion. And no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise because I did not read this anywhere. It is not spin, smears, innuendo and rumors. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it from their own sorry mouths.

children_deserve_protection said...


Definitely suspicious behaviour. And what's even more suspicious is that they seem to be picking and choosing how this investigation is being run! I was intrigued by Gerry's (I think it was Gerry's) statement, "Kate feels she's answered everything that needs to be answered". Well okay, maybe she DOES, but is it really up to KATE to decide whether or not she should answer any more police questions?? I thought Kate was a prime suspect in a criminal investigation?? LOL!

And then there was Clarence Mitchell saying "Kate and Gerry would be happy to go back to Portugal to do the reconstruction if it was going to be a 20-20 type thing that would be shown to the whole world, but otherwise, they feel it is inappropriate", or something to that effect!

So, they feel trying to re-construct the evenings events in order to try and find their missing daughter is "inappropriate" unless it's put on TV, do they? Why?? I mean, it was alluded (I think again, by CM) that it was because they feared PJ "intimidation tactics" unless the public were watching, but as somebody else pointed out (perhaps even yourself!) .. the British police would ALSO have been present at any re-construction, so it's not a viable excuse to say the McCanns "fear the PJ". And once again, is it really up to THEM (the McCanns) to decide whether or not they are present at a re-construction?? Maybe the PJ can't order them out of England, but shouldn't they at least have been made to contribute to a re-construction by proxy in their own country, if they didn't want to go to the Portuguese one??


Cláudia said...

Bianca, that is a cheap, lame, pathetic excuse and they know it. They have two Portuguese lawyers. They know damn well that a televised reconstructing is impossible under Portuguese law. In fact, it would be a crime. They think they can fool the world but they can't. Poeple who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear. Quem não deve, não teme, Kate and Gerry.

children_deserve_protection said...


Yes, putting something on "TV" certainly does seem to conflict with a country whose police force maintain strict privacy laws .. doesn't it!!

There is decidedly farcical element to all of this, it must be said!

Oh well, just out of interest, could you possibly tell me what "Quem não deve, não teme" means? I am curious!


Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca.
Sometimes all this seems like a big theatre play.
Sorry, I wasn't clear. Quem não deve, não teme means he who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia,

It's okay, I know you type in Portuguese here. Was just curious! :-)

Well, to be pedantic, I don't necessarily subscribe to that maxim (i.e; "he who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear"). Plenty of innocent people with nothing to hide have ended up in the electric chair, and plenty of innocent people have been stitched up by the police (to be extreme - look at what the Romans did to Jesus!). But for what it's worth, I don't think anyone is trying to "stitch up" the McCanns! I really do believe that all the PJ want is the truth, and the way the McCanns are systematically dodging them, well, even the most nonjudgmental of people are bound to wonder at some point whether or not this couple have something to hide!


Cláudia said...

Bianca, I don't type in Portuguese unless I'm replying to a Portuguese poster. :-)
I understand what you mean. Of course that innocent people have, throughout history, been convicted. However, I don't believe that is quite often nowadays, in western countries, at least. And never in my life have I feared the police. That's probably because I never did anything that would made me fear any authority. In fact, I admire and thank all police forces. They make my life safer and they allow me to leave my house without being paranoid that something will happen. There is no price for that.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi again Claudia,

Well, I was brought up in a reasonably liberal household where we were encouraged not to fear authority, so much, but to question it. We were encouraged to be respectful and of course, to uphold the law, but at the same time not to take something as gospel just because it came from a school teacher, or even a policeman.

And to be fair, while we have some excellent and efficient policemen/women in Australia and the overwhelming majority of cases, (including of missing children), get solved almost immediately (we also have very high standards of forensics), just like anywhere else, there are some corrupt ones. In fact, in the eighties the corruption among certain factions of the Aussie police was positively frightening!

So though I do not "fear" the police, I do feel I have legitimate reasons to not always trust them 100% either!

But anyway, while this explains my skepticism about some aspects of authority and the police in general, this is different to the very specific issues concerning the Madeleine McCann case. I can see that in this particular case, it is the McCanns that are acting suspiciously and being difficult - not the police!

Cláudia said...

Of course that where there are human beings, there might be corruption. However, if something bad ever happens to me I'll certainly call the police. And I won't fear them. I'll rely on them and I believe they will do anything in their power to help me.
In fact, the McCanns should be grateful that they neglected their children here. If they had done it in other places,they would probably be in jail now and the twins would have probably been taken away.

children_deserve_protection said...

You're right Claudia. While corruption can potentially exist any time there are humans gathered together in a group, fact is, nine times out of ten if you call the police (at least, in Australia, and I'm sure in Portugal too) you will get the best help they can provide, and provided you co-operate with them and answer all their questions, everything will be done to solve your case (but God forbid you should ever have one!).

If the McCanns don't want to keep raising public suspicion, they should start co-operating with the police, who, are only trying to do their job.

Cláudia said...

One year after all this started, Bianca, I don't believe that will ever happen. If they had any wish to cooperate and help the police find out what happened to Madeleine, they would have done it by now.

children_deserve_protection said...

"One year after all this started, Bianca, I don't believe that will ever happen. If they had any wish to cooperate and help the police find out what happened to Madeleine, they would have done it by now." - [quoting Claudia]


Cláudia said...

Sadly, Bianca. :-(

children_deserve_protection said...

While I am on this blog, I would like to take the opportunity (which I hope is appropriate) to point out an example of something that I think typifies the misunderstandings about the methods and intentions of the Portuguese police, as mis-reported by the British media.

This particular example has always really gotten under my skin, and so if anyone has read me complaining about it before, I apologise.

It concerns the allegation that the PJ were at one point using a "psychic" to help them find Madeleine. Does everybody remember this report, and the moronic Pro's taking the opportunity to call the PJ "backward" and accuse them of rain-dancing and using witch-doctors and the like??

The "report" came from a British journalist who's name escapes me now, who had apparently been on-site at one point at PDL (David somebody, I think?). Anyway, this "reporter" was even dumb enough to compare the methods of the PJ to those used by Cate Blanchett's psychic character in the movie "The Gift"! What he had reported was a COMPLETE misinterpretation, and the crazy thing is, the evidence of this misinterpretation lay in his own report!

For in the body of his report, lay a quote from a member of the PJ (sorry, can't remember which one) who stated VERY CLEARLY that the PJ had been receiving many odd letters from people, including from people who claimed to have had "psychic" dreams about the whereabouts of Madeleine. This officer went on to say that while they did not take the letters seriously in terms of their supernatural claims, they DID take them seriously as possible coded messages, deliberately set up by the real-life abductor. The officer said that criminals often play these kinds of cat-and-mouse games with police to see if the police would be able to catch them out, and so at that point, they were not disregarding anything that was being sent into them, regardless of how silly it may at first seem.

And that was all he said! Clearly, he was coming from a completely earth-bound and highly sensible point of view, and yet here was this reporter, in the VERY SAME REPORT, accusing the PJ of using "psychics", when the statement of the officer had NOTHING TO DO with psychics!

It is known now that the 1970's USA serial killer, David Berkowitz, had for months been sending in coded messages about his crimes to the New York Times in the form of "poetry". Of course, for months the journalists at the paper thought they were just "odd" poems, until one guy decided to report this "poetry" to police, which, eventually was found to contain cryptic clues about real life crimes and lead to Berkowitz' capture and arrest.

I'm sure the New York police wish they'd been alerted to these "poems " earlier (though nobody is to blame for this) and that maybe they could have prevented some of the crimes. The PJ's decision to treat all letters sent into them back them as containing possible clues did NOT make them "backward", quite the opposite, it showed advanced and sophisticated detective methods!

No "psychic" was EVER used, and yet the Pro's jumped on it like mad things!

I know I say I am often unsure which reports to believe and which not, but this one I know for SURE wasn't true.

Cláudia said...

Bianca, that is just a small example of something which was twisted to suit someone's agenda. Only the brainless pros could believe that. But it doesn't surprise me. Many of them have also had 'dreams and visions'. I'm surprised they haven't located Madeleine yet.

children_deserve_protection said...

"Bianca, that is just a small example of something which was twisted to suit someone's agenda. Only the brainless pros could believe that. But it doesn't surprise me. Many of them have also had 'dreams and visions'. I'm surprised they haven't located Madeleine yet." -[Quoting Claudia]

Yes. I know that many times Rosiepops has said she "just feels Madeleine was abducted via the sea". She "senses" that someone came in and took her (of course, they "took" her .. it's not that her parents "left" her or anything!) and that they absconded with her on a boat.

None of these "hunches" sound very scientific do they? I wonder if Rosiepops also does "rain dances" or consults "witch-doctors"?

Cláudia said...

Or a pact with the 'devil'! ;-)
Sleep tight, Bianca. Whenever you'll do that! :-)

children_deserve_protection said...

LOL, just took my kids to school but I am not tired. I got up about 2 this morning and will probably go to sleep around 6 tonight (do you get the impression I keep odd hours? ;-) )

P.S. Before the "Pro's" tell me I am "unemployed", nothing could be further from the truth!

Ciao Claudia, and thanks for letting me contribute :-)

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca!
Well, I am tired! Got up very early in the morning and my house is still a mess. Some furniture is already here, some isn't. A lot of cleaning and tidying up to do. Oh, and yes, I also happen to have a job! :-)
Who takes what the Pros say seriously?
Ciao, Bianca. Hope I'll read you soon!

Cláudia said...

Hello, Rosiepoophead.
Tell me, besides being a child neglect, child abuse and child murderer defender, are you also illiterate? I told you before that your perverted filth will never be published here unless I decide so for reasons I will then make crystal clear. Don't you have a child or two to neglect like your friends?

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia and everybody,

Just want to say that I think it's pretty obvious now that Kate and Gerry McCann are behind the "Justice For All The Family" blog. After all, this blog is now asking people if they have any information on "our" daughter.

It's what we all suspected anyway, so really, no big deal. But I just don't understand why they don't admit it's their blog? Gerry openly runs another blog, so why not admit to running this one too?

Oh well, just thought I'd blurb that out.


Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
To be honest, I don't believe they are close to the family. I just think that the 'our little girl' type of statement is just born out of their disturbances. In fact, I do believe that if the McCanns could choose, they would definately not want those people to defend them. Let's face it, they have made the McCanns look bad as hell, just like CM. They are a liability and hurt the McCann cause a lot more than what they help. Which I fing great, by the way! :-)

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia,

Well if they aren't connected to the McCanns themselves, then I agree .. they are probably doing their image more harm than good!

But still, why do they seem to have permission to use the same links on their site that Gerry McCann has been using on his official blog? Links to hotline numbers, and the like?

Oh well, maybe they DON'T have permission! Maybe they are just some random nutters who have taken matters into their own hands??

So weird!

Ciao :-)

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca. Good morning.

Exactly. That is exactly what I think. Some of them may be neighbours, extended family, people who have known them, etc. However, they are not close to them. If they were, they would know certain things they did not know before other people did. Their surprised reactions to some things made it crystal clear.
And yep, random nutters is a good way to put things! :-)

Ciao, Bianca.
Have a nice day!

children_deserve_protection said...


Have you noticed the latest technique of the Pro's to try and stop free conversation about the McCann case? They've taken to publishing people's IP addresses on screen, and even published the other day which part of England they think Viv may be posting from.

These people are the lowest of the low .. surely??

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
Well, that is a shocker. Personally, I have nothing to hide and have always said where I'm posting from. But If they did that to me (or what one of them did to Alsabella and the person I'm talking about knows what it is), it would be something worth watching. I would contact the police immediately and I would go public in a blink of an eye. In fact, I already have. Just in case.

children_deserve_protection said...


I think you have done the right thing contacting the police. It is always best to err on the side of caution, and protect yourself from nut-cases if you can. Prevention is better than cure.

When Sass published a part of my IP address one night (and even put up on screen what operating system I use!) I actually sought legal advice. I'm glad I did, as I now I know what action to take if necessary.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca.

When things like that happen you realise how useful it is to have people you know in the right places. And it's incredible the things you don't know. I did not know that the police in Portugal have a department which specialises only in cyber crime. And I also did not know that there are things you can do to prevent things from happening and other things you can do to track people who want to mess with you. A real eye opener. Oh, and people who work in the media also love to know some of these things. Interesting, surprising stuff.
Hope I'll read you soon, Bianca.

children_deserve_protection said...

A special department just for cyber crime? That IS interesting Claudia. Yes, it's amazing what you find out when you take the time to really research, isn't it? At least, that's what I've always found.

Take care Claudia :-)

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
Yes, it's very interesting. And I didn't know that. I knew the PJ had different departments who investigate different crimes (murders, drug crimes, etc) but it never crossed my mind that there was a department just for cyber crime. But I know now! ;-)
Have a great day.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia, hi everyone,

Not sure if you've seen this already, you probably have, but I thought that this YouTube video (link below) is an excellent example of one Brit that is not in the slightest bit fooled by the McCanns or their followers!

Believe me, it makes for interesting viewing, LOL!

P.S. Claudia, if you don't want me posting links, please let me know :-)

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi again Claudia and everyone,

If the link doesn't work, then go to YouTube and type:

"Whooops looks like mommy and daddy did it!!!!"

This guy is a bit outrageous, but still, this video is well worth a watch I think!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca. I don't mind people posting links at all. And you can post whatever you want. :-)
The guy on the video is not afraid to voice his opinion, is he? Let us hope Rosiepoophead doesn't watch it or she's going to sue him herself! lololol
Swearing apart, I think that is more or less what a lot of people think. They just do not surf the internet and talk about it. I can't speak about the UK, but I certainly know what the huge majority of Portuguese people think. And the Portuguese are known for trusting people. But they aren't stupid, of course.
Ciao, Bianca!

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia,

Glad you saw the video. Well, this guy is not going to win any style awards (LOL), but he is certainly not afraid to speak his mind, and I say, good for him!

Oh, I'd LOVE Rosie-droops to see this! Her and her cronies need to know that ordinary, every day British people are smart enough to make up their OWN minds about the McCanns!

Ciao! :-)

P.S. Thank you for letting me post the link. If I find anything else I think may be interesting, I'll put it on.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca.
No problems at all to express his opinion! lolol
Rosiepoophead knows very well how regular people who aren't fans of criminals think about all this. In fact, she used to climb walls because of that. On DE she was always pissed off everytime people told her that there were only a few Portuguese posters and that the huge majority of antis were actually British. Of course that was the truth, but as we all know they are not very fond of the truth. I think that deep inside they know the truth may be dangerous. For those who hide it, of course! :-)

Thank you for posting it. Keep them coming.
Have a great day, Bianca.
Ciao, bambina!

bath theory said...

It seems strange that Kate and Gerry McCann do not mention the reward for the safe return of Madeleine at all.

It seems strange to many people who I talk to that the couple find it difficult to directly discuss Madeleine as a human being IN A HUMAN WAY. I work in a primary school and mix for the most part with professional people who are use to calm considered rational discussion.

If you had lost your oldest child who you strived years for to conceive and yet within days of that special amazing child missing you are able to laugh, run carelessly on a beach and go out and play tennis when people are still frantically giving up 'holiday time' to search for YOUR child, it is for most people more than odd behaviour.

Most humans are capable of spotting whether someone is sincere. It involves hearing words and reading the tone involved in saying those words, together with evaluating this against their facial & body movements. It is a basic instinct.

Our survival mechanisms have been honed over thousands of years. Right from the start a lot of people here in the UK were uncomfortable with the McCann responses and manner.

However, the manipulation of the media machine by the couple and family gave them a lifeline and made many people unsure of what they felt they were seeing. I understand this must have got in the way of the investigation and thank you once again for not allowing this to sway your investigation.

Many people around me were saying things like 'could it be their smiles and actions are based on them thinking 'blimey we might just have got away with this' ie based on an amazement and joy. I remember it being discussed at my wife's book club in our house very early on. So I say to you in the Portugese police please believe many ordinary citizens in Britain did have doubts about these two but the media machine was trying to tell us different things to our instincts.

Their inability to be able to discuss Madeleine as a human being IN A HUMAN WAY was raising concerns here.

In a court room the unity of this group and of their partnership will be scrutinized for all to see. Standing up giving evidence in court whilst answering clever barristers is a lonely and emotinally draining experience.

It is critical they are brought into a courtroom so that facts can be presented and examined.


Cláudia said...

Hello, Bath Theory.Good morning.
To be honest, right in the very beggining, I think that here in Portugal only a residual percentage of people suspected them. We were too busy crying with them and trying to comfort them. Of course some things seemed strange, but people found all kind of excuses, shock, a different culture, etc. Even regarding the neglect, people discussed it but almost being afraid of discussing it. Everytime someone mentioned it, you would hear other someone saying: this is not the time to deal with that.What really turned people against them was, in my opinion, when they ran away. People were willing to wait for the investigation to run its course but when people saw them leave after saying they would never do it without Madeleine or without an answer to what happened to her only one day after being made arguidos, that was it. Enough is enough. I can perfectly remember people feeling they had betrayed Madeleine and asking how could they live like that, at that time. In fact, Justine, their PR at the time, had said the day before they would not leave and then, off they go. I think they knew exactly how that would look. But I also believe they were too scared to care. The question is why?
Hope I'll read you soon!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca! I', fine, thanks. Hope you're ok too. I'm sorry, but I accidentally deleted your comment. But I'm copy pasting it below. Sorry about that.
You are right, those strange behaviours of the McCanns do not make them guity of anything, of course. But they do give people the right to draw their conclusions. When people choose to be in the spotlight, like they have, people have to understand that their every word and gesture can be analysed and discussed by the entire world. And in this case, the picture is not too good. It's incredible how they change emotions, isn't it? And how you can be talking about such a dramatic thing in your life, such a terrible tragedy and seconds later be smiling and laughing. Well, either way, I have absolutely no doubts they are cold. if they weren't, they would have never left Madeleine, Amelie and Sean alone, nights in a row, to be with the friends they are so much into.
Ciao, Bianca. Hope I'll read you soon. Thank you for the link!


Hi Claudia,

Hope you are well :-)

Here is another YouTube clip you may be interested in (sorry if you've seen it already).

Take note of Kate and Gerry's reaction once this interview is finished. Is this reaction not odd/suspicious, considering the circumstances?

How do these parents go from looking sorrowful to looking happy in such a short space of time? One emotion clicks off, and then seemingly, the complete opposite emotion clicks on just seconds later!

I'm not saying that this alone makes them killers, but I wonder how many people would find it normal for parents to LAUGH after speaking about the anniversary of their daughter going missing, just moments earlier?

If nothing else, they are exceptionally cold .. surely?

Oh well, you be the judge! Ciao!:-)

Or go to YouTube and type:

"The McCanns show their true colours - MUST SEE!"

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi again Claudia,

No probs :-) (deleting then re-pasting the comment).

Claudia you are so right. Many parents have a child go missing (unfortunately), but there have never been parents that have gone out of their way to put THEMSELVES in the public eye as much as the McCanns have!

Smart suits; meeting with the Pope; worldwide "campaigning" for child safety issues (of all things!) .. and all because they neglected their daughter .. sickening!

As you say Claudia - if you're going to put YOURSELF in the media like this, then be prepared for the public to form their own opinions of your behaviour.

The McCanns have set themselves up for a barrage of scrutiny, which is exactly what they are now receiving. If they resent this, or simply can't handle it, then perhaps they should have considered it all before they started their bizarre love-affair with the world's media.

Funnily enough though, for all their high-end "PR", they haven't been told the basics, i.e; do not openly LAUGH after discussing your daughter's disappearance, or people may think badly of you! I can't believe none of their hotshot spin doctors warned them of this!

Oh well, sometimes a person's real disposition comes out doesn't it, even when they are being groomed by "experts".

Take care.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca!
Thanks for understanding my little accident! :-)
To be honest, I don't agree when I hear and read people saying that they deceived so many people. i don't think they have deceived many people. It's true that in the beggining people cried with them and for them (I did). But that's because we are human. We would have done the same with any person who had a missing son or daughter. And that doesn't mean that you are blind and cannot see strange behaviours. I don't think that the best PR team (and they don't have the best at all, or they would have gone silent a long time ago) can really hide what is there for the whole world to see. Some things are too transparent, Bianca. And maybe they have reasons to laugh out loud. Reasons we are not aware of. After all, they can't stop laughing just because their daughter is missing for over than a year.
Ciao, Bianca!

children_deserve_protection said...


Thought I'd post this tragic story I just read on the Australian news. A true tragedy!

A Melbourne father has declared justice has been done after a jury found his ex-wife guilty of murdering their two sons.

David Fitchett looked to the ceiling then placed his head in his hands after his ex-wife Donna Fitchett, 49, was found guilty of murdering Thomas, 11, and Matthew, nine.

Still trembling from the verdict, he told reporters outside the Victorian Supreme Court on Thursday, that justice had been served.

"I lost the two boys at the hands of my ex-wife," he said.

"She knew all along what she was doing.

"Twelve people today saw through a defence that was very shallow.

"They came to the right decision."

The jury heard Fitchett drugged, smothered and strangled her boys at their Balwyn North home in Melbourne on September 6, 2005.

Mr Fitchett came home from work to discover their cold and bruised bodies in their beds.

After the killing, Fitchett was admitted to hospital with self-inflicted wounds.

Fitchett's lawyer Graham Thomas, SC, argued she was chronically depressed and irrational at the time of the killings.

But after a day of deliberations, the jury rejected his submission Fitchett be found not guilty of murder due to mental impairment.

In a suicide note to her husband read in court, Fitchett wrote: "I just couldn't abandon our beautiful boys.

"I've been dead a few days and just wanted peace.

"I pray I do not live through this."

The trial heard Fitchett told the boys she was taking them on a long boat trip and they needed to take medicine so they would not be sick.

She then gave them sedatives she stockpiled from her former job as a nurse and waited until the boys were asleep so they did not realise it was her harming them.

The jury heard Fitchett spoke of wanting to keep her children free from harm and told paramedics her children would now be safer and at peace.

In a letter to her psychologist written the day she killed her sons, Fitchett described the killing as her "greatest act of love".

The prosecution argued Fitchett's actions were planned, premeditated and deliberate.

It argued Fitchett murdered her sons to punish her husband for an unsatisfactory marriage.

The court heard Fitchett was critical of her husband's personality and believed he was incapable of communicating and fulfilling her needs.

She told him she would leave him days before the killing and told him to enjoy Father's Day with his boys because it was the last time they would be together as a family.

Fitchett showed no emotion when the jury returned a guilty verdict but others in court erupted in tears of joy.

A number of jurors also had tears in their eyes.

Mr Fitchett was comforted by a throng of supporters who hugged and wept.

He told reporters outside court sitting through the trial was a nerve-racking and highly emotional experience.

"There's no real relief from the situation but justice has been done," he said.

"I didn't know that I could do it, didn't know that I could get through it.

"But for my boys, I've done it. I've made it and justice has been done."

Justice Geoffrey Nettle will hear pre-sentencing submissions on Friday.

This mother is evil in the extreme.
However, I wonder how long it will take the Pro-Evils to set up a blog in her name??

Cláudia said...

Bianca, that is a terrible story. What a tragedy.
I'm sure she deserves being defended by the criminal defence brigade. After all, she was not well. She was sick and was most likely not responsible for what she did. Taken into account her depression, the crimes were probably a mistake, a judgement error.

P.S: I really don't care if she was depressed or not. She killed her sons who had their whole lives ahead of them and she has to pay for it. I hope she does. For the rest of her sorry life.

children_deserve_protection said...

Well Claudia, you know the expression "laughing all the way to the bank"? Well, it appears that this is quite literally what the McCanns are doing! They were a rich family to begin with, and then with suing the Daily Express for over a million dollars (Australian money), and spending the "fund" money to pay off their mortgage, this couple have made a pretty-penny since
their daughter has been gone!

Perhaps THIS is why they can't seem to wipe the smile off their faces??

After all, since when in history have ANY other parents of a missing or abused child turned their tragedy into a "prophet deal"? Since when has this EVER happened before?? The answer is "never". So maybe the McCanns are feeling pretty clever right now. They have achieved the seemingly impossible .. haven't they?

They just look so smug and pleased with themselves, but I agree Claudia - the public have long woken up to their diabolical ways, and if Viv's assessment is anything to go by (which it probably is), then they may eventually have to pay all the money back to the DE. Oh, how it could all fall apart for them! Kate may have to start wearing suits off the rack instead of tailor-made, and poor old Gerry may be forced to cut down on golfing days. Combine this with a lack of public support, and the Mccanns may just find themselves in court wearing "sub-standard" clothing before you can say "libel"

... time will tell!

Cláudia said...

You're right, Bianca. That may be it. Money, money, money. But what about Madeleine in the middle of this? They lost a part of themselves. How can they smile? How can they laugh? How can they be in the spotlight all the time? How can they go jogging? How can they play tennis? How can Kate worry about hairstyles and matching jewelry? How? How can a child not be a father and mother's priority? Poor Madeleine.

children_deserve_protection said...

This Australian mother obviously pre-meditated this murder. There is no excuse for it. Many people (of the ilk of the Pro-Criminal brigade) make excuses for people like this and cite things like "depression". Well I've always wondered .. if these killers are so "depressed", then why don't they ever kill themselves? Oh, apparently this mother "self-harmed", but she didn't actually kill herself, did she??

No. They never do! It's always just the poor, defenseless little children!

I hope they lock this demonic "mother" up and throw away the key!

children_deserve_protection said...

But P.S. Don't be surprised, as I say, if the Pro-Criminals start making excuses for this "mother" very soon.

Cláudia said...

Exactly, Bianca. I hope that creature some people call mother is haunted for the rest of her days. She is a murderer and her place is behing bars. Depressed or not.

Cláudia said...

Bianca, they won't. Firstly, because the mother/killer is not british. And secondly because the crime wasn't committed in Portugal. If it happened here, there was probably a thread dedicated to her. if they defend leonor Cirpiano, they can surely defen this one. After all, this one was depressed.

children_deserve_protection said...

"Bianca, they won't. Firstly, because the mother/killer is not british. And secondly because the crime wasn't committed in Portugal. If it happened here, there was probably a thread dedicated to her. if they defend leonor Cirpiano, they can surely defen this one. After all, this one was depressed." -[Quoting Claudia]

I think you may be on to something there, actually Claudia.

I know this lot LOVE child neglect (and worse), but now that I come to think of it, if they hear about this story then Mandz will probably chomp at the bit, and absolutely JUMP at the opportunity to finally point the finger at an Australian criminal!

She has long been trying to "taunt" me whenever we cross paths (as far back as the DE days), saying things like "I'm sure the Australian police have plenty of criminals to deal with too Bianca", and "How many child neglectors are in YOUR country Bianca?", blah blah blah!

Oh, how she tries to play on my sense of national pride, LOL!

I have tried to tell her many times that when it comes to serious crime, the "nationality" of the criminals means nothing to me, and that all I care about is justice .. but still .. Mandz thinks it's her job to personally wave the flag for Britain and/or run down everybody else's country, even though what we are actually talking about is a little girl that has gone missing!

So you're right - they probably WON'T defend this Australian mother, but try and use her as a weapon .. mainly against me! (well, Mandz will anyway!).

What demented witches!

children_deserve_protection said...

"You're right, Bianca. That may be it. Money, money, money. But what about Madeleine in the middle of this? They lost a part of themselves. How can they smile? How can they laugh? How can they be in the spotlight all the time? How can they go jogging? How can they play tennis? How can Kate worry about hairstyles and matching jewelry? How? How can a child not be a father and mother's priority? Poor Madeleine." 23 de Maio de 2008 12:34 - [Quoting Claudia].

I think most normal, decent people are asking these questions Claudia. But perhaps if we really knew "how", we would not want to know!

Very sad.

Cláudia said...

All problems they can find regarding other countries are used as a weapon. That way they can go on pretending the UK doesn't have them. And look how conveniently they forgot to mention the case of the poor child whi died of hunger in the UK. In Portugal, that wouldn't have happened with a child that age because children have to go to school (home schooling is not allowed) and teachers and neighbours would have reported the case to authorities. If I were like them I would say that children only die of hunger in third world countries.
Mandz is not exactly an example of intelligence, Bianca. In fact, I find her IQ embarassing. Mandz, Dianeh and Calcite, among others, are examples of very limited people who are easily manipulated for others a bit more intelligent.

As for the truth, you are right. If we knew it all or when we will hear it all, we wll probably be more shocked than we could ever imagine.

children_deserve_protection said...

Claudia, if that child had died of hunger in Portugal (which as you say, couldn't have happened anyway), then I'm sure we would have heard the Pro's trying to use it as weaponry by now! But it happened in Britain, so of course - conveniently ignored!

Back in the DE days, Mandz and Mark55 always used to try and lure me into nation-based squabbles. A few times I took the bait, and even made some rather nasty comments about British culture (mainly saying that in many ways the British were still Victorian in their attitude toward children, and that it wasn't that long ago that they were sending children up chimneys, etc). I later regretted these comments, as I realised there were a lot of very nice British people online that I could have potentially offended by saying such things (even though I still consider Mandz, Rosiepops and co. to be very much Victorian throwbacks!). I also regretted being sucked into a stupid conversation by people I soon twigged were veritable morons! You are quite right about the IQ levels - I know for a fact that Mandz, for one, is semi-illiterate, and that the Pro blogs are invariably filled with spelling and punctuation mistakes that are so garish and outstanding, most high school students would be ashamed if they didn't notice them!

But of course, the Pro's do not notice them, and the hilarious thing is, if you try and correct them, they get all defensive and carry on like it should be their RIGHT to make such stupid errors!

Truly, they are a brigade of embarrassing twits!

children_deserve_protection said...

Well Claudia, it's getting a little late here in Oz (almost 11:30pm) and I have decided to get an "early" night tonight (LOL!).

As always, thanks for letting me contribute to your blog, and keep up the good work!

Ciao bella :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca. Back from work.
If that poor child had died of hunger in my country, the pro criminal brigade would have started another disgusting racist and xenophobic campaign they, as disgusting excuses for decent human beings, are used to do. If I were to mimic them, I would say that such a thing could only happen in a third world country. Moreover, I'm sure that such a thing only happened because important people are involved and are trying to cover up some very sinister thing. Who would benefift from all this? Is the Government going to investigate this fully? Are heads going to roll? I hope so. And I also hope that England is kicked out of the EU because a country where children have no rights, where children die of hunger is not worthy of being among civilised countries. I hope than when people think of visiting England to enjoy a wonderful time in its wonderful beaches and enjoy the fantastic weather (Tee hee hee), they choose another destination because a country where a child starves to death without anyone noticing it is obviously not safe.
Ok, I'm done doing a Rosiepoophead. :-)

As for the stupidity among the pros, that is obvious. And their IQ is pathetic. The best one I remember was one of the morons correcting my English and telling me that the word 'learnt', that I had used, did not exist! I PMSL! A native speaker correcting a foreigner and being wrong was hilarious!

Rest well, Bianca. And thank you for sharing your opinion with me, here.
Cião, bella. Buona notte, bella ragazza!

children_deserve_protection said...

Oh Claudia, when you parody Rosie-droop's words like that, it really brings home how ridiculous they are!

You did a good job drawing attention to this!

Yes, kick England "out of the EU", and make them change their "barbaric" home-schooling laws! LOL

Oh, and next time someone is kicking back on a balmy English beach, drinking Pina Coladas and getting a lovely sun-tan *wink*, maybe they should stop and think about "all the starving children" in "that" country!

LOL - oh, how easily we could turn the tables! But of course, us Anti's simply have too much class to sink to that level. In that, the Pro's are just lucky!

By the way, that story you told about the Pro's and the spelling "mistake" is gold! How stupid they are. Their xenophobia would be much better supported if they had a brain between them!

Ciao, bella ragazza! :-)

Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca.
It makes it crystal clear how ridiculous and brainless they are, doesn't it? :-)
You made me lol with your 'barbaric home-schooling laws and the balmy English beaches with Piña Coladas and the suntans! lololol

You're right. It would be really easier to lower to their level. But it would be sad. I've 'learnt' a lot from you! lololol

I'm getting ready to go to work. Hope you have a good weekend, bella ragazza. And I hope I'll read you when I get back.
Un bacio!

Anonymous said...

Dear Portugese Police

A simple point which I am sure you remember all the time but one I would like you to definitely remember all the time is as follows.

The McCann's are still saying one year on ...What are the Portugese police doing to look for Madeleine BUT this is a couple who did not look for their daughter the very night she went missing.

Please keep that thought at the front of what you do over the next six months. You have a tremendous amount of support amongst the general public of the UK. Keep up the good work.

Cláudia said...

Thanks, anon.
That is one of the reasons why many, many people do not believe in the phantom abductor. Obviously, any parents who had their daughter abducted would do anything possible to help the authorities find out the truth. The McCanns and friends have done exactly the opposite. Why? Well, that is the one million dollar question. But people draw their conclusions. All over the world.
Thanks for your support. I hope I'll read you soon again.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Claudia,

I had a lovely weekend, and thank you :-)

You know, it never ceased to amaze me: The McCanns are the arguidos in this case; it is THEIR daughter who has gone missing, and yet, only the REST of the Tapas group had to re-submit to police questioning recently, while the couple themselves got to tour around Europe, Scott-free ...

... why is this??

To me, this situation seems unheard of in a criminal investigation (I say "to me" because admittedly, my understanding of criminal investigations is only that of a lay person). I would have thought the FIRST people the police would have wanted/needed to re-question would have been the McCanns themselves, and then perhaps the rest of the Tapas group, lower in priority (??)

Some people may say that perhaps the PJ didn't need to ask the McCanns any more questions, and that all they needed was a confirmation of the testimonies of the Tapas Seven in order to wrap up this inquiry. I don't know - maybe this is true. But then again, weren't the papers reporting, not long before the PJ came to Britain, that the Portuguese police had "enough evidence to arrest", and that all they needed was to RE-QUESTION MR AND MRS MCCANN??

I seem to remember this.

Now, maybe this story was just newspaper hype, but then again, what if it wasn't?

Like I say, I'm a lay person. When it comes to the law, I think in generalities and not details, ESPECIALLY when it comes to this case (as an Aussie, my knowledge of European law is especially limited), but still, the big picture looks weird to me.

Two suspects in a criminal investigation who are nevertheless allowed to hire a plethora of lawyers (you would expect one or two, but why so many?; hire their OWN private investigators to investigate the case THEIR way; hire a PR man to re-spin newspaper stories at their (the McCanns) will; sue a major newspaper for just over a million (Australian) dollars; spend the "fund" money that was supposedly there to help locate their daughter on their mortgage instead; tour around the world speaking about CHILD SAFETY issues (wtf?); and last but not least, avoid any further police questioning, even though THEY are the two main suspects in the case!

When summarised like this, it all seems so impossible and unheard of to me ... and I am one of the people who still think Maddy was probably abducted!

Take care Claudia :-)

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca!
I'm glad you had a great weekend! :-)
Now read your post again and think of all the important people they know! Does it make a little more sense? ;-)
I wish you a good week and I hope I'll read you soon again.

children_deserve_protection said...


I hear what you're saying!

People have said many times that the McCanns have connections (which seems to make sense, given their rather lavish lifestyle) and if this is true, then it stands to reason they would have employed those "connections" somewhere along the line.

If they really are connected Gordon Brown though (as has been stated many times), then Brown is certainly taking a risk with his reputation if it turns out the McCanns are guilty!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Bianca.
It would certainly explain things otherwise a lot difficult to understand.

children_deserve_protection said...

Hi Bella!

Just checking in before I go to bed.

Regarding your last comment, I agree it would be difficult to explain why the McCanns seem so "immune" to everything, if you could not cite their connections. I wouldn't want to make definitive claims about exactly what's been done by whom, but certainly, it appears some "wrangling" has taken place (??)

See you again soon ... Ciao! :-)

Cláudia said...

Ciao, bella ragazza!
Yes, those connections help to explain things underwise almost unbelievable.
Sleep tight, Bianca.
Hope I'll read you soon.

children_deserve_protection said...


I am completely shocked by what went on tonight. I don't think I said ONE THING to warrant Viv's reaction toward me, or Stella's bizarre insistence that I work for the McCanns!

Truly, I am stunned!

All I did was go into that blog and express the view I have expressed MANY times before (i.e; that I hate the McCanns for their child neglect, but that I am unsure if they are killers). You know this is my view and so does Viv, so why the hysteria??

Okay. Maybe this view is stale now - I've said it a million times before .. how many more times can I say it?? But STALE is one thing .. "disgusting" is another! I entered that blog with good intentions (even though I sensed a hostile atmosphere) and gave my honest opinion on the case. I was my old self, saying all the things I have said before. I insulted no-one, and argued with NO-ONE. But next thing I know, Stella has pounced on me (as she did once before at Viv's blog) and accused me of "working for the McCanns". Now come on .. WORKING for them? What the Hell is that rubbish?? I tried to defend myself but then out comes Viv, telling me that I have "upset" Stella.

Well diddems .. Stella is a fricken' lunatic!

I then explain to Viv that I am only having my say in good faith, and that surely everyone knows by now where I stand?? However, this obviously not good enough for her, and she tells me I am "disgusting" and bans me .. on the spot!

To make matters worse, I drop in to the site out of sheer morbid curiosity a little later on and see that even YOU have turned on me .. and all because I dared defend myself against Viv on Supertroll's website!

Why SHOULDN'T I defend myself Claudia? Or would you and Viv now have anyone who doesn't completely accord with your views completely muzzled?? Don't you think that's just a little unfair??

As I say, I'm not sure really what happened tonight, but one thing's for sure .. Viv did NOT have to ban me, because there is NO WAY I would have stayed in a blog where the "leader" tells everyone what they can and can't think! To me, Viv is nothing but a vulgar ego-maniac, and you are disappointingly cold and dismissive. I have spoken to you on and off for over a year now about this case, and NEVER would I have expected you to take such a harsh stance toward me!

Guess I was just naive.


Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca. Interestingly, I sent an e-mail to Viv before you were banned, telling her to wait and see. I really thought that banning you too harsh. Unfortunately, you proved Viv to be absolutely right. And I admit I was wrong. Going to ST's shit hole where you have been called the most terrible things proved that you have no integrity, Bianca. And if you can't see that, than it's even more serious. It was you who asked to return to Viv's blog. I even asked Viv to post your e-mails asking for that, except your e-mail address, obviously, because you conviniently forgot to say that on ST's pigsty.
And you're wrong. Viv and I disagree about many things on this case. I don't believe Madeleine was sexually abused, tortured in any way or even beaten up. I do know she was neglected because if she wasn't, she wouldn't have been left alone all those nights.
And I also do not believe this is a murder case. Far from it. In fact, the PJ never mentioned murder. And I have very good reasons to say that, although I will not share them with you, obviously. As you see, Viv and I disagree on a lot regarding this case. And I always expressed my opinions there. Always. No problems whatsoever. So your accusation is not only pathetic,but also easily proved false.
Yes, you had every right to defend yourself. But not on any of the places where you've been called everything, even a paedophile fan. That I call not having a backbone. You could defend yourself here or create a blog to do it. That would be the right thing to do. Unfortunately, in your wish to get back at Viv, you proved her right. If other people on the blog were suspicious of you (I have to admit I wasn't), your attitude made them sure. As for the people who weren't suspicious of you on Viv's blog, you gave them every reason to be.
I will always publish your comments here (if there are any) as long as you do not insult any of the people on the blog I also comment. And be sure that it is possible to criticise without insulting.
As for your opinion of me, honestly Bianca, I don't give a damn. Nothing personal there. It's just that no opinions here interfere with my real life.
I have to agree with you on something, tough. I also think I was näive. Never in my mind would I imagine you would post on a place where you've been slagged off and called all things possible and accused of being a fan of the most disgusting, revolting of criminals. But desperate times call for desperate measure, I guess.
Ciao, Bianca!

children_deserve_protection said...


What do you mean you emailed Viv before I was banned telling her to "wait and see"? Wait and see WHAT, exactly? What on earth did I do that warranted having to "wait and see" about?

I did nothing AT ALL except express an opinion that Viv and Stella decided they did not like! That is it. I insulted no-one and stirred up no-one (well, not DELIBERATELY, anyway!).

The irony is that it was actually Viv and Stella that came out, all guns blazing, with personal insults toward ME .. not the other way around, and yet, it was MY behaviour that came under such scrutiny! It was ME you all had to "wait and see" about, apparently??

All of this, and I mean ALL of this began because Stella got nasty at me. She decided she didn't like my opinion on the McCanns (I wasn't even talking to her, by the way!) and started making nasty comments, including inferring I was in league with them (the McCanns). And then, when I had the "nerve" to actually defend myself against her weird accusations, Viv decided to get the boot in, telling me that as I was "upsetting Stella" (LOL, I was upsetting HER?), and because I did not seem to hold the majority view of the blog, that I probably didn't belong there. I said (politely) that it was up to her to decide if I belonged in her blog or not, but that I had come there in good faith as an anti-McCann, and had no reason to think my views would be considered so highly contentious. She then bellowed at me that I was "disgusting", and that this was "not about Pro verses Anti", but about "a missing little girl called Madeleine McCann"! Now, of COURSE I understand that it's about Madeleine (and for me, child protection issues in general) but we have all spoken in terms of Pro verses Anti MANY times on these blogs, and it has never seemed to offend anyone before - especially not Viv when she recently published funny/satirical photo's of the "Pro Group" on her blog (she even featured a funny photo of Chinadoll that had been photoshopped by Docmac! .. [no offence to Docmac].

Everything she was saying seemed weird and out of character, but then again, I did have a slight run-in with her on that blog once before, so in a way it wasn't so weird to me.

By the way, of COURSE I asked to come back into her blog. Her blog is for "members only", and clearly states that one must email her for membership, so why bother mentioning this to Pro's when it is all so obvious?

Maybe you feel I "lost integrity" when I posted at ST's site, but geez .. what about Viv's "integrity"?? She insulted me, let another poster openly insult me (AND make a completely unfounded accusation against me), and then, she banned me .. for nothing!

If this is so noble to you and Viv, then I am even gladder than I originally thought to no longer be at that site.

Finally, NO-ONE needs to be "suspicious" of me or what view I "really" hold, as I express the same view over and over again .. no matter WHAT blog I'm at! I am amazed people haven't noticed that by now??


Cláudia said...

Hello, Bianca, Yes, it is pretty obvious that you keep saying the same thing over and over again. I took the trouble of reading back and can't find a single post by Viv calling you disgusting. What's going on? Did you start lying too? It's probably due to posting on ST. Is it contagious?
Viv disliked your tone on her blog and e-mailed me to ask for my opinion. I gave it to her. I said that different opinions are sometimes positive. I was wrong and Viv was right. Different opinions are in fact positive. But not from you. When you posted on ST you clearly showed the type of poster you are. No integrity and no backbone. So yes, I completely support Viv's decision. She was right all along. And even if I didn't support her decision, I would still respect it. It's Viv's blog and anyone posting should respect her rules. Just like here and any other blog.
People have noticed, Bianca. people have certainly noticed. That's why you've been banned.

children_deserve_protection said...

Claudia, that is just plain loony!

And if you can't find any evidence of Viv saying she is "disgusted" by me, then it's probably because it's been deleted!

Cláudia said...

Sure, Bianca. Sure. And I bet the poster posting on ST was a clone, not you. Just out of curiosity, how could you go there after being called what you've been called? Don't you think that sometimes I feel like answering some of the idiotic ramblings posted by the House of Filth inhabitants? Well, I do. But I never posted there. Never. Integrity, Bianca. Integrity.

children_deserve_protection said...

By the way, what is it about my "tone" that the two of you (Viv and yourself) find so objectionable??

Has it come to THAT has it Claudia - every word and every nuance is now being scrutinised for signs of sedition?

Don't you think you're taking yourselves just a tad too seriously? Don't you think you are smothering your posters with your own ideas and making it impossible for them to have an opinion of their own? (while they are in your blog, at least?)

children_deserve_protection said...


Maybe you are better than me at resisting temptation (i.e; to post at ST's site when they bait you) .. I don't know.

But to me, tonight was not about "integrity". Tonight was reactionary. I was shocked by Viv - absolutely steaming, and when I noticed Supertroll and co. discussing what had happened to me, I felt I had EVERY RIGHT to go into that blog and confirm that YES, their views about this sitaution were in fact correct!

I am very against Viv now, Claudia. I see her as the "thought police". She has become to the Anti (dare I use that word? LOL) blog what Rosiepops and Tinks are to the Pro blog .. a dictator! (judging people's every breath and every "tone"!).

And the truth for me is that I don't belong in EITHER of these blogs, because I am too anti for the pro's and to "pro" (it seems, anyway) for the anti's!

children_deserve_protection said...

P.S. Claudia,

If this is not about "Pro's verses Anti's, but about a little girl called Madeleine" as Viv screamed at me tonight, then why does it bother you that I posted at Supertroll's site?? (a well known "Pro" site?).

Maybe you do not share the same view as Viv and blog "affiliations" really DO count for something, as far as you are concerned?.

If so Claudia, then no offence but you and Viv need to confer, as there is nothing worse than a dictatorship with a confused or divided ideology!

Cláudia said...

Bianca, this is getting a bit boring. That is Viv's blog, not mine. She just asked my opinion because she trusts me and we go a long way back and I answered her. So yours and danybody elses tone is irrelevant to me. I may like or not but I will never act on it. In fact, I was attacked more than once by 2345 and although I replied, I didn't ban her. And I could. I just would never do something like that because I would be disrespecting Viv. If you want to know what was it on your tone that Viv disliked, e-mail and ask her. You have her e-mail address. If you contacted her to ask for membership again, you can also contact Viv to ask her that. I do not speak for Viv and Viv does not speak for me. Period. And since when did you become Viv's posters police? Do you see them complaining, Bianca? The truth is that you were shocked not only because Viv Banned you, but especially because people agreed with Viv's decision. That's what made you boil and stoop as low as posting on ST's shit hole. How low can you go when in order to get back at someone, you are willing to post on a place where you've been called everything including being sympathetic towards a paedophile? How could you, Bianca. This has absolutely nothing to do with resisting temptation. It has to do wih integrety and moral values, Bianca. I don't give a fuck if you're against Viv or not. Why should that be important? Don't you have a life, Bianca. A real life? Real problemas, real positive things, real relationships? Do you think Viv cares about how you see her, Bianca? Put things in perspective. The problem bout people who don't have a backbone, Bianca, is that they have terrible memories.

children_deserve_protection said...

Okay Claudia, fine. This has become absolutely ridiculous, and I refuse to take part any more.


Cláudia said...

It bothers me, Bianca, because I never thought you could stoop so low. I don't want to be among people who are vindictive enough to post on places where they have been called all sorts of names even a paedophile fan, whether they are anti, pro, on the fence or any other thing you may want to call it. That has got nothing to do with the case. It has everything to do with what you are as a human being. No backbone and a severe personality flaw explain your attitude. But I'm glad you did it. If you hadn't I would not have the chance to really see through you. Viv was right. Absolutely right.
And yes, Bianca, ridiculous indeed.

children_deserve_protection said...


It's not like I went to Supertroll's site and gave up all my beliefs and said "here I am Supertroll, you were right about everything all along and I was wrong". All I simply did was agree with her that Viv had been a "bully" that night .. because she HAD!

Out of interest, ST has never actually said I was a pedophile or a pervert. She has said it about others at Viv's site (including Viv, whom, I have foolishly defended in the past!) but never actually about me personally. Tinkerbell said that I was "supportive of pedophiles" at the Justice For All the Family blog, and I went in there, all guns blazing, to defend myself from her shit! (and of course .. SHE banned me!!)

I understand (to an extent) why you think posting at ST's site may demonstrate that I lack integrity, but in truth, ST has never actually said anything too horrid about me. The worst she has said is that I "think I am Shirley Temple" and that I was "having a nervous breakdown". Still not very nice, but honestly Claudia, with all the weird insults thrown at me lately, what the hell do I care!

Cláudia said...

Bianca, everytime you try to defend your action, it becomes worse. Going there and doing what you did proved Viv right. That's the truth. ST agrees with the insults thrown by the inhabitants of the Houses of Filth. Period. They have mocked you over and over again. In fact, they were mocking when you were banned, twisting your story about the friends dinner at your parents. I actually felt sorry for you when I read those words. Naive, naive, naive. I do not think your attitude shows lack of integrity. I'm sure about it. In fact, it was one of the most surprising things lately. Oh well...

children_deserve_protection said...

Claudia, if you are THIS convinced then why bother trying to dissuade you?

Honestly, I don't think your are really reading my posts. I think you are reading bits of them and ignoring bits you don't like - but oh well, that is up to you.

By the way, I know the horrible/stupid things that RP (and others?) said about me and my parents dinner party and address them on my blog page (well, message page) .. "My Say".

Cláudia said...

Bianca, I have no idea why you're trying to dissuade me. Yesterday I read everything I should read by you, Bianca. And it was revealing.

children_deserve_protection said...


Claudia this is getting silly! I am not a double-agent for MI5 you know!

When did this become a James Bond film?? LOL

Cláudia said...

This is getting tiring, Bianca. When I say revealing, I mean revealing regarding the kind of person you are. Revealing because it makes crystal clear you have no integrety, no backbne and you switch sides as often as I switch the lights on and off.