Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gonçalo Amaral - Madeleine's voice

As you can understand, I can't do any comment about the investigation on the "McCann Case"... (I have omitted the next part, in the interests of privacy and it did not in any way compromise the judicial secrecy laws)
Looking towards my freedom of speech, I asked for my retirement last month. All the insults, false accusations and lie's from the past year are now being brought to court from my lawyers (the very last one is from Daily Mail, yesterday).
I would like to say thank you to the thousands of persons that every day, for the last year, are supporting me all over the world. I would like to answer all the phone calls, emails and letters, but is not possible...there are so many! As you can imagine, most of the days are not that easy, and these messages have been a great support not only for me, but also for my family. Once again, thank you all!
You're allowed do display this message on you site, and I thank you for that. One last thing:
*Soon, very soon the world will know the "Truth about the Lie" and "we will gain truth and justice for a little girl who has no voice", dead on the evening of May 3rd at apartment 5A, Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal"*

Best regards,Gonçalo Amaral
These words from Gonçalo Amaral are, in my opinion, very revealing. Gonçalo Amaral dedicated a big part of his life to the PJ and consequently to serving his country. Thanks to men like him, Portuguese people have been allowed to live in a country which, although not perfect, is still quite safe and whose crime rates are fortunately not high (eigth safest country in the world according to statistics). People who know him personally, like Moita Flores, a former PJ officer, have stated that Gonçalo Amaral dedicated a huge amount of time to his work and was known to live his cases in an almost obsessive way, until the investigation was sucessful. Personally, I have absolutely no problems believing this. 6 months after having been taken from the case (and I bet some people were more than relieved because of that), Gonçalo Amaral still hasn't given up and for that I will always be grateful.
The way he was portrayed in the gutter British press was disgusting, revolting and unimaginable. His personal life was dragged to newspapers' covers and articles were written that discussed ridiculous aspects, such as clothing, lunch habits and physical appearance. Even confronted with those pathetic smears, lies, spin and irrelevant issues, Gonçalo Amaral kept his dignity and silence. Now we know that he has patiently waited to ask for his retirement so he can regain his freedom of expression, as he wisely calls it. And I say it was about time, Gonçalo. I am certain that some people are now very scared and I also think that they probably should be. In fact, I think that people who have something to hide will always have to go through life fearing someone or something. That is the price to pay. A kind of prison of the soul, let's call it. And I also believe that other smears, lies and spin will follow, especially when Gonçalo Amaral decides is time to put his freedom of expression into practice.
Sometimes, I even fear for him. I know that he doesn't and I know that even if he did, that would not stop him. He certainly isn't the kind of man who turns his back on challenges and problems. And he certainly didn't turn them on an innocent, sweet child called Madeleine Beth McCann. Even when those who were supposed to be willing to die for her did. Once, twice, and many times after that. I think that in some way Gonçalo Amaral has been her voice: a patient, calm but strong and persistent voice. And I know that voice will be heard. Soon. Very soon. But loud and clear.
Este texto é para si, Gonçalo. Quando o poder político se verga a outros poderes mais ou menos óbvios, cabe aos cidadãos anónimos tomarem uma atitude. Como cidadã deste país, como beneficiária do seu trabalho e do trabalho dos seus colegas, como jovem num país que quero orgulhoso de si, das suas instituições, dos seus agentes e das suas gentes, aqui ficam estas minhas palavras. Inconsequentes, muito provavelmente. Mas sentidas.
Obrigada por tudo. Os cidadãos de bem estão, certamente, orgulhosos de si. Eu estou.


dr_val said...

Hi Claudia

I posted a Goncalo Amaral Appreciation thread on 3As. Here is the opening post and a few of the many posts:

"Gonçalo Amaral has announced his retirement from the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) after many years of service. We know of him as the first co-ordinator of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann and as head of the Portimão Office of the PJ at that time. His role in the investigation was an unenviable one, not least because of the deplorable way in which he was portrayed in the British press. Nevertheless, he maintained a dignity whilst not being afraid to speak his mind and put his best efforts into unravelling the mystery surrounding the disappearance of this little English girl.

With very best wishes, to you and your family. I also wish for you a very happy retirement and sincerely hope you enjoy the freedom it brings.

From an English tourist with very happy memories of Portimão."

"Mr Amaral,

You are clearly a man of integrity, with the courage of your convictions.

I wish you a long and very happy retirement.

I sincerely hope that you successfully sue the British press and are thoroughly compensated for the pain they have caused you and your family.

Good luck and best wishes."

"Thank you Mr Amaral for all the hard work you put into seeking justice for Madeleine and for speaking up for her when her voice was so cruelly taken away from her. You faced every one of the many obstacles put in your way and endured despicable treatment by the UK press and certain politicians.

Wishing you a long and happy retirement with your family, who must have also been put through hell, along with you, in the last year.

Enjoy! You deserve it!"

"thank you thank you thank you

a man of principle and an ambassador of justice for madeleine

enjoy your retirement, enjoy your family, live long and healthy"

"Mr. Amaral,

May St. Michael the Archangel guide and protect your and your loved ones."

"All the best for you and your family Mr Amaral...justice will prevail thanks to you and your colleagues...I am so ashamed for my countrymen who have insulted the warm and friendly Portuguese people"

"Very best wishes to you, Goncalo Amaral for a long, happy and productive retirement. You have spent many years dedicated to the service and protection of others. You cared so much about a little 3 year old and finding out what happened to her - and you were pilloried for it by Britain's shameful media. Rest assured, however, there are many here who offer you our unwavering support. Once again, enjoy your retirement and take care of yourself - we appreciate all you have done for Madeleine.

Best wishes"

"Mr Amaral,
You have a warm and caring heart.
You have worked very hard for justice for Madeleine and I wish you all the best in your retirement.
For your future, may it be full of joy and may there be beautiful times ahead."

"Mr. Amaral, you have our thanks for your fight to bring justice for Madeleine McCann. You are a lion. Your retirement will be a great loss for the PJ, but not for Portugal, because we believe that many good things are out there before you and that you will continue to be a credit to your country. I hope that you will save these messages of support and show them to your children some day, so that they will know how many people respect their father.

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power." (quote from Alan Cohen)"

"Dear Gonçalo Amaral,

Na apreciação para todo seu trabalho duro neste caso!

You have worked hard and many long hours on the Madeleine McCann Case, especially in the early days when the odds were very much against you and your colleagues. I am only sorry that you have had to put up with so many personal attacks from the UK media. But I am sure that your contribution to this case will not have gone unnoticed by your many supporters around the world.

My best wishes to you and your family on your retirement from the Policia Judiciária,"

"Thank you Mr Amaral for all your efforts to find out the truth of what happened to a little girl. Wishing you a peaceful and fulfilling retirement with your family

For all the members of the PJ who have worked so hard for Madeleine, I think this poem says it all Decent people everywhere are grateful for the integrity you have shown in the most trying and difficult of circumstances. Portugal has shown tremendous patience and resolve faced with the very ugly media campaign on behalf of the McCanns.

Once to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of truth and falsehood,
For the good or evil side;
Some great cause, God's new Messiah,
Off'ring each the bloom or blight,
And the choice goes by forever
Twixt that darkness and that light.

Though the cause of evil prosper,
Yet 'tis truth alone is strong;
Though her portion be the scaffold,
And upon the throne be wrong:
Yet that scaffold sways the future,
And behind the dim unknown,
Standeth God within the shadow
Keeping watch above his own.

James Russell Lowell,

Here's to the truth"

"Com duas mãos – o Acto e o Destino –
Desvendámos. No mesmo gesto, ao céu
Uma ergue o facho tremulo e divino
E a outra afasta o véu.

Fosse a hora que haver ou a que havia
A mão que ao Occidente o véu rasgou,
Foi alma a Sciencia e corpo a Ousadia
Da mão que desvendou.

Fosse Acaso, ou Vontade, ou Temporal
A mão que ergueu o facho que luziu,
Foi Deus a alma e o corpo Portugal
Da mão que o conduziu.

Fernando Pessoa, in: Mensagem

Obrigada, Dr Gonçalo Amaral, pelos serviços prestados a Portugal e aos Portugueses."

Cláudia said...

Hi, dr_val!
THANK YOU. Really. That is very important.

marga said...


que palavras sábias e lindas as tuas...

O mundo precisa de jovens assim com audácia e sentido de reconhecimento e gratidão por outros seres humanos com nobreza de carácter...

Como é bom demostrarmos isso... Receber assim uma palavra de apreço pode fazer maravilhas.

Gestos assim podem tornar o mundo tão melhor...

Beijinhos, minha linda...

Cláudia said...

Olá. Marga. Obrigada.
Sempre tive admiração por pessoas com personalidade, com coluna vertebral e que se recusam a ser subservientes. Não temos motivo nenhum, neste país, para recebermos lições de moral vindas do lado de fora das nossas fronteiras. Desenvolvimento económico nunca foi sinónimo de dignidade, nobreza e rectidão de carácter.

docmac said...

Hi Claudia

Mr Amaral is a very astute man. It did not take him very long to see right through the lies of those McCanns. He was, and is, adamant that the abduction scenario was staged. His determined pursuit of this truth resulted in his removal from the case, an early victim of undue outside influence and pressure.

The title of his book suggests that he may well confirm the McCanns to be the cold, calculating and manipulative liars that many believe them to be. I for one can not thank him enough.

Hello Dr Val! I read the 3As regularly and having had a fairly good idea of what your work entails I should have known that you are 'Photon'! I am so pleased to see you still actively seeking justice for that poor girl. All the very best to you.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc, querido amigo!

Agree with every word you wrote. As usual! :-)

It is always a pleasure to read you. Mr Amaral is a very special man. And justice will be done for him too.


Ana said...

Olá Cláudia,

Tudo bem contigo?
As velhas estão de volta com o seu famoso veneno. Estão encantadas com o documentário dos falsóides, não era de esperar outra coisa, digo eu!
Os cães ladram e a caravana passa e quando se aperceberem do que por aí vem, Ui, vão ter que ser reanimadas pois o choque vai ser tremendo!
Estou com uma tremenda ansiedade para ler o tão esperado livro, do grande Inspector Gonçalo Amaral embora saiba que, forças "superiores" estão a fazer de tudo para que o mesmo não seja publicado, porque será hummmm?!!
Neste momento, acho, que tudo é possível infelizmente para todos aqueles que querem que a justiça seja feita ou pelo menos para que a verdade dos factos seja conhecida, sem dó nem piedade, doa a quem doer!
Por isso digo: Força Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, a verdade está do seu lado e se existem forças que tentarão de todas as formas impedi-lo de publicar o seu livro, outras existem, com maior intensidade e a nível global, que o ajudarão a ter força suficiente para continuar o seu caminho.

Óptimo serviço público, bom trabalho!
Beijinhos Cláudia :)

Cláudia said...

Olá, Ana! :-)
Eu estou bem, obrigada. Apenas cansada e com sono. Tenho a casa de pantanas! :-)
Espero que também estejas bem.
As velhas, coitadas, estão a perder o controlo a olhos vistos. Eu reparei que estavam de volta. Fiz uma ronda por lá, para ver se aumentava a minha coleção, e valeu a pena o tempo perdido porque havia lá bons exemplos da insanidade, do preconceito, da xenofobia, etc. Tudo guardadinho, não vá um dia dar jeito... ;-)
Pois, o livro. Acho que é capaz de ser demolidor. E o facto de o casal maravilha estar a pensar contactar os advogados para tentar impedir a publicação é sintomático... Sabes, para te ser honesta, por vezes temo por ele. Esta gente, Ana... Mas sei que isso certamente não o afecta. Não é homem de medos. É homem de força, de personalidade, de convicções.
Obrigada, Ana.

Anonymous said...

Proud of what exactly?

Cláudia said...

Hello, anonymous.
Very simple. Proud of the fact that the PJ had the guts to follow what they believed was the right path. Proud because they refused to be influenced by all the interferences from the higher powers. Proud because one year after, they still keep being smeared and insulted for Madeleine's sake. Proud because they haven't given up. Proud because they have been Madeleine's voice when her parents were too busy world touring, giving interviews and selling t-shirts and wristbands. Just proud.

Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius said...

Many thanks Mr. Amaral for making us in Sweden believe in Dignity and Justice - despite the simpleness and lies in the British press! Birgitta

Cláudia said...

Thank you, Birgitta, for your nice words.
As for the press and its lies, they will pay for them. Soon.
Hope I'l read you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PJ for all the hard work you have given to this case over the last twelve months.

Special regards to the very brave Mr. Amaral, who may be the only hope of us ever knowing the truth.

Cláudia said...

Thank you, anonymous.
Mr Amaral has worked relentlessly and has sacrificed his life and his career for the truth.

Cláudia said...

Hello, Rosiepoophead.
Tell me, besides being a child neglect, child abuse and child murderer defender, are you also illiterate? I told you before that your perverted filth will never be published here unless I decide so for reasons I will then make crystal clear. Don't you have a child or two to neglect like your friends?

Anonymous said...


Just want to wish good luck to the new director of the PJ, Almeida Rodrigues and strenght to continue the good job he has been doing and his contribution to a better Portugal.

Boa sorte e muita saúde!


Cláudia said...

Hello, Marga.
It was great news that Alípio Ribeiro was finally forced to resign. He should have left the job as soon as he did exactly the same thing he punished others for doing. In fact, I have to say that the news were worth celebrating here! :-)

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,

I have just heard on CNN that Alípio Ribeiro is going to tell the "real reason for leaving his job".

Have you heard anything about this?
He always seemed a nice enough man!


Cláudia said...

Hello, JJ.
No, I haven't heard anything about that in our news. I'll be away all afternoon but maybe on the 1 0'clock news they'll mention it. Yesterday it was said that he was tired of the spotlight but the truth is that he has been pressured a lot in the last months to resign. This last thing about the PJ changing Ministeries was just too much. The Union immediately asked for his resignation and he did not have an alternative, really. I was very happy. Finally we'll have a police officer in charge of a Police Force. It was about time. No more politics, I hope!

Anonymous said...


Almeida Rodrigues is admired here where I live where he has dealt with several difficult cases. I believe he will not give up in Maddie's case , too if there is a murder or a cover up. He is intelligent and a man of nerves. Even if under some foreign gods' pressure, he will be wise enough to "separate the waters".



Anonymous said...

I have just read the below post in another blog and want to share it with you because of its importance.


Ecolab said...
Hellow Viv et All – here from Sunny Denmark..
This is going to bee another great day. Hope you all enjoy it.

My boy did pass my intence studying of the picture last evening and said: Why do you keep looking at that girl Madelene, she is dead. Well I said, there is something about that picture. I was sitting with a pencil and a ruler and the picture was blown up in different sizes.

I`ve had a strange night. The ”last picture of Madeleine” has interfered in my nights sleep. Now I know whats have been bothering me! - Gerrys knee and what is between Amalies left hand and her left thigh.

When I look at the picture I know some facts:

1) Gerry:

He is wearing sunglasses, even the sun is not directly in his face. This is a little odd. I bothers me, that I can`t see his eyes, but his expression tells me a lot. ..He does look in a faul mood. Actually Gerrys bodylanguage is very easy to read. The sunglasses look as the pair, he is wearing at different locations. He faces the camera.

I seems to appear that he is sitting at the edge of a swimmingpool, with the legs down to the water. He is NOT.

He is sitting, but not with the legs hanging free. If you look very carefully at the picture, you can see, that the left leg is raised slighty abowe the right, which indicate that he do touch the ground with both legs. The one leg in front of the other.. He is sitting at the pool edge as if he is sitting on a cushion of air. His right hand is touching the pool edge, but the pooledge can`t be there according to his kneelines.
He has got himself a little suntan which indicate, that he has been in the sun for a couple of days, maybee two or three days.
He is wearing the same short-pants as when he arrived to Praia de Luz. He is seen in many pictures in those short pants.
There is a very odd triangle between his leg going from the pants to under the knees. If you blow the picture up to 200% you will get `high´ like me – for free.
(it is like beeing underwater on a lsd trip)
All this make `The Gerry look` genuine to me and establishes a connection to Praia de Luz early May, but espeassely NOT to the picture.
Gerry is out of context and is NOT a part of the pool pic. He might have been sitting at the pool-edge, but not at this picture.

2) Amalie:
The little girl is sitting next to her father, no doubt of that according to the shadows.
Wearing the orange t-shirt we have seen many times after this pic. She is wearing the same hat as Maddie of the tennis ball pic. I do not know who the hat belongs to.
When you look at Amelie, she has a nice sunburn, but slighty red too. She is dangling with her legs down in the air. You can see a light pressure at her thigh right there where she is sitting. BUT she is NOT sitting at the pooledge. She is proberly sitting at a bench. What appears in the triangle between her left hand and her t-shirt is the left over from what she is sitting on!

3) Madeleine:

We have some pictures of Madeleine boarding the bus to the airport and boarding the plain. There is some picture from the playground too.
When you compare the ordanairy dressed girl (almost 4 years old) at the playground, with the nice dressed Madeleine at the pool photo it is obvisios to see that this little girl is one year younger. She has not have had any sun yet and does NOT fit into the picture. She is 25 % bigger than Amalie, but that does not make her 2 years elder! Madeleine is about 3 years old at this picture, not almost 4 years!

My conclution must be:

The poolphoto contain 3 photos.
1. A background
2. Gerry and Amalie (May 2007)
3. Madeleine (May 2006. OBS THE YEAR)

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 11:47:00 o'clock BST


Hope the PJ really analyse this alleged last photo taht was only released after the father's return to england perhaps after having used his PC at home to doctor it.

Just two other comments as far as photos are concerned:

1. Maddie's 3 year- birthday photo with mum and aunt... that birthday cake was the one for the twins. not hers.pink and blue colours and maddie looks younger...

2. The photo they took to the pope to be ... blessed? is not the same they have at home on their altar...they have the pool photo instead..

Cláudia said...

Hi, Marga.
I know that Almeida Rodrigues is a very competent man. He has done a wonderful job in Aveiro and Coimbra. And guess where he is from? :-) No doubts he will do a wonderful, fearless job! :-)


Cláudia said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I'm sure that the PJ has analysed all those inconsistencies. But any citizen is free to contact the PJ, especially if they feel they have interesting or important information.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Anonymous said...


He is from the same beautiful city with brave courageous honest people like Viriato, Claudinha and GA.

Muitas felicidades para Almeida Rodrigues!


Cláudia said...

Hi, Marga.

Bom, obrigada pela parte que me toca. :-)

We have to admit that this city has produced some great, courageous, honest people! :-)

I'm sure Almeida Rodrigues will do a great job. It was about time to have a policeman in charge of the police!

Beijinhos, Marga!

What_I_Believe said...

Mr Amaral is a heroe. Perhaps it will take a while for many to realize this, and even for him to feel like it, but nonetheless that is what he is. It would have been easier for him to "go with the flow" and let the parents off scott free, after all, it was there kid, if they didn't care, why should he risk himself? But nevertheless he showed, fearlessness, integrity, and a love for all children, when he defended Madeleine's interests above his own.

Gonçalo Amaral, a heroe, willing to sacrifice himself for a child he did not even know. That makes him a great man and my book and of many others.

God bless him and his entire family. May they be proud of the man they have for a husband and father. The world certainly needs more people like him.

Cláudia said...

Hello, What_I_Believe.
Thank you for your words.
Some people may think that Mr Amaral is a heroe but he certainly doesn't, I'm sure. He knows what he is. An honest, brave policeman who did his job like he should and who did not kneel down to higher powers, putting the only victim of the crime in the first place.
I'm sure that his family and friends could not be any more proud of him than they are.
Hope I'll read you soon.

Tété said...

Olá Claudia,
Gostaría de expressar toda a minha admiração, apoio por sí pela criação deste blog. Esta sua atitude demonstra uma grande nobreza de carácter, força e coragem ao lembrar-se de criar um espaço para enaltecer o trabalho da nossa PJ no caso Maddie. Tudo o que disse sobre o inspector Gonçalo Amaral (e as suas próprias palavras) arrepiou-me e deixou-me uma sensação de profunda admiração e alegria por saber que, se eventualmente não se fizer justiça nos tribunais por esta menina, ao menos fez-se "ouvir a sua voz", e a Claúdia e o ex-inspector Sr. Gonçalo Amaral, foram sem dúvida, grandes responsáveis por isso. Bem Hajam para voçês os dois!!! Obrigado por existirem e continuarem a lutar por uma causa e justiça tão nobre.
Gostaría ainda de "desabafar" neste blog, que este caso da Maddie "mexeu" muito comigo. Sou mãe de 2 filhos (5 e 10 anos) e passei por duas emoções completamente antagónicas: Inicialmente senti uma solidariedade tão grande pe aqueles pais, quase que viví a dor deles. Cheguei a escrever-lhes a dar toda a minha foça e apoio. Quando viajava (vou muito a Espanha) estava constantemente a tenta para ver se vía a Maddie. Depois, quando me apercebí da outra siuação, começei a observar aqueles pais, a observar as suas emoções e todo o desenrolar dos acontecimentos, a sua frieza e falta de emoção não me passavam despercebido. Havía ali qualquer coisa de muito estranho. Tenho seguido e lido tudo sobre este caso, e só quería que se fizesse justiça com a Maddeleine que quase q sinto como minha filha, adoraría que a verdade deste caso fosse provada para que esta menina não tivesse vindo a este mundo em vão, para que não fosse apenas um "anjinho que tivesse nascido para mostrar que pode existir tanta hipocrisía no ser humano". Nunca desista da sua causa tão nobre Sr, Gonçalo Amaral, FORÇA PJ, Obrigado Claudia!!!!

Tété said...

Thank you Claudia for the creation of this so much important blogue!!! you have definetly all my consideration and support for this idea. We definetly have all to give hands and make Madeleine`s voice to sound even louder against all human hipocrisy that`s surrouns this case.
Thank you Gonçalo Amaral for your brave, coragouse and astute attitude. Please do not let "Madelein`s voice to be shut up", she is a little angel who doesn`t deserve this, for all childrean sake don`t give up!!!
PJ please keep on with your excelent work, don`t let exterior powers ruin all the great job done and started with this intelegent, astute and brave investigator and man GONÇALO AMARAL! The majority believes in you and know where the truth lies, so please let`s make justice for this little angel!

Cláudia said...

Olá, Tété!
Obrigada pelas suas palavras.
Na realidade, penso que a sua reacção inicial em relação a este caso foi comum a 10 milhões de Portugueses dentro de portas e a mais alguns milhões fora delas. é claro que também eu cheguei a chorar com aqueles pais nos primeiros dias. Mas depois algo começou a não bater certo e o alrme disparou. E a contratação de toda uma equipa de profissionais que costumam ser comuns aos políticos mudou tudo.
O Dr. Gonçalo Amaral é, indubitavelmente, um homem de grande coragem. Admiro-o por ter sempre mantido a Madeleine em primeiro lugar. Viu a sua vida e carreira afectadas por este caso e, mesmo assim, recusa desistir. preferindo sacrificar a vida profissional de modo que a verdade se saiba. Aconteça o que acontecer, terá sempre a minha admiração e apoio. E a minha gratidão.
Espero lê-la em breve, se possível.
P.S: Trate-me por tu, por favor! :-)

J J said...

Hi Claudia
I just wanted to say that JJ who posted comments here on 7th May @ 12.15 was not me.
I don't know if I've been cloned. I didn't think I was important enough!
But I do not like anyone taking my name in vain.
I just thought you should know.

Cláudia said...

Hello, JJ. I appreciate it that you let me know. But I do not think you have been cloned because the poster signed JJ but did not post under a blogger account. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.
Hope I'll read you soon again.

Ana Vieira de castro said...

Cara Cláudia, parabéns pelo seu blogg. Subscrevo-o totalmente. Aqui fica o registo da minha admiração infinita pelo Dr. Gonçalo Amaral e pelo corajoso e inteligente trabalho que ele levou a cabo. Estou ansiosa que saia o seu livro. Mesmo que o crime fique sem justiça, o mundo inteiro saberá todos os contornos da verdade, embora acredite que milhões estejam já do seu lado. desejo ao Dr. Amaral a melhor sorte do mundo.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Ana. Muito obrigada pelas suas palavras. Este blog nasceu apenas devido á minha necessidade de afirmar alto e bom som a minha total admiração e agradecimento pelo trabalho desenvolvido pela Polícia Judiciária e pela forma digna com que os homens e mulheres que trabalham todos os dias para nos proteger reagiram a uma nojenta e agoniante campanha de mentiras, inverdades, manipulações e afirmações racistas e xenófobas representativas da escumalha que as proferiu e profere.
O Dr. Gonçalo Amaral é o reflexo da dignidade e da competência, assim como da coragem e rectidão de carácter. Por isso o admiro.
E concordo consigo. A verdade não será escondida por muito mais tempo.
Obrigada, Ana. Espero voltar a lê-
la em breve.
P.S: Trate-me por tu. :-)

Anonymous said...


read it to the end.

Cláudia said...

I would have thought he/she7it was used to a lot worse but ok!

Anonymous said...

Claudia - Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is so much appreciated.

ONE day Forensics will catch up with this case and the PJ and Amaral will be vindicated in full.

In the meantime - thanks to people like yourself - I will keep the Faith.

Thank You again :)

Molly UK xxx

Cláudia said...

Thanks, Molly. if there weren't people like you, I would be useless.
Come and comment on the latest thread. This was the first one and I hardly found you! :-)